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141 Fruit Gums
142 Aero
143 Soda Pops

This is the best candy ever. Fruitful, tasty, and it taste like soda

144 Rolo

How isn't this number 1? Rolos are the absolute best candy ever. The creamy caramel mixed with the sweet milk chocolate makes me want to eat them everyday.

I love biting them in half and looking at the gooey carmel - GramCrackaG

145 Sixlets
146 White Rabbit

I love it is an awesome chewy creamy candy!

147 Icebreaker

The best breath mints ever thank you Hershey

148 Laura Secord Chocolate
149 Chunky

Is this a fat man? Why am I still looking at candies?

You can still buy them at wal greens

150 Reisen
151 SKOR

! I can't live with out these perfect chocolait and caramel squares! I don't care if there small or big I will take all I can get!

152 Good and Plentys

I love this candy just because they have black liqerish derp don't know how to spell that word but the shufer makes it taste better and divergint in my opinion

153 Black Liquorish

ANY licorice is gross. - Stormskies

No one likes them, but I love them to be honest.

I love them.

154 Chocolate Tootsie Pops V 2 Comments
155 Turkish Delight

Delicious English sticky fruit mallows covered with powdered sugar. You've seen them in Narnia. They're delicious!

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