Top Ten Weird Ideas for Disney Princess Movies


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1 Dwarf and the Seven Snow Whites

I think this "dwarf" would be a very happy guy.

Make it happen

2 The Poop Fairy Trip
3 Cinderella Gets Stabbed In the Eyes (Revenge from the Fairy Godmother)

No, this is an idea that is TOO dark and too uncreative. First of all, it would be too violent for Disney to put a loved Disney princess who encourages little girls to dream get stabbed in the eyes. Also, it would be way to dark as well. It would also be offensive to Cinderella fans.

4 Cinderella and Her Fairy Cod Mother, and Yes I Meant Cod

Haha what would the Fairy Codmother look like? A giant fish with a dress on? I can just imagine how that would go... It would probably get fried before it could grant any wishes! - RaineSage

5 Pocahontas and Her Buck Teeth V 1 Comment
6 Mickey Mouse In a Staring Contest With a Dandelion

Wow. Sounds like a great movie. Where can I get tickets to watch Mickey Mouse stare at a dandelion for 3 hours!?

V 1 Comment
7 Ariel and the Mermaid Eating Prince Eric
8 Sophia the Last

This could be a horror movie about the secretly dark and disturbing life of Sophia The First. - RiverClanRocks

This is actually a good title idea for a horror movie. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Where Sophia gets killed by me

Where we finally find out where on earth "Enchancia" actually is. My best guess is that it's in England but for the sake of T.V. they have american accents.

9 Jasmine Eating Her Tiger


10 Merida's Wedding

The irony though...

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11 A Princess that Shoots People for Fun
12 Rapunzel Eats Her Hair V 1 Comment
13 Beauty and the Chewbacca
14 Elsa and Anna, Wife and Wife

I'm pretty sure they're not Lesbian. And why would you want to marry your sibling? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Belle Kisses the Wrong Beast! (A Beast Affair)

This would be inappropriate for kids. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It sounds like a porno title

16 Sleeping Beauty Starts Snoring
17 Ariel Tries Sushi... and Likes It!
18 Aurora and Cinderella Get Married
19 Snow White is a Murderer
20 Rapunzel is a Villain Who Kidnaps Mother Gothel

Only this time, Gothel has good hair

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1. The Poop Fairy Trip
2. Dwarf and the Seven Snow Whites
3. Cinderella Gets Stabbed In the Eyes (Revenge from the Fairy Godmother)
1. Dwarf and the Seven Snow Whites
2. Pocahontas and Her Buck Teeth
3. Mickey Mouse In a Staring Contest With a Dandelion



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