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1 Geelong Cats Geelong Cats

On and off team over the years but has been dominate in the latter part of the 2000's. You don't win 3 premierships in 5 years without being a talented team.

We are geelong the greatest team of all.
We are geelong we're always on the ball.
We play the game as it should be played.
The song says it all.

They won the 2007 grand final and they where on top of the ladder in 2008 and they are now in 2009 - dragon13304

Awesome team great team so good

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2 West Coast Eagles West Coast Eagles The West Coast Eagles are an Australian Rules Football team . The Eagles are based in Perth, Western Australia, dawning the colours of navy blue and gold .

West Coast are the most represented and most popular team in the AFL no question, leading them to easily the best CLUB, perhaps not the best team

Looking at the stats from 1990 to 2018 The Eagles most successful now since 2018 premiership followed by Geelong, Hawthorn and probably Collingwood. Brisbane must be close because of their three in a row which could have easily been four. Richmond no where near blimey the arrogance of their fans is incredible they have only won 1 flag in 2017 in the whole of the AFL era come on. I used to despise Collingwood the most mainly because of Eddie MacGuire but Richmond are beginning to take their place.

Almost every season they get in top 8 and only been around shortly compared to eastern states teams and have already been in 6 premierships. They win every brawl as well that they get into, they bloody huge units #oath

Best team ever better then richmond and hawks put together

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3 Hawthorn Hawks Hawthorn Hawks

12 Premierships in 54 years, 18 Grand Finals, that is on average a Grand Final every 3 years and a premiership every 4.5. 7 Grand Finals in a row from 1983-89 with premierships in 83,86,88 and 89 and then we went on to win the premiership in 1991 despite the critics believing we were too old and too slow. Not to mention the most recent 2014 premiership where we were riddled with injuries all season, including clarko himself but still found a way to get the job done all year. My favourite quote for last years season is, "The football Gods said not this time, the Hawks didn't listen." And I guarantee all you doubters that we will be running out on the G' on Grand Final day this year, our best is still the best simply because recent history has shown that a strong offense wins premierships, not a strong defense. CARN HAWKS

Hawthorn are simply the best team to ever play the game. They have won a premiership in ever decade since 1960 and have been in seven grand finals in a row for a decade (1980's). They have also been the only team to win 3 premierships in a row in the 18 team competition. Hawthorn in my opinion are the greatest team to ever play the game.

We're a happy team at Hawthorn
We're the Mighty Fighting Hawks.
We love our Club, and we play to win,
Riding the bumps with a grin (at Hawthorn).
Come what may, you'll find us striving
Team work is the thing that talks,
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Hawthorn.
We are the Mighty Fighting Hawks.

Hawks are definitely the best afl team in the league

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4 Sydney Swans Sydney Swans

Cheer cheer the red and the white honour the name by day and by night lift that noble banner high shake down the thunder from the sky wether the odds be great or be small swans will go in and win overall while her loyal sons are marching onwards to victory

Such a talented roster full of young guns and extremely talented veterans. Swans made the biggest comeback in 2017 startin 0-6 but came back and made finals, no team has ever done that before. 2018 is our year to win the grand final

Without a doubt. Swans won 2005 and almost won (1 point margin) 2006. They won 2012 and got in 2013 Grand FINAL. ONLY lost 2016 because of terrible umpiring. Made best comeback ever in 2017 and even made it to the finals

Sydney are the best

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5 Richmond Tigers Richmond Tigers

Every other club wishes they were Richmond. Look at Collingwood, been mimicking Tigers since Jack Dyer was around. Mimicking is the greatest form of flattery, but we don't need it, we prefer to hate.

Go the mighty tigers we won the premiership in 2017 and we are going to win this year We are from tiger land a fighting fury were from tiger land

Best song in the league. Best team in the league. Best players in the league. Anything the tigers can't do?

go tigers

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6 Collingwood Magpies Collingwood Magpies

Good old Collingwood forever,
They know how to play the game.
Side by side we stick together,
To uphold the magpies name.
See, the barrackers are shouting,
As all barrackers should.
Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
THE SONG SAYS IT ALL, WHY doesn't EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS AFL BARRACK FOR THE PIES! I'm a diehard supporter, they are the best team ever.

Collingwood is evidently the greatest team, and currently being 6th in this list is underrating this amazing team.

The pies are underrated. We are one of the best teams in the comp, we should be first on the list.

