Top 10 "What the Hell" Cartoon Episode Endings

Basically, as the title suggests, we will look at some of the most bizarre and at times confusing endings from cartoon episodes. The endings that either come out of nowhere or leave your head scratching asking yourself "What the Hell Just Happened".

The Top Ten

1 "George They're Onto Us" (I Had an Accident) - SpongeBob Squarepants

This was so random yet so funny. - TheAwesomeBowser

Patrick and Sandy's attempt to lure SpongeBob out goes horribly wrong when a live action guy in a gorilla suit appears and attacks them SpongeBob tries to save them but gets ripped apart then asks the question 'What's a gorilla doing underwater" which causes the gorilla to panic as he says "George they're on to us" as a guy in a horse costume shows up as he and the guy in the gorilla suit ride off into the sunset with the 3 main characters looking on as we then cut to a family watching the episode just as confused as we are. - egnomac

Weird but very funny - PageEmperor

Never really cared for the episode and the ending was the main reason for that. It's humor that a twelve year old and his friends would come up with. It makes no sense, it's there for lack of a creative and good ending, and it's just completely stupid. - Aweso

2 Everybody Gets Eaten (Chicken Little) - Disney Shorts

Foxy Loxy manages to trick everyone into leaving the safety of the farm through psychology luring them to his cave normally someone would come along and save everyone but not here to even the narrator's shock Foxy Loxy eats everyone leaving just the bones and arranging the wishbones of the dead birds in a series of rows like gravestones while the narrator protests that this wasn't suppose to happen as Foxy evilly tells the narrator you can't believe everything you read. - egnomac

Right ray

3 Family Dance Off (Come Sale Away) - The Loud House

After being grounded by mom for selling all the furniture during the garage sale everyone vows not to get competitive again which only lasts a couple of seconds as Lincoln shows off his victory butt shack the other then show off theirs for no real reason but things get even more crazier when Mom and Dad forgetting all about being mad at the kids for selling the furniture join in with mom saying "This is how you do a victory dance (as she shakes her butt) uh hu shake that booty" followed by Dad who also joins in the butt shaking and this continues until the episode ends. - egnomac

Everyone, why I think season 1 of this show is overrated. - PageEmperor

This moment is one of the many reasons why I find season 1 of this show overrated. - PageEmperor

Loud House is garbage anyway.

4 Camptown Races (Fresh Hare) - Looney Tunes

After willingly turning himself in to Elmer Fudd Bugs is ready to face the fire squad by the Mounties as Elmer asks for any request before he dies and Bugs starts singing "Camptown Races which then switches to a minstrel show with Bugs, Elmer and the Mounties dress in blackface and sing "Camptown Races" with a backdrop set in a plantation, a bit racist but a good outcome for both Bugs and Elmer so most are willing to overlook the blackface gag. - egnomac

5 Surprise Carnival Day at School (Hookey) - Hey Arnold

After having a horrible day playing hookey from school Arnold and Gerald return to school to find that there was a surprise carnival at school and they just missed it which is a very unrealistic ending. - egnomac

Unrealistic but funny I suppose.

6 Dallas Shower Scene Parody (Da Boom) - Family Guy

Peter and the family get kicked out of new Quahog after he destroys the water pipes to make guns for protection then in irony as they towns people throw all the guns in the fire only to be attacked by Stewie's mutant offspring's resulting in their own demise then as the Griffins walk off into the sunset the episode ends with a live action parody of the shower scene from Dallas revealing the whole episode was a dream. - egnomac

7 Scoutmaster Lumpus is an Imposter (Lumpus' Last Stand) - Camp Lazlo

This ending literally come out of nowhere in the finale a guy who looks like Heffer Wolfe shows up claiming that he is the real scoutmaster of Camp Kidney and that Scoutmaster Lupan is an impostor who locked him away since the Summer began despite Lupan being Scoutmaster for five years and Lupan gets locked away for his crime and the scouts are apparently not that bothered by the fact that he was a fraud. - egnomac

This ending was canon! Heffer from rockos modern life apears out of nowhere! - RaeMarie

8 Santa Abolishes the Naughty List and Gives Presents to Everyone (The True Meaning of Christmas) - Teen Titans Go

Some real heroes here.

