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1 Kaneki Ken Kaneki Ken

The best thing about can Ken Kaneki (to me) would be his personality. This is only my opinion because I can relate to his life (not the Ghoul part) but not only losing your friends and both parents but yourself as well. This would be my favourite ANIME!

I've never seen a character as cool as him!

Kaneki came from being so weak that a ghoul could punch through his to him beating jason then beating the one eyed owl to him going head to head with the ccg white reaper/one eyed king to him becoming the dragon and having the power to turn humans and possibly and most likely capable of destroying the world

Tokyo is so hot

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2 Suzuya Juuzou Suzuya Juuzou

This boy is so awkward and weird and I LOVE IT

This man goes hard when he fights. So weird calling him a "man" because I thought he was a girl.

Juzo can slice all my fingers off if he wants to

Juuzou is the best!
He looks like a cinnamon roll but is a total badass and one of CCG's best fighters.
I stand by the crazy one!

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3 Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul created by Sui Ishida.

She made me a lesbian

I love this character for her personality her looks and even her fight scenes. This is why she's my first and only waifu


She is so cute and she looks badass when she fights

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4 Hideyoshi Nagachika Hideyoshi Nagachika

He didn't deserve any of this


He is literally PERFECT! He's so kind and bright despite everything that's happened; he sacrificed his FACE AND VOICE TO KEN, and he's so smart! I love how he's affected Tokyo Ghoul (:re) from behind the scenes! It's so impressive~~! (And of course, he's adorable! ) - FireFaithe

He's the only one who is normal

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5 Amon Koutarou

If ken is the main character in the series I can argue the second lead protagonist in the series.

Amon san is ligit he's handsome a strong one eyed ghoul
he's sensitive and nice
and have a strong sense of justice

As much as I love Kaneki, Touka, and a few more characters, Amon is pretty cool. He had more screen time in season two and I thought he had a good personality. His devotion to rid the world of ghouls and make the world a better place is what makes him awesome. Not to mention he's also pretty handsome.

He's an amazing character. I loved seeing him devoted in killing ghouls to save other people's lives and he was such a heroic character!
Also, he's really funny and REALLY loves training.

6 Akira Mado Akira Mado

Best girl yalll

Love Akira, shes strong and has a cool quinque.

I love her she's beautiful and badass and obviously deserves more love,she also reminds me a lot of Annie Leonhadrt.

7 Uta Uta

So mysterious and pretty cool. Wish we had a spinoff series of him, Itori and Yomo when they were younger.

He to me, he is an amazing character and has so many cool things about him like his tattoos and his piercings and just the fact the his eyes mostly stay the same, (black and red) is so cool.

I still love Uta and he is still one of my personal favorites, but it really really disappoints me that he turns out to be a villain and a member of the Clowns. He seemed like such a good and friendly character and I thought he was. I hate how the best characters are always evil, especially when they seem like a good guy when they first appear. It kinda ruins it for the fans even if they do still like them. It still love Uta all the same, but it's still disappointing that he turns out to be a villain.

Coolest hair style and tattoos ever

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8 Ayato Kirishima Ayato Kirishima

He is the best and hottest <£

Most badass like his cool vortex sheild thing

AM I sUpPoSeD tO sAy SoMeThInG - blueLight

My favorite over all and I find him funny

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9 Hinami Fueguchi Hinami Fueguchi

She is the cutest character here >u< I honestly wish she killed mr mono

Hinami And Touka spend through a lot together since Tokyo ghoul and Tokyo ghoul re. Touka wanted to save Hinami from death sentence from ccg and risk her life to do so.

Despite with ayahina shipping.
I founded more with kaneki x hinami and hinami x touka.
Let's face it touka and kaneki been with hinami in entire series they're like real siblings to her and hinami see touka as big sister and see kaneki as big brother to her. Which make it very cute and adorable hinami.
Hinami is arguably best girl and the cutest and adorable character.

She looks so cute - TwilightKitsune

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10 Juuzou Suzuya Juuzou Suzuya

He's not a trap his peen got cut off by big madam and he’s both handed I believe in combat making him even more badass

Already one here.But I was confused when I saw him.But he is a trap. - DarkBoi-X

The most cool nutcase ever!

The Newcomers

? Squidward Squidward

He's beautiful.

The Contenders

11 Kishou Arima Kishou Arima Kishou Arima is a major antagonist turned protagonist of the manga/anime, Tokyo Ghoul, and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re.

He's a character with depth, not a loser like kaneki, strong, smart, good looking, nihilistic, perfect!

The only person who could beat him was himself.


What the hell. He can easily beat ken

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12 Eto Eto

Eto is best girl, she's op, and has an interesting character.

