Top Ten Weirdest Facts About Humans

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41 Some ice age people used human skulls as drinking cups

Cool people back then. - Lucretia


-drinks water-
"Okay, who dies next? " - Emberflight_of_StormClan

42 Some prehistoric people used mammoth bones to build their homes
43 A 7-foot-9-inch (2.1-m) basketball player can dunk without jumping

His name is Sun Ming-Ming. He's Chinese and plays for the Beijing Ducks

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44 People can be allergic to the cold

That may be the allergy to water - Doggus

Wait, like what makes the person so? Do they sneeze, or any other symtoms? - Emberflight_of_StormClan

45 There are about a trillion web pages on the internet-that's about 140 for every person on earth! V 2 Comments
46 Your heart pumps enough blood in a day to fill 40 bathtubs V 1 Comment
47 People used to chew willow bark as a pain reliever

That must be really good - Ananya

48 All of the adults on earth weigh a combined total of about 319 million tons (287 million metric tons)
49 The human body contains a tiny amount of gold

Don't you mean fool's gold? - Ohno

Wow. I wonder how much gold u can get from the entire human race.

50 Your brain remembers 10,000 scents
51 Male nipples are vestigial (in other words, pointless)
52 You are more likely to say yes after drinking a coffee

I've gotta give my mom coffee and ask for what I want! Perfect! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

53 The human body contains enough iron to make a two-inch (5.1 cm) nail
54 A 100-pound (45 kg) person would weigh 38 (17 kg) pounds on mars

Wow, that would be like weighing nothing for a 100 pound person. I would way nothing at all. - funnyuser

A second grader can pick me up with ease. I can only lift a second grader a centimeter off the ground for 5 seconds. - Blight

55 The oldest human footprint ever found is 350,000 years old
56 Human ears have evolved from ancient fish gills

Who brought evolution into this?

No proof of this whatsoever, much like the rest of Darwinism.

57 You're almost a half inch (1.3 cm) taller in the morning than in the evening

I hope it's always morning, then...but no! Evening has its perks!

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58 You lose about nine pounds of skin cells every year

Actually by the times a person is 70, they already lost a pound of skin - Anonymouscat

59 An average adult's skin weighs about 11 pounds (5 kg)
60 Your body contains about 60, 000 miles of blood vessels

If you laid out all of your blood vessels...

You'd die. - keycha1n

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1. A person once "hiccuped" for 68 years
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