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1 Shrek

I liked How to Train Your Dragon fine, however I'm a bit surprised Shrek did not make it's way up to number 1. Generally I dislike DreamWorks animated movies because the humor seemed more oriented at kids rather than making it fun for all age groups. Granted, these movies are geared toward children, but it's a much better experience when both the children and the adults enjoy the experience. Shrek manages not only to captivate both children and adults alike, it's one of the best animated movies period. The characters are humorous and well voiced, the plot is clever and is not gloated with extreme slap-stick humor (sometimes there is some here and there, but it's done appropriately) and just has a charming feel, especially with all the fairy tail characters (my personal favorite, the ginger bread man). Definitely an awesome movie and deserves the prestigious of number 1. - Salsander

I like this franchise! I might have to watch the four movies someday.

Shrek is love shrek is life

Shrek is banging, a must watch

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2 How to Train Your Dragon

What can I say except go get this movie, now! Don't let the title fool you. For an animated movie, the graphics in it is one of the top best looking movie I ever seen. It reaches the graphical standards of a video game in my opinion. The dragons are filled with so much texture on the scales which makes them look like more believable dragons. The animations on the characters and dragons looks amazing. The story is cliche in the beginning but the execution later on is fantastic. Never before I seen a strong bonding between Hiccup and his father. Voice actors are good in this movie. They all sound like real vikings should be. The main character in this movie that stood out to me was Gobber as he was funny and a good friend to Stoick. There are few moments where the characters in the movie uses mild bad words and a phrase was cut short as adults would know what the character was about to say next which I don't mind because they are vikings. Its an one hour and thirty minutes movie, but ...more

It has Vikings, dragons and a great story. Also Hiccup and Toothless are one of the best human/non human friendships/teams In animation. I love them both. And having seen How to train your dragon 2 only yesterday, I have to say that movie also should be on top. Amazing sequal. Both movies together for tied first spot. ;) Everything else is fun and all, but nothing is quite like How to train your dragon. Shrek, kong fu panda, Megamind and Madagascar focus more on the humorand funny aspects then on the actual story in my opinion. There isn't enough balance. Basicly they are a bit silly movies. Awesome silly movies. But silly none the less. Which isn't a bad thing. Humor films are awesome, but movies focused mostly on humor will never have spot 1 with me. How to train your dragon is a good balance of humor, friendship, character growth and a decent plot that actually is about something serious. A lot of dreamwork 3d animation movies miss this balance and have more focus on the haha ...more

By far the greatest movie I have ever seen in my life! It has great humor, really deep moments, and perfect for all ages! 10 billion thumbs up for sure!

One of the many things I loved about this movie is that while it may begin cliche and the overall message seems overused, it ends up very different and the plot is superb.

For example, one common animated theme is that you need to learn to be true to yourself. However, even if it seems like Hiccup was being something that wasn't himself, it soon becomes clear that he isn't. At first he wants to kill dragons, sure, but he intended to with his brain, not brute strength. Hiccup always knew that he was different, and didn't really try to change that. He only wanted others to come around and accept him for himself.

Another thing I love is that How to Train Your Dragon may follow along the "Nobody is bad, only misunderstood" lines in the beginning, but it eventually shows Hiccup and Toothless, different in their respective species, teaming up to fight the real villain.

Something I would be leaving out without mentioning is Powell's soundtrack. It's simply ...more - UselessReptile

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3 Kung Fu Panda

This movie is way better than steel and how to train your Dragon this movie is just good jack black an Po it just worked the whole thing

This is my favorite DreamWorks movie. The story is great, the characters were well-developed, and it had a powerful score. I also love animals. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. They seem like they created their own little world by developing every little detail.

The animation must have been a very difficult thing to pull of but it was great. The characters look so cuddly and soft. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a movie that is funny and has a lot of emotional depth.

My favorite franchise in the Dreamworks. It truly shows that even the greatest warriors can come from humble beginnings. The first movie shows Po learning from two of the greatest masters to keep an evil Kung Fu warrior from misusing the power of the Dragon Scroll. The second movie featured an evil peacock that sought to end Kung Fu and begin a technological revolution, and we finally get some insight as to how Mr. Ping got Po as a son. The moment Po first saw Shen's symbol, he flashed back to his mother right before she was killed in cold blood, and when we learned that Po was the last of his kind, it hit us in the feels when we learned Shen was responsible for it. Until that last scene revealed he wasn't the last of his kind, and his father was still alive. Though, a fourth film would be the perfect opportunity for Tai Lung to return. Kai told Oogway that he had taken the chi of all of the Kung Fu Masters in the Spirit World, so who's to say he didn't at least run into Tai Lung ...more

Absolutely LOVED this movie. Characters are hiliarious, and so much fun for both children and adults alike!

