Top Ten Warrior Cats Clan Leaders

The best leaders from all clans.
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1 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

He saved EVERYONE! Without him, the forest would be NOTHING like how it is now! He is the best leader now and forever. No one will ever be so brave and loyal, and he always does what he believes is right. I know a lot of cats do what they "think is right, " but Firestar's decisions are actually SMART! - Splashstorm

He discovered many things about Tigerstar's Plan and saved cats life he deserves a lot of respect

Firestar is the best leader of all time. He mite have gone agents the warrior code but he did it for the heart of good. He saved the forest so many times the fire, killing Tigerstar, and more he is the best and my favored.

We knew him right from the beginning and people still hate on him for being a Mary Sue. He had his flaws! Jeez.

2 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a nephew named Whitestorm, a mother named Moonflower more.

Bluestar can be negative at times, but she is wonderful. She is a great mother, and I can't believe how loyal she is to her Clan! She gave up her own kits to save ThunderClan, and I love her dearly for that. ThunderClan would've perished without her. She had already lost a lot, and then she hauled off and got rid of her kits to help ThunderClan! I almost wonder if it wasn't worth it, but Bluestar made a good decision. I wish Tigerstar never existed, because she wouldn't have died if it weren't for him! DON'T VOTE FOR TIGERSTAR!

You are right... Okay... She may not have had the time to be a good mother to her own kits, but in a way she acted as a mother to a whole clan.. - Skyress1

She has her mom and sister die right in front of her, she has to give up her kids to save everyone from Thistleclaw of IdiotClan, and her deputy tries to kill her! Yet she was kind and wise, and a good mentor to Firestar. I love her.

She is amazing! She so easily could have run away to riverclan but she had to save her clan because it would have gone under if she hadnt become leader and it is so sad how she died protecting her clan to the end R.I.P. bluestar

Bluestar is like Pearl from Steven Universe, such a motherly figure. She saved her whole entire clan by throwing away her own life. Shes just an amazing leader, in my opinion

3 Crookedstar

By the way, his super edition Crookedstar's Promise is the best by a landslide. So as Stormkit he was loved but then Rainflower just completely decided that since his jaw was broken she would name him CROOKEDkit. Like think about it; you're a baby but your mom changes your name to emphasize your physical deformity. Then she says heartless things about him, saying to Oakheart something along the lines of 'why do you care about him? He'll never be as good as you' when Oakheart became an apprentice, and basically he loved Willowbreeze so much, their relationship was so sweet and his kits' and Willowbreeze's deaths were the saddest I've ever read. But throughout the book he remains one of the strongest and loyal warriors but doesn't end up being all muscle no brain like Lionblaze does; he made a promise to Mapleshade to be the strongest warrior he could be. Even after that sadness, he still leads his clan well and it's explicitly stated in Crookedstar's Promise that the warriors count ...more

Crookedstar is so cool. I liked him in the first series and fell in love with him when reading Bluestar's prophecy. I just love his personality. He was such a great RiverClan leader.

He was the best! He was renamed Crookedkit after he broke his jaw, and then Mapleshade stole everything he had ever loved from him, but even after that, he stayed strong and led his clan through many seasons of good life. Crookedstar. Is. Awesome.

He went through the hardest pains (him and Bluestar...and kinda Tallstar oh gosh why does every first leader introduced except Brokenstar go through pains) but he still led his clan so well that his warriors couldn't even count how many battles they won. Bluestar went insane at the end because of her suffering but you could argue that Crookedstar-WAIT HE DIDN'T. Rainflower rejected him and died later and he blames himself for it Shellheart wasn't rlly close with him but he still loved him then died his brother died his brother's kits never knew their real mother his kits died except Silverstream who died later giving birth and his mate died too. Wow. What a Later Silverstream's kits leave or die etc but he wasn't alive then. But he was still so great I love crookedstar read his super edition it's the best book

4 Tallstar Tallstar

I hate that people say that he relied on Tunderclan too much. He says to Fireheart/star that just because he brought them home doesn't mean that Fireheart/star can trespass on it. Plus he made the decision to fight against Bloodclan without Firestar's prompting. He was such a Strong and determined leader. He deserves his own Special about him!

