Most Valuable Things In Life


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1 Time

Time is important. You only have so much time to live, so make the most of it. - Turkeyasylum

One of my favourite Pink Floyd songs is called Time. The song perfectly represents how time slips away. - IronSabbathPriest

Nothing depresses me more than the idea of wasting my time. I want to do something with it! - keycha1n

Time is the only thing that you can take back once you used it. Other things such as health, family, and happiness are all possible to attain even after losing it. To sum up, Time is the most valuable, for t can be retrieved after its been used

Nothing can stand against time, time is everything - Ananya

2 Health

The most important, imagine your self sick you can't do anything - belarbi

3 Love
4 Family
5 Friends
6 Happiness

Happiness is not a journey but a destination - Ananya

7 Safe
8 Comfort
9 Food
10 Opportunity

If you waste 1 min, it means you're loosing 60 seconds of opportunity. - Ananya

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11 Beauty

Lol, how shallow. Looks don't matter unless you want to be a model, you silly corndog.

12 Mother

Nobody can take Mother's place in this 14 universes! - Victoryboy

13 Money
14 Earth
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1. Family
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1. Time
2. Health
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