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4 Shrek 2

How is Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon better than this. It's a classic. It should be at least #2.

Should be #1, #2 is shrek 1, this movie is arguably one of the greatest animated movies to ever come out, this, and heck, the whole shrek series, are masterpieces

I saw this movie a lot as a kid - trains45

Think this one was better than the first and way better cast and loved the ending for this one with the whole American Idol thing lol! - ballaboi17

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5 Madagascar

I love this movie! It was one of my favorites as a kid and is one of my favorites now. I watched this over and over and OVER again and is still my favorite animated movie.

Its should be replaced withe the third sequel. It is trying so hard to be funny

Why is this Madagascar film so hated I thought it was my favorite of the franchise.

This is an amazing movie! I'm not kidding! Along with the other 2, I think they should be higher.

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6 Megamind

I'm actually watching "Megamind" while writing this. "Megamind" is one of my favorite films of all time. It has a great story, great characters, and great humor. I love every second of this film. Not as good as films like Peter Jackson's "King Kong" and "Toy Story 4" (my favorite film of all time), but still a fantastic movie.

One of the most underrated animated films ever in my opinion. - phillysports

It's better because normally you would try to see the world from the hero's point of view but now you get an insight of someone who wants to defeat the guy who messed up his life and in some cases made him that way

Love this movie; as someone who loves to root for the bad guy this movie was a real treat; it had an original story with some twists and turns that I would not expect from an animated film; shame that this movie is overshadowed by Despicable Me; Megamind is 10 times better than Despicable Me; if Dreamworks has more great ideas for the franchise I would love to see the story continue with Megamind as a hero

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7 Rise of the Guardians

Needs a sequel

It is my favorite movie I have watch this on T.V. 20 times jack frost is my favorite guardian and I love jacks power and

Rise of the Guardians is brilliant and deserves a sequel

This movie was incredible, beautifully animated, great stroy line my great childhood heroesin one movie, this movie definitely deserves the top spot!

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8 Kung Fu Panda 2

I was cruel to this movie. Not putting on my most recent list was criminal. This movie is amazing. One of the best sequels I have ever seen. It works as an action movie and a comedy. It establishes some phenomenal character interactions, has phenomenal action and emotionally gripping moments. Po is one of the best cartoon characters. The franchise is incredible as a whole. A true miracle that the first one turned out the way it did. A true movie you have to see to believe, this is folks. - iliekpiez

Kungfu panda 2 has everything needed for an all round movie for kids and adults.

Apart from the beautiful animation and lore; the film draws in a complexity that adults can appreciate which children can also keep up with.

The storyline and character development is far more superior to the original. With additional characters added in to create a much more epic awesomeness, that Poh must adapt to as his role as the dragon warrior. All of this whilst battling his own demons to find his own self worth far exceeds that of a dragon warrior.

But last but not least; the fighting scenes were amazing!

This is an awesome sequel to an already great movie. It has a great story, a lot of funny moments, and some of the best animation I've ever seen from DreamWorks. It's one of my favorite animated movies and I highly recommend it. 9.6/10 - LuminousSaiyan27

Most sequels don't live up to the original, and even less surpass it. But this is a very rare case where the sequel actually SURPASSED the original. Why? To put it bluntly, the story is much better. It gets deeper into the protagonist's past, and allows more character development. The villain is so much better, so much evil and much more developed than the one in the original movie. And here, the story is darker and more serious, while at the same time maintains the same goofy humor we loved so much about the first movie. The verdict? See this movie at once. Even if you haven't seen the original, you won't be missing much, and even though Dreamwork's can go downhill with sequels like what happened to the Shrek movies, Kung Fu Panda is the exception.

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9 Over the Hedge

I have this on dvd, it's a good movie - trains45

I'll watch this over and over and wont get tired of it - HotRod

I hate these kind of movies but I love this one - seether62

I love this movie's soundtrack! I love how it isn't like most family movies where they just pull out cheesy, dated rap music, but they actually have sweet, catchy, and calm songs that you'll never get tired of listening to. I don't know a single movie where I like ALL the songs on the soundtrack. Whenever I hear any of the songs, I get a huge nostalgic flashback. Family of Me, Heist, and rocking the Suburbs are my favorite (which are basically all the songs but one, and I still love that one too! )

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10 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Okay, I am SHOCKED that this movie isn't in the top 5. Its great that How to train your dragon is the best dreamworks film, but how to train your dragon 2 doesn't deserve to be all the way down here. VOTE people! This film was so strong that it made half the people watching it CRY (including me). It was amazing to see all the characters in their 19, 20's. A big shock was how the teens' appearances changed, and how they turned into young adults. I found it really interesting when new dragons were introduced, especially the Bewilderbeast and Cloudjumper. The graphics were the best I have ever seen out of all animations and the soundtracks were so good that I could listen to them all day. The sequel did not let us down, just like Dreamworks had promised. Really, this film was so breathtaking that the whole time you could feel shivers all over your body. Vote for How To Train Your Dragon 2! And if you haven't seen it, then make sure you do!

