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21 Delibird Delibird

It only knows present. The move that has a 20% chance of actually HEALING the defending Pokemon. Really, Pokémon? REALLY?!

It's a Christmas bird, why exist if it only mostly HEALS the other Pokemon?

Mostly means over 50% he said 20 how stupid are you and if done right delibird can sweep - Shaolin

It can learn destiny bond, so it is not that bad any more(it can also set up spikes)

Its like that after making opponents Pokemon to one hp and tells sorry for hurting you take this potionerry and heal your self.

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22 Burmy

The only thing that doesn't suck about it, is that it can change types. Otherwise, you have either a leafy, sandy, or trashy pinecone thing. Maybe even Game Freak thought it sucked so bad it could be better if it had multiple forms! Plus, in all evolutions, all forms, it's ugly. Mothim doesn't even have forms. It's horrible in looks, stats, moves, and pokelathon stats. Aren't you excited to use the leaf-covered worm during battle?

It looks like a booger. Same to Wormadam! Would you ever want a female booger in one of your slots?! No. For that reason, banish this piece of crap to your nose, and puncture it endlessly with your finger.

Burmy has a horrid move pool, atrocious stats, and overall repugnant. This should be at the very bottom of every "Worst Pokémon" list.

Weak but has more than one type

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23 Ralts

I use Ralts only for Gallade. I seem to have the good luck of always finding male Raltses. This is one of the only pokemon I have in all three games that I have.

Ralts ins no where near the weakest it can mega evolve into Gardevoir and Gallade and they can use close combat

The only thing I like about ralts are its evolved forms!

The stupid Pokemon

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24 Pichu Pichu

2nd to worst base stats evolves into something nobody uses the only thing good about this pokemon is pikachu and lightball so it would be the poor excuse of a pokemon

Damages himself and has low stats

Their defense is horrible the attack is not the best but speed is really really AND I MEAN REALLY SICK

Pichu is weak but also very cute

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25 Abra Abra

Teach it theif, steal the opponents berrys ;D

All it can do is teleport.

I disagree I have a abra and when I evolved it it destroy everybody with psychic even steel type like donphan who resist psychic types

Really only teleport its knows when you catch it is a wimp too

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26 Spinda

Eh. spinda's ability is goo (own tempo) its just the low defense

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27 Hoppip

Why did Nintendo make Hoppip have splash (or hop)? This is one of the few Pokemon I forget about.

The attack splash does nothing I kindda feel bad for the lil Pokemon

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28 Kakuna

I don't know why this is here! This Pokemon is awesome and so is charizard! Charizard is not weak so I think this is WRONG

Kakuna isn't even better than Metapod since unless you teach his evolution Beedrill attacks like Poison Jab, X-Scissor, and Agility, it holds no candle to the combination of Sleep Powder, Bug Buzz, Dream Eater, and Nightmare you can get from Metapod's evolution Butterfree...

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29 Combee

No one put this on yet.The Males don't evolve, but the Females do, and Combee's evo is pretty awful anyway.

You have to breed combee a lot to get a lady combee

It's the same as Burmy and Kricketot and only females evolve. Which is a severe disadvantage since Combee have a gender ratio of 7 males to 1 female.

Combee is stupidly weak.

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30 Farfetch'd

Farfetch'd is awesome! He knows how to use that chive onion stalk as a sword

Most people forget that Farfetch'd is a pokemon

Don't you think this list of weak Pokemons are a bit farfetched

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31 Joltik

I really liked this pokemon at first but, it gets killed by everything; I gave up on it.

It only has 30 hp and can do 10 damage it is my worst card that I have and I even have a sollisis

I couldn't train this Pokemon because it fainted every time.So I use an exp.share on it and it evolved into a Galvantula which is a pretty fast and good attacker Pokemon.

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32 Phione Phione

These things. Just a clone of Manaphy. - RiverClanRocks

Phione's stats are horrible. You breed Manaphy and think "Maybe I can snag some Shinies on the GTS" but NOPE! Nobody even wants them.

Phione is so strong it will defeat charizard how?

1. use water gun at charizard
2. dive into water (charizard can't go inside water :D)
3. go into the corner of the water without getting charizard known then come out of the water BAM USE SURF

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33 Seedot

Seedot is the seed and he live in a tree

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34 Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Why is this not higher up on the list? People only like it because it's cute. It's so overrated. Its stats suck. Besides, it lost to a LEVEL FIVE SNIVY.

Who looses to an untrained snivy after all those journeys?

Pikachu is so overrated! I've only had it on my team to get Raichu, but even then the stats still suck! Why is this not higher on the list? ( It is adorable thou.. )

Pikachu is such a strong pokemon! It shouldn't have been in this list

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35 Stunfisk

Charizard is an epic Pokemon, so epically bad that it dies when stepping on a hazard rock twice

I honestly like stunfisk but it is very weak but I think it's cute

Are you kidding? Stunfisk can beat Beedrill with ease.

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36 Paras Paras

Both are not very effective and it can be powerful powder user - Shaolin

It loses with a simple thunder shock and water gun

37 Buizel Buizel

You people are crazy! This is so fake! Arceus and charizard! This is so stupid! I can't even believe this website. you. people know nothing about this topic. you suck!

This Pokemon rocks dude who the told you guys to put him and great Pokemon on this list?

Dude, Buizel is a great water-type. It's a little bit harder at very low levels but once it learns Water Gun and Swift, it's fine.

Like this thing should not be on this list like I've used it in battles and it's kinda good

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38 Psyduck

Dude when its headaches it can do psychic attacks!

Psyduck is boring it can only do one thing

Why is this Pokemon in the 37th spot its weaker than Pikachu

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39 Shellos

When it is just a tiny Shellos it is weak but when it evolves it is good

Lol, this had lots of health when It evolved.

40 Magby V 2 Comments
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