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1 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

He saved EVERYONE! Without him, the forest would be NOTHING like how it is now! He is the best leader now and forever. No one will ever be so brave and loyal, and he always does what he believes is right. I know a lot of cats do what they "think is right, " but Firestar's decisions are actually SMART!

He discovered many things about Tigerstar's Plan and saved cats life he deserves a lot of respect

Firestar is the BEST! He pretty much saved the whole forest. The forest would be a bunch of trash, er, crow- food, without him, and, well, all I can say is he's the best warrior cat in all the clans. Wait, one last thing.
"Goes to endless void, rips out Tigerstar's throat and claws Hawkfrost and Brokenstar to death. There! I have REVENGE!
- #SagepetalWarriorsFan

Firestar is always willing to talk things out before attacking the other clans. Without him other cats would have been lost. Bluestar made a good choice when she appointed Firestar as deputy .

2 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower and a father named Stormtail. more.

Bluestar can be negative at times, but she is wonderful. She is a great mother, and I can't believe how loyal she is to her Clan! She gave up her own kits to save ThunderClan, and I love her dearly for that. ThunderClan would've perished without her. She had already lost a lot, and then she hauled off and got rid of her kits to help ThunderClan! I almost wonder if it wasn't worth it, but Bluestar made a good decision. I wish Tigerstar never existed, because she wouldn't have died if it weren't for him! DON'T VOTE FOR TIGERSTAR!

You are right... Okay... She may not have had the time to be a good mother to her own kits, but in a way she acted as a mother to a whole clan..

She has her mom and sister die right in front of her, she has to give up her kids to save everyone from Thistleclaw of IdiotClan, and her deputy tries to kill her! Yet she was kind and wise, and a good mentor to Firestar. I love her.

She is amazing! She so easily could have run away to riverclan but she had to save her clan because it would have gone under if she hadnt become leader and it is so sad how she died protecting her clan to the end R.I.P. bluestar

Bluestar is really AMAZING. She's kind, loyal to her tribes, brave. She is just AMAZING!

3 Crookedstar

Crookedstar is so cool. I liked him in the first series and fell in love with him when reading Bluestar's prophecy. I just love his personality. He was such a great RiverClan leader.

I have to go honest. I love Firestar, but Crookedstar was better for one big reason. Everyone he knew and loved died yet he had the spirit to carry on and be a great leader. And if Firestar did not have sandstorm and Greystripe where would he be now.

One of my favorite leaders. His life was so hard because of stupid mapleshade don't get me wrong I liked her when she was alive but when she was in dark forest I absolutely hated her. Anyway, back to crookedstar. He was awesome, he totally deserved to be leader. If you hate him have your own opinion, but if your gonna try to kill his spirit be prepared to be shreked

I love him so much! His personality is so infectious! I love his relationship with Bluestar.

4 Tallstar

I hate that people say that he relied on Tunderclan too much. He says to Fireheart/star that just because he brought them home doesn't mean that Fireheart/star can trespass on it. Plus he made the decision to fight against Bloodclan without Firestar's prompting. He was such a Strong and determined leader. He deserves his own Special about him!

Tallstar is also awesome. He went on the journey to the new territories and sadly died.

Tallstar was the leader that lived longest. He was also the wisest

Tallstar was the sensible, wise leader. He helped Firestar with his clan and I think that tallstar does not get enough respect. Tallstar was the leader who made Windclan what it was, and despite being looked down upon by all other clans, he was proud of his clan and didn't listen to the criticism.

5 Mistystar

Just like Bluestar, so honourable, gentle and determined to do the best for her clan. But sadly her time as leader is nearly coming to an end...she has lead Riverclan through hard times.

I love mistystar so much. She is one of the nicest cats ever and is Bluestars kid so that makes me like her even more. She is very fair and kind. She also makes good decisions but if a battle came I don't know how she would handle it.

she is official immortal she is never gonna die she'll prolly outlive all of us

Mistystar has the perfect personalities from her mother, Bluestar. She is honorable, wise, gentle and determined. She makes smart decisions for her Clan and do what she thinks is right for RiverClan. But now old age has approached her.. But she had led RiverClan through hard times, so she will rest peacefully in StarClan.

6 Sunstar

Sunstar is a great . I like him because he let Bluestar, or Bluekit out in the forest when she shouldn't have.

