Top Ten Usernames Regular Show Characters Could Have If They Made Accounts On TheTopTens

I'm making way too many Regular show lists but I love Regular show.

The Top Ten

1 HappyLollipop - Pops
2 Mordecool - Mordecai
3 GumballMachine - Benson
4 PartyAnimal - Rigby

They always say, you are named after what you are. So apparently I'm a cult master made of a form of metal. - IronSabbathPriest

This would definitely be fitting. - Garythesnail

5 StrongUser - Skips
6 MyMomJokeGuy - Muscle Man
7 Fives - High Five Ghost
8 YourMom (Muscle Man)

You know who else has a username called my mom? - AlphaQ

9 StealthNinja - Thomas
10 Stormy Cloud - CJ

The Contenders

11 Hi Tech - Techmo
12 PizzaKing (Rigby)
13 IlluminatiHair (Mordecai)
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