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This religion was obviously made by a con artist. You have to pay 300 000 to know everything about it. They bully people who leave it. People have died because of there stupid advice.

They bully people who leave it, death because of their advice, children can't interact with non-Scientologists and treated as adults, "no" is a bad word. Its not a religion it's a cult.

The most famous scientologists are Tom Cruise, john Travolta, Issac Hayes, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), Giovanni Ribisi, Charles Manson (he used to be), and Kelly Preston.

Very hedonistic belief. Children can't interact with non-Scientologists and ugh... kids are treated as adults is some sorta bullcrap. "No" is a bad word and it sucks. NO VALUES.


Yes it is weird that a man who was not even literate told the world about things which the modern science and scientists are still discovering, after prophet mohammad told them 1400 hundred years ago. 60% of facts and given in the holy Quran are found to be true. The rest like aliens, afterlife and many such things are yet to be discovered.

Always trying to convert and disrespecting others. But still I do not blame the Muslims I blame the system and the brain washing parents who make their children a terrorist within! My best friend is a Muslim and he is always trying to mess up with me and converting me.

Yeah, this terrorist cause the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Next, they are far more weirder than any other religion in the world. What, saying that women can't wear anything but this stupid covering do not make them pretty. Plus, they are the worst. I hate them!

Islam is based on violence. Muhammed murdered many Jews and Christians and was frequently starting wars with neighboring cities. In the Koran, it says that if a man's wife isn't being submissive, he should send her to her room and beat her.


Of everything on the list, this is probably the least strange one. I can see why it's ranked so highly though. Most people don't understand Satanism. We do not worship Satan as a deity. We do not sacrifice children, animals, or any other wacky thing, in fact, we don't believe in the bible at all in most cases. We worship the Self. We believe in independence, our own strength, and self respect. "Satan" is a metaphor for Human Nature. We are humanists and philosophers essentially.

Satan had hold of humanity when Adam and eve when they decided to disobey God and His laws. Not weirdest, but one of the more dangerous.

Satanism has nothing to do with worshipping Satan you baboon

People misunderstand satanism all the time.Satanists don't worship satan they worship themselves and try to fulfil their full potential

Even if Satanists did worship Satan which they don't. God killed more than Satan.
God - 2,391,421
Satan - 10

Jehovah's Wittnesses

We are not weird. WE are true. To many religions, we are weird, but- taking a study with one of your local witnesses will help you see that we aren't.

At least Muslims don't knock on people's doors and invite them to become a witness of jehovah, who/what ever tf that is


I'm a Christian and I'm not offended, I totally understand why you are hating on my religion and its people. There are many bad and forceful groups like the Westboro Baptist Church. There are many other Christians who don't understand that Jesus allowed the people to make their own decisions and believe what they want! I will not try to force you into my religion, because true Christians shouldn't. You're welcome.

Christianity does not make any sense actually all Christians will be burned and very ashamed of what they did in the world they will see. Jesus was a holy and a messenger and a prophet from Allah sent to earth to send people to tell them that Allah is one and we all have to believe in Allah. But some people ignored what he said and thought he was god but he is not. Why can't you people become Muslims do you want to wait until Jesus comes to earth again later to tell you he is not god?

In the bible it says ("Why do you call me good? " Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone. ) clearly proving that Jesus is excluding himself and saying he is not God. If it says it in your own bible, why do you not believe it? Also, why is there over 75 different versions of the bible? If there are over 75 different versions, how do you know it is accurate?

I don't get the Bible at the beginning there is a contradiction he created man and woman in his own image and eat anything, even things from any tree.
Then comes Adam and Eve who come from land and bone then have a forbidden tree.
Who were the people made in his image? Before Adam and Eve.


I know that its just a parody because some state in America wanted to put Adam and Eve in Science Classes when it belonged in Religious Education, but its just a bit weird was the guy who made it up obsessed with spaghetti & meatballs, and beer and how did it become so popular I dunno..oh yea social media.

I Don't have much against this, other than the noodles that are valued above man and having a beer tavern or bar for heaven is degrading to my knowledge. But everyone is different.

Just came here to look for this!
Saw the web page for. pastafarianism, and I think it's a joke gone a bit too far.

It does have a video game.
Ever heard of the Invisible Pink Unicorn?

Universe People

I think dis is the best religion.. God made us.. And v r all equal to him...

The weirdest religion ever

LaVeyan Satanism

Good religion, good bible! The bible is even for people who don't want to practis the religion, because it is filled with many helpful visions on life and what mindset you should have to be able to find your true self.

But it's a good religion.

No it is not. The fact that it is named after Satan means that it is an evil religion, even if it is technically atheistic.

The Church of Euthanasia

If you think about it all religions are weird even atheism if you consider it a religion

But the Church of Euthanasia, Sciencetology, Westboro Baptist, Satanism, Mormonism, Jehovahs Witness are one of the most wack ones I mean they’re more cults than anything else

It is a religion that nobody has ever heard of until they have read this list.

This is absolutely terrifying!

It's actually more like a cult.


The dark side is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be.. unnatural.

