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1 New Zealand

I mean, how can it not be.

I love them

NZ are good but they did lose to ireland in 2016 so that's why Ireland are number 2

The all blacks will win 3 in a row

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2 Ireland

We are the best

The best

Come on lreland

Ireland aren't quite in number 1 spot yet, but over the past year they've beaten every major rugby nation. We'll see where they stand after the world cup.

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3 South Africa

Best players alive

Supposed to be the best, if they chose the right players.

So right

Should be number 2

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4 England

Fish and chips


England beated Ireland


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5 Australia

Australia. Number 5! They will win it this year. We should at least be in third place

Best team out off the kick of and back three good under high ball

Australia should be in third place

Why Even Watch Them, Its Like Watching Tennis With 15 Crying Men With YELLOW (not gold) YELLOW tops and YELLOW skirts with there YELLOW wands and there YELLOW tricycles.

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6 Scotland

They are strong

Scotland have proved that they have the talent and the mind set to winaustralia had been lucky that day but then its you loose you are out and even if he best team in the world is out that does not make scotland any worse but on the day they performed and they delivered, unlucky the decision went against them in the last minute

Obviously from English people, Scotland are in the quarter finals 2015, where are England? So Scotland are in the top 8. Simple mathematics.

What? Scotland are the worst team in the world

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7 Wales

We should at least be in front of England and Scotland

Just won grand slam

They are the best

Wales is one of the best northern hemisphere team and even out pacing all but NZ from Southern Hemisphere should be higher than 7th

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8 France

France should be top 3

Should be top five or at least front of england

Definitely France was in the cup against New Zealand and should have been put 2 or 3 on the top ten national teams

Sorry, scratch what I said but France should be in top 5

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9 Argentina

Definitely better than Scotland, Wales, France, and Ireland

Argentina is ranked fourth in the world you idiots, they are better than Ireland, England, Scotland and Italy

How is Scotland ahead if they are one of the worst in 6 nations?

Argentina and New Zealand final is a likely scenario at RWC2015

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10 Italy

Never won 6 nations

The Newcomers

? Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo is a country located in Central Africa.

The Contenders

11 Georgia

The Best!

Georgian national team has extremely powerful and highly dedicated players.They will achieve even greater things soon.

This is the country where Rugby is a lifestyle

Rugby is OUR GAME!

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12 Canada

Heck yea eh

Fairly Strong Team

Canadians rock

best team

13 Kenya

We are Kenya

Take us to the top


They are really strong and trying

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14 Fiji

14? This ranking is CANCER

Fiji should be numerous 1

Fiji should be higher than this, they should be placed before Italy, surely

Fiji are class.

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15 Samoa

Fiji tops the Pacific. I'm surprised how this is ranked.


Fiji is better than Tonga and Samoa because Fiji bet both of them

Samoa is the best of the pacific islanders

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16 Tonga

MMT vs ENGLAND, Tonga almost caught up to England in the semi-finals in 2017. They're are a really good team. Don't disrespect another team/country.

The best team in the world - Tevita

Tonga should not be here

17 United States

They won with New Zealand or not? just go to www.,which rugby team is the best"

18 Romania
19 India

INDIA is rising in all sports as well as rugby.

20 Japan

The Japanese rugby team was beat South Africa and Samoa rugby team. So, they are best.

Japan is my 2nd equal fave team - Fatty5000

Unlucky to not make the playoffs! Not the best but definitely my Team of the RWC 2015!

Japan are 10th, they did beat SA

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21 Sri Lanka
22 Switzerland

What is Switzerland doing here

This is a BORING team!


23 Netherlands

Netherlands is good in every sports

They're about to make their break, just not yet. But hey, if Switzerland's in here, Holland should be too.

Holland plays rugby? They would be the lowest ranked team

Netherlnds don"t play rugby

24 China
25 Philippines
26 Mexico Mexico
27 Finland
28 Namibia
29 Uzbekistan

They're absolute legends

Better than New Zealand

They are the world best rugby team

30 Zimbabwe


Got talented players

Go zimbabeway


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31 Brazil


"Caipirinha e Samba" - Anr really big butts

32 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea


33 Spain

They don't play rugby

They do play rugby and they are quite good at it.

What! Spain doesn't even play rugby you newbie!

34 Afghanistan
35 Germany

Because they are so fearless going into rucks mall and all round contact

36 Chile


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