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1 PositronWildhawk

I don't often vote on lists that rank users and didn't intend to when I took a peek. I don't care for or see value in precise ranking and comparing friends, respected acquaintances and those I've only partially observed or heard of. I could say one is "closer to the top than the bottom or middle" or such. Yet after reading Positron's attached post (You Just Can't Decide) and strongly sharing that perspective and the way it supports the concept of an inclusive community, I had to vote for minimally the best spokesperson among the top and frequent veteran, experienced, thoughtful present-day members

2 Britgirl

From all the interactions that I've had with her, she came across as an incredibly mature user with a refined persona and an endearingly quirky sense of humour. The bubbly youth in her hasn't eroded its essence with the passage of time. Her online presence stimulates mental visuals of blossoming flowers dispersing their ceaseless fragrance. I could write an essay to tribute to her benevolent soul - she's emblematic of kindness!

All of this is nothing but a heartfelt reflection of the respect that I have for her. I don't distribute respect to random strangers online, but she's earned it. You're one of a kind, Britty, and I had a wonderful time conversing with you. May your future be showered with all the goodness you so freely give others!

Ok now most of the top users that belong at the top happen to be Men and there are many to choose from. But This lovely, Friendly, Heart of Golden Kindness Girl from the land of London. She has been able to Find a way to fit in with the Men of this Site. But Wait she hasn't only Fit in she's with out a shout of a doubt worked her way to one of the top 10 Users period! Now there are a handful of Top Female users on this site but nobody comes close to Britgirl in my mind and many others she is the Queen of the TopTens.
And when it comes to most Popular and most Recognizable users She surely at the top of both Categories
Most Popular Top 2. Most Recognizable Top 5. Top User she belongs in the top 10 and will Stay there in the Top 10 until forever.
Another thing is she's got a Funny Sense of Humour to her which makes her loveable to many users on this site.
Her Sarcasm will have your laughing so much that you'll be crying. And her Kindness will warm it & she best of all ...more

Britgirl, Britgirl, Britgirl! where do I even START with her?! Along with Spencer, Lina, and Krissie, she's the person I've formed the closest bond with on this site! She's always encouraging me and willing to cheer me up, and we're just the best of friends. We consider each other a cousin, actually! X3 She's funny, she's skilled with the site, and she's just such a sweetheart! It's legitimately hard to dislike her, it really is. Love you, "big because"! :D

There are some Amazing Top Tenners & Britgirl has to be my Fave because She Is a Super Kind Hearted Friend!

Could their be a nicer Girl on Earth? I think not Britgirl is One Of a Kind & I'm Tickled To know her!

3 htoutlaws2012

Hands down to htoutlaws2012 as the best and most hardworking user of TheTopTens. He made so many lists yet a lot of them are unique, high in quality, and highly relevant. His blog posts are also very good. He gives shout outs, tributes, and lots of entertaining stuff on his content. He's respectful, rarely bandwagons, gives words of encouragement to users, and has been one of the most active members of site for the past 9 years (if his username indicates he joined in 2012). And just look at his member score. He ranks top on nearly every leaderboard which shows that he worked very hard to achieve what very few users could match and boy he has great taste in everything considering how many remixes and comments he made. I doubt there could be anyone else that could replace him.

4 Metal_Treasure

It says a lot about a TopTenner who has been off site for about 3 years, is still being voted as the best user. Where are you man? You're missed.

One reason why I like Metal_Treasure, is not just because of his dedication and hard work to the site by researching and making high quality lists, but because he actually focuses on actually making lists, and comments, actually contributing to the site, instead of focusing on controversies and the wikia. He also doesn't do any of this for popularity, but because he wants to help the site.

He's currently 3rd in member score, just passed MatrixGuy, and is about to pass Alexandr, and unlike Htoutlaws2012 who has so much member score he makes Alexandr and Matrixguy look like people who left one comment and never came back, Metal_Treasure's lists are better quality and isn't obsessed with stats like Htoutlaws.