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Undoubtedly Hinduism deserves to be on the top. Few gods in a joint venture created the universe, then some god became envious of the other one and then a massive power struggle started in the heavens and a god has to die. A woman has to be burnt alive on the pyre of her dead husband. Yes, there are more wicked things awaiting for you at Hinduism. Hinduism defies the very fundamentals of theology and science.

The most stupid and weirdest. Religion... I don't know why they worship the statues made by themselves... Ouh stupids has god made or you have made the god... And their mostly bhagwans... Can you imagine such things... A man who can be taller than hils and ten turn bk to nrml size... Who can hold a mountain on his hands.. Cn fly and... And all ov them has different species... Some like crow some like moneys sme like wolves... The most important thing is that the flute was not yet invented when Krishna used to play it according your stories...

Weirdest rituals and why do they believe in 1000 gods (and also hate some gods) when it apparently says in their holy book about monotheism? They don't understand their own religion, not even kidding they can't explain what they practice. But they preach and preach.

Hinduism is never weird at the first place. We are very peaceful people. We are tolerant and freedom oriented religion. If at all you get a chance please make a point to go through our texts.. I'm not praising Hinduism but all I want to say is that it is'nt weird at all.. Love you my friends.. stay blessed

Ahmadiyya Muslim

Ahmadiyya trully is not a part of Islam. Its believers just use the name of Islam. But they were not, are not, and will never be a part of Islam.

Prince Philip Movement

This religion is hilarious

A bunch of Africans believe the princ is god.

Actually, they're Australian. Not African.


I'm sorry, what's wrong with Judaism? Nothing, that's right. The Palestinians, like I said before, are trying to kill us, not the other way around, and being vegetarian is completely legit, and this guy who commented before me is a fail at excepting people for who they are. Being bald is pretty cool, and vegetarianism is just a culture, not a death sentence for you! I'm Jewish, and I both hate this person who commented before me and I hate the way that he talks about other people. This is for all the people who are judged by their religion and its stereotypes! (this sounds cheesy) Just know that you are not alone, and that there are other people that care about you and hate people like the guy who commented before me! Peace out, -username34

Hey, have you thought being a vegetarian and being bald is cool.
No! Being bald is meaning the sign you are having a cancer recovery or being the sign of humiliation.
Next, vegetarians? Can't take MCD and KFC for a thousand year or the rest of the life.
Ropes, they look ridiculous in robes, its also humiliation.
They are far worse the Judaism but not as far as Islam.
If one day, a terrorist was a Buddhist. We have to shut down Buddhism.

They teach the physical world and denying all desire is bad. Not always.

Buddhism is scientific religion

Sunni Islam

Sunni is a m part of isalm sunni is a biggest and peace for all

Sunni is the best

Sunni Muslim very 1000000 best

Church of the SubGenius
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

They added on to the Bible with the Book of Mormon. This book states that God had sex with a bunch of Goddesses and eventually the virgin Mary. It also states that a Mormon who lives a perfect life can become a God and rule over their own planet.

I'm twelve... And I'm part of this church. Don't criticize it.


I am proud to be a Ravidassa-Des Raj 9914499171

Church of All Worlds
Nation of Yahweh

Don't sound bad and I Am is powerful.


I agree, Jews are causing a nasty image of themselves. They certainly are not peace loving or compassionate. They are driven by money and will not stop at hoarding, whether its money, land, businesses or entertainment. Israel seems to be the only country in the world with many many conflicts. They refuse Muslims to live freely, yet they are on Muslim land. Hitler did wrong, and was evil and his actions are not human, but did he know something we didn't, which is why he persecuted Jews amongst gypsys, Romanians. Not forget, Hitler did not have blonde hair and blue eyes, so in theory he should have hated himself. But amongst the hatred Hitler spread, why now do the Jews/Israelis make the Palestinians life hell.

Judaism claim Israel as their home. They managed to survive the holocaust, yet they now treat their own neighbors (Palestinians) like prisoners. Have they no remorse. They live in luxury, claim illegal land, evict Palestinians from their own homes, sell Palestinian produce, make Palestinian lives hell. What kind of religion are they teaching. If Israel is home to judaism, then why is Israel the only country in the world that is causing conflicts, whether its Middle East or elsewhere. And not to mention, if it wasn't for Judaism, there would have been no World war 1, world war 2, invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, as Jews control Whitehouse, Hollywood and Wall Street.

In Jewish and I have to agree, my religion is pretty weird. But about Isreal- I actually am totally against the Jews in Isreal. I feel so bad for the Palestinians. The Jews kill thousands and it's never on the news, but if one Jew gets killed, everyone freaks out and starts calling Muslims terrorists. The Muslims are the ones defending themselves... Trust me I've been to Isreal before with my family. I've seen how it is there. And about Muslims- I actually have Muslim friends who are amazing. Only a few of them are terrorists and extremists. Most of them are nice and want peace.
But yeah even though I'm Jewish, Judaism is weird, but In a cool way, like our traditions.

I'm Jewish, and I voted for this. It's weird, but fun weird. Palestine Is our land, and I agree we shouldn't be killing Palestinians, but they haven't been doing so good for themselves. They fire first and are extremists who turned from land-owners to killers and anti-semites.


We are weird, we are helpful

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Its supposed to be the not three

Lol. they can't even spell.

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