Top Ten Ways Donald Trump is Like Hitler


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1 Uses Racism to Rise to Power

Yeah, and I hate racism. - DynastiNoble

Liberal extremists made this list. - B1ueNew

What kind of list is this? - ElSherlock

This list made me vomit - BorisRule

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2 Blames Muslims for American's Problems

Oh my gosh, this is so true. Trump: Muslims:: Hitler: Jews. Now does that prove how Trump is like Hitler?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That made me vomit - BorisRule

Kind of ironic that the entire Islamic world sided with Hitler during WW2, as they both hoped for the total destruction of all Jewish people.

No he doesn't. And he never made plans to kill 6 million Muslims. - 445956

3 Proposed Mass Deportations

But Trump said he would let them back in with legal documentation so stop your sissy bitching

Deporting those who came illegally. - 445956

4 Promises to Make America Great Again

Like how Adolf Hitler promised to make Germany great again. The two are clearly similar, am I right? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

During his own campaign, Bill Clinton said repeatedly: "Make American Great Again", which I guess means Bill Clinton is exactly like Hitler too.

So? - 445956

5 Doesn't Believe 14th Amendment Citizens Are Real Americans

THat's a lie

Not true. - 445956

6 Thinks Muslims Should Wear Special IDs

Oh God, please don't tell me this is true. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is not true, and neither is almost anything on this list.

7 Sells Hate As Hope for Poorest Citizens

Not true - 445956

8 Anti-Muslim Fascist

Hitler Was Anti-Jewes - Jefin

Doesn't Matter. He Was Against All The People Of A Certain Religion - 12cc

No, all he did was put in a temporary travel ban for Muslims. Obama did that too by the way. - 445956

9 Advocates Building a Wall Along the U.S. Border

Plenty of Youtube video shows Bill and Hillary during Bill's run for office, making speeches advocating the exact same thing as Trump is saying now, including building a wall and deporting illegals.

Inconvenient truth: so did Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

He's not gonna win people. - Therandom

This won't happen, get over it. - 445956

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10 He Will Divide People

No he won't - 445956

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11 Both Deserve to Burn in Hell

I don't believe in hell but there are so many planets, galaxies. I would laugh my head off if they found a planet with the "souls" of people, animals who have passed away.

Even though hell doesn't exist - 445956

Except one of them didn’t kill 6 million people. - 3DG20

12 Same Slogan

Same slogan as Bill Clinton, not Hitler - 445956

13 Homophobia

Treasonous Criminal Activity

I don't think Trump was telling the truth when he said those pro-LGBT things but he isn't a homophobe. - 445956

14 Both are Bigots
15 Both are unintelligent but Hitler was only stupid because he thought Jews were a problem
16 They send people to prison camps

Trumps puts undocumented immigrant children in cages which is comparable to a Nazi concentration camp.

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1. Uses Racism to Rise to Power
2. Proposed Mass Deportations
3. Promises to Make America Great Again
1. Uses Racism to Rise to Power
2. Blames Muslims for American's Problems
3. Proposed Mass Deportations


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