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It's a solid fact that being a good listmaker takes time and effort, and that a sophisticated list is not born by the snap of one's fingers. No. The lists to look out for are planned in advance, brainstormed in detail and often drafted a fair few times. These lists are inspired, if not original. And the users themselves take their months, or years, to make their impact, as they already know it doesn't happen overnight. However, there are very few who actually have this level of allegiance.
It's a sad fact that to be popular on TheTopTens, you don't necessarily follow these traits. In fact, there are many people here who just collapse a bundle of arbitrary statements which they plagiarised, and then peer pressure popular users into voting on their lists. They vote themselves on user ranking lists, and flatter or annoy others with so many of these pointless user lists and remixes that they lose their value. And yet, people just like them call them underrated with no supportive argument, and these users gain overdoses of praise for the lack of effort that they give. This isn't the way to get deserved attention, and it takes it away from those who really took the time to do a good job.
So to new users, I would suggest looking up to these people, irrespective of how popular they are, or when they were in their prime. These listmakers embody the properties of what a perfect user should be. If you're looking for somewhere to start your career, follow in these footsteps, and equally importantly, follow these users. And if you're still stuck, there's always my list of things a successful listmaker needs.
And if I were to make any criticism about my own list here, it's that I'm not satisfied with the order. But the irony in making a list on this subject is that we have to rank users, which is something I dislike doing. Each user is unique in their own way, and there are so many people who are deserving of top positions, that the contrast that is drawn as the list continues down is ridiculous. So I think the main thing that this particular list should thrive on is supportive discussion.
The Top Ten
1 PositronWildhawk

Shouldn't I be number one on this list? Haha, just kidding, it doesn't matter to me. This list very much suits the description of a "Hard-working Inspired" user. It has a paragraph on every user, and how they work hard to make good list. I congratulate you on another grade A quality list, PositronWildhawk!

I've been trying to make more high-quality lists, but it takes extreme amounts of thought. The users on this list are great examples of underrated users, who put quality over qualtity.

One of the biggest driving forces behind a lot of the effort I put into my list making is definitely Positron. I am constantly struggling to maintain a level of quality that matches the efforts of users like him. This very list, itself, is acting as a very strong inspirational tool for me to do better, be more thoughtful, and make a bigger difference on this wonderful site. Please give credit where it is due.

2 Britgirl

A classic charmer who we've all heard of, and my first and most loyal friend on TheTopTens. We started our careers at around the same time, and her lists were unlike any I had seen. Whether they were about the joys of life, her favourite books and films, or just something insanely arbitrary, she let her wacky personality shine into every nook and cranny of her work. In all this time, she has never done anything that were below her standards; original sarcastic humour, active support for her friends, and being generally fun and enlightening to have in one's company.

3 htoutlaws2012

This guy literally has the best stats, puts a lot of effort into his content and he was the only user to get 1000 followers at this point. I can definitely understand why he is considered one of the greatest users of all time. He even inspired me to make high quality remix lists.

The user who is ranked 1 in pretty much every category imaginable needs to be higher than 25th.

This user has tons of lists tons of posts tons of comments and especially tons of remix's
is that not hard working to you!?!

He deserves a spot in the top 10...

4 Alexandr

The time I arrived he was #1 all across the board he should be in the top 10 at least.

He is not in the top 3? This list is invalid!

He... of course, The king ( still for me )

5 BKAllmighty

It's a serious shame he doesn't get the praise he deserves! His messages are thoughtful, and delightful to read. His lists are unique and show a true knowledge of his interests. Not to mention he's just a generally good person! The sad epitome of underrated!

He's one of my friends who gets me and understands me. He is very intelligent as well.

Easily one of the most intelligent users here.

6 Kiteretsunu

An intelligent perfectionist, who doesn't let the smallest detail slide. His lists can be deadpan humorous, thought-provoking, and are always astute and original, and they never fail to bring out his quirky and dynamic personality. He doesn't make lists as frequently as he used to, but he always has new and radically distinctive ideas when he's in business. There's always something worth contributing to his works, and they're always worth checking back on. And if you haven't spoken to him before, I insist that you do. Conversation with him will always make you smile or chuckle.

7 MatrixGuy

Someone who, over many years before I knew anything about TTT, has created thousands upon thousands of lists, with a powerful dedication to practically any subject. His homepage is like a bank of general information, an encyclopedia of its own kind. MG's also done a lot to get others to follow his cutting-edge listmaking ethic, and without his years of contributions, TheTopTens would barely be the hive of information that it is.

MatrixGuy doesn't just spit out tonnes of list, he puts time into them, and helps the overall vibe of this website. Truly a dedicated user.

8 admin

I don't know how anyone can run a whole website and not feel completely drained. It's got to be hard work to maintain a presence here every day and keep things working as they should. They're like parents to this website. And parenting is an easy job for no one.