Tallstar was the sensible, wise leader. He helped Firestar with his clan and I think that tallstar does not get enough respect. Tallstar was the leader who made Windclan what it was, and despite being looked down upon by all other clans, he was proud of his clan and didn't listen to the criticism.

My favourite Windclan cat. A strong leader and great cat

Tallstar is probably my favourite on this list. His super edition was heart warming! He is a strong leader of WindClan and he is great!

5 Mistystar Mistystar

Mistystar is brave, kind, loyal, and usually makes good decisions. I really like her for her strength in the face of challenges.

I love mistystar so much. She is one of the nicest cats ever and is Bluestars kid so that makes me like her even more. She is very fair and kind. She also makes good decisions but if a battle came I don't know how she would handle it.

Mistystar is kind and loyal to her clan. Even though she is half thunderclan, but that makes here even better because she is the daughter of Bluestar, another leader.

I like misty star after leafpool but I love you misty star

6 Sunstar

Sunstar drove Thunderclap through the hard times of his clan. He made the final and important decision of making Bluefur leader not Thistlelcaw leader! He helped a lot during leadership, he was loyal and sensible when making decisions. - BloodFang

I don't know why I just like sunstar his name's awesome he helped bluestar when she was upset he's the best leader ever that's why I like him

Sunstar was amazing. He really helped Thunderclan after Pinestars lead, and brought them back to a powerful clan. He was also not just a leader, he was a friend to his clan mates. He helped them, and always cheered them up and kept them going. He was a perfect leader.

I agree, his name is AWESOME DUDE! And he was a good leader. STUPID DOG! Also he didn't deserve to die!

7 Bramblestar Bramblestar

He had some flaws but he was great

Bramblepaw was one of my favourite apprentices, because he tried so hard to rid his name of his fathers evil influences, and agreed to share the mentor/apprentice bond with Firestar even when Firestar HATED Tigerstar. Brambleclaw was definitely the best leader out of the six journeying cats, even if he was mouse-brained at times (Squirrelpaw vs. The Fence :3). Even though he messed up a little at the start of Deputyship he tried really hard. He chose loyalty to Firestar over his ambition to be leader, working hard for the position. Even when he and his brother recently forged a bond he protected his leader from one of his only kin. AND after Firestars death he promised ThunderClan he would serve them the best he could, when another Deputy would be thrown off balance by the battle, and the sudden and random death of their leader. Go Bramblestar!

Probly one of the best

Bramblestar did make mistakes yes but that is good. Besides. Nobody is perfect. So that is what makes him a good leader, though he always think,s, what would firestar do? What would firestar do? though he can just be himself. But still I like him and he is the third best cat in the series!

8 Leopardstar Leopardstar

Leopardstar is AMAZING!

She mentored my fave cat, hawkie (hawkfrost)

Leopardstar is my favourite warrior! Yes I know she let Tigerstar kill Stonefur but I think that she was awesome and I wish she had a super editions

She is a spoiled brat who knows nothing so anyways should end up falling in the gorge and die YAY leopard star is dead

9 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He's not a clan leader though...I HATED SCOURGE

I love both firestar and Scourge (mostly Scourge) but I don't like people hating firestar just because he killed Scourge! He didn't knew he had a horrible past or else he wouldn't kill him. If I was firestar and I knew Scourge had a bad past I wouldn't kill him. I didn't knew who Scourge was when I read The Darkest Hour but when I read about his past I started feeling bad for him and even started to become a fangirl! Scourge is a really AWESOME leader! I love him so much!

