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If it&rsqui;s a smell that makes your stomach turn, it needs to be on this list!

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41 Vinegar

Oh god, vinegar is definitely the worst smell there is, I once puked all over the floor when I smelled it

Vinegar is the worst smell in the entire world and poop smells good

I like the smell (sorry. )

It's so stink that it smells like skunk spray.

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42 Gasoline

(Please don't laugh at me or anything) To be truthful like the smell of gasoline...

I kinda like the scent of gasoline..

Sorry I meant to put an I before like (typo) laugh out loud

Very pleasant. Much better then every perfume - Lucretia

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43 Cold Clothing

I don't get this one at all!

what? o.o

44 Natural Gas

Oh yea it stinks a girl smoked and the smell went in my house it stinked 😝

45 Dishwasher Detergent

I think the dishwasher detergent smells good!

I like the minty kind - Lucretia

46 Plaque
47 A Cow's Penis

It's a bull... a male is a bull, a female is a cow - Lucretia

Stinks well bad it actually makes my nostril hairs burn

But milk is actually tasty. I drink milk a lot. - Animefan12

Ewww, is that where milk comes from? I thought it was called an udder

48 Smelly Feet

I love to smell smelly feet I want to kiss it and smell it and I will smooch a smelly feet for a long time and kiss plus smell

My brothers friends always come over and shove their feet in my face

My brother locked me in his bedroom and made me smell his feet.

Especially if you don't wear socks - Lucretia

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49 Indian Curry

I remember when some indian guys came to our school and stayed for a week

My whole city now smells like stale grease/Indian cooking/and dirt

Tthat is really mean saying that Indians smell bad, well some other races smell like beef and pork all the time, yet people have the courtesy not to say anything. You can make fun of our food, but not about us.

It's the best scent in the whole world... to me, as an indian, I hate the scent of beef, IGH DEAD COWS..

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50 Baby Fart
51 Dead Worms

Was going to go fishing with my Dad when I was eight. he told me to collect worms that evening as it was raining and the pickings would be good. As it turns out, we never went fishing for some unknown reason and we equally forgot about the 6 or eight dozens of worms I left in a metal bucket behind the house. One day, my father called me over to smell the rotten mess of decomposing worms... I had such a strong Gag reflex, I thought I was going to choke to death then and there! Both my father and I would twitch just thinking about the smell later on. Bet news, a bit of sand coverage made the bucket manageable... which my Dad through in a far away ditch hopefully! Nothing wreaks as bad as dead rotting worms man!

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52 Stink Bomb

I had one of these and...lets just say my brother went mad

53 Rotten Meat

Today on my lunch break I went to open a pack of tuna in my car. It was straight up rotten and I almost threw up. Luckily my work where I bought it took responsibility for selling me the nasty food and had someone from maintenance spray my car with odoban.

My Dog dug up a very, very, very old peice of meat from the backyard one day and it dropped me to my knees, the amount of flys on it was ridicoulous. Even my neighbour could smell it from his, and that's saying something because I live on a large property. Even my dog thought it was too much and just left it there. - choonichaser

Meat doesn't smell good after a while... or raw its worse after a while. Like have yu ever smelled regulat tuna - Lucretia

54 Hot Cheese

this should definetly be on the list

55 Old Milk

the title says it all..

especially when the word "chunky" is used.

56 Urine

Urine in itself doesn't have a strong smell. A fresh pee never smells badly. But if you keep it standing, the urea in it decomposes to ammonia gas, which is the real cause of foul smelling standing urine. - Kiteretsunu

It's the water or juice or whatever you drank after 6 hours!

My brother locked me in the closet of our new room and he said "HAHA ill let you out if you drink that bucket of pee and sweat AND do whatever I want for the week! "i said no and my brother opened the door and FARTED IN their AND THREW HIS UNDERWEAR THAT HE WORE IN EXIRSISE WEEK AT OUR SCHOOL (exersise week is where you exersise and the boys had to run 3 miles every day) he closed the door and I had to do it the pee smelled AWEFUL

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57 Men

My brother and his friends run like 20 or 30 laps and then make me smell their sweaty socks and sometimes make me lick their sweaty stinky armpits JUST EWW

my dad

Ya know they smell all sweaty and like dirt even wosre if they work in te sun all day

Their perfume smell HORRIBLE
so do they

58 Underwear Removed After 1 Week

I knew this one guy that took off his underwear after 2 weeks and he sniffed it he vomited

Smell from the underwear of a guy after two weeks may be crazy. one may even understand if it is only for a day. If it is for a girl, even an entire day, the smell might be awful, talkless of a whole week.

59 Burnt Rubber

Once got my Vacuum caught in a rug. Vomited everywhere. 3 times

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60 Dog Vomit

I don't understand while my puppy tries to eat stuff that putrid.. - Lucretia

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