Top 10 Worst Warrior Cat Characters

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1 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, who strips all his lives away. And then by Firestar, who moves on to StarClan when they meet again... read more

Me: And the winner for dumbest mouse brained fox-heart of all time...Tigerstar!
Tigerstar: Thank you, thank you. And perhaps our little Firestar here *waves his tail at Firestar who's in the audience* will win the most mouse-brained and weak leader ever award.
Firestar: *Growls*
Me: Knock it of Tigerstar.
Tigerstar: You're almost just as weak as Firestar, Firemist, if that's even POSSIBLE.
Me: Well that's just sad 'cause if the Faded Dark Forest EVER hears that you've been beaten in battle by some weak female Firestar, they'll NEVER let you hear the end of it.
Tigerstar: Is that a challenge?
Me: Duh.
Tigerstar: *Yowls and throws himself at me*
Me: *Kicks him away and slashes his muzzle* You can't forget that FIRESTAR is the reason you're in the Faded Dark Forest. And soon, you'll have to join the Faded Faded Dark Forest because of ME.
Firestar: Yeah! *Fires (oh, no pun intended) a blow a that sends Tigerstar skidding*
Me: Well I guess he won't be bringing his trophy home.

2 Rainflower

Worst mom ever, why did crookedstar have to have mapleshade help him choose to let Rainflower die! It's her fault for crookedstar running off and that nearly costed Riverclan their feature leader and she seemed so mean at all time and always was like "oh, oakheart! come meet other deputies cause
you just became a warrior but you out of the hundreds of cats will be the next Riverclan deputy" so she is about a MILLION times worst than Tigerstar >:(

At first she loved Stormkit as a mother should, but then when his jaw became crooked she didn't care about him anymore and changed his name to Crookedkit and for what? To make him even more embarrassed about his jaw even more? I mean what kind of mother does that? She only pampered him in the beginning because he was a good looking kit and when he wasn't anymore she just neglected him. He became a pretty good warrior later on but his mother still neglected him because he wasn't pretty enough, I mean come on! I think being a good warrior is much more important than what they look like!

3 Ashfur Ashfur is a character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. Ashfur is a muscular pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes. He has short, thick fur, and a torn ear.

To say he severely overreacted is an extreme understatement. For some reason, he's the only cat in the series to show THAT much anger over the cat he loved (Squirrelflight) not loving him back. Many other cats got over their disappointment successfully. Thrushpelt did. Bristlefrost did. Why is Ashfur so different? In his past appearances, he certainly didn't seem like the sort of cat who would have any sort of grudge because of that.
And his reasoning for destroying ALL of the Warrior, really. The guy just can't understand that not everyone shares his feelings and tries to destroy literally everything that exists because of his stupid grudge.

Ashfur is himself, I absolutely hate it when people compare him to other cats, I mean like, guess what? He's not a reincarnation of Thrushpelt, and so even though he COULD'VE been like him, he chose not to, and then he's not like Mapleshade since not only did she also love too much, but she also despised two of the clans. Also, my point wouldn't be that "he loved too much" even though that's partly true. He tried to let Squirrelflight know how much she hurt him when she straight out said "I don't love you". She could've said it from the beginning that all she wanted was a friend, and then Ashfur could've been more aware of it before it became a solid thought that he loved her. Ashfur thought that the only way to make her feel the same loss he felt was to take her loved ones away. At least he didn't kill any of the cats though he tried to, so it's not as bad as Mapleshade's case, in which she DID murder a cat, more specifically, a medicine cat.

I really don't like him AT ALL, PERIOD. You could tell Squirrelflight just wanted a friend while she was waiting for Brambleclaw to come back. Look guys we all have to face the ugly truth that Ashfur sucks! I don't hate him I just think that he was stupid to get in the way of real love to have Squirrelflight to himself. Especially if Jayfeather Hollyleaf and Lionblaze were her kits he would of killed them, then Brambleclaw then Firestar Sandstorm Leafpool. And anyone close to her so that she could suffer what he went through? Squirrelflight never loved him he was just a friend. I'm glad Hollyleaf killed him before he COULD do something evil.

Sorry not trying to be snappy just saying my opinion!

