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101 Face to Face - Luna Sea

Seeing one of the greatest, the most powerful songs I've heard so far not even in the top 100 makes me really sad. A song that sounds so thrilling on live performances, where all the musicians give their best, where the melody is so easy to remember, but unique and interesting in the same time, really deserves higher rank. - saaarsdej

Gives me shivers every time I hear it. Amazing, powerful song, great to hear live as well.

102 Ichiban No Takaramono - GiDeMo
103 Garnet - D'espairsRay
104 Water - Exist Trace
105 Message - Nightmare
106 Ranbu No Melody - SID V 2 Comments
107 Ride On Shooting Star - The Pillows
108 Rakuen - Indigo la End
109 Romanticist - Kyo
110 Flower of Romance - BUG
111 Mother - Luna Sea
112 Simple Life - Nightmare

This song is really good you should hear it! -

113 Masquerade - D'ERLANGER
114 | Kyomu No Naka de No Yuugi - Malice Mizer
115 Oath Cross of Eternity - Megaromania

Love it! I like how in the beginning they start out with using the organs to make the music, sound mysterious and follow it up with a good guitar solos, it sounds like a dream

116 Liberate - And Eccentric Agent

Love how they put a vampire in the music video and shows her biting them. The music is great. Recommended

117 Vortex - The GazettE
118 Paradox 5 - D'espairsRay
119 Hologram - Nico Touches the Walls
120 Rookiez Is Punk'd - Complication
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