Adventure Time

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Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.


Adventure time is a show that needs time, something that some people after seeing the first few episodes of the first season may not want to give it. I won't say it's the best Cartoon ever, but I feel that it is the best cartoon of its time. The first season has never been one of my favorites, it was very much so a children show first, but from then on out it only gets better. The story is told in bits and pieces throughout the entire show, it may take a few episodes to finally see another piece of lore of its story universe. the characters slowly stop feeling like the one dimensional hero, to a troubled teen who wants to know more about who he is. The princesses scientist, who seems to have an answer for everything and anything that slowly shows that she is running out of steam for her job and feels like she can't keep up with what everyone demands out of her. A dog that, well okay I can't really tell anything about Jake's growth/development wise other than he has kids and still to ...more

This show should be higher because of the huge legacy it brought. I like regular show a lot but this show needs to be the #1 rated cartoon of all time for cartoon network because of the impact it had on cartoon network during it's dark age. If it wasn't for Adventure Time, shows like Regular Show, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls wouldn't exist. I like the setting it has and it's story is better than regular show's story. Although I still think regular show is superior in comedy. Adventure time however has my favorite cartoon character friendship of all time. Finn and Jake are just so well written and their friendship is the best.

Wow, this show is amazing! It brings elements of morality and humor into a cartoon that is intended for children, yet works it's way up to a top tier show of any age group. Finn, the main protagonist, is a teenage boy growing up in the weird post-apocalyptic land of Ooo who faces adventures with his best friend and brother through adoption, Jake the dog. It's compelling to see the deep plots of characters such as Simon and Marceline and there hardships throughout the aftermath of a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Finn also faces troubles of growing up and dating through the character Phoebe aka flame princess. Fantastic show and my favorite cartoon at the moment!

Adventure Time has the qualities of the first few selections on this list (SpongeBob, regular show, etc) in the sense that it is funny. In fact, almost every cartoon in the first 20 are funny with the exception of dragon ball and Naruto. But Adventure Time goes beyond comedy. They have deep, intense, sometimes scary plots. And the history of Ooo is a mystery even the diehard fans of this show don't know yet. There has been such amazing content pumped out of this show and there is so much more, unlike some shows that have outlived their glory days (cough cough SpongeBob). Between the potential and depth of this show, there is no reason it shouldn't be at the top.

"The show is almost the equivalent to the Super Mario Bros"
Funny u say that, because I was thinking that when I first got into it. I even have character matchs for them.

Mario-Finn as the both are heroic, like to save people, & save their princess.

Yoshi-jake as the hero uses them for transportation & they are great fighters.

Bowser-ice King as they have their minions, kidnap princesses, have an elemental attack, & never give up their kidnapping.

Princess peach-princess bubblegum the love interest of main character, but so far, both girls just view them as a good friend & hero.

Luigi-BMO just because they are usally left out of adventuring & are taking care of their home.

Toads-banana guards try protect their princess... but are usually really lousy at their job.

Flurie-lumpy space princess ok so yea PM series character. But no only are they similar in design, but they both have a crush on main character in which the main character ...more

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? At least put it above SpongeBob or Regular Show. SpongeBob was okay from 1999-2004, but then he started to get all stupid. Regular Show is awesome, but Adventure Time is way better! Who doesn't love Finn, an adolescent boy, the last human (as far as we've been told) in Ooo, and his dog brother Jake, with magical stretchy powers! Each episode makes me laugh so hard! They also make the character relationships not too involved into the stories, so it won't turn out retarded like almost every other kid show, live action or cartoon. 3 cheers for Pendleton Ward and his genius buddies!

The Earl of Lemongrab:

This Show is... beautiful. Especially the episodes featuring me. Now I shall go smash a harp inside my fortified totalitarian city state. SMASH ANOTHER! What's this! Adventure Time is not in the top 5 of this list. This list... is in... unacceptable condition! Unacceptable!

I just read all the comments and I agree with most of them, they are fun and creative and if my best friend didn't exist she wouldn't have encouraged me to watch at least 1 episode and as soon as I watched 5 minutes I instantly fell in love so thank you so much Molly you are a great person

What a great show. what an AMAZINGLY great show. Not only can I compliment it visually, but ALL the characters are well-written. I recommend it to fans of Avatar and TMNT 2012. but I still am not that attracted to the HUMOR. but it still is one of the best shows ever.

Adventure time is AMAZING. Just very disappointed it didn't make it to top 10. It is one of the most creative and imaginative cartoons I've ever watched. The art is simple yet stunning. It is rare to find a cartoon with so many ideas and art in.

I will be honest. I never really liked this show. That's not to say I hated it; I didn't. But nothing about it ever stood out to me enough for me to care about it. In short, Avatar: The Last Airbender is more worthy of your time. Watch that instead.

At first I thought it was dumb, but then I watched a few episodes and changed my mind! I thought it was a little kids show, but soon I figured out that it was meant more for teens and adults. Also, here's a few other cartoons I like: the Simpsons, Rick and morty, SpongeBob (yes, that includes episodes after season 3), and honestly, my little pony. - Kennysuavo

The newest episodes are just amazing the saddest thing is that it will soon be cancelled and you know that might not be bad because it's gone on for a while. So hopefully it paved a path of new cartoons that can be for kids and adults.

This is one of the most well written and cinematic cartoons I've ever seen. It has amazing comic relief, but it has been so serious before that I have actually cried. Every character has an in depth backstory, and the drawing style is gorgeous. It may be in its sixth season now, but I hope it continues to go on strong for many more years.

One of the best cartoons of all time! Funny, dramatic, and totally out of control! A show that can go from weird comedy, to weird drama, to weird action, to downright weirdness flawlessly!

This is a great show, so likable and enjoyable, the character development is amazing, meant for all ages (like regular show) there are a lot of innuendos in the episode breezy in season 6. This show is legendary,. - Unknownguy

Only the people who are open minded enough can truly enjoy this show. Everyone else will brush it off for being weird without seeing the real plot behind it all.

Most of the channel's profit comes from this show's MARKETING. Cartoon Network is using it as a staple for veiwers. But in reality, there are shows with more potential or that are just plain... good. Take TDI for example. Had everything a show needed, the action, the drama, the characters. But most of the later seasons ruined the show's reputation. There was far more potential, and the creaters need to come up with a season that is more like TDI. Adventure Time got it's success from marketing, marketing, and marketing. And I do not find it the least bit funny.

How is this so low? Adventure Time is an amazing, humorous yet deep cartoon which has an amazing plot. I have grown up with this show, and I still watch it at ten years old. There is an unforgettable, unfolding story which always has something to reveal. Some people may find it 'weird', but remember: never judge a book by it's cover!

It started off with really funny and Finn and Jake ruled. Than they show lost its fun stuff and became more serious and you know what, ITS EVEN BETTER! I love them and it rules

Adventure time come on grab your friends and come to very distant lands with jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end adventure time

Seriously! How is this not in the Top 5?! It has an amazing story with awesome characters. The humor is not for everyone yes but it still is hilarious! - Immersed24

I like this show not from the humor but from the mystery it makes want to find out more about the war and Simon and Betty

I love adventure time it needs top be in the top ten list why the heck is not on the top ten list! That's sucks but anyway it is awesome

This show should be in the top five! It's a great show with a great story line and great voice acting! It deserves more than 11th place.