Metal_Treasure is definitely one of the best users because not only does he create very diverse lists from metal music to awesome gemstones (which I checked out), but he is also very informative and a very smart user. Another reason he is one of my favorites is because we are both fans of metal music. It's amazing.

5 Puga

I think that he's a good user, but I honestly think that users like Irina2932 and CartoonsGirl deserve more followers than him.

Nice to be above a certain dictator. Sorry admin Jong un but we all know I am the chief of TheTopTens.

Been safely parked in eighth place, rotating with Jong-un and MSSS recently. It really is time the king broke into the top six.

It appears I have dropped to fifth. Disgraceful. Is this how you treat your Chief?

6 admin

I used to dislike the admin because of his strict policy, and because of users getting suspended, but now I have realized something. The reason people are getting suspended, is because they don't even bother reading the terms of use, which explains everything about what not to do on the site. It even explained why BarneyTheDinosaurRocks was not allowed to make lists anymore. Also, the other reason, was because when I told him that this was a genuine account of mine, and not another troll one, that he said he would give me another chance and hope that I do better from now on.

I know some of you may not like that comment, but I really don't care. I'm fine with Admin's policy the way it is.

7 Alexandr

He is one of the best user ever!,this website is mainly for making lists, and H3 has mastered it, if anyone replaces him, it will be merely because of his inactivity.

If you look at the stats, he's got more "TheTopTens records" than britgirl and positron put together.

The first TheTopTens user who reached 100/200 lists. He inspired many other users to create more and more lists

8 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was bored on this website, when I suddenly got a notification. It was a message. I thought it was MANISHIMAHAPATRA being a troll again, but it turned out it was Kitsada, asking me to chat with him. I was so happy, because he is my favorite user. He was one of my first followers, and now he is my first friend on the website. I used to not like him because he hated on Amourshipping (I used to be a rabid Amourshipping) but I don't like Amour anymore. And I understand he can be a little hypersensitive sometimes, but he's just defending the franchises he loves. Thanks Kitsada for making my experience on this website more enjoyable.

I know I can be very hypersensitive a lot, but it's thanks to the feedback that a lot of the users gave me I know on here on TheTopTens that I know what I need to do to improve. I haven't made any high-quality lists or posts in quite a while now, but when school is probably over, I'll try to work harder. But seriously, I'm quite honored to be in the top 100.

I used to not like him because he is a bit sensitive and gets triggered a BIT too easily. But that doesn't stop him from being one of the best users. Now I think he's pretty cool. Well he's one of my 1st followers along with 2 of my good friends on this site (WonkeyDude98 and ProPanda). So instead of a 5/10 (when I first joined) I would increase it to 8.5/10 because he's improving pretty well so yea. Good job!

Wow, I'm only on the second page (this is awesome). I've come quite a long way on this website and I'm very glad I discovered this website. I hope to make it better with as much of my effort put into it as possible along with all these wonderful users on TheTopTens.

9 DCfnaf

I...I'm on this list? O...M...G...did not expect to ever be on this list...I guess I'm known enough to be on here. (I never add myself to anything so this is awesome). Thanks guys!

Edit: And now I've went up to 20! Hell yes!

He really puts a lot of time and effort into his remixes and posts. Especially when it comes to fictional characters and video games.

His content is great and he's a excellent user but sometimes he unintentionally creates bandwgons that people follow other than that he's a solid user.

10 PetSounds

PetSounds is awesome. He's always there to listen and give advice, and to goof off when the time demands it. He's intelligent, he's one of the best friends I've ever made, and he's just a really nice guy overall. I'm really glad to have made friends with him.

PetSounds is a wonderful friend, if not one of the best I've ever had (that's including IRL). Not only are his contributions worthwhile and thoughtful and respectful, but he's a fantastic dude. I'm extremely happy he's finally in the top ten of this list.