I don't know why I just like sunstar his name's awesome he helped bluestar when she was upset he's the best leader ever that's why I like him

Sunstar was amazing. He really helped Thunderclan after Pinestars lead, and brought them back to a powerful clan. He was also not just a leader, he was a friend to his clan mates. He helped them, and always cheered them up and kept them going. He was a perfect leader.

I agree, his name is AWESOME DUDE! And he was a good leader. STUPID DOG! Also he didn't deserve to die!

7 Bramblestar

I HATE Bramblestar! HE was like so eager to become deputy and replace Graystripe. Graystripe should have been leader! And Bramblestar exiled Squirrelflight! What an idiot!

Who doesn't vote for Bramblestar? He's one of the BEST. Plus Firestar appointed him and I trust Firestar.

Bramblestar is kind of like me. He was judged by who his father was. And not what he did.

He makes good decisions and is so nice. I love that he became leader.

8 Leopardstar

Her lake of pride ambition didn't really make up for her lack of judgment and almost destroyed the forest- But she learns from her mistakes. I know she let Tigerstar kill Stonefur... Ans she might have been rude and overprotective of her prey and stuff. But still.

Why do people hate her so much? She was trying to do whats right for Riverclan

Sure, she showed bad judgement with the TigerClan thing, But other than that she actually is a REALLY GOOD leader!

Leopardstar, is amazing and beautiful! She grabbed Patchpelt even though he was dead!

9 Leafdapple

Um, I changed my mind. I used to LOVE Leafstar, thinking her to be cool and nice. Uh, I don't think so. Read SkyClan's Destiny.

Leafdapple is a great leader of SkyClan, even though shes torn between her kits and her clan. She made many tough decisions, like letting daylight warriors into the clan, letting Sol into the clan, and more. She makes sure SkyClan survives and she has been extremely kind to cats outside of the clan. She managed the flood that swept throughout SkyClan camp well. I don't approve of her choice of Sharpclaw as deputy, because he seems bossy and commanding. I think Leafstar is one of the best leaders ever. :D

Okay, Leafstar. She managed to save her clan from a FLOOD. A FLOOD, I tell you! Only one elder died, but I think she died from old age. She exiled Sol before he could become a warrior and take over SkyClan. She made the smart move of allowing daylight warriors, convincing some who were about to leave to stay! Also, her mate, BIllystorm, decided to stay just for her and their kits! I LOVE you LEAFSTAR!

She was a good leader, and was smart to allow daylight warriors. She kicked sol out of skyclan, and even though she didn't exacky want to join skyclan, she still did and led them well.

10 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He was bullied and mocked as a kit by Ruby and socks, Attacked by Tigerstar when they were both younger. He had hatred on the clans ever since then, But it wasn't really surprising how he was treated by his own brother and sister because he was small and young. He deserved better than that. He left into the forest because ruby said: "Unwanted cats get throw into the river." But when he made up his own clan called "BloodClan." He basically took up an alley and got all the cats there to join his clan. His brother and sister also got karma because later they got thrown out of there homes. Scourge didn't want to care for them for what they did. He could have been good and joined another clan or stayed at his home or got adopted if it wasn't for his littermates and Tigerstar.

He was scorned and mocked as a kit, attacked by Tigerstar when they were both younger. He developed a hatred on the Clans ever since then, but it wasn't surprising, seeing how he was being treated by his own brother and sister. He deserves better than that! He even built up an entire Clan, and though he was harsh and cruel toward them, they were only life lessons that he himself thought that he'd learned. He could've been a good, strong, wise leader if his littermates hadn't teased him and Tigerstar hadn't attacked him.

Like, I KNOW that he's evil and all, but I understand why! I half like that Firestar killed him, because the books would have been TERRIBLE if he became leader, BUT I also half hate it, because that Scourge was really young, He should've lived longer!

I love both firestar and Scourge (mostly Scourge) but I don't like people hating firestar just because he killed Scourge! He didn't knew he had a horrible past or else he wouldn't kill him. If I was firestar and I knew Scourge had a bad past I wouldn't kill him. I didn't knew who Scourge was when I read The Darkest Hour but when I read about his past I started feeling bad for him and even started to become a fangirl! Scourge is a really AWESOME leader! I love him so much!

The Contenders

11 Leafstar

Leafstar is amazing, She kept her kits and clan safe several times! And is a good leader!

Such a good leader. She led her clan out of the gorge and back to the rest of the clans.

Leafstar is a good leader. She saved her kits and her Clan several times!

The daylight warriors chose to keep their names. Boulder of Shadowclan kept his name and nobody’s mad about that.