They must work really hard to keep TTT running smoothly! Or as smoothly as opinions can get! And I mean, every list and comment submission? Its either mind-numbing to read, or just downright painful! Kudos to you, for sticking with and running a crazy site full of crazy people!

9 PetSounds

I can honestly say voting on this took a deep amount of thought and pondering, I would seriously consider at least 6 or 7 of the people in the top ten of this list as completely tied and unrankably #1. PetSounds was simply the one that came first to mind when I read the title. I'm not even huge into music and I can agree the lists of his have such an incredible amount of thought and judgement put into them, and when I message him, he has such a mature character, and is so refreshing to be around. But he also doesn't reap the rewards of his work either. I'm not the best judge of over or underrated (I don't check the stats, so I never know what truly counts as a lot of followers), but he most definitely is understated, regardless.

10 keycha1n

I am so happy to see her on this list. She so deserves to be here. I'll start just by saying that never has a negative thing ever been said by her that I've ever seen. In reality, one does not simply overflow with goodness, unless you're someone like her. I know she would never admit to being anything more than just your average user, but don't let her modesty fool you. All that goodness in her has greatly boosted the amount of positive energy of this site (and all in a matter of a few months!). Of course, her wonderfully and carefully crafted lists are, no doubt, a big part of her popularity. She works with a level of sincerity that's tough to match. Finally, it wouldn't be right to not mention how gifted she is as an artist. I am always watching for her next beautiful profile picture. I thought I was good at drawing but compared to her work I feel like I couldn't equal a 4 year old with a broken crayon.

The Contenders
11 Metal_Treasure

PositronWildhawk is possibly the best list creator and makes good stuff, Metal_Treasure is quite possibly the most prolific out of all of these Tenners. Check out his profile and you will be amazed out all the lists he's made of all topics.

Should be in the top 5. Only user (besides Htoutlaws) to surpass Alexandr in member score.

Amazing list creator. Just look at his profile.

The sheer quantity of lists he makes...

12 Superhyperdude

Now here's someone who never lets anything stand in his way. Someone with a strong opinion for almost anything, and whose lists and posts often have a witty underlying double meaning. He can be serious and thought-provoking, but furthermore, daringly dark in humour. Whichever way you look at him, he's an iconic influence to TheTopTens. It would be very dull without him.

A tough dude with a borderline cruel sense of humor, that's always sure to entertain! Never once will he refrain from speaking the truth, and you can always count on him giving you his real opinion. The world needs straightforward people like SHD, and he never fails to speak what everyone is too afraid to admit. Not to mention he's original, and undoubtedly one of the coolest TopTenners!

13 Puga

He used to make quite a few typical throwaway lists in addition to the good ones. Now, everything he puts out is worth reading.

In my opinion he makes the best posts. But I like other posts too.

14 NuMetalManiak
15 Finch

A witty, wise, refined personality who showcases everything he wants TheTopTens to be. Continually speaking from an unbiased and nonetheless passionate perspective, Finch puts a lot of detail into his own lists, and when it comes to others, he only has time for those which are properly good. He does a lot to support the activity here which he sees as necessary, and I really hold that in high regard. Just goes to show how the owners of this site ideally imagine their creation.

Finch is one of those users not everyone essentially notices, but he makes lists where the description for each item could be as much as an entire paragraph. He's sadly undergrounded by other users. He puts lots of time and effort into each and every little thing in his lists, and I give him respect for that, because I'm still working on that talent, but it will take time.

16 Turkeyasylum

Ashamed I forgot about him for a second! His lists are just genius! They always make me laugh and they're so clever and witty, he has general respect and can express opinions without offending. I admire his work a lot!

LOOK at this member score! That's bigger than Russia!

17 keyson

He has a large amount of followers, but strangely, not the votes or recognition he deserves! I'm going to be honest and say that while Martina is adorable, Keyson ended up being overshadowed (I mean, who wouldn't be? ), which is ultimately not anyone's fault! A nice guy like him probably doesn't mind at all, in fact, both he and Tina make an effort to tell each other how much they love each other in nearly every comment concerning the other, which I find is just so adorable! But its always bugged me how his work is bypassed, go check out some of his lists, you wont regret it!

18 Egnomac
19 THC13
20 RogerMcBaloney

He puts a lot of effort into his lists, very good and interesting content.

21 HaiThere
22 Randomator

He should be way higher on this list. He's a very hard-working sports user.

23 Sloth21

Yes, I added myself to this list. But only because whenever I make a list, I add as much detail as I can, put as much thought into it as I can, and always explain my opinion thoroughly, which I rarely see elsewhere. I also look back at my lists after making them, to see what people think of them and fix problems.

The guys is super hardworking. He spends over an hour every day coming out with a new post and/or list and has already gotten his first 13 featured lists in under a month.

What he should be top 5 he doesn't have list that he has no comments. He has the most featured lists ratio. He helps me out and inspires me.

Dude's like a walking legend here. He's indeed very gifted.

24 Magnolia

She likes rock and quality pop! My girl!

25 Therandom
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