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1 749 Complete Games - Cy Young

With the way the game is played today, that makes this easily the most unbreakable record in sports history. Now think about this for one second. There are a lot of unbelieving records out there. But how many can you say no one will ever come close to half to? That's what is what this is. A record that no one will come half way to

Cy young's complete game record won't be broken because the game has been redesigned and not played in the same manner it had been. in modern times pitchers throwing no hitters in the 6th and 7th innings are pulled if their pitch count exceeds a certain number. Therefore I don't see cy young's record as applicable. It's like including records from ancient gladiator games. who cares?

To break this record, a pitcher would have to pitch 25 complete games every season for 30 years. To place this in perspective, from 2011 to 2015, the number of league-leading complete games for a season has averaged 6. At that rate, all you would have to do is pitch for 125 years! Also, Young's 511 victories will never be touched.

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2 8 Consecutive NBA Championships - Boston Celtics

The Celtics are the greatest basketball team of all time. I am not saying that because they are my state team. This record is just amazing. Even 2 consecutives is a great accomplishment! But eight? These guys must have God on their side! - moose4life19

Unbeatable, keep in mind there were 8 or 9 teams in the league when Celts did this, and they had the majority of talent in the league.

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3 92 Goals in a Season - Wayne Gretzsky

When you think about it, Lemieux and Hull came pretty close to breaking this one, in fact if Lemieux didn't miss 4 games in 88-89 or 24 in 92-93, he just may have broken it... now think about this, his 163 assists in one season record: apart from Lemieux, no one has ever even had that many points in a season (Yzerman is next at 155).

You could try spelling his name correctly..

Under appreciated record. As a matter of fact, Gretzky could have all 10 records as most of them are untouchable.

With the changes that the game has seen since the 80's, this record is truly, and forever, untouchable.

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4 50.4 Scoring Average Single Season - Wilt Chamberlain

Forget bout It, The 100 Point Game Just Maybe by Lebron But 50. 4 Point Average Forget about it. - copkiller

Even if LeBron played one-on-one against one player from each team he still would not average 50 per game

No one else has ever averaged more than 40 points in a season. This one is untouchable.

the best players never get more than 30 points on average in a season

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5 2,632 Consecutive MLB Games Played - Cal Ripken Jr.

2632 straight games is 16 baseball regular seasons and 40 games, in comparison to other sports it is 164.5 regular NFL seasons and 32 NBA or NHL regular seasons plus 8 extra games without missing one game!

Nobody will even try to break this one.

Steroids Era records shouldn't be in the running

This record will easily stand the test of time, here's some reasons:
1: Most Players don't get to play for that long, many players nowadays get their careers shortened early due to injures, non-consistent play and early retirements.
2: No Injures, most athletes at some point in their careers are going to get injured, its just how life works. Its happened thousands of time but somehow Ripken avoided it. We've all seen athletes take a bad bump, but none for Ripken.
3. Inconsistent Play, when athletes are farther into their career its likely they'll get sent to the minors and sometimes to the free agency. But Ripken always kept consistent play.

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6 56 Consecutive Games With A Hit - Joe DiMaggio

This record is number 1. It will never be broken. Pete Rose came close at 43.

Most experts say this is #1 major record

Joel's will never be broken

The best record of all sports no one will come close to this with today’s media and all the pressure when they even get to 30 games

7 Average of 99.94 In International Cricket Tests - Sir Donald Bradman

Not sure why someone says % it is possible to get a score higher than 100 which Bradman did many times but there is almost no chance of this record being broken in our lifetimes

After 80 years of holding this record, no one else has even got anywhere near it. Highest individual batting average in the world of all time over 52 games. Unbreakable!

This next best is only 68. It is like the 2nd best baseball average behind Cobb was 260!
That is how good this guy was.

Only three other players have broken 60% and those were all below 61%. Bradman is at 99.94%.

8 100 Points In A Single NBA Game - Wilt Chamberlain

wtf this should be number 100 you try putting 100 points up while you play with 5 other man blocking your way - nbaallstar

Untouchable. Kobe had a spectacular game 10 years ago where he scored 81...which is still 19 points shy of Wilt. Forget about it.

This one is doable, given the right circumstances (let one player take every shot) like Kobe's last game.

9 10 Consecutive Stanley Cup Finals - Montreal Canadiens

A true sport dynasty

10 14 Consecutive MLB Division Titles - Atlanta Braves

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11 5,714 Career Strikeouts - Nolan Ryan

Good luck breaking this one. Ryan pitched into his 40's as a power pitcher. Unheard of. Nobody in the modern game will pitch enough innings to ever threaten this record.

12 2,857 Career Points - Wayne Gretzky

He is ahead of Jagr who is #2 all time by almost 1,000 points

Take away every goal Gretzky ever scored and he still has more points than number 2 on the points list Jagr. that's more assists than the second most points. Absolutely unbreakable

13 Richard Petty 200 Professional Stock Car Wins

Lets keep in mind that David Pearson, who is 2nd on the list only has 105 wins.

No one active is even close should be a top 10 unbreakable

I agree

Should be 1 or 2 along with Cy Young. Other commenter is closest about half.

14 502 Consecutive Goaltending Starts - Glenn Hall

I feel like all of these records could be broken except for this one, sure it may take a while to break these other ones but nobody will EVER come anywhere close to this one. Well now backup goalies get usually 15-20 starts a year, many goalies get sent to the minors or free agency for inconsistent play, hockey is a VERY tough sport and somehow Hall avoided injury.

Back then there was only a few goalies that were known as the best now you've got Lundqvist, Price, Holtby and many others for a coach to let a goalie play or let alone start and finish 502 games is amazing. Also with so many early ending careers due to injury and backup goalies getting more starts this is a record that will probably never be broken.

502 consecutive starts by an NHL goalie being broken, not likely! 502 consecutive starts by an NHL goalie WITHOUT A MASK (which was the case for Hall) no way!

15 54 Times Stealing Home Base In Career - Ty Cobb

I can't imagine someone stealing home three times in their career, but 54!? That's nothing any player would be able to do if they even had 1000 lifetimes to try and achieve it.

16 555 Consecutive Wins - Jahangir Khan
17 48.2 Minutes a Game - Wilt Chamberlain

Every other record is possible to break this one isn't

18 8 Weight Division Championship - Manny Pacquiao
19 Averages a Triple-Double for the Season-Oscar Robertson

LeBron could do this if he was strictly gunning for it.

20 Two Consecutive No-Hitters - Johnny Vander Meer

No pitcher will ever throw three straight.

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