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Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.


I am currently in the process of making a new movie I cal 'Charizard'.
A man trapped under a rock slide is found and rushed to hospital. He was once a very popular man but most of his friends and supporters left him long ago. As he slowly dies in his hospital bed, he remembers how good his life was until a terrible event happened in 2006 that caused the loss of his supporters. After he dies, a grave is placed at the foot of the mountain he died at.

It was Mt. Smogon.

The only people that think charizard is a good pokemon are the ones that haven't played past gen 2.

Want a powerful fire type? Look elsewhere, this pussycat hates those Sneaky Pebbles. Low health, low speed, typing and a movepool the size of Rhode Island.

"B-but he has Solar Power as his Dream World ability! "

Enjoy dying in three turns, assuming Charizard even gets to attack.

Your nostalgia tears are delicious.

It's not a very good pokemon. Pokemon like Kyogre, Blastoise, hell, even venusaur, are stronger than charizard.

He may have been DECENT in the past, but now he's close to useless, there are videos of people sweeping with magikarp better than charizard

Waldo Cobblestones
Malevolent Metamorphic
Surreptitious Sedimentary
Gregarious Geography
Betraying Bismuth
Furtive Feldspar
Stepping Stones
Sneaky Pebbles
Mischievous Tectonics
Pesky Pebbles
Tiptoeing Tectonics
Mischievous Mantle
Crafty Crust
Shadowy Slab
Covert Quarry
Hidden Gravel
Tricky Terrain
Disorientating Dirt
Blasphemous Boulders
Cloaked Concrete
Mystic Boulder
Veiled Mineral
Indiscernible Bedrock
Disguised Ore
Clouded Cobblestone
Incredulous Igneous
Surreptitious Soil
Furtive Fragments
Ninjutsu Crags
Shadowy Boulders
Samfishering Geologicalformations

Charizard looks cool in the anime, but in the games it's just awful, his stats aren't that good and he faints at the slightest glimpse of a rock.

Agreed. Charizard is horrible and should never be used.

Volcarona dies to rocks too. However unlike Charizard, Volcarona is not a terrible Pokemon. It has access to Quiver Dance, 145 base Sp. Atk and has useful offensive moves like Fiery Dance and Hurricane. Charizard is simply outclassed by it. Charizard is also outclassed as a sun sweeper by Venusaur, Tangrowth and Victreebel. Outclassed as a Fire-type by Heatran, Infernape, Chandelure, Moltres and many more. The only people that love Charizard are players who have nostalgia goggles on.

My charizard once saw a rock. He farted and started crying.

I don't say this because I've never used Charizard, or because I hate it. It's probably my second favorite Fire-type, behind Arcanine. And that's why I judge it the way I do. Charizard is not full-on "weak," there's just so many better options that Charizard looks worse in comparison. And yes, competitively, Charizard is in a low tier because there's not many ways to use it successfully. But even in-game (if you're talking about Kanto and its remakes), using Charizard is like playing the game on hard-mode, because he's bad against almost every gym leader. I like Charizard, but no matter how you slice it, he's not very good...

I was walking my charizard when suddenly he tripped in a rock.

Nurse Joy couldn't save him...

"Sir, they've deployed the Stealth Rocks! "

"Mother of god... "

One night as I was EV training my perfect team of flawless IV pokemon I heard a strange noise outside. I sat down my DS and wiped the cheeto dust from my hands, and searched my house for the source of this strange sound. I realized it was outside so I opened the door and to my horror saw none other than Charizard, stealing my beloved pokemon! "WHY CHARIZARD? " I yelled as he flapped into the night. "CHAR" he called back. A call that still haunts me to this day. Since that night I have rebuilt my house from the finest granite, covered my drive way with dolomite, and reinforced all of my fencing with quartz. I have every single stone on the planet at my disposal and I am waiting silently for that charizard to return.

All the popular Charizard comments have good grammar, spelling and logic. All the popular comments for other Pokemon have terrible grammar, spelling, and logic. Clearly the most intelligent people all agree.

Are you serious? Unknown and sunkern, you would rather fight with those, than with a dang Charizard? Charizard is over-rated, but not weak. It has plenty of moves unlike unown, and can kill so many things. sure, rocks can kill him easily, but you guys would rather have an unown than a charizard? You are pathetic. Number 2? Really? Just... God... YOu guys are so stupid... - EchoTheKiller

DUMMIES DUMMIES DUMMIES! Is that what you guys do? Judge Pokemon by wether or not a move is 4 times effective? Do you guys actually have charizard or do you just judge him by his stats and weaknesses? You guys voted Rayquaza as one of the strongest Pokemon even though it's 4 times weak to ice. So don't judge a Pokemon if you've never even battled with it.

Please explain any good things about this Pokemon... I was a charizard fan and I can't find anything good about this Pokemon in game. Just seriously, a special attacker only have moves that boosts its attack stat rather than special. And the crappy typing it got is just, lol. I shouldn't like this Pokemon in the first place...

Charizard's only "viable" strategy is to belly drum, which takes away half of his health. The fragile "dragon" already loses half of his health just from entering the field in the presence of stealth rocks, which are always present. Losing two halves of your health means you're already dead. By looking at it this way, you can see that Charizard is literally suicide.

Seriously? Obviously you all are haters. You all know what happens if you send it out when the opponent uses Stealth Rock. If you people know it is weak against Rock moves, then why send it when the opponent uses rock moves. It's not that it sucks, it's that you're fools to use it at the wrong time.

I once thought that Charizard was good. But then I took a wet rock to the knee.

I used to wonder why Charizards fly everywhere. Yesterday, I learned: My friend's Charizard had broke its wing after it accidentally brushed it against a pebble. So, they had to walk to Nurse Joy. However, she couldn't save him, because the Charizard's feet were covered in pebbles, and it was dying. So, they amputated its wings and feet.

What a poor excuse for a 'dragon'.
Breath hot enough to melt boulders, my ass.

Charizard sucks laugh out loud how could anyone not immediately vote for it.

I am sorry but there is no way charizard is one of the worst pokemon. He is one of the top ten pokemon. If anything Rattata should replace him in the top ten weakest for third place. I have a point. He has a movie for him. He is the pokemon for the main character in origins: pokemon.