Top Ten Most Unbreakable Sports Records


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21 55 Rebounds in a Single NBA Game - Wilt Chamberlain

This record is safer than the 100 points. No one these days gets more than 20. In Wilt's day, teams didn't play defense, and teams had significantly more possessions, which meant more misses and therefore more rebounds.

Safer than 100 points. Can hog shots, hogging rebounds is harder.

22 2.45m = 8.046ft High Jump - Javier Sotomayor

Give it a few years, all track times and distances evolve quickly

23 Winning All Speed Skating Events at a Single Olympic Games - Eric Heiden
24 200 NASCAR wins - Richard Petty
25 Babe Ruth .690 Slugging Percentage Lifetime
26 50 goals in 39 NHL games - Wayne Gretzky

How is this one not on the list, it's probably Wayne's most famous record and one of his most unbreakable... heck, these days, 50 in 82 is pretty remarkable!

27 347 Career Coaching Wins - Don Shula
28 Byron Nelson 11 Consecutive PGA Tournament Wins

In 1945 this was hard. Nowadays, most golfers don't play every tournament. And since Tiger Woods is no longer posting the numbers he did for awhile, it should be some time before this record is broken.

29 Pete Maravich 44.2 Point Per Game Career NCAA Scoring Average V 1 Comment
30 73 Wins in an NBA Season - Golden State Warriors

After the Warriors lost the 2016 Championship, no team will ever try to break this record again...

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