Poor Ashfur. I don't know why people HATE him so much if Scourge's behavior is acceptable just because he got bullied. To be honest, Ashfur's behavior isn't entirely his fault (not saying what he did is acceptable though). His mother died, his dad doesn't even talk to him, his sister barely interacted with him, thanks to weirdo Dustpelt. Brambleclaw was busy, and Squirrelflight is the main source of his obsession, making it impossible for him to avoid her. And without support, he has this heavy weight of obsession, slowly sapping his sanity. And the last straw is Brambleclaw. He snapped, and tried to kill them. Still not saying his behavior is acceptable, and he didn't love Squirrelflight. It's just obsession.

4 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Ok, ok, ok. Let's be fair! I don't like Millie and I am a gray x silver shipper but I want this to be a fair debate between myself and myself.
1. The tunnels
After blossom fall came home from being trapped in the tunnels Millie snapped at blossom fall saying briar light could do better. Yeh I know Millie is obsessed and always worried but I think it's the same with every parent with a disabled son/daughter. I know this because of my family. Millie does over worry about briar light but I do think blossom fall just needs to get a grip. It's also the style Erin's have written this. Usually warriors don't spend much time with their parents which is why this plot confuses me. I think Millie's words from the tunnel incident were inexcusable though!

1.Why is everyone so upset that she never took a warrior name!? Daisy and Brook didn't, so why should Millie have to?
2. Why does everyone say she's a"Silverstream replacement"? Does that mean Leafpool is a "Feathertail replacement"?
3.If there is a reason to hate Millie, this is it. But wouldn't you be upset if one of your children was hurt by a tree? And yelling at Blossomfall was NOT right, but Millie was heartbroken! And it says in the Warriors Wiki that she wanted to spend time with all of her kits and not just Briar.
4. Hating Millie just because Graystripe was with Silverstream first is childish. Graystripe never said he hated your precious Silverstream, and he needed to move on sometime.

5 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw is a villain in the Warrior Cats series. Thistleclaw is a gray-and-white tabby tom with spiky fur and amber eyes

I understand where people are coming from when they say he wasn't evil, just arrogant, and it wasn't his fault Tigerstar become evil. But it was. In Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluestar sees some of his training sessions with Tigerstar, and Tigerstar wants a clean session, and Thistleclaw keeps pushing him in the wrong direction. And as a cat as young as he is, he is easily influenced easily. Besides, no one could've though he was that important if Bluestar chased him out of StarClan, and no one went looking for him. He also fought for the Dark Forest in the Great Battle.

6 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan.

Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last moments with her mother Leafpool saying her last words ”I couldn’t bear to… to leave without... read more

Hollyleaf is the best warrior ever! I'm not stupid- I know about all the bad things she did, but you are missing the point of the part where she came back. Not many cats would have the courage to came back when there is a chance that no body would like them and they wouldn't be accepted. But Hollyleaf did because she was determined to do the right thing even after she had done the wrong thing. She admitted her mistakes and apologized for everything and wanted nothing but forgiveness. Most importantly she realized that all she really needed was right there all along- her family including leafpool loved her and Hollyleaf did all she could to shoe she lobed them back

Hollyleaf was always one of my least favorites. Everyone's hating on Dovewing so much, but in my opinion she was a good cat. She used her powers to save the clan from the falling tree, and the beavers. While she was doing that, Hollyleaf was hiding in the tunnels because she was too scared to face the fact that she broke the warrior code. Obsessing over some code was plain annoying. Squirrelflight cared for her like a mother. But then Hollyleaf decides to be a brush-off and say you're a pathetic liar. And then, when she finally admits she kills Ashfur, the clan is like, "don't worry, you did us a favor, he was evil." The other cats didn't even know if she was telling the truth or not. They just went along with everything. She didn't even have to kill Ashfur! She killed him so he wouldn't betray their secret but then tells it during a gathering anyways?! That doesn't make any sense. So for all of you that hate Dovewing, look at Hollyleaf. She is 100 times worse!

7 Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. Brokenstar is a matted, dark brown tabby tom with a broad, flat face, a bent tail, and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

This one was bad from the beginning. Sure, he felt depressed and alone, and very angry. I can appreciate that. The thing is, dude, he needed to learn to move on with his life. Lizardstripe hates you? Your siblings reject you? Well, you have the elders, the medicine cats and your deputy/leader who would happily care for you.

