Top 10 Ways Companies Trick You

What are some ways you are tricked by producers of things you buy everyday? Those are:

The Top Ten

1 Downsizing

Product's size is lowered, but the price stays the same, or worse, goes higher. - redhawk766

2 Labelled ingredients are different than actual

Most important ingredients will be put on top, sugars will be divided into many types of sugars and their amount will be lowered, so you will think it is healthier. - redhawk766

3 Different presentation, different reality

Presenting products differently than what they actually are. Products usually are sprayed with water to show they are "fresh" and the ingredients are shown directly to the viewer, even though they might not be that. - redhawk766

Every fast food menu item in a nutshell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 "100% fruit"

...while there's only 33% fruit in the jam, and 100% of the 33% is the fruit. - redhawk766

5 Anti-advertising

"Don't buy this", they say, just so they get someone to buy it. - redhawk766

6 Overpricing

I guess I don't have to explain, it's so common... - redhawk766

7 "Limited edition"

Just so people would buy faster and more. - redhawk766

8 Anthropomorphism

A cuter way to convince people into buying it. - redhawk766

9 "Makes your hair silky..."

The reason that girl's hair is so silky is because she's just had a loong session in the studio. - redhawk766

10 Put your favorite celebrities in the ads

The Contenders

11 9 out of 10 prefer us...

...says every bank, etc. - redhawk766

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