Why is this so low! Unlike Disney, Dreamworks was actually able to be as good (if not, better) than the original! It was amazing honestly

While I do believe that the first How to Train You Dragon is a little bit better, this is still one of the worthiest sequels I have ever seen. Like some critics have said, this is the Empire Strikes Back of animated movies. Deeper story, wider world, and shocking twists, not to mention a much darker, mature plot. If you thought the trailer gave a major spoiler, watch this movie and see that wasn't even half of it. John Powell returns to compose the soundtrack, and it is as gorgeous as ever, dare I say it's better than the first movie at certain points? And the animation is top notch, just like with it's prequel. Flaws? Some of the major characters are given lesser screen time, especially the other teens. Plus the movie is a bit too fast paced, so some people may have to see it twice to truly appreciate it. And the main villain is a bit too generic. But asides that, it's a movie that must not be missed, whether you love animation or not.

good movie

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11 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

I watched this is when I was very young, and at the time it was my favorite movie. A great story (I love indians! ) and it brings back great memories. - pandaluver3009


It should be way above Kung Fu Panda 2

I've loved this movie since it came out, and watched it hundreds of times. Spirit is my life movie; the motion pictures, the music, the storyline, it's all so beautiful, wild, and makes you feel free. This movie doesn't get enough credit, it's the best animated movie of all time. It will be around forever, and is an all-time classic. - emraldYE

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12 Chicken Run

Wonderfully plotted, memorable characters, with hidden historical references - POW camps and Communism! I love it!

A good movie. - WorldPuncher47592834

This should be at least top 2.

This should be number 1 on the list.

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13 The Prince of Egypt

Its basically a sin that this is so low on the list.

How is this not number one?

This is my favorite DreamWorks movie! Gorgeous animation, spectucular voice acting, and beautiful and memorable songs. A good retelling of Moses' story. An underrated gem that is a must see!

I love this movie! It has beautiful animation, great voice acting, and a fantastic music score. This movie deserves more credit than it receives. The song "When You Believe" deserved to win the Academy Award for best original song.

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14 Bee Movie

Another meme since Shrek.

According to all known laws of aviation there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.

This really deserves to be higher up the list as it is hilariously funny and I laughed at every single bee related pun (and there was a lot) since they were clever every time. Barry's relationship with Vanessa was quite creepy alright but the movie was still heart warming and shows you that how sometimes the things you want aren't necessarily what you need. It showed us we should not be greedy but also to fulfil your dreams and don't just go with the status quo, follow your dreams. I really enjoyed this film and still really enjoy it now.

The comedy of Jerry Seinfeld keeps me coming back for more. Patrick Warburton's character is hilarious. I see something new in the elaborate backdrops every time I watch.

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15 Puss in Boots

This is a hilarious movie... Puss with his "aw" eyes is so cute!
I love it and I know you love it too
Cute, hilarious, best movie EVER

I love this movie it is so entertaining and funny and closer to the end it has a huge twist. It has great voice acting as well as amazing graphics. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys good animations. 5 Stars.

This is awesome. I and bro love this movie.

This was a surprisingly well-developed movie. It's not the best, but it is certainly enjoyable.

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16 Kung Fu Panda 3

I was really scared about this one, but I think while it isn't as good as the second one, it's still an awesome way to end a nearly perfect trilogy. Also,it's also great that Cee Lo Green's Kung Fu Fighting both started and finished the trilogy. I adore Kung Fu Panda, and this was the perfect conclusion. 9.5/10 - LuminousSaiyan27

This movie and How to train your dragon 2 are the best Dreamworks animation movies ever! They are both better than Home! Home is the worst Dreamworks movie ever!

Dreamworks so far has sort of been cursed when it comes to third movie installments because shrek 3. And Madagascar 3 were the worst in the series. I hope this does not happen to Kung fu panda

Excellent movie. Excellent Trilogy.

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17 Monsters vs. Aliens

This movie is really nice. The part where Susan enlarged was the best. I wouldn't say it's the best but deserves to be in top 10.

Power time. Most excellent! Movie is plentiful time for each and other.