He saved his clan from a troublesome dog and Brokenstars gang! He helped his cruel brother and sister and saved their lives even after what they did to him. He only wanted what was best for BloodClan which is why he tried to take over the forest. He is a good leader, you just have to see it in his eyes. He gave Firestar the chance for mercy, but since the 'legendary' leader of ThunderClan was to stubborn and selfish to give a bit of the forest to a clan in need of it to survive, he fought and paid the price when he lost his life and Whitestorm. It was Firestar's fault for not listening to his deputy Whitestorm that the clans should just move a bit down no harm done. And GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS. WHITESTORM DIED BECAUSE OF FIRESTAR.


10 Leafdapple

Okay, Leafstar. She managed to save her clan from a FLOOD. A FLOOD, I tell you! Only one elder died, but I think she died from old age. She exiled Sol before he could become a warrior and take over SkyClan. She made the smart move of allowing daylight warriors, convincing some who were about to leave to stay! Also, her mate, BIllystorm, decided to stay just for her and their kits! I LOVE you LEAFSTAR!

Leafdapple is a great leader of SkyClan, even though shes torn between her kits and her clan. She made many tough decisions, like letting daylight warriors into the clan, letting Sol into the clan, and more. She makes sure SkyClan survives and she has been extremely kind to cats outside of the clan. She managed the flood that swept throughout SkyClan camp well. I don't approve of her choice of Sharpclaw as deputy, because he seems bossy and commanding. I think Leafstar is one of the best leaders ever. :D

A beyond cool cat! One moment she knew nothing, the next she's a clan leader! Lucky fish! Or would that be "Lucky Cat"??? - Silverstream101

She is so strong and wise. She knows how to defend her clan with her heart and mind. She can accomplish anything!


The Contenders

11 Thunder

Nice, too peace seeking, though

I love him he is a great leader he pulled through when Lightning tail died poor Lightning tail and then then he named his daughter after lightning tail it broke my heart that Lightning tail wouldn't get to play with thunder's kits I bet Lightning tail would have mentored Lightning stripe if I were a warrior cat I would die saving my best friend or a family member or innocent cats

Father skystar mate violet dawn she kits lightning stripe feather ear tom kits shell claw sleek fur

He made up the best clan ever thunderclan he earned his name from the super scary tunderpath he seems to have similar personality to fire star.

12 Windstar

She was a little too harsh to Moth Flight, but she was an amazing leader. - Pebblepaw

Mate: Gorse Fur
Sons: Dust Muzzle, Ember Fur
Daughters: Moth Flight, Morning Whisker
Clan: Shadow Clan (Formerly), Wind Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

She wasn't that bad other than how she was so cruel to Moth Flight. She wasn't a bad leader, just a really bad mother. - FernmistCloverleaf

Proud and wily, she was one of my favourite leaders. She was the leader of the clan Gray Wing was in, for Starclan's sake!

13 Onestar Onestar

I hate Onestar, first I liked him but then, in Crowfeather's Trial, changed my mind. I can't believe he said that Bramblestar might have a been a team with his father, Tigerstar.

Hate him so much

I liked Onewhisker but I hated Onestar

OneStar was not a very good leader - HoneyHeart

14 Raggedstar


He was one of the best leaders Shadowclan ever had. He was a perfect Father and Mate for his family. I really try to forgive Brokenstar but... I just can't

He's such an good leader. I miss him so much

What I don't understand is that you all are saying that raggedstar was apparently quote quote SO BRAVE to be with a med cat but your spitting on leafpool because she loved crowfeather


15 Thunderstar

I love you thunder!

Thunderstar is just great! He was the founder of the best clan in the world!

Thunderstar is the BEST but Bluestar, Firestar, Mistystar, Tallstar and Bramblestar are good too.
Thunderstar started THUNDERCLAN the BEST Clan in the world. Thunderstar was NOT wanted by his father. His mother and littermates died. Thunderstar fathered by Gray Wing. He fell in love with Star Flower who chose his She-cat CRAZY father. He mated Violet Dawn and she had his kits. His half siblings where Tiny Branch, Dew Petal, Flower Foot and two unnamed kits. I LOVE THUNDERCLAN it is the BEST! ThunderClan has ALL the points for best Clan! 1

Thunderstar was previously Thunder and is awesome. He started my favorite Clan. - AirfrostOfJayClan

16 Cloudstar

For those of you who don't know, Cloudstar is NOT Cloudtail. - Nightflame

Cloudstar is my favourite because I understand why he said Starclan abandoned him, I agree. He must have been so sad when he had to leave his mate, Birdflight, maybe that is why he sortb of gave up? That is what I would feel like.