You were given chance after chance to do good, but you end up being one of the most evil cats ever known. You killed loyal warriors, including your father, in order to satisfy your ambitions. Your thirst for blood doesn't even end there. You kill kits, expand territory, expel WindClan. Then, when your finally stopped and even given a chance to redeem yourself, with cats who would actively defend you, you still screw up.

I'm sorry, you might have been an interesting character, but you're the greatest sociopath the Clans have ever known.

He's filled with hatred and rage.

I believe he trained kits to death because they represented his foster siblings for him. I think he ruthlessly murdered them to unleash all his rage and hatred on them.

I believe he also banished Yellowfang and tried to ruin her life because she represented Lizardstripe.

You remember when Brokenkit was born, Yellowfang saw an angry expression on that kit? It's because Brokenstar is literally rage fusioned in a cat. All he does is because of his rage and hatred and violent, brutal, savage ways of expressing it.

Another thing about Brokenstar. It's his lack of concern for anything. He doesn't care of his clan starves, he doesn't care of the elders die, he doesn't care about the kits, he doesn't care about anyone. That's because he's so blinded by hatred and anger that his only purpose is to torture and kill.

I think Brokenstar never wanted to rule his clan or the forest for the sake of being leader. No. I think he ...more

Brokenstar really had a hard life. He was hated on, neglected, teased and insulted by his adopted mom, siblings and Clanmates. He started off being a tiny helpless kitten who was the target of a lot of anger. He was mistreated and had to grow up not knowing who his real mother was, just like his father had. Not only that, Raggedstar spolied him and teached him to be cruel and ruthless from a very young age. I think that he just snapped at some point and believed that by wounding his Clanmates he would earn their respect. When he started abusing him apprentice, a lot of cats looked up to him and he started doing it more to other cats. He was evil and insane, but there was a good reason to it.

Okay, but seriously. How is Hollyleaf in front of Brokenstar? I've never finished reading Yellowfang's Secret, but hear me out. He killed his father for no reason other than to become leader. He also had many chances to reform, but he threw those away. Brokenstar may have been scarred, but he had Yellowfang who was always there for him, and then he just betrays her trust and blames the death of kits on her. What's worse is when he takes refuge in Thunderclan, he leads a bunch of evil cats to attack the camp, refusing to have some good in him.

8 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes,... read more

Scourge from the "Warriors" series by Erin Hunter is often portrayed as a villain, but when delving deeper into his character, it becomes evident that he is nothing more than a shallow filler to swiftly eliminate Tigerstar. Scourge's actions and motives lack complexity and depth, rendering him a one-dimensional character solely created to enhance the downfall of another. His ruthless and power-hungry nature only serves to highlight Tigerstar's malevolence, making Scourge seem like a caricature in comparison. The author's decision to introduce Scourge as a brief antagonist appears to be a convenient ploy to magnify Tigerstar's evil deeds and create a quick resolution, rather than crafting a multifaceted villain with a compelling backstory and genuine development. By juxtaposing Scourge with Tigerstar, Erin Hunter creates a stark contrast that inadvertently diminishes Scourge's individuality and makes him appear more like a plot device than a fully realized character. Ultimately, Scourge's lack of substance and depth makes him a lackluster addition to the narrative, serving primarily as a means to an end and failing to leave a lasting impact on readers due to his superficial portrayal. - Dovepaw

9 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He becomes the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He is mates with Sandstorm and has two kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Formerly a kittypet named Rusty, Firestar is killed by fatal wounds inflicted by the spirit of Tigerstar and a falling tree... read more

Yep. Firestar is a moron. Can I vote for this cat right here 200 times? This isn't the most EVIL Warrior Cats list, this is the WORST Warrior Cats list. As in, "poorly developed" and "way too OP." I mean, SCOURGE has more character development than this guy, and he's in one book and a manga. I'm not counting his first appearance in Bluestar's Prophecy because he gets like half a page. Meanwhile, Firestar gets a whole arc that is only his viewpoint, is in all of the books after up to Dawn Of The Clans (which is really before), and has his own super edition. Your winner of the 2003-forever Worst Warrior Cat competition: FIRESTAR! Give him a paw everybody! He wins everything else, let's let him have this.