12 Thunder

He was my favorite cause he liked gray wing and I love gray wing!

I loved thunder! He never knew where he belonged! Windclan? Skyclan? Blood? Loyalties? Yet he still became a strong leader!

I love him he is a great leader he pulled through when Lightning tail died poor Lightning tail and then then he named his daughter after lightning tail it broke my heart that Lightning tail wouldn't get to play with thunder's kits I bet Lightning tail would have mentored Lightning stripe if I were a warrior cat I would die saving my best friend or a family member or innocent cats

He made up the best clan ever thunderclan he earned his name from the super scary tunderpath he seems to have similar personality to fire star.

13 Cloudstar

Cloudstar is my favourite because I understand why he said Starclan abandoned him, I agree. He must have been so sad when he had to leave his mate, Birdflight, maybe that is why he sortb of gave up? That is what I would feel like.

For those of you who don't know, Cloudstar is NOT Cloudtail.

Cloudtail turned into Cloudstar? Or is it a different cat?!

Was cloudstar cloudtail?

14 Raggedstar

I totally understand why he was mad that Yellowfang was becoming a medicine cat. He had to suffer watching her like that, instead of spending every moment with her! I feel so sorry for him.

He was a good Father and mate. He had to make really hard decisions and for the most part, he made the right ones.

I don't like him. I think I remember some fact on warrior cats facts that he chose Foxheart as deputy just to make Yellowfang jealous.

To be honest, Brokenstar deserves to die twice and Raggedstar should have lived him and Yellow thing had something special, Yellowfang as a kit was the only one in her litter who didn't call Raggedstar a kittypet. And actually took him to find his father Raggedstar did kill him- Hal deserved to die. Raggedstar leads his clan well for the short time he lived. AND was the reason soL left SC. He was one of the best leaders SC ever had too.

15 Windstar

She was fast, lithe, stubborn, and wily. I like her a lot because she had unique leadership qualities, and she cared for the cats that she'd known but was distrusting and hostile toward the cats that she never met and believed could possibly be a threat to her Clan. Overall, she's a good leader who cares for her Clan and family above all else.

She was a little too harsh to Moth Flight, but she was an amazing leader.

Mate: Gorse Fur
Sons: Dust Muzzle, Ember Fur
Daughters: Moth Flight, Morning Whisker
Clan: Shadow Clan (Formerly), Wind Clan

She wasn't that bad other than how she was so cruel to Moth Flight. She wasn't a bad leader, just a really bad mother.

16 Onestar

Onestar was kinda crazy when he literally let the dark forest cats rejoin their clan. Why?! And why did he also let Breezepelt?! But I like him still because he killed Darkstripe.

One Star is probably one of my favorite leaders. DOWN WITH MUD CLAW. - Raven Talon

I hate Onestar, first I liked him but then, in Crowfeather's Trial, changed my mind. I can't believe he said that Bramblestar might have a been a team with his father, Tigerstar.

He was a brave and good leader. He made WC live up to its name. He did what was best for his clan. I think right there he wanted WC to survive on there own. He excepted Tallstar's judgement on making him a leader and held his Clan strong against Mudclaw's rebellion. I wish he killed Deaektail when he had the chance tho. =<=

17 Thunderstar

He was good and strong, even after being rejected by his father, Clear Sky. He proved to be an amazing leader, kind toward his cats, and caring, and was very determined to find out where his true destiny lay as he struggled with hunting on the moor and his discomfort in climbing trees, unlike his father.

He was good and strong even after being rejected by his father Clearsky. He proved to be an amazing leader, Kind and caring to his clan cats. He was also previously Thunder. And hey was determined to find out where his true destiny lies as he struggles with hunting on the moor and his discomfort climbing the trees Unlike his father Clearsky- Also this needs more votes-

There is already a thunderstar up there but I am happy to vote for him 2. Times

Thunderstar was previously Thunder and is awesome. He started my favorite Clan.

18 Blackstar

Blackstar is the ONLY good leader of ShadowClan in the first series! No joke!

I KNOW that it's weird that I like him, But he WAS the only good leader of ShadowClan, plus he was still loyal to Tigerstar( Acording to Secrets Of The Clans.), but turned out AWESOME!

Blackstar is an ambitious leader that lacks judgement and self-reflection. However, he remains extremely loyal to his clan (even if his actions are aggressive). He keeps the warriorcode close to his heart.