Carn the pies

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7 North Melbourne Kangaroos North Melbourne Kangaroos

They have won 4-6 premierships so they are so much better than Collingwood and the other teams and they should be first not sixth

North Melbourne Would be the best if Brent Harvey is BACK PLEASE BRENT HARVEY COME BACK

North Melbourne beat carlton so yeah


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8 Port Adelaide Power Port Adelaide Power

Controversial choice but what puts the power over teams like North and Richmond is their ability to put a young talented list together almost overnight and even win the odd flag. They are Australias most succesful football club and the AFL's 10th.

The most decorated Aussie rules club has a special place in the AFL - a rocky relationship with the league, and some up and down years, but you can't find a purer traditional footy club underneath any other AFL franchise as you can Port.

Have a winning percentage of 51.9

Great team

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9 Adelaide Crows Adelaide Crows

First team to win back to back premierships in the AFL, more members than any other club, has the fastest man in the league (Patrick Dangerfield), their home ground is the largest purpose built Australian rules football stadium in the world, and they are the pride of South Australia - the mighty Adelaide Crows!

Adelaide crows rock every other team suck and they will win the final this year in 2017 go crows

They're not going to the finals in 2018 but in 2019 they're going to fantastic!

They ere awesome

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10 Carlton Blues Carlton Blues

Have a winning percentage of 59.6

I think they should be tenth. I love the blues

I love Carlton

Carlton have won the most premerships with Essendon

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11 Fremantle Dockers Fremantle Dockers

They are going pretty good this year, was bad that they lost barlow. -

Best team in the afl, especially after this years trade period!

Worst team ever haven't won one grand final ha ha

They did well but they should have done better

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12 Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions

WHAT? Brisbane has struggled significantly since their 3 premierships in a row. They literally need a funding off the AFL because they can't afford to fill the salary cap.

3 Premierships in a row!
the best team of the modern era

3 IN A ROW! pretty much sums it up

What do you mean take out of the team They are LEGENDARY!

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13 Essendon Bombers Essendon Bombers

Say what you want about the bombers but they are a successful unit. 16 premierships including one of the most dominant seasons ever in 2000. They were nearly unbeatable in 2000 and it took a strong Lions team to trump them a year later. Many legends have come from Windy Hill and they will continue to "Fly Up".

The oldest team is Melbourne... and saying that Carlton entered the competition is pure rubbish, given Essendon won the first VFL flag in 1897. Still the best team ever (16 premierships), and has consistently got more members than Carlton (the only team to tie on most premierships with Essendon)

Oldest team in the competition, equal most premierships with Carlton. They're such a good club, they shouldn't be this low


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14 Western Bulldogs Western Bulldogs

The western bulldogs are the best because they can bully you and they won on the grand FINALE so yeah!

They are awesome 6th on ladder WILL BE PREMIERS

Always been my favourite and they won the grand final too!


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15 Melbourne Demons

Damn what happen to this team after 2006, they almost had it in 2017 but thanks to collingwood and west coast this team haven't been to the finals for 11-13 years - Th3Zm0nst3r

They should be higher even though they sometimes lose and they are the oldest team ever!?!?

They should be first if they were good enough because there the oldest team

Best team everrr and you can't say its not cause boi it is

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16 Greater Western Sydney Giants Greater Western Sydney Giants

The best team of all time

They are just better then bulldogs

Gonna win the premiership

good gws

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17 St. Kilda Saints St. Kilda Saints

Saint great club with a huge future should win the flag in the next 5 years or so GO SAINTS

St Kilda are the best

I love saint kilda


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18 Gold Coast Suns Gold Coast Suns

Not to bad a club. I like the idea of coming to Cairns.

Without gary ablett this team is winless - Th3Zm0nst3r

will be in the afl in 2011. - dragon13304

19 Fitzroy Lions

Are no longer in the AFL but are better then Gold Coast and GWS

20 Melton Centrals

Melton Centrals is the worst club that I have played at


21 South Gambier

The best team in south australia

22 Brisbane Bears

Cool Team Awesome Merge With Awesome Team To make Legendary Team

23 Melton Bloods U15


24 North Brunswick Giants

Have 2 teams, U/13's and U/9's and the 13's won the Premiership, there may have a few slip-ups throughout the year but this team has some bloody spirit. After we lost heaps of players last year, we got heaps more and now the U/13's have 26 players on there list and counting. The parents have been a great help throughout the year, so if you want to come down here to Allard Park, Donald Street in Brunswick join the Giants big surge into footy extraordinaire. We also have a really good connection with the GWS Giants. So come down all ages up to 16 and play with the mighty Giants, Go Giants!

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