It's great having him around, be it a period of frequent visiting or not.
He's just hanging below the top ten at the moment, and I think we can all put our votes together and get him in there.

I have a lot of respect for Pet. He's a good guy with a meaningful presence on this site. And he has shown great kindness to me. He really deserves to be on this list.

The Contenders
11 Garythesnail

One of the sweetest users on the website. You gotta love him.

This guy is amazing. He is really nice, really good to talk to. And a really good friend

He's probably one of the nicest people I have met on this site.

He's a really great and nice guy. He should be higher up!

12 Turkeyasylum

I'm at number 9? Thank you so much guys! Never expected this when I first came on!

This question is so funny, Turkeyasylum, are you Turkish?

Other than were both from Michigan, he deserves his spot.

Serious? Turkeyasylum should be least in the top 5.

13 2storm

Maybe this is finally where he will rise big time in a new fresh decade.

One of my absolute favourites on the site, and definitely a mentor to me.

I'm at 15 now. Thanks to all the people who voted me up.

Deserves at least top 20.

14 MatrixGuy

I was going to use this name whe I first signed on, then I realized it was taken.

He is good but I'd filp 3 & 4 I think Alexandr was better statistically.

He's good cause he can do stunts like Neo!

15 nintendofan126

Thank you so much! To everybody who has followed me, voted on my lists, and commented on my lists! If it wernt for all your support, I wouldn't be typing this comment

Awesome user and a great friend, also has a really great taste in shows.

He is in the top 5. Yay. My best friend deserves to be this high up.

You have an awesome taste in shows. I also dislike Rainbow Dash- AnimeDrawer85.

16 Randomator

It's an honor to be in the top 30 on this list. I feel I've grown a lot as a user in almost 3 years and hopefully I can grow even more in the future. So thanks for getting me to the top 30.

How can you not appreciate this guy's contribution and content? He's one of the users still keeping this site somewhat alive.

Glad to see him in the top 10. He's one of the best users on this site.

Ay he finally hit the top ten. Congrats man, you deserve this.

17 NuMetalManiak

And it is even more worse than before. #548. Whoever did this must be really proud of themselves. Let's break down why I am a better user than almost all of the ones before me.

I've taken the time to listening to many, MANY artists. Think about that. How else did I get over 700 in music lists? I wasn't even stat-padding or nothing, instead, I'm actually LISTENING to the music in question, soaking up every track I hear.

And I'm obviously a video game aficionado, with reviews mainly for role-playing games, but also for other ones as well. I'm clear on what I like about gameplay, music, and plot, key features of the games I touch base on.

Recently, you can see that I have done full-fledged analyses of some of the more controversial lists on the site. I try not to go too overboard, but if there's anything to say, it's that I cover every item on the list.

So please, tell me that I'm that bad again? In an actually objective sense, I'm clearly better than anyone ...more

Dude, where's my respect?

I'm still here and still making lists, posts, all sorts of things, and somehow even irrelevant users are ahead of me.

Highest I've ever been so far. Should be Top 10 by the end of next year.

Also vote on my lists please. I promise more good things.

I'm not in it for popularity. I'm here because I want to have fun. And stop spelling my name wrong please.

18 Sloth21

My best friend on the website and honestly one of my best friends anywhere, Sloth is... well, he's just amazing. He has honestly, probably the most consistently amazing flow of content. He has the fourth most featured lists out of any user ever in his third month on the site, and the user with the most featured lists has 50 lists for every SINGLE one sloth has. His amazing content alone and his Sloth Explains It which are funny and informative would put him in my top three. What puts him in first is his amazing personality. He's always there to be nice to you, to help you out and be a good guy. So thank you Sloth21, for showing me that you can meet amazing people online and for being a great friend. He deserves top ten.

Sloth21 deserves to be in the top tens spot. He is a really nice user and he makes amazing lists he got three featured lists in a day and 13 featured lists in total

Wow, I'm now in 18th and my account's only existed for five months, that's epic.

