Top 10 Underrated Animated Movies from the 1980s and 1990s


The Top Ten

1 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

One the best of all time, it is brilliant and I love it and still do and I wish it might even have deserved to win best picture it was good and adult I wish it got more attendation than the Lion King. - lolsy

2 The Secret of NIMH

Another classic, I loved the atmosphere of the place. The animation was pitch perfect and I love it to this day. Mrs Frisby is such a good character, the owl looks amazing but they add a twist by making him a advisor, not an villain like Disney would've done. - lolsy

3 The Land Before Time

WOW. What a great movie. It can be sad, touching and funny. I loved it personally and the way it changed Dinosaur movies and was the best dinosaur movie ever. - lolsy

4 The Prince of Egypt

This movie is awesome.That is the only word to describe this piece of artwork by Dreamworks. This the best Moses film to date and did lots better than the crappile of Gods of Egypt. - lolsy

5 The Great Mouse Detective

A very fun Disney movie, the great mouse detective is brilliant version of Sherlock Holmes by Disney which makes everyone maybe or maybe not. The characters are the best apspect espically Ratigan one the most underrated animated character ever. - lolsy

6 The Rescuers Down Under

A great movie, this movie should be seen by more people because they deserve something as awesome as this. The opening scene is a boy flying on an eagle which is pure awesomeness to the best level. - lolsy

7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A great dark Disney tale, Hunchback tells us the story of Quasimodo and teaches us about a great morale about prejudicism. The villain is fantastic and one of Disneys best. - lolsy

8 Oliver and Company

A very good retelling of Oliver Twist I felt like it could have been better but I was satfied none of the less. I really enjoyed and wished it got more attention. - lolsy

9 Antz

It gets a brilliant critical response, but I still find it underrated. WHY? People remember A bugs Life more from their childhoods than Antz does. It is better and I wish it got more attention. - lolsy

10 The Iron Giant

It is low because a lot people do call it one the best. I think not, but still underrated. It is great for kids about being what you want to be. Simariliy to Antz... It is great and sad movie that is not Warner Bros' best, but one of them - lolsy

The Contenders

11 Rock-A-doodle
12 The Fox and the Hound
13 All Dogs Go to Heaven
14 Anastasia (1997)
15 The Adventures of Mark Twain

If you can get past the Mysterious Stranger part, you'll see that this is a pretty good movie.

16 Tarzan
17 The Last Unicorn
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