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61 The Mist
62 The Maltese Falcon
63 I, Robot

Back in the 80s Hollywood was trying really hard to adapt Isaac Asimov's book, I, Robot, but it was impossible to make at that time so they decided to do an illustrated screenplay of the movie instead (the whole movie as a book with some pictures in it). now that technology has advanced, we can now adapt Asimov's book like we did with the 2004 adaptation.

I actually have the illustrated screenplay. and it looks a lot more creative than the Will Smith version.

64 Coraline
65 James and the Giant Peach
66 Fantastic Mr. Fox
67 Blade Runner
68 The Secret of NIMH

This is not on the list?! The book is great, but the movie is horrible!

This movie and the book are both great and need to be in the top 10ss for its dark subject matter, adventure, traditional Don Bluth animation and characters with their own personalites. - The Ultimate Daredevil

69 Matilda

This movie got me through some tough times. I love Matilda. You'll always be a number one to me.

70 Satantango
71 The Fox and the Hound
72 Bambi
73 Dumbo
74 The Rescuers
75 The Little Mermaid
76 Oliver & Company
77 101 Dalmatians
78 Mary Poppins
79 Red Riding Hood
80 Catch Me If You Can

Just imagine a guy who became a lawyer, teacher, co pilot before the age of eighteen! - Aprat

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