How to Train Your Dragon 2


This film is darker and more mature than the first, and expands upon its own universe. It also doesn't treat its audience like they're stupid and dares to take risks. The way it takes trusts the audience and actually raises the stakes with deaths and whatnot. And its animation is awesome, with REALISTIC WOMEN! (Shock, gasp! ) Yes, Frozen, I was looking at you. I thought it would 2nd, under the first one. Yes, I am shocked this didn't happen so, yeah, please vote for it. No, watch it and THEN vote for it

UNBELIEVABLE. I love this movie, my favorite out of all the movies I have aver watched in my life. I LOVE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. It is my favorite book, T.V. show, movie...etc. I literally almost wish it were real. How to train your dragon two is my not only favorite animated movie, but it's actually my favorite movie out of all the hundreds of movies I've watched. I don't know why it's not the second best animated movie on this list... Personally, I liked this movie better than the first movie. I can't wait until how to train your dragon three, and I wish the how to train your dragon series extends to over a trilogy of films. EVERYONE VOTE FOR HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON TWO!

This is DreamWorks' best visual/artistic and narrative triumph to date. The animation is superb and deserves so much respect, and the plot is masterfully told. It is one of those rare sequels that outdoes the original in nearly every way. Loved it so much. It may just be my #1 favorite animated movie ever, period. If not, it's definitely my favorite DreamWorks animated movie alongside its predecessor.

This movie was brilliant. Definitely the best sequel by dreamworks. It easily matches the quality of the first one.. If not more. The only other sequels that did this were the Toy Story sequels and Shrek 2. Beautiful movie, I loved it!

This is the best movie I have ever seen and a amazing second chapter to continue the story. The visuals are just the best In any animated movies and in the story comes a big shocker which I did not see coming. This is a sequel done how it should be done

Better than the original (though both films are incredibly near and dear to my heart)! I tend to enjoy this film a bit more because of the overall grander scope of it. The dragon riders visit so many incredible locales like the expansive frozen ocean, the massive icy dragon nest, the wonderfully detailed village of Berk, etc. Also, I adore the new dragons! The Bewilderbeasts are epic and dizzyingly gigantic in contrast to our heroes. And one more thing: the aerial scenes in this movie, in my opinion, are even more spectacular then they were in the first movie! That first bit of the movie with Hiccup and Toothless having fun away from Berk is so awesome. You've gotta love it.
I just cannot believe that this movie isn't in the top ten AT ALL. What is wrong with you people? Have you no taste? If I had my way it would be #1.

Lazy character development, unnecessary death of Hiccup's father, a wimpy villain, and bad new dragons make this movie the biggest disappointment since I got my heart brutally wrenched out. This movie is awful!

Okay, first of all the first movie was INCREDIBLE, and the second was a step up even from that! I'm not afraid to say I cried at three separate occasions when I saw this movie in the movie theater.

GREAT MOVIE... My two year old great granddaughter will pick this movie and How To Train Your Dragon over all the other Disney movies I have. I've been collecting movies for about 25 years so I have quite a few. I started collecting them for kids b4 my first grandchild was born. This has also become one of my favorite.

It being true that the first movie is a little better it is the most amazing movie sequeI have ever seem the animation is so amazing and the background music is truly spectacular. This movie an it deserves to be in the top five if you haven't seen it or the first one go get them and you won't be sorry especially if you have kids.

Who said all sequels had to be bad? This one was extremely good compared to other sequels for other movies. I didn't think a sequel could be so good. Hoping to see the next one

All the way down at number 11, huh? Well, at least it's this high. Hands down, the best sequel I have ever seen. And yes, that includes Christmas Vacation. - LeiaSkywalker

Hasn't come out yet but I'm sure Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the gang will wow us with another amazing film!

I must say, I'm quite shocked that this isn't top three. It was better than the original, which was hard to do considering how great the first one already is.

They've said it all, This movie deserves number one. The story line is just so interesting that you just can't stop watching it over and over again

Guys, I'm very excited about this movie, really! I didn't really expect much from this movie! I always stuck to the first movie that it was greater than the second one without seeing the sequel but now, this movie is the one of the AWESOMEST movies in this world! - Victoryboy

This is an amazing movie. It is the best sequel ever. I did not think it was going good the first one but I was completely wrong.

This movie is awesome! Better than the first movie and I also think it's one of dreamworks' best movies yet.

I am most certainly the best FAN OF THE MOVIE AND THE BOOKS! It's just so amazing

This is one of the best films I have ever seen.I agree that How To Train Your Dragon is a little bit better but these two are my favorite films and I want everyone to vote for this film and make it one among the 5 best dreamworks animated movies

I love that hiccup and toothless became a great chief

It was way better than its predecessor, which is an overrated piece of crap.

Even my sister says the sequel is 10 times way better than the first one.

Very nice movie the most that I love in my life and I love DreamWorks!

Amazing movie one of the best of the year