10 Sol

Guys think of Loki from the avengers and warrior cats. You combine those two together and you get this mysterious villain. He's different from all the other villains in warrior cats. His main weapon is manipulation and using an enemies weakness to his advantage. Which is exactly like Loki. He also ruled a clan and manipulated another. I don't think there is a cat like him who could manipulate the clans like he can. If he ever returns I hope he does an even better plan.

Sol isn't evil when you think about it..I know I sound crazy but it's true! He only wanted to destroy the Clans because of SkyClan, when he was -SPOILERS-

rejected from them. I mean, come on! READ THE MANGA! His mother separated AND abandoned him and his littermates (which you can't blame her for) he got rejected by SkyClan, and had a terrible past. In my opinion, Sol would be my favorite character in the Warrior Cat series if he didn't try to destroy the Clans.

I like Sol. I love how he's the only villain in the whole series who does his deeds by TALKING. He's what every villain should be, manipulative, vengeful and original. Name one other villain who is as lazy but succeeding as Sol is. Sol is just one of the more creative warriors villains in the series, and I wish he'd return. He's my second favorite villain.

Sol is honestly, in my opinion, kind of creepy! please respond if anyone knows how he found out about the eclipse, this dude gave me the creeps and I felt uncomfortable reading about him, also when I look back on reading about him I always kind of figured he was talking in a dangerously calm voice that seemed off. Like when clowns say, "Come on...I won't hurt you" with the low, soft voice *shiver*

The Contenders
11 Bone

Listen: some people will hate me, and I don't give a F... Bone is the most loyal cat of all the series. He depended on Scourge. If Scourge wasn't evil (I know he is not very evil for me), Bone wouldn't be. He was just following his best friend blindly. He obeys to Scourge at everything. He is also very strong. He killed Whitestorm, a very powerful senior warrior. Bone is one of my favorites forever! Everybody loves Scourge, saying thta he was misunderstood, bullied, which is true. But Bone? Everybody hates him! Because? He killed a noble warrior. How the Dark Forest would he know that Whitestorm was "so important? " Really people? You don't make any sense and you just look for the actions the cat did before, not the cat itself. Ridiculous. And the worse? Your "amazing Scourge" couldn't do all of his plans without Bone... Think about it, and hate me, I don't care.

Bone is the best cat ever!
He's extremely loyal to Scourge and will do anything he says
I personally love all villains and antagonists
Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Scourge,...etc
They all have terrible pasts that made them villains but still most people like the " heros " or the " good guys " just because they got the prophecy and spotlight.
Tigerstar wouldn't have been evil if it weren't for Thistleclaw. Brokenstar was unwanted by RainFlower. Scourge was bullied and made evil by Socks and Ruby
They just misunderstood by ALMOST everyone,

12 Daisy

I agree she can be a bit precious sometimes but she really does have a great role in the clans and didn't mean to try and steal Cloudtail from Brightheart, Cloudtail was just helping her settle in. When people hate on her it's kind of like people hating on Bramblestar for being Tigerstar's son, there's not really much she can do to change her background and she totally grows into an awesome well developed character in Bramblestar's storm. If she's not a fighter then oh well, she found something equally as important to do in the clan.

She is so annoying! All she gives a crap about is her kits! She shows no concern for Thunderclan at all! The whole clan could die in a fire for all she cared. All she does it stay in the Nursery even when she doesn't even have her own kits! Instead of being a warrior and actually being USEFUL and getting fresh-kill and training an apprentice she just stays in the nursery nearly the whole entire time.

13 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight is a dark ginger she-cat with forest-green eyes. She has one white paw, short legs, a torn ear tip, glossy fur, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail. She has a scar running from her chest to the top of her hind leg along her right flank. She is a cat in the series called Warrior Cats... read more

I HATE Squirrelflight! She was so rude and stubbon towards Brambleclaw at the star of the new prophecy. She picked fights with everyone over tiny things! For some unknown reason Stormfur had a crush on her for a while! She broke up with Brambleclaw only because he was TALKING to his BROTHER then Ashfur fell in love with her and she stabbed him in the back, came crawling back to Brambleclaw, stabbed him in the back by pretending that he was Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze's dad. Then Hollyleaf murderd Ashfur and almost died trying to escape ThunderClan and you know what? Squirrelflight became deputy!

