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21 marinara sauce

Amazing there is actually a sauce in this list that doesn't have a corporation name right at the beginning. Marinara sauce is the base for pizza and pasta and can be added to so many other things. Enough said.

22 Heinz 57
23 Frito's Jalepeno Cheese Dip
24 Au jus
25 Kraft Mayonaise
26 Tartar Sauce
27 White Wine Sauce
28 Honey Mustard

I can't eat fried chicken without it. - leppaberry

29 Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce
30 Apricot Sauce
31 Franks Red Xtra Hot Sauce
32 Mexican Cheese Dip

This is unacceptable! it is #1 - BigBoss

33 Worcestershire Sauce

Pronounced woos-tur-shur with the short oo sound as in book. It makes everything taste so English!

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34 Reggae Reggae Sauce

How could you not just love it. It's Jamaican

35 Pepper Sauce
36 Hummus

It is best served with raw veggies. Chips are also great with it. You could put this in a sandwitch or wrap. It extremely yummy and the best thing about it's good for you. I also like this with garlic bread.

Best with chicken or beef fondu

37 Andalouse

I miss Belgium

38 Szechuan Sauce

As a Rick and Morty fan with approx 216 IQ, I can declare that this is the number one sauce to put on anything, anywhere, and anyone. Sad that I'm only one of the few intelligent homo sapiens out there to realize this.


39 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
40 Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce
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