Cloudtail turned into Cloudstar? Or is it a different cat?!

Was cloudstar cloudtail?

17 Leafstar Leafstar

I don't know y, I've just always liked leafstar. - EdgystarofHamilclan

Like the only reason why I'm voting for this one is that I like all the cat but leafstar


This cat is so dumb she doesn't let yarrowleaf into clan to have kits yarrowleaf could have died. She appoints kittypets and wouldent let tree meditate.

Guys, the reason "Billystorm" happened is because he used to be a kitty pet named Billy. It isn't Leafstar's fault.

18 Blackstar

I don't know why they called him blackstar if he's white

Black star was a great leader, but he only live with the strong, and he even killed stone fur for his loyalty to Tiger star. But he lead the clan well after the first series.

Blackstar is an ambitious leader that lacks judgement and self-reflection. However, he remains extremely loyal to his clan (even if his actions are aggressive). He keeps the warriorcode close to his heart.

He was a brave cat to even try to return his clan to it's former strengh after Brokenstar and Tigerstar's rule.

19 Hailstar

I love Hailstar! I was crying when he died it was so sad(:’(

I like Hailstar, as I've commented in others, he's one of my favorites. - TigerLilly121

I loved Hailstar. Not my favourite, but He was nice, calm, strong and noble. All characteristics a clan leader needs!

Hailstar was fine. I didn't like the whole kits from WindClan and RiveClan thing, though. That was not fair and Hailstar almost drowned someone. - Pebblepaw

20 Nightstar

Nightstar was a noble and loyl leader to his clan even knowing he only had 1 life to lose. He was my favorate cat I woud be proud to be in ShadowClan in his time of leadership. It was REALLY SAD when he died of sickness :(. Even whwn he was in StarClan he was AWSOME. deserves #1 spot NO DOUT ABOUT IT GO NIGHTSTAR!

I. Hate. Him. - Pebblepaw

I love Nightstar! - RedTheGremlin

He was a brave cat also, for Nightstar stayed in his already difficult position even though he knew he had only one life to lose.

21 Shadowstar


If it is the founder, I give her a 10/10 because she was very shy and quiet at first, but when the cats were fighting and the before-starclan cats came down and decided that they were warriors, she spoke up and was confident that she could lead all of the cats of all the territories.

Shadowstar is extremely underrated. She deserves more love. In my opinion, she's the best leader ever!

Brother: Moon Shadow
Clan: Shadow Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

22 Riverstar

He's my favorite leader. So awesome.

River ripple is the best cat EVER! He is so smart, nice, calm and I kind a feel like he had like a special power to know what would happen In the future! Should totally be way higher on this list! Like top 5 at least!

I didn't care for river ripple to be honest - Duskstorm

I hope Kate Cary gets around to writing a super edition for him (she says she wants to)! - RoseWeasley

23 Sky

Ok he was mean but he lead skyclan #bestclanever

Total cutie

-Bright Stream, Storm, and Star Flower

I do not like Clear Sky that much. He kinda stole Gray Wings mates. Gray Wing liked Storm and Bright Stream too! - DJPug

HE IS SO MEAN! He dejected Thunder, proved his mate Storm that he was an idiot, and he drove out all the cats like Jagged Peak who could not take care of themselves. What a grump!

24 Wind

Even she is bossy her, her medicine cat discovered the moonstone, but if Wind did not send Mothflight away they would not have the Monnstone

I always hated when she wasn't in the group and she acted like the leader

She's awesome, she saved one of my favorite characters Jagged Peak, and she was a good leader and she and Gorse took new names to prove that they really wanted to be in Tall Shadow/ Grey Wing's group. She is just plain awesome.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Do u mean WINDSTAR!? Or Wind RUNNER? Not just Wind, people

25 River

River was just so awesome because she gave the clan a very god name and chose it well because she was a good swimmer... Her name was just so awesome.