Blackstar was basically the only good leader of SC in the 1st series. He kept the *Warriorcode* Close to his heart. He remains extremely loyal to his clan. Even tho his actions are aggressive... He was a brave cat toeven try to return his Clan to its former strength after BrokenStar and Tigerstar's *Rule*

19 Nightstar

I wished that he'd stay around longer, wait, if he lived much longer, Tigerstar would have to form a new rouge clan.

Nightstar was not the right cat to lead shadowclan starclan did not grant him his nine lives that how he died when he got sick he did not have nine lives to protect him so he died right when he got sick and littlecloud he couldn't do nothing so he died.

StarClan doesn't give any lives to Nightstar, yet gives lives to Tigerstar and Brokenstar. StarClan sucks.

Nightstar was a noble and loyl leader to his clan even knowing he only had 1 life to lose. He was my favorate cat I woud be proud to be in ShadowClan in his time of leadership. It was REALLY SAD when he died of sickness :(. Even whwn he was in StarClan he was AWSOME. deserves #1 spot NO DOUT ABOUT IT GO NIGHTSTAR!

20 Hailstar

I loved Hailstar. Not my favourite, but He was nice, calm, strong and noble. All characteristics a clan leader needs!

I love Hailstar's way of leading. He doesn't judge Crookedkit once he returns from the barn and allows him to begin training soon after. And unlike some other leaders I've seen he has personality and is willing to battle other clans, but is not reckless and quick to attack, such as when he reclaims the sunning rocks. A strong and smart leader I say.

I like Hailstar, as I've commented in others, he's one of my favorites.

I definitely agree with you. He was a noble and nice strong leader

21 Riverstar

Riverstar was very kind-hearted, smart, and had good judgment. His clan is my favourite, and it wouldn't exist if it weren't for him. He hated gatherings, but I can see well. He was always so calm, even at hard times. He was the best founder of the clans, and he is my #1 favorite leader. (#2 is doestar)

Riverstar should be first!
In my opinion he was Riverclans best leader

Riverstar is the founder of my favorite clan, Riverclan! I love him/her! Actually my favorite clan is a tie between Riverclan and Bloodclan.

River ripple is the best cat EVER! He is so smart, nice, calm and I kind a feel like he had like a special power to know what would happen In the future! Should totally be way higher on this list! Like top 5 at least!

22 Shadowstar

My absolute favorite cat! She suffered so much, seeing the loss of her brother, Moon Shadow, and Sun Shadow, afterwards. She stepped down from her leadership position to care for her brother, and when she couldn't save him, she was absolutely devastated. I felt so bad for her when her brother died, and then her deputy, Sun Shadow. But she was an amazing cat, clever, and she advised Gray Wing while he was leader. She felt comfortable in the darkness and night, as well as in the marshy land of the pines, and had sharp senses and sometimes wasn't very sensitive to the other cat's feelings.

She probably one of my most favorite leaders. If I were a cat in DOTC, I would have joined Shadowstar's group.

Shadowstar is great cause she helped Gray Wing when he needed it most

Shadowstar is extremely underrated. She deserves more love. In my opinion, she's the best leader ever!

23 Sky

I only like sky cause he gave info where skyclan was to Sandstorm and Firestar

HE IS SO MEAN! He dejected Thunder, proved his mate Storm that he was an idiot, and he drove out all the cats like Jagged Peak who could not take care of themselves. What a grump!

Mates: Bright Stream (Formerly), Storm (Formerly), Star Flower
Sons: Thunder, Tiny Branch
Daughters: Flower Foot, Dew Petal
Mother: Quiet Rain
Brothers: Grey Wing, Jagged Peak
Sister: Fluttering Bird
Clan: Sky Clan

I do not like Clear Sky that much. He kinda stole Gray Wings mates. Gray Wing liked Storm and Bright Stream too!

24 Wind

Even she is bossy her, her medicine cat discovered the moonstone, but if Wind did not send Mothflight away they would not have the Monnstone

I always hated when she wasn't in the group and she acted like the leader

She's awesome, she saved one of my favorite characters Jagged Peak, and she was a good leader and she and Gorse took new names to prove that they really wanted to be in Tall Shadow/ Grey Wing's group. She is just plain awesome.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Do u mean WINDSTAR!? Or Wind RUNNER? Not just Wind, people

25 Morningstar

Morningstar led his Clan through a harsh time. He tried to keep peace, he tried to unite the Clans. But they were not ready for his wisdom.

I just like him. He gave Rabbitstar what he deserved. By the way, he is from Battles of the Clans.

Hey, this is like my name Morningshine!

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