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161 Burnt Flesh
162 Surströmming

Food with worst smell ever

If you haven't heard of Surströmming, consider yourselves lucky!

What is this?

163 Menstrual Fluid

Try douching after your boyfriend makes a deposit in there, when you leave it in there it gets a little ripe

God, I'm a woman and I can't STAND this. Smells literally like something crawled into my vagina and died...

Even I'm a girl and it's one of the worst smells possible

You mean "girl problems? "

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164 Inside a Cow Farm

When I go to the fair and in the cow barn it smells like cow poop how do people not care

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165 Infected Canine Anal Glands
166 Dirty Tampons

On a hot summer day! Oh my god!


Totally! I feel gross just thinking about it! Yuck😝

167 Roadkill
168 Diarrhea

We live in a huge house and we all have our on bathrooms and my brothers bathroom has a lock on the outside and he locks me in there after he poops ITS AWFUL

Girls' diarrhea smells worser than boys' diarrhea

169 Sardine
170 Parmesan Cheese

Really surprised this isn't here.

171 Propane Fumes

I work in a foundry/machine shop and I can't stand it when someone is near with a propane fork truck!

172 Worn Underwear

If this has not happened to u in your life u are very lucky not to smell this it smells very bad u want to vomet

173 Gas station bathrooms

This is the mixture of gasoline, human gas, and fungi or bacteria, duh it smells bad, and you do not know who in the world went there, maybe a fat man, always put toilet paper on seat

7eleven, and marathon bathrooms are just plain nasty

174 Rotten Apple

Leave an apple in your locker for two weeks I dare you.

This is desgiusting leave a apple in a suit case for a couple weeks u will see what happens when you look back at it,it is definitely discussing

175 Protein Left In the Shaker for Too Long

Drank my post workout whey protein, didn't wash the shaker for a week. Worst smell ever. Had to toss the bottle.

176 Queefs
177 Walmart bathrooms

Smells like a regular public bathroom

178 Moose

Dirty moose and poops - SpencerJC

Breath of a slug

179 City Dump

Detroit has a stinky dump garbage place - SpencerJC

My dad went to a recycling place and it was in the dump and my brother pushed me into a pile of trash and some of his friends came along and played truth or dare and I GOT ALL THE DARES AND WE WERE AT THE DUMP one of his friends dared me to put a used tissue in my mouth I said no BUT THEY GRABBED ONE AND SHIVED IT IN MY MOUTH it had snot all over it 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

180 Cucumber

I don't think cucumber smells bad! I love cucumber!

I love cucumber scent!

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