14 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower, and a father named Stormtail. Bluestar is a large,... read more

Where do I even star with her? I have three big problems with her.

1) She ignored Fireheart when he came to her to speak about Tigerclaw's abuse. The worst thing an authority figure could do to an abuse victim, is to dismiss them. It's hard enough for a victim to speak out about abuse but WORSE when a figure of authority, puts their own feelings before the concerns of other's. Fireheart tried to tell her that Tigerclaw killed Redtail and was even going after Ravenpaw, but Bluestar would hear none of it. It's unfathomable.

2) Her whole breakdown was just annoying. Throughout the whole arch, I was just literally hoping for her to be killed off. Her only purpose at that point, was to cause trouble by starting fights with other clans and leaving Fireheart to step up in her place. She was so utterly useless. So frustrating of a character, that I wanted her DEAD.

3) Erin Hunter went to say that Thistleclaw went to starclan (because he did give Tigerstar one of his nine lives) but the reason he later showed up in the Dark Forest was because Bluestar chased him there, after she died. While this does sort out the continuity errors about whether or not Thistleclaw went to Starclan or the dark forest, it does bring up a big up other questions. What right did Bluestar have, to choose damnation, for a fellow cat in Starclan? Yes, Starclan had believed that if Thistleclaw been made a clan leader, he would lead the clans into bloody battles, but in the end, he never did. He never became leader. Thistleclaw served his clan well! The only rules in the warrior code that he possibly broke, (I say possibly, because I'm not sure if it was a real rule or not) was to train in the dark forest and also to scare away Bluepaw's prey that one time when they were hunting for the clan (a dick move, I must admit). Sure he did some other things like encourage his apprentice Tigerpaw, to fight a kittypet kitten, teach his kitten son moves before Bluestar thought he was ready,... more

15 Goosefeather

I think I can understand why people get mad for chasing stormkit to the gorge but if you read goosefeather's curse... (SPOILER WARNING) It clearly states he had the power to see the future so he must have known if crookedstar broke his jaw he would have fallen in love with willowbreeze,silverstream would have been born and feathertail would've saved the clans now lemme tell you this? what would have happened if he never broke his jaw? the tribes would be doomed!

Okay Guys maybe he is the fault of Stormkit/Crookedstar but!

While others commonly medicine cats must philosophize first once felt five thousand years about the meaning of a dream, he knows immediately what it means.

Poor Crookedstar and Bluestar. If he never existed, maybe the two of them might not have suffered. His stupidity killed Bluestar's mom, and Crookedstar wouldn't have a ungrateful mom.

God I hate him, he was a stupid cat, and he made Stormkit break his jaw. He never did anything good as a medicine cat either, and he had that stupid omen that killed Moonflower.

16 Hawkheart Hawkheart is a stone-gray tom with flecks of darker brown fur, yellow eyes, and graying whiskers.

Hawkheart was a WindClan medicine cat under Heatherstar’s leadership in the forest territories. He originally served as a warrior before becoming a medicine cat. He was said to have an unusually strong and rough personality. During an attack on WindClan's camp, Hawkheart violently defended his... read more

It's one thing to brutally kill a warrior when you're supposed to be doing quite the opposite, as the medicine cat, but of course, there has to be one cat who takes it a step further. After the battle, he shows absolutely no guilt after killing Moonflower. At the Gathering, he literally goes up to Bluepaw, knowing she is the daughter of the cat he killed, and starts sneering at her until Heatherstar calls him away. That's a thing I noticed. If he's supposed to stop something, Heatherstar has to call him. Hawkheart was very insensitive and a jerk to Bluepaw.

