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181 Boogers V 1 Comment
182 Dried Skin
183 Deer Poo
184 Reindeer Poo
185 Frozen Rotten Stuff
186 Landfill
187 Hydrogen Sulphide

Well it is a chemical in farts that makes it smell bad, so yea.

188 Burnt Flesh
189 People

People in the city stink I agree with this one it stinks

190 Ketchup

I gag every time I'm near it. Ok I know that people love it but I really cannot stand ketchup. It's hard to explain but it's like my brain is programed to puke when ketchup is near. - Drbazinga

Kind of has a weird tart kind of taste and smell

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191 Peanuts

I may be thinking for myself here because I'm allergic, but I just gag at the smell of peanuts. REally, it just puts a bad taste in my throat.

Maybe it's the fact that you are allergic to peanuts!

Yea same with me I am allergic but I HATE the smell

I like the taste, but the smell is GROSS!

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192 Apple Sauce

Let's bring apple sauce to the top! I too think it smells great! Hail contradiction!

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