Sheer Terrible, The president is so ugly. - WorldPuncher47592834

I did truly love this movie

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18 Flushed Away

Seriously? This movie should be in the top ten! While it's not the greatest (Shrek, haha), it's definitely worth a mention. It has very clever humor (British humour, may I add) that you can't get out of any other DreamWorks film. The most underrated dreamworks movie by far.

Yes, this gotta be top 1! Even the GBA version!

Because of the slugs singing makes me laugh

Pretty good. - WorldPuncher47592834

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19 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I love this movie my favorite part in the movie is Alex and Gia being together

Nice movie, even background score firework looks like its just made for the movie scene only!

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a flawless, revolutionary comeback to the Madagascar franchise. I am betting Katy Perry and Alex the Lion are in love with each other. If they were in each others' realities, bestiality would then be liable to happen.

Should Be Higher. Best Movie Of Madagascar Trilogy - Ardan

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20 Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa

This is the best dreamworks movie of all time

And Moro Moro likes you

I like em big

I like em chunky

This movie was hilarious... - jprg12

It's such a cute movie! I will never get tired of it. It is way better than the 1st one! It will never get old! " I will always love it! "

I think this one is better than the first one - dragon13304

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21 The Road to El Dorado

Hey it's the horse from tangled. - WorldPuncher47592834

This movie is so brilliant. The animation is beautifully done, the horse is, as always, a hilarious character, and the very obvious love between Tulio and Miguel could warm the heart of even the coldest person. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but this movie has always been one of my favorites :-)

This is a very unique kind of movie. How many good movies do yu find that are about exploring Central America along with comedy? Not many. The music is awesome too! One of my favorites of all time!

EL DORADO is the word which get etched in your mind for a long time. Animation is what I always liked and this movie has uplifted it to a greater level. I am a fan of its music AWESOME! A must Watch m/

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22 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Enjoyed it... good enough - nonamegame

Witty, comedic and heartwarming, Mr Peabody and Sherman managed to capture my heart ever since I saw it. It really deserves the Oscar!

This movie deserves a lot more respect. It's not only funning and has very well played acting, but the story is as good. I would this easily in the top 3, maybe higher.

This movie is deserving to have an oscar

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23 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

This should be in the top ten! '!,

This is so much better than a majority of the movies on the list but I guess it's lower cause another studio made it

Technically produced by Dreamworks, but not enough people think of it as a Dreamworks movie. Really deserves more respect though. - Knucklewood

He fact that shark tale is above this is sad - nonamegame

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24 The Croods

Are you kidding me?! 20?! The Croods was by far one of the BEST Dreamworks films OF ALL TIME. It has fun characters, gorgeous scenery, and really amazing themes as well. This will always be my favorite dreamworks movie, it's so good.

This is one of the funniest films I've seen. If your looking for an animation comedy I would definitely recommend this film. - Froglamb

I think Emma Stone would be a good voice for Roll Light from Mega Man: Battle Network series.

Such a funny film, I love it - Froglamb

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25 Antz

Oh my gosh this is number one not 25! This is intelligent funny and hilarious! I like everything in this movie but the pacing!

Its like if HBO made Bugs Life - WorldPuncher47592834

Nice film, but the ants really give me the shivers!

Great old film. Intelligent and with more realism than most.

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26 Shrek the Third

The first 2 are good ones, The 4th movie improved. - WorldPuncher47592834

Well, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time's successors were really decent to me as well. I think the main reason why I used to think they were both bad was because I always thought that it was weaker than its predecessors. E-Rod proves to us why Shrek the Third had such a ridiculous execution, especially by portraying the traditional fairy tale princesses to be snobby prisses. Shrek: Forever After is decent to me now. DreamWorks is now making Shrek 5. Even though DreamWorks might hit many notes right, they will run out of ideas after having Shrek sequels. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who finds DreamWorks Animation movies to be mediocre at worst

Just like how in the Shrek franchise Shrek 1 and 2 are good and Shrek the Third and Shrek: Forever After suck, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time were outstanding Mario & Luigi games whilst Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were both horrible. No wonder Shrek: Forever After and Shrek the Third were both not put on the list! Because they were not decent.

Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team were no where near bad games the were both great

Hate this movie, it Sucks major butt

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27 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The animation in this movie is the best out of any Dreamworks movie to date, and ends the stories of each and every character perfectly. This world was explored thoroughly between the shows and the movies, and nothing could cap off such an amazing experience better than this movie.

It is the best sequel of How To Train Your Dragon and the best movie that Dreamworks ever made

Best HTTYD Movie in my opinion - ArcticWolf

Best Dreamworks Film Ever!