One of the important characters

The only natural one eyed Ghoul

It was always Eto.

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13 Rize Kamishiro Rize Kamishiro

Best character ever!

Damn, all Ken wanted was to get laid lmao - Not_A_Weeaboo

Burn Rize. You caused all of this. All Kaneki wanted was a date. Instead, you made his life a living hell.

14 Yomo Renji

Most underrated character

Why is Yomo in 12th, he's so underrated

Mr.Yomo is one of the most well made and best characters in the anime/manga even though he seems so forgotten. Seeing his backstory and his past makes you like him even more, knowing that he is so strong, yet even he has moments where you see his emotions show through his stone-like persona. Mr.Yomo is one of the best characters you can have, being powerful and a mentor of sorts to Kaneki in the beginning, also proving himself one of the smartest characters in the show from his battle with Tooru. Maybe there is also going to be a reveal where he is a Kaguja as well in the manga after reading through is past and realizing that he cannibalized. Who knows?

15 Shuu Tsukiyama Shuu Tsukiyama

He's so awesome

best boy

He is really funny :D And he always brings you in a good mood ^^


16 Nishio Nishiki

Nishio is literally the definition of perfect. When he came back in :re all badass I was squealing.

He's like so col and he made me cry at some point and I just love him his so caring and sexy!

Smartest character in the series.

Nishiki is my favorite character! He is such an complex character, and I love his backstory. Nishiki should get more love, and less hate!

17 Takizawa Seidou


He's sweet before he goes all ghoul

18 Nimura Furuta

The perfect foil to Kaneki

Furuta is weird and doesn't take anything seriously. He's great

Complex villian. He is super smart and strong. Loved how he firstly seemed like a regular investigator and he turned to be such an evil villian. He is such a troll.
( normies reee).

19 Kureo Mado

I don't know why everyone hates him, I love him even in though I am in re chapter 130+

20 Tsukiyama Shuu

Okay but did u see him in TG;re? Like, so hot I mean... and I simply love his character

He has a really nice personality,like from a gentlemen to crazy

I love his style (except for eating)

Tsukiyama is bae

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21 Kuki Urie

-Love his inner comments plus he's a badass

22 Noro Noro

Cool kagune
Cool regeneration
Cool Power


-Awesome Character, He raises Eto protecting her from V and even after he loses most his mental capacity to them he still remains by Eto's side.Then on top of that he is one of the most powerful ghouls in the series. - scarey2243

Super Regeneration

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23 Yoshimura Yoshimura

He's the one who taught Kaneki that he has a place in the worlds of both humans and ghouls alike.

Why wasn’t he here? - Undistinguished

24 Yakumo Oomori Yakumo Oomori

No.I'm so glad Kaneki killed him. - DarkBoi-X

Yakumo Oomori or Yamori is extremely unique and memorable! In the first season he is in a way the main villain and has that weird sadistic vibe about him. His rinkaku is also very neat and cool. And after all he is the guy that invented the catchiest thing in Tokyo Ghoul: snapping fingers. He is also a reminder of the famous Jason from Friday the 13th! He even has the mask.

Can someone please explain to me why someone forgot to put one of the most memorable villains in Tokyo Ghoul on the list? (I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul yet, though I do plan to watch it in the future.) - ModernSpongeBobSucks


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25 Yukinori Shinohara Yukinori Shinohara

The Banjo of the ccg

Best father figure for suzuya Juuzou

26 Karren Von Rosewald
27 Naki
28 Nico

Best gay anime character ever

29 Banjou Kazuichi
30 Tatara Tatara
31 Tooru Mutsuki

love her

32 Itori Itori
33 Seidou Takizawa
34 Kaya Irimi Kaya Irimi
35 Nashiro Yasuhisa

She and her sister both are strong and turn to a half ghoul

36 Saiko Yonebaya Saiko Yonebaya

Cutest character in whole anime world

37 Mutuski


38 Uruka Minami Uruka Minami
39 Ryouko Fueguchi
40 Ukina Ukina
41 Kijima Shiki

Look, I know this guy only popped up in one arc, and only for a few chapters, and he died pretty quickly. But hey, he was extremely memorable because he was one sadistic investigator, but he was still respectful to everybody. The saddest and most memorable part about him, however, was the way he died - laughing about his death as he had his head sawed in half by his own chainsaw-quinque.

42 Hetare
43 Kohsuke Hoji

I think he’s beautiful

44 Kousuke Houji

He’s beautiful

The beautiful man really, truly cared for Takizawa and his end was so sad. He’s beautiful and didn’t deserve that.

45 Shachi (Orca)


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