Get him into the top 100. He's a great user who makes excellent lists.

19 EvilAngel

He is the Remix King. I know most people give that to htoutlaws2012, but when you get down to quality, no one is better than EvilAngel in that regard. He genuinely has the best ones on this site, with a lot of effort and thought put into them.

That, and he had contributed a lot to the site and was very well known for his time here. In fact, he is the reason why I became a user in this site.

His music lists and remixes are one of the best on this site. For expert recommendation on songs from a certain band, he's the guy whose remixes and lists I always look for. His, lukestheman4 and UltimateHybridX's music taste is almost completely identical to that of mine.

EvilAngel has amazing, popular lists and his remixes are incredible. He is such a kind and gentle member of thetnptens and I'm so lucky to have him as a friend on here. Angel, yes, Evil? Definitely not! You deserve to be higher on this list, sweetie : )

Oh, no one even put on this list, that's not fair! I'm a cool kid who adds cool lists right? If you trust me, add me to the list and I will befriend you on my site.

20 cosmo

Cosmo needs 300 member score points. Everyone with at least 1K remixes deserves that accomplishment.

Cosmo is a really great user. Thanks for being my follower. I appreciate it.

Why is she so low? She deserves a higher spot

Number 8? What did she do to deserve this?

21 egnomac

One of the most active users for media lists. Created character lists for animated classics such as Make Mine Music, Alice in Wonderland, Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, American Tail, Rock-A-Doodle, Thumbelina, Anastasia, and more. Created remixes for Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Alice, Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Pooh, Rescuers, and Robinsons

I know I'll never be anywhere near as good a Britgirl & Positron or any of the other great Top Tenners but I'm still trying.

You have excellent lists, egnomac! I personally think that they are really well done.

I really love this gentleman's lists. He should be higher!

22 darthvadern

Ah come on, this low, 36? Why is he not in the top ten, heck, not even in the top 30? His lists are very unique and some are important, and he has really high quality stuff, he should be number two, behind htoutlaws2012.

I have a lot of self-esteem and I do believe I do produce pretty good content if I do say so myself. Judging by the universal opinion on myself I'm not wrong either.

How this guy is so low, I have no clue. Just look at the effort Darth puts into his lists. A huge variety of subjects yet all of them are pleasant to read and look at.

I see him no matter what list I'm on.

23 keycha1n

When she was new here, she was an instant hit. She had creative, sharp and well thought out ideas, which made her stand out amongst everyone else on the newest page. I then spoke to her, and we were quick to become good friends. She's one of the most intelligent and resolute, charming and whimsical people here. So putting her in 43rd on this list won't do her justice.

Gemcloben = 17.
Keycha1n = 31.
What. The. Heck.
In my opinion, the most significant users, whether positive or negative, are the ones who make you feel bad. Keycha1n makes me feel like the least creative, unique, most pathetic and worst user. In keycha1ns case, this is a sign she is making a very positive contribution.

One of the best. She makes a lot of good points, which really leaves the opposers to suffocate. Comments are very comprehensive, yet very informal and polite and have good grammar. And most importantly she is a goody-two-shoes.

She's a canvas painted up with personality... On the front AND the back! You can see her personality in her drawings, her lists, comments, etc. She should at least be on the first page...

24 WonkeyDude98

He's always defending Justin Bieber so his position on this list is on the bottom. He's more protective for Bieber than generic teenager girl pop fans.

Despite not really liking Eminem I think he's awesome, badass and doesn't care what others think and just stays honest. Keep it up!

He's one of the most respectful and reasonable people I've ever seen, and doesn't just bash people because of their tastes. Bless you!

Why is he at 82? I mean, I'm fine at being 98, but no user who was respected this much in his time here should be this low.

25 gemcloben

He is very underrated and is one of my best friends on this site.

He is way better than me. He deserves to be this high up.

He's a fantastic user! He is easily better than me.

He is one of my best friends on this site!

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