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28 Shrek Forever After

Much better than the third.

This is my favorite Shrek movie of all time why do people give it so much hate it's awesome.

This one was good actually better than the 3rd one

An improvement over the 3rd

29 Penguins of Madagascar

It is really funny and cool this should be in the top 20

So cool, but it was sort of forgettable

I love THIS moVie iT was FUNny aND aDOrABLE SHOuLD be IN thE toP Ten.u7k

30 Captain Underpants

TRA! LA LAL - itskenny

I saw it and loved it!

Kevin Harts in it

He goes in adventures

31 Home

Its like how chicken little ended, BUT WORSE! - WorldPuncher47592834

This is my favourite movie. I really love this movie. The story is really heart touching. And I love all the songs of this movie. I want to thanks to the creator of this movie that they presented it. I like its animations, graphics and best of all story was awesome.

I agree with the person the person that stood up for this moving I love it

Stupid movie

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32 Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

It's a movie

I don't really like the show; it's too different.
And different gives me anxiety attacks. This was still quite heartwarming though, even if I didn't much care for it. - LeiaSkywalker

33 Turbo

When I saw the trailer for this, I thought it was a joke. Then I actually watched the movie and I thought it was amazing. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I thought dreamworks ran out of ideas when this came out, but compared to other crap like 'The Nut Job' (Which is a clone of over the hedge) this movie is ok but how to train your dragon 2 is amazing and I want to see peabody and sherman. - Harri666

I can't say anything except

Turbo has my Favorite movie music ever, That Snail is Fast!

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34 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

I loved this when I was younger! Not sure it would hold up, but it's definitely worth another watch to see if it does!

This is a very good movie, the animation on the the villain eris with her hair is really impressive, the story has some good adventure, action and some good comedy, it's a movie that adults, teenagers and children can enjoy and there are some jokes that all ages can understand. This movie should have been in the top 10.

I love the animation in this movie. It will wow you with spectacular colours and action.

If spectacular animation and a thrilling/underrated story aren't enough to get you hooked, then take this instead: Brad Pitt is the main character.

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35 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
36 Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

This was on here twice.

37 Joseph: King of Dreams

It has Batman, Ariel, and Luke Skywalker, a direct to video prequel to one of my favorite DreamWorks movies, and I love the Book of Genesis. The songs are okay at best, but the rest of this film is so underrated. It needs more love.

Joseph: King of Dreams is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. It was awesome and it is my favorite DreamWorks movie. - TailchaserFan10

I honestly enjoyed this more than Prince of Egypt. I love these stories.

Such an underrated classic.

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38 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Haha, Aardman is pretty underrated, and so is stop motion - PackFan2005

Only 36? Below Trolls, Shrek the Third, and SHARK TALE?!? This movie won a oscar! - 445956

Haven't seen it

39 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of Were-Rabbit

Great movie deserves to be in top 10 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

40 Despicable Me

Not from Dreamworks - MrCoolC

Illumination - WorldPuncher47592834

Please no, all minions should burn in hell for being so bloody damn irritating - Crocoduck

41 Wallace & Gromit

This was on here 4 times

One of the best movies ever

Don't you mean Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave?

Haven't seen it

42 Barnyard

This is Nickelodeon, not Dreamworks - jameshoward

Needs to be number one never spoke of anymore

Amazing film not spoke of anymore

43 The Ghost of Lord Farquaad

Pretty good movie. I don’t think anyone will vote for it, but it’s still an average DreamWorks product.

44 Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs
45 Shark Tale


Growing up with two younger sisters, most of the movies that my family owned were for kids that were just younger than me. The two exceptions were this wovie and Race to Witch Mountain. From the time I was 9 to the time I was almost 13, I saw this movie dozens of times, and it was great. The story is enjoyable, the characters are likable, and the animation looks great. Highly recommended.

Shark tale is the bomb! It's very underrated but I personally think it is very good! It's very funny and I find the characters to be likable.

I watched this movie with my class I was preparing to hate it but it was a pretty good movie but It wasn't as good as finding nemo

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46 Trolls

I love this movie

I love this movie!

love it

People, this is the best movie ever! Why isn't this near the top?

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47 Shrek the Halls
48 Monsters vs. Aliens: Bob's Big Break

Not a movie - nonamegame

49 The Boss Baby

The comments of it being bad is" junk Mail" if you watch the Series Boss baby: back in business Witch is not as bad as it sounds you would know

This movie Sucks and I'm surprised it wasn't dead last - LuminousSaiyan27

Hilarious, amazing, buetiful movie about imagination.

My first class movie

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50 Shrek 3D
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