Top 10 Upcoming Games from 2017-2019 that Most Likely Be Good

Which of these upcoming games will most likely be hit with great critical reception? Which of these are you most excited for? Pick your favorite choice!

The Top Ten Upcoming Games from 2017-2019 that Most Likely Be Good

1 Red Dead Redemption 2

Heard it got delayed until 2018. :( - BrianScott01

2 Super Mario Odyssey
3 The Last of Us Part II

Best game

4 Death Stranding
5 Cyberpunk 2077
6 Spiderman PS4
7 Xenoblade Chronicles 2
8 God of War
9 Sea of Thieves
10 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The Contenders

11 Detroit Become Human
12 Far Cry 5

This is supposed to take place in Montana, where you fight a cult of religious extremist in a rural county. This game will show off the introduction of drivable planes and canine companions. This game seems to be inspired, setting-wise, by Mafia 3. - EliHbk

13 Star Wars: Battlefront II
14 Call of Duty: WWII
15 Middle Earth: Shadow of War
16 State of Decay 2

I'm waiting, I loved the first, and by the time this comes out I'll have good net so I can use the multiplayer. The graphics looked like a minor improvement over the first, and I've heard it will take place in Trumbull again. There are supposed to be more zombie types which I'm not too hyped for... - EliHbk

17 FIFA 18
18 Spider-Man
19 Forza Motorsport 7
20 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
21 WWE 2K18
22 NHL 18
23 Jump force
24 Super Mario Maker 2
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