RiverClan is probably the coolest clan because they can swim and River founded them! Plus river is just a cool name, if it was something like Riverwind it would be even cooler!

Why is this cat so far down? Adorable, hilarious, amazing, clever, noble, understanding, curious, etc. etc... Need I go on? River Ripple is the best! I LOVE HIM!

River Ripple is my favorite of all the Clan founders. He's smart, clever, and generally calm about things. - RiverClanRocks

26 Morningstar

Morningstar led his Clan through a harsh time. He tried to keep peace, he tried to unite the Clans. But they were not ready for his wisdom. - Morningfrost

I just like him. He gave Rabbitstar what he deserved. By the way, he is from Battles of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

27 Skystar

Stop being so mean to him. Did you know what happened to him? Have you read dawn of the clans book six? Of course not you jerks. Just read the last three books with an open mind and see that he's trying to change.

Okay, I understand that you have an opinion, but that is no reason to call people jerks! Respect their thoughts and treat others how you want to be treated. - RedTheGremlin

Since he's in this list I'm confused where tiger star and other dark forest cats are

This cat should burn in hell. He killed poor rainflower I hate you so much clear sky skystar

You mean rain swept flower they are too different cats

28 Pinestar

Pinestar is one of my favorite characters. He was a wise and peaceful leader, but he could not turn the tide against the endless cycle of bloodshed. - Morningfrost

He WAS a brave and loyal leader, until he decided to turn into a poor, dependent kitty pet! But, come on peeps, that cat WAS wise and courageous, and made a lot of good decisions.

I really like Pinestar! I know that he left the clan to become a kittypet, but I can see why! Also, I love his name! I named my OC after him, Pinefeather!

Pinefeather, warrior of TorrentClan and named after Pinestar and Feathertail.
PS I cried when Shanty died, she seemed cool!

He left his clan, mate and kits and went to the life of a kittypet! However he was an o-kay cat. - TheYogurtKid

29 Cedarstar

Cedar star is barely known and he killed a cat in a cold blooded battle but he's one of the only non evil shadow leader

If anybody has read tall stars revenge then you'll know he basically killed a cat in battle

Oh wow Cedarstar rules why is he down here.

That is true. He did give away a life for him

30 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf

She is may favorite even though she was a medicine cat

She was like the best.

She isn't a leader - Ku

BUT she WAS Firestar's first love interest so she technically counts doesn't she? - REALBluestar

I like spottedleaf but she have nothing to do on this list, she isn't a leader at all, but a very nice cat, I wish sh was alive in some more books

31 Finchstar

From Code of the Clans. I love Finchstar.

Who's Finchstar? What book is he in?

32 Shadow


Well I'm surprised she's down on this list but she was a very wise leader

Founder of my fave clan!

Me:The wise oh mighty shadowy leader may I join it clan?
Shadow: No..
Me: Fine -.-

33 Graywing

Too peace seeking, but a good character

Even though he wasn't technically a leader he was an amazing character with a heart of gold. He cared for many cats and was wise. I think he deserved to be leader, it was heartbreaking how he died.

He should be considered a founder. for some reason he is not!

He was the leader of Tall Shadows group for a bit, but they weren't technically a Clan.
He is still awesome though, unlike SPOOTEDleaf - CloudyDaze

34 Half Moon

Mother: Rising Moon
Father: Chasing Clouds
Mate: Jay's Wing
Clan: Unknown - CreamstripeOfButterClan

If I could, I would ship Jayfeather and Half Moon. However, here is the thing. If Jayfeather never had that dream, those cats would never have gone to the mountains! It's all linked up!

Sorry for spoilers! - TheYogurtKid

Why does Jayfeather like her? First of all, he's a medicine cat, and secondly, she died many generations ago. Also, she wasn't very interesting. - RiverClanRocks

Maybe if Jayfeather can go into other cat's dreams, he can summon her at night?

