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101 Rafflesia Plant

The largest flower in the world! It's nicknamed the "corpse flower" and it smells like dead meat!


Aww, the tragic horror! Its smell is 100 times worse than that of Pee. - Animefan12

102 Dog Breath

Oh my god, my neighbor's golden doodle barfed on the carpeted stairs once, and I bent down to examine it. I almost barfed too. The smell never came out.

What is it you were hoping to find whilst nosing among the contents?

Never teach a dog how to pant. You'll face the consequences. It's SO stinky. Way stinky than my breath! - Animefan12

103 Quavers
104 Tortilla

They don't taste bad but the smell is strong and stinky!

105 Outhouse V 1 Comment
106 Blocked Drains
107 Rats

Long time ago I tried cleaning a dead rat from my yard that my cat killed. I couldn't keep my self from gagging... I was almost throwing up each time I came 3 feet or closer to it. Don't try it..

Rats are horrible. One of them peed in my house. Luckily, I was about to shift my house at that time. They spread plague. - Animefan12

108 Sewage Plant

When we go to San Diego we sometimes drive by a sewage plant. Gosh I can't stand the smell! It's too over powering. So now I want to leave the a/c on circulate and the windows up.

109 Sticky Tofu

An Asia food item. Basically fermented and decomposing beancurd. Basically smells like sewage and just imagine the lingering aftertaste in your mouth... Ack...

Ps: I have PET rats (Rosie & Daisy) and they DO NOT STINK! This should be taken off the list! They are the best pets in the whole wide world!

110 Male Cat Spray

This is one of the absolute worst smells Almost comparable to skunk. - kbatchelor

111 Stew
112 Stale Beer Breath
113 Slaughterhouse

Drove by one once... almost vomited.

V 1 Comment
114 Girls Bathroom

Do girls bathroom smell like poo

Hello, this is a bathroom, so does the boys

V 1 Comment
115 Lobster Carcasses

Have a New England lobster bake and throw the shells in the trash. Come back after a hot summer night and lift the lid. Take a deep sniff and you'll never forget the putrescence. I would rather smell vomit mixed with the juice of a dead rat than smell lobster remains. We throw them in the river so the tide will carry them away.

116 Old Shirts

They smell HORRID! I wear shirts for 2-5 days in a row.. But WOW! Just... WOW!

117 Compost

When this happens u do not want to be around it stinks so bad u want to vomet

118 Tuna

It is so repulsive and all-pervasive. Can tell right away if someone has eaten it, the smell lingers for hours.

119 Paper Mill

Ever drive by a paper mill? Horrible, and the smell carries a mile or more.

120 Shells

Eww sea shells smell SO BAD and if you touch them your hands smell too!

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