Hawkheart had no real need to kill Moonflower. She was destroying his herbs, so he of course had the right to attack her, but he didn't have to kill her. Lionblaze killed Russetfur, yes, but he was GUILTY about it. He hadn't meant to kill her, and he was shocked when he found she was dead. Hollyleaf was guilty about killing Ashfur. She did it on purpose, but she was GUILTY. Was Hawkheart guilty even a little bit? It doesn't appear so. The book says NOTHING about Hawkheart appearing to feel any sort of guilt after killing Moonflower, and he even taunts poor Bluepaw afterward and says that "she deserved to die." Later, he calls her a "kit-warrior" at the Gathering. I wouldn't say that Hawkfrost is EVIL, exactly, I just really don't like him. And it's too bad... I liked him in Yellowfang's Secret. He was nice then. But I hate him now. That's my opinion.

17 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker... read more

Spottedleaf from "Warriors" by Erin Hunter is often criticized for being a poorly developed character who embodies Mary Sue-like traits. She comes across as one-dimensional and lacks the depth or growth seen in other key characters. Spottedleaf's existence seems solely to revolve around being a romantic interest for Firestar, diminishing her significance to a mere love interest and reducing her potential as a complex character. Her unrealistically perfect attributes, such as her flawless beauty and magical abilities, make her less relatable and fail to resonate with readers looking for more depth in a character. This calculated portrayal of Spottedleaf seems to serve a narrative purpose rather than allowing her to exist as a fully realized individual. In conclusion, Spottedleaf's portrayal as a Mary Sue-like character falls short of delivering a compelling and believable figure, ultimately detracting from the overall narrative and character dynamics in the series. - Dovepaw

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, and she has a broad muzzle and face. She has amber eyes. she is mistakenly described as ginger-and-white... read more

I think Mapleshade was a mother looking for revenge over her children's death, but she turned evil, and does not deserve forgiveness. Her story was sad, she mated with a enemy, and suffered the price. I think it was wrong for her clan to throw out her kits, or her in the first place. Cats should be able to love who they truly think is best for them. Mapleshade was betrayed by her mate, and her kits were drowned. She was broken hearted, but her choice is where she went wrong. The clans broke her, she turned to killing. She killed three cats, one for each of her dead kits. She thought this was the only way to avenge her kits deaths. She had no heart anymore. She then went on to making Thunderclan and Riverclan pay. She manipulated cats to turn against their kin, their clan. She was truly evil in the end, her innocence and love torn apart by her mate, her trust torn by her clan, and her heart torn by her kits' deaths. I do not think Mapleshade deserves any pity though, it was her choice to ruin others lives, it was her choice to be bad. And she chose that choice, and that is why she does not deserve our forgiveness or pity.

19 Sharptooth

Sharptooth was hunting. Calling him evil is like calling every cat evil. They hunted. Many fish, frogs, voles, etc. were killed by them. Sure, he killed the tribe, but did he know? No. He basically saw the cats as food, like the cats see their prey as food.

Isn't Sharptooth a cougar? That's my theory cause they call him a mountain cat and the other day I was reading a book of cats and stuff and a cougar was also known as a mountain cat. Sharptooth doesn't have a mane right? So...


First off, isn't a cat. Mountain lion.
Second, what can you really have against him if you haven't heard his backstory? He was just hunting; Doing what felt that was right.
And third, why is this character (If you can even call him one) even in the top ten?

I hate this guy so much. He literally killed my second favorite character ever Feathertail. I would kill this dude so much. And mountain lions and basically cats so I would rather this up to 2.

20 Onestar Onestar is a fictional character from the book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. He is/was a WindClan leader, and is mottled, small, brown tom cat.

Spoiler Alert*

In a Vision of Shadows book 2, "Thunder and Shadow" I believe he just plain turned into a drama queen/king. When he lost a life to the rogues, he acted like everyone was a traitor. Tallstar made a mistake. Mudclaw would have been a much better leader in the long run. I think many former leaders made bad decisions. Firestar should have kept Graystripe as deputy or chose Brackenfur or even Ashfur, because Brambleclaw only became leader because of Tigerstar and "second chances". Blackstar too. Rowanstar just sits there and watches his clan crumble. I honestly want ShadowClan to fall at this point; I didn't used too but with everything going on I think that's what should happen. Anyway, I'm ranting! You got my point!

I honestly don't know why he is on here. He's not a jerk; he needs to prove his loyalty to his clan. After the huge skirmish with Mudclaw, he needs to be a jerk to Thunderclan. I actually applaud him for doing that as it helps cats no longer question his loyalty since everyone always knew he liked Thunderclan cats. They are from two different clans. Get over it, people.

