Top Ten Upcoming Steven Universe Episodes We are Most Excited to See

The Top Ten

1 Bismuth

Bismuth is actually a metal, not a gem, and there was a theory on YouTube that Rose bubbled her and put her in Lion's mane because she was "toxic" to the earth, because Bismuth in real life is radioactive - SeeU

Just YES. New, powerful crystal gem for the 100th episode. YES.

I think she has a T.V. for a gem

2 The Kindergarten Kid
3 Know Your Fusion
4 Mindful Education
5 Buddy's Book
6 Future Boy Zoltron

It was a mediocre episode

7 Beta Part 1
8 Earthlings Part 2
9 Back 2 the Moon Part 3
10 Unbubbled

My theory is that this has to do with Jaspers gem.

My theory is that this is the cluster unbubbling.

The Contenders

11 Gem Harvest

This episode's gonna be like the invader zim,Dark Harvest.see.title similairities.

Dark harvest.

Gem harvest.

12 I Am My Mom
13 Lars of the Stars
14 Reunited
15 Bubbled
16 Wanted Special

It was amazing

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