35 Lightningstar

Lightning Tail deserves leadership, but seriously. I'm pretty sure LightningSTAR isn't confirmed. - Sunadayh

You are confusing me. Is Lightningstar real? I'm only in the second 'Dawn of The Clans.'

Lightningstar in the leader after Thunder

No, the second leader was Owlstar (Owl Eyes)

36 Squirrelstar

NO! I to be honest hope she dies. I hate her.

She's pretty cool. - TheYogurtKid

Squirrelflight leader? shes one of my favorite cats. I like Cinderheart a lot though. although Squirrelstars awesome. hmm I'll think about my favorites... Cinderheart, Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Spottedleaf, Firestar, those are my favorites I'm gonna research more warrior cats.

HOW COULD YOU FORGET HER! She was the most awesome cat ever! Ashfur was so annoying! I'm glad she got back with Brambleclaw! Why didn't she have any of her own kits? Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze were Leafpools kits

37 Flowerstar

Flower star is awesome she took leadership after sister was killed along with someone who I don't know

I really love her! She was brave to take on the roll of a leader!

Can't remember everything, but do recall loving her. - Sunadayh

Thinks for while oh yeah I remember her!

38 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

HOLD UP! Why she on here? She only WANTED to be a leader, she wasn't A LEADER! Sorry for the people who disagree, but I hated Hollyleaf ever since about Leafpool's secret how she killed Ashfur and told the clans about it anyways! That's kinda mouse brained. Sorry for spoilers! - TheYogurtKid

I like Hollyleaf a lot I've read her story. I'm sad she died. I'm gonna read some more Warriors then go to bed it's late now. Hopefully I make it through the book. I remember Hollyleaf is a black she-cat with bright green eyes. I like making up warrior names some even exist. I hope I can find my Hollyleaf stuffed animal. Name: Thunderheart I'm stuck at fire and ice I've read three of the warrior books some of fire and ice some of into the wild and a lot of Hollyleaf's story. My type of cat would probably be a small she-cat.

She isn't leader but she is on my top favorite warrior cats let's see there's, Jayfeather, Cinderpelt, Hollyleaf, Firestar, Graystripe, Tawnypelt, Bramblestar, Longtail, Hawkfrost, Dustpelt, Ferncloud, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Feathertail, Crowfeather, Brightheart, Brakenfur, Sorreltail, Mapleshade and Sandstorm. I really heart (LOVE) Jayfeather, Brackenfur, Sorreltail, Graystripe, Firestar, Hollyleaf, Longtail, Leafpool, Ferncloud, Feathertail, Dustpelt and Brightheart

Parents- Leafpool and Crowfeather
Brothers- Jayfeather and Lionblaze
Reedfeather- of Grayclan

She would've been a good leader. She killed evil Ashfur to protect her family, which was very brave. Then she saved Ivypool in the dark forest battle! Ivypool would have been DEAD! She's a very loyal, smart she cat.

39 MoonStar

Who's Moonstar? Do people make up stuff?

? Who is Monster? - Silverlily

Never heard about him butcl cool

*Coughs* Who?

40 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

I think Swiftpaw should of had another chance, all he was trying to do was save his Clan. I feel sorry for him.

However, it was kinda good he died. But still it was sad. If he didn't die, then he would be with Brightheart, Whitewing wouldn't be born and so would Dovewing and Ivypool, and the Omen Of The Stars prophecy would never have happened.
Does that make sense? - TheYogurtKid

I love Swift paw ^^ so much although he is not a leader. He is in my top ten of favorite cats and also saddest deaths he is still my favorite.

It's so sad when Swiftpaw was killed by dogs!

41 Owlstar

Mother: Turtle Tail
Father: Tom
Sister: Sparrow Fur
Brother: Pebble Heart
Clan: Shadow Clan (Formerly), Sky Clan (Formerly), Thunder Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

He had a smart hunting technique

Created an amazing way of hunting, I hope they make a book about him.

