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Harvard University

It's an amazing school with far more opportunity for every student, and comes with a prestigious ranking that gets every students almost always a job with over 90,000 USD in income. It's sad that there's so many bright people, but they are left out due the fact that some things in high school didn't interest them so they didn't get the highest grades to get into a decent college that would at least land them in a job they would appreciate.

I may be in Special Ed, but one thing is certain: There's a HUGE gap between bright minds and people who are just in it for the grades sometimes. If you get people with bright minds but low grades, they may end up accepted into their least favorable colleges and end up doing terrible after going to them because they did not support their field fully, or companies looking to hire found that college least acceptable.

Harvard hands down is the best school in not only the country but the whole world. I couldn't dream of being going there and 95 percent of the world can't either.

This school is amazing! I wish, hope,and pray to go to Harvard. I don’t know what my future holds, but I hope it is bright and I go to this school. Before I clicked on this list I thought of it. All of the schools on this list I would love to go to, but this is a MUST HAVE! Please Harvard! Let me in!

Harvard isn't the smartest school in the country anymore. Though famous people went here, MIT and Princeton are both better schools

Yale University

Okay, so Oxford is the best hand down.
But Oxford lacks a certain thing, this thing called 'amusement'.
My cousin attended Oxford and graduates this year, and I attend Yale.
I'm a proud Yalie :D
Even though New Haven isn't the best town ever, it's the perfect place for a college campus.
Yale's dorms are awesome. We literally have our own mini-apartments, along with common rooms.
The common rooms somehow remind me of Hogwarts
Anytime you step outside, even literally in the middle of the night, there's always someone sitting under a tree, playing thr flute, or strumming on their guitar while whistling a tune (most of the time that person is me :p). You just feel so relaxed.

Best school in the universe!

Best school in world

Stanford University

Stanford University is by far the best school in the United States. Academically, it is one of the best schools in the United States and arguably the best school outside of the Ivy Leagues. While having academic prestige, it is an athletic powerhouse that brings home national champions year in and year out.

Honestly, Stanford is better than All the Ivy Leagues combined. Not only is the education top notch and provides top notch connections, but the weather is WAY better than on the East Coast.

Really good school and so pretty. You must be so skilled in so many activities to get into a University like Stanford. Almost all the sports teams are impossible to make and your grades must be 3.8 to 4.5

Oh man I wish! You have to have a near impossible gpa, and be the best at sports in the nation! My dream is to get a scholarship for soccer here, but the chances of that are... Well basically I have no chance.

Princeton University

Come on, people, Princeton is way better than Harvard! It provides a better campus, has a better graduation rate, and it is cheaper! I agree that Harvard is an amazing college, but I think Princeton is much better.

Seriously people! Princeton is number one on a government funded website, and Harvard is number two. Do you see the problem here?

Ok, no one look at this again. This is completely inaccurate. Princeton is the best college in the nation NOT HARVARD

I think that Princeton is the best no matter what.

University of Oxford

Far harder to get into than Harvard because admission is actually based on merit (rather than how much your daddy donated...)

Oxford is an extremley hard college to get into my mom says its harder than Harvard University

You can get into Oxford 3 times before you get into Harvard once.

It should be in number 1


How is this still at #11?

Best in the world


Northwestern University

How is this not higher?!?! It's one of the most well respected schools out there!

This is the place for success in the Midwest


They have the best math and science programs overall, some tied with Harvard, some better than Harvard's. Except for biology which I believe goes to Princeton (but I'm not 100% sure).

"I might go there because I'm a smart math student, last year we had a math contest in my grade and I got 2nd place out of the whole grade P.S. I'm in a enrichment program"

MIT is better than CIT. Why is MIT lower than CIT? Just because it's a great "collage" for "space engineers" doesn't mean it's better than MIT. MIT is the number 1 school for technology and engineering.

How couldn't this be #1? I think this pearson should know that all of the SMARTEST people went HERE. I just don't understand at all. I just don't

University of Cambridge

This is actually weird please don't tell me I'm dumb but why university in this rank I just try to see the best college but they show me all the best university also when I search the world best university this ranking and the university ranking is totally different can someone explain me why? Anyway Cambridge deserve to be top 3 is clearly amazing university I don't know why it dropped down but I hope Cambridge being first again since its very perfect for everything.

I'm proud to be a student of Cambridge

Stephen Hawking went to Cambridge

Yay! I wanna go to Cambridge!

Butler University

The Contenders

California Institute of Technology

This is a collage I'm thinking of going to because I want to be a space engineer and anything technology related CIT is boss at. If only they had a better soccer team

Went to graduate school here. Great college. One of the best in the country.

Ohio State

Ohio State is not a educated school, but I still like 'em. We go there like a thousand of times.

I don't like ohio state but they have a great program and sports team.

Ohio state is one of the best schools really smart kids and great teachers not to leave out their amazing sports teams

Notre Dame

Notre Dame does not just have many greats sports programs but is also one of the best schools in the country and the best in the midwest. It has a beautiful campus and is a friendly, inviting place to be.

Notre dame was great everyones nice and have fun at a football game!

Dartmouth College
Columbia University

Columbia University should be way higher on this list. It's in the same league as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Standford as far as I'm concerned. It has some of the best educational programs in the world!

Ivy league education in the middle of NY, it can't be beaten

University of California, Irvine
Cal Poly Pomona
Brown University

This should be in the top ten it is one of the top colleges


How Duke not on here. Duke could easily be better than penn state

If you want to have a good life you need to go to duke

Duke is such an amazing school you have to be super skilled to get there! IT HAS TO BE A TOP TEN!


Well I mean Madison is great I go there the dorms aren't the best but our education is like the teachers top priority I don't know why this isn't in the top 10

University of California, Berkeley

Voted best public university in the world. 48 Academic Depts in the top 5 in the US - unmatched. 16 Academic Department ranked #1 in the US - unmatched. 72 Nobel Prize Winners. Top 5 in Academic Reputation by ARWU (China), THE (England), and the USNWR (US). 16 Chemical elements discovered. Third largest library system in North America. Universally regarded as the strongest PhD PowerHouse in the world. Alums include founders of Apple, eBay, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Bechtel Engineering, Rotten Tomatoes, The Gap, the creator of Dilbert, Rocky/Bullwinkle and numerous foreign Heads of State. UC "CAL" Berkeley is one mean giant in academia. Any academic ranking that does not include Berkeley in at least the top 5 is a complete joke.

Could be a good school, but far too liberal. Also, most of their students support isis after trump won, even though the school made and anti terror group.

Stellar alum, an important role in the social revolution of the 60's, and a cute mascot. What else could you ask for in a university?


My brother goes here and this college is the best


Alabama is the best!

Pennsylvania State University

Gets a bad rep, but is a great school

Penn State sucks. Hail to Pitt.

They allows rape to happen. Not only with football coache but with all these fraternities. All it is is a party school

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