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21 Pokemon Cards

I am the worlds most number one Pokemon fan and I have probably collected, with my brothers help, over a thousand!

Still... Pikachu Illustrator Card is the rarest... - GirlyAnimeLover

I'm starting to collect these

I have 98506 cards

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22 Music

It's a part of my life,can't stay without it for a single day.I listen to it everyday.I'm a music lover. You'd be surprised to hear that I download about at least 60 songs in a single month. Think about how much songs I will have in my library in every single year. That is what I called a true music lover.

Music is what I like to download the most out of ask the things that are in the top ten collectable things.

This is what I collect the most out of all the things that are in the list. That is what a true music lover will say.

I will try to collect music because I LOVE MUSIC

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23 Fossils

Fossils are great because they show a time of the
Past, they also bring back maybe a fight, or a mating
Dance so I recommend collecting fossils

Isn't that too much? - GirlyAnimeLover

Fossils are great. they are good decoration and fun to collect. and there also hard to find. there quite interesting


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24 Crystals

Really pretty to collect them, thanks for reminding me!

Crystals are beautiful, hard but fun to collect items. thank you!

Crystals are really cool to collect

Sounds fun☺

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25 Stickers

I always put a sticker over the flap of cards when I mail them!

I love stickers! They decorate all sorts of stuff.

That's a great idea!

Stickers are beautiful and fun!

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26 Beanie Babies

That is a great idea!. I am going to do it!

You stole my idea

Yes so cool

27 DVDs

Dvds are not only fun to collect, but really fun to watch.

It's not really fun to collect, and I don't watch it muh - GirlyAnimeLover

28 Baseball Caps

Hats are awesome



29 Board Games

I have many old and new board games and I love to play with them

30 VHS Tapes

Vhs tapes are out of style but still cool to collect and some tapes actually pesureve history like the original release of Star Wars

31 Hot Wheels

This is a cheap hobby that will last a lifetime. These model cars are fun to play with, cheap and really quite cool to look at. They are just like their life sized counterparts, they just are smaller and don't run.

They are extremely fun and are cheap to collect

Why isn't this higher up on the list?

Class bro

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32 Disney Movies


No spells no

33 Comic Books

Comic books are the greatest things ever! You get to go to a whole nother world and you get to see action adventure and excitement! Plus they'd be worth a ton in a few years.

Old military ww2 silver age comics are thru the roof. Price golden age comics on ebay. Golden and silver age comics will never lose value because there are less and less in quality condition available year after year. Preserve your paper people!

It's the thrill of the hunt in tracking down old issues.

I collect Beano's I've got 594.

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34 Toys/figurines

Really easy to find, cheap and can be really good quality. If collecting toys from famous T.V. shows, movies etc. They can become worth a lot of money as soon as they become around 10-20 years old.

Bring back your inner child. You can buy any kind you want, doesn't matter.

I have so many figurines and stuffed animals. They are the best!

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35 Guns

Even people who aren't into guns will often have 3+. This is way more collectable than this list suggests.

Guns and knifes should be in the top ten,not ballistic rocket science,preparing for natural or man made global disaster is elementary.

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36 Antique Bottles

Antique Bottles is the only correct thing to collect.

I love cool glass designs especially the old glass bottles found.

37 Antique Clocks
38 Swords

Only too cool

39 WW2 related stuff


I think that is a great idear!
Especially for people who like history!

40 Hello Kitty Merchandise

I really love hello kitty it because it is so very cute

, my mom said I am note a baby anymore to collect any of them

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