Owlstar had the best way of hunting like an owl! That's so cool!

42 Featherstar

Featherstar was a past leader of WindClan how could anyone forget! - Timberheart

Feathertail never became leader

Do you mean Feathertail? She never became leader

I think Featherstar rules

43 Redstar

NO! They mean Redstar from Cloudstar's journey. The thunderClan leader at that time. He was the first one to suggest SkyClan move out. NOOO! Why though? Because I recently read Cats of the clans and SKYWATCHER AND CLOUDSTAR were on there and like the narrator Rock was 'if cats like Firestar can hunt mice and thrushes surly Clan born cat can too? Quote is not exact. So Redstar was like sorta selfish there isn't enough information about him. -Aquamist of DawnClan

Red star is a ancient leader of thunder clan. He was very unsympathetic towards sky clan and told Sky clan that star clan didn't want five clans and to go.

Why why why why why why why why why why did you have to kill Redtail I loved his tail... tigerstar I'm glad you dead..

I think Redstar would've been a great leader with all the loyalty he had to ThunderClan. Bluestar even said in the first book after his death he was the most loyal cat she has come to know. But it's Tigerclaw/Star's fault he's dead.

44 Hollystar

Code of the Clans cat - Frogjaw1996

45 Graystripe Graystripe

Graystripe is loyal and he always helped his clan :3

Well he once was deputy. - TheYogurtKid

Okay, Graystripe never got the POSITION of leader, but he was a leader in his own way. He was independent, loyal, smart, quick-witted, and fierce as well. The other Clans could easily respect him but his strength would be something worth fearing. Too bad Brambleclaw became deputy after him. And it's also a shame he was so old by the time Firestar died. I think it's so lame that they had to shove both Mistyfoot and Graystripe out of the way so two new deputies can give more plot to the series. It bothers me when the book wants to make you agree with Firestar (for example they make it so his relationship with Silverstream is a bad thing) because apparently he's always right. UGH!

He may have never been a leader, but you can bet that he was awesome as a deputy. He would've made a great leader, and had nice qualities that would've made him better than Bramblestar, in my opinions!

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46 Darkstar

The Darkstar that sent Mapleshade out of the goodness I hated her! She was so mouse-brained! I would've liked to see her face when Rusty came into the clan -_-

Poor Mapleshade. - TheYogurtKid

No! If this is the Mapleshade's Vengeance one then she is NOT a good leader! She rejected Mapleshade after she lost her kits and nearly drowned. - RedTheGremlin

No no no!

Which one? there are 3 'Darkstar's'

47 Feathertail Feathertail

Yeah she dies but so what? She would have made a great leader.

Feathertail was a brave warrior. also she was really brave to do that. I think she would have made a great leader.

Yep, but she is not cut out to be leader. besides, leopardstar would never choose her cause' she is halfclan. -Firestorm

She saved crowfeather! STUPID ROCK AND SHARPTOTH

48 Hawkstar

Who is Hawkstar?

Hawkstar is an ancient WindClan leader

49 Gorsestar

I remember it all now...(insert staring off into the distance) - EdgystarofHamilclan

Mate: Wind Runner
Daughters: Moth Flight, Morning Whisker
Sons: Ember Fur, Dust Muzzle
Clan: Shadow Clan (Formerly), Wind Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

Uh, who tf is this...

0mg I hate this name grossly :throws up:

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50 Yellowfang Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

YELLOWFANG! Wish u could be leader, but u were a great med cat.

Everyone doesn't like her but she deserves a lot of respect! Read Yellow fang's secret and books 1-4.

Yellowfang was a awesome medicine cat that helped FireStar's first app become better and cheer her up so yeah.

I LOVE YELLOWFANG! She was my favorite cat in the whole series. the book started getting better when she came into it and I'm not sure why. I love her! Stupid fire she could have lived longer. but I guess The 4 Erin Hunters just wanted to get the readers attention by adding some drama. Live on in Starclan Yellowfang!

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