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161 Condiment Packets
162 Rainbow Loom

It's fun to collect different rainbow loom colours and make cool stuff

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163 Sunglasses

I like to wear them and come in various shapes sizes an colours

Oakleys to be exact

Awesome! - GirlyAnimeLover

164 Trumpets Trumpets A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

I play trumpet

165 Pizza Boxes
166 Clothes

Don't go naked... Please

I love a trendy clothing - GirlyAnimeLover

Yah right..i love clothes in different colors and style most of all the design.

167 Wine Bottles
168 Sweaty Socks V 2 Comments
169 Post Cards

I love postcards I have been collecting for a while I'm 14 and so far I have quite a few from my trips to Alaska, a few from Korea and and couple from Georgia and Kansas. I only started collecting about half a year ago.

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170 Wire

I have loads all different coulers and sizes and each have a different story (go in to different things)

171 Watches

It's quite awesome to collect watches it reminds me on my past especially when I wear them on my especial moment of life.

I want to collect wrist and pocket watches

For rich boys like me

Rolex, Omega, Tag heuer

172 Paperclips
173 Pencil Leads

I knew a girl who would collect so many pencil leads, when they spilled on the floor, three people had to clean them up, and it took five minutes!

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174 Lipstick

I think you should were lipstick then keep it

I have a lot of them

I have a collection of 109! - GirlyAnimeLover

175 Oil Cans

I know a few people who collect these but I think its just weird.

176 Posters
177 Games
178 Socks
179 Retro toys
180 Toothpaste
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