21 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has pale gray fur with green, pr sky-blue, or pale gold eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and... read more

I think that Dovewing should be on the bottom of this list, she is so good! Even though she sort of is a Mary Sue, I still love her and hate Ivypool, Ivypool did nothing to help the series and just added on the the drama. She didn't and she got jealous just because Dovewing was chosen to go on the beaver quest and she wasn't. And Dovewing saved the Clans twice. How many times did Ivypool save the Clans? She had an attempted to save the Clans but that didn't really help, this is basically what happens in the books:
Dovewing: *drags prey to the fresh kill pile*
Ivypool: Do you want me to take that to the fresh-kill pile? I'll say it was mine so you don't need to care about it.
Dovewing: But I caught it, I should take it to the fresh-kill pile.
Ivypool: But then I'll obviously get more attention than you if I said I caught it.
Dovewing: I'm not sure it works that way. . .
Ivypool: Of course it does! You can hand over the prey and say I did it so I look better than you!
Basically, this is what happens, she gets mad because Dovewing drags "too much attention" (not true, you didn't deserve to be pampered as a young warrior). And I think that Ivypool treats Dovewing unkindly, which means that Dovewing goes through that and also has to deal with The Three stuff. I think that I would be stressed out with a sibling who's trying everything in their power to be better than me and a prophecy that could depend on me at any point. And I think that she deserves more love than the fandom is giving out. I hate how people don't have any proof accept "Her power should have been Hollyleaf's," bruh, Hollyleaf wasn't in the prophecy, she didn't deserve to in the first place because she was a tattle-tail and she always got her way, there are way more quotes that I can come up with. Like: "She gets everything she wants." and "She thinks she's superior to Ivypool" but she doesn't think that she's the best, in fact she doesn't even want her powers, all she wants is to be... more

22 Darkstripe

He was just there to be one of those Tigerstar supporters. He lacks a mind for himself and is 100% a follower. He can't even stay loyal to anyone! First he refuses to leave ThunderClan, which is great, but he ends up leaving anyway after poisoning Sorrelkit (she's his half-sibling! Why would he do that?). He kills cats he doesn't know because Tigerstar says so, and then, when Scourge kills Tigerstar, he fights on BloodClan's side and tries to kill Firestar before being killed by Graystripe. He has no loyalty whatsoever and sides with whoever he believes is stronger, no matter who it is. I don't blame you if you forgot he existed. I did too, multiple times.

Definitely my least favorite character. What does Darkstripe even do: nothing. He's just Tigerstar's shadow, and doesn't really do anything. He also tried to poison Sorrelkit (Sorreltail), who's one of my favorite characters! He also couldn't even kill a cat (Stonefur). Blackfoot had to do it for him (thank StarClan that Blackstar went "sane" after that)!

Ugh there is something creepy about Darkstripe. The way he dotes on Tigerstar and how the book hints strongly that he loves Tigerstar. How he fed Sorrelkit deathberries and the way he acts. He had no mate and he is always getting under Hawkfrost and Tigerstars feet in the Dark Forest, seemingly lusting after them. He's just wrong, so wrong.

Darkstrips a cowered. He acts all: I'm the best and all. When Tigerstar is winning. And when Tigerstar is found out or wronged, he goes to: oh! I never knew your bad Tigerstar! You betrayed me! Then when Tigerstar goes back up, he acts like: oh you losers. Look I'm Tigerstar ally and I do everything to help him!

23 ClearSky

Clear Sky was a really annoying prick of a "brother" and "parent". He flipped out on Gray Wing when he accidentally killed Fox, and said "I have no brother". Okay mister icy-pants, take it down a notch. He was a crappy parent to Thunder but still wanted him back later when Gray Wing did all the work...not to mention stealing Storm and Star Flower...He was super selfish when it came to Slash stealing Star Flower, and he begged for the other groups' help when he NEVER had helped them. Micah x Moth Flight os one of my favorite couples (even though Micah is a heck of a Stu, I still like him), and he is COMPLETELY responsible for his death.

