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301 The Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus is a Canadian/American Saturday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It is notable for its use of celebrity talent and combining entertainment with an educational series. Broadcasting & Cable said more.

Seriously had the best theme song and was really educational. The plots were meaningful and interesting. This made my childhood along with Tom and Jerry, scooby doo, looney tunes and flintstones. The list is so much longer...

One of the cutest cartoons for pre-teen/tween girls who want to learn about science. - playstationfan66

This show taught me so much very educational #hate Arthur

The only thing they showed me in school I actually liked

302 The Critic

By far the most underrated cartoon ever. I love this series to death.

303 Tara Duncan
304 The Replacements The Replacements The Replacements was an American action-fantasy-comedy animated television series for Disney Channel that ran originally from July 28, 2006 to March 30, 2009. Although the series originally aired episodes on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST, it was moved to Mondays at 5:00pm EST.

Put this higher.

305 Class of the Titans
306 2 Stupid Dogs
307 Camp Lazlo Camp Lazlo Camp Lazlo is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray and produced by his company Joe Murray Productions with Cartoon Network Studios.

I like this show, and I think it's pretty underrated. It's got good animation (since it's the same guy who created Rocko's Modern Life), funny and even likable characters, enjoyable episodes, and great voice acting (since it has the people who do the voices of Rocko, SpongeBob, Johnny Bravo, Plankton, Peppermint Butler, Ariel, and Mrs. Loud).

308 Black Dynamite
309 Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated television series, a spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit franchise.

Very funny shaun, what a great idea

My 2nd Favorite Aardman Produced Show

310 Idaten Jump
311 My Little Pony

I don't think so. Look up a list called reasons to hate my little pony, you will see the amount of errors it has.

The Most Overrated Show On The Planet.

The animation (1980s) looked better than the new version.

This should be much higher

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312 Sonic Boom

You at right this cartoon is amazing accept in the midnight hour

Great cartoon I saw all the episodes and they were amazing

Not quite my favorite but pretty good show

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313 The Penguins of Madagascar (TV Series) The Penguins of Madagascar (TV Series) The Penguins of Madagascar is an American CGI animated television series that has aired on Nickelodeon.

Please put this at #2. I can't understand why no one votes for it. It's an AMAZING show, the only one better than it is, of course, Spongebob Squarepants. Also, I think cancelling this show was one of the worst Nickelodeon moves EVER(Maybe even the worst). Of course, it had some bad episodes (P.E.L.T., I Was A Penguin Zombie, All Choked Up etc., but however, I still think that the writers of this show should continue writing it, although it ended after season 3. I reccomend this UNDERRATED cartoon, it's just amazing. And also, All Hail King Julien isn't so good. They should continue writing this instead of beginning with All Hail King Julien. This is a very underrated cartoon which should be AT LEAST in top 10. However, I'm glad Spongebob is #1. I think it should have A LOT seasons, just like Spongebob. And, South Park is pretty bad. It's going on for too long. They should STOP making new South Park episodes. And continue making NEW THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR episodes. It should have ...more

This was a great show.I liked better than all 3 madagascar movies - Triceratops

Great movie

314 Metalocalypse Metalocalypse Metalocalypse is an American animated television series, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, which premiered on August 6, 2006 on Adult Swim.

It is a good T.V. cartoon about a heavy metal band called dethlok

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315 The Weekenders The Weekenders The Weekenders is an American animated television series created by Doug Langdale. It centers on the weekend life of four seventh graders: Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish.

I did watch a few episodes including the one that had Tish becoming a sweet princess. - shelleyduvallfan10

316 Barbie: Life In the Dreamhouse

Wait a minute there was a Barbie series I thought it was a movie well I will probably have hate that show since I hate Barbie

Why did you hate Barbie? You should not hate Barbie. Barbie is my friend. You need to leave Barbie alone. Shame on you hating Barbie. - shelleyduvallfan10

Worst show on earth... I absolutely hate barbie.

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (Cartoon) -> Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii Game). BARBIE FOREVER! - monsterhigh200

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317 All Grown Up

A rare cartoon when kids grow up. In this its babies becoming tweens.
Can we please have a season of the Simpsons with the kids growing up?

All grown should be on this list rugtats T.V. series 1991-2004 should be at number 1 and all grown up T.V. series 2003-2008 should be at number 2 this is by far the best cartoon or maybe even show spinoff ever literally they stopped rugrats to put this on how many time have seen T.V. series made from a movie all growned up 2001 movie this is so good its all the kids from rugrats as grown up going to school this show shouldove at least lasted until today or 2016 if there were no rugrats all grown up would be best show ever.

318 The X's

At least put this above Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse... This show is one of my favorite cartoons ever. - Ededdneddyfan55

319 Tak and the Power of Juju Tak and the Power of Juju

The game was alright but the show was terrible. - htoutlaws2012


320 Kappa Mikey Kappa Mikey Kappa Mikey is an American animated sitcom created by Larry Schwarz. The show is Nicktoons Network's first original half-hour series, bought during the same period as other Animation Collective series such as Three Delivery and Speed Racer: The Next Generation, as well as Flash shows from other studios, more.


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