He killed misty because she was on the territory he wanted so he killed her. Then he realized that she had kits. He wanted to kill them but petal saved there lives because she doesn't want them to end up like her and fox. Fox was killed by accident. Gray wing did NOT mean to kill him. But he had him pinned down and there was blood in his eyes and he couldn't aim strait. But back to clear sky. Clear Sky almost killed Gray Wing for yelling at him abou the kit named thunder who becomes the first leader of thunder clan. It is not Gray Wings responsibility to care for Clear Sky's kit and then have him taken away. This gets me thinking that clear sky will kill more if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it.

He is snobby, annoying, self-centered and in a way, a two timer (I have no clue why I just said that).

I will hair explain from the Sun Trail since he's too annoying to explain everything.

Okay. Right after Bright Stream died, he fell for Storm (I don't know why so much people hate her) not to mention he steals all the chicks from Gray Wing.

He kicked Jagged Peak out of his camp fur to his weird leg! For StarClan's sake, they're brothers! Blood brothers! He got into a fight with Gray Wing after he did stuff that wasn't even close to his fault.

Finally, he Jair left the tribe and Quiet Rain without being sad or anything at all. Even when fluttering Bird died, the only emotion he showed was: "I am so sorry,."


I honestly didn't like clear sky until the sixth book in dawn of the clans. In that book he had a caring heart for his mates and kits. He didn't want them to be hurt and he felt bad about what happened between thunder and him. That makes me think of how good of a guy he is in that book. But, I do have some bad things to say about him to. I don't agree how he treats thunder and storm and her other kits and how he treated Graywing and Jaggedpeak. I also don't like him in the super addition with Moth Flight, just because Miach's death made me cry. I honestly hated him so much at that moment because of how he didn't even care about Micah's death or when his son got killed either. I really hated him in that book and I feel he only was a good cat in one book, which makes me think why the Erin's even made Clearsky. It just made me really really hate skyclan.

24 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I don't really know why Leafpool is on this list... She is one of my favourite characters, but I'm trying really hard not to be prejudiced.
If I'm being honest, Leafpool made a LOT of mistakes in her life. Running away with Crowfeather, having kits, lying to her clan. But in my opinion, she's made up for this- at least a little bit. Now she's a loyal ThunderClan medicine cat (Or so we think). She also is very caring and helps whenever she can, even for cats in other clans. Leafpool is definitely not a Mary Sue, but I do not necessarily think that she is "evil" or "bad" enough to be on this list. I'm sure not many people will agree with me on this, though.

It took me way too long to find her on the list. Still don't like how she got to be a medicine cat a second time and hardly anyone is mad at her while her kids are looked at awkwardly because their parents shouldn't have gotten together. I also found it very insensitive of her when she gave Jayfeather his warrior name. "I'll give my child a permanent reminder that his father is from another clan. That's exactly what he needs! " Also, her personality annoys me. "'STARCLAN, HELP US! ' Leafpool pleaded, for the 50th time."
Between her and real jackasses like Rainflower and Breezepelt, who do I think is worse? Definitely not Leafpool. But I really, really dislike how she is painted in a completely good light and never scorned by anyone other than her kits and her Crowfeather's kits, who eventually either get shafted or forgive her anyway

25 Foxheart

Snobby. Tries to steal Raggedpelt from Yellowfang for her whole life and only cared about herself and Raggedpelt when in reality, she means nothing to him like said in the book.
Also being a seduce person or cat, she is only there to make Yellowfang's life miserable and annoying Raggedstar and Yellowfang. Well, mostly Yellow. But, I kind of feel sorry for her because she died in a young age.

I see absolutely no problem with her. She was a great warrior and died protecting her clan. Although Yellowfang is my favorite character I did feel jealous for her when Foxheart started flirting with Raggedstar. But I think Foxheart is a great character and doesn't deserve the hate she gets.

Maybe I'll like her when hedgehogs FLY, which is never! She is so annoying, selfish and bratty, and she was so mean to yellowfang. She always tried to make yellowfang jealous, and made fun of her constantly. She should be named Fox Dung.

Foxheart was just a selfish little brat who was jealous of Yellowfang. She was really mean to Yellowfang, and always tried to steal Raggedstar. And she STILL went to Starclan! Her name should be Foxdung instead.

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