The Titans receive no punishment for their actions and Santa gives in to their demand by abolishing the Naughty list and gives presents to everyone Naughty or Nice, the moral of this episode if you don't get what you want keep complaining and throwing tantrums until you get what you want they even got away with murder. - egnomac

This means that if you slit the throats of 27 orphans and shoot up an airport with a machine gun, you will still get presents from Santa. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Teen titans go ruins Christmas like everything else

9 Brawl in the Family (Lethal Weapons) - Family Guy

After forcing the entire family into anger management everything comes full circle as the Griffins get into a huge brawl with each of the family beating one another, Peter vs Lois, Meg vs Chris and Brian vs Stewie as they violently kick the crap out of each other in violent and hilarious fight scene that could only happen in Family Guy. - egnomac

I don't know this is pretty normal stuff for Family Guy.

10 Steven Learns Rose’s Secret (A Single Pale Rose) - Steven Universe

I needed pills because is was so hard to digest.

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond all along? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Am I the only one who saw this coming - TwilightKitsune

What was Rose's secret? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The Contenders

11 Billy, Mandy, Grim, and Irwin Are Sent to the City of Townsville from The Powerpuff Girls (My Fair Mandy - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

I'm pretty sure absolutely no one was expecting this Gainax Ending to end all Gainax Endings in this episode of Billy and Mandy. While Billy and Mandy is no stranger to unorthodox and weird gags and humor, this ending is arguably the most unexpected and shocking of them all. One would think the episode would be just solely about Mandy trying to beat Mindy in a beauty pageant, but while the main focus of the plot was Mandy's struggle to smile, NO ONE saw it coming when her smiling would be so beautiful that it would literally rip the entire universe of Billy and Mandy apart and warp the main characters to the world of The Powerpuff Girls following some nightmarish close-ups of the main characters in shock and awe as they're transported to Townsville. Name any other Billy and Mandy episode that surpasses this bizarre ending. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 “I Made You Eat Your Parents!” (Scott Tenorman Must Die) - South Park
13 Everyone Gets Turned Into a Marionette (The Great Fusilli) - Courage the Cowardly Dog


14 Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 3 (Video Airline) - Garfield and Friends

After spending the entire episode trying find something to watch other than "Kung Fu Creatures on a Rampage 2" which appear on every channel and the only available movie is the same Jon, Odie and Garfield end up at a movie theater but to their horror the movie they go to see turns out to be "Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 3" as they try to leave even more bizarre the theater is filled with space aliens and they just give up and sit through the movie anyway. - egnomac

15 Dream Within a Dream (Phineas and Ferb Get Busted) - Phineas and Ferb

After breaking Phineas and Ferb out of detention center, Candace realizes that they have both become creatively numb. She tries to bring them back and realizes that it was all a dream. At breakfast, the family says something about Perry the Platypus being a secret agent. They are immediately surrounded and arrested by OWCA agents, and Major Monogram tells Perry that he will have to relocate- and that's when Perry wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.
It makes more sense if you watch it for yourself. - Gg2000

16 Andrews Valentine’s Day Meltdown (My Furry Valentine) - Big Mouth
17 Billy Was the Lich the Whole Time (The Lich - Adventure Time)

Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake were being helped by their hero Billy to create a portal to the multiverse in order to banish the Lich from Ooo forever. After collecting all the gems to activate the portal, it's revealed that the Lich had murdered Billy and had been wearing his skin in order to fool Finn and Jake. The two heroes try to prevent the Lich from entering the portal but are dragged into it. The episode cuts to a different-looking Finn and Jake in another dimension as Finn's mother calls the two of them into their farm home. This ending was the finale to Season 4 of the show and the story would be continued in the Season 5 half-hour special premiere. - phillysports

18 SpongeBob - "I've Been Waiting for You Patrick!" - Bummer Vacation

That's not a ending

19 Pops sacrifice himself and the universe continues without pops (regular show)

SPOILER! : So if you have been watching all the previous episodes before this one you would know that Pops was the chosen one and he had to fight his evil twin brother to save the universe. So long story short, Pops gives his brother a hug and they fly into the sun. The universe is saved and Pops was lost. The others move on with their lives, quitting their jobs, getting married and having kids. When I watched the very complicated two or three episode long ending my mouth hung open. After the show I was like I need to process all of that for a while. So was Pops the main character? Hm...

20 Oh, It's Just A Mob War (The Twisted World of Marge Simpson) - The Simpsons

That... wasn't an ending. It's like the episode didn't really go anywhere and of course the next one it was like nothing at all had happened.

21 National No SpongeBob Day (Gone) - SpongeBob

Yeah they created a whole day design to leave Spongebob alone in bikini Bottom and patrick and sandy join them

So Everyone Gets Off A Bus And Tell Spongebob That The Reason They Left Bikini Bottom Was Because Of A Holiday.Called National No Spongebob Day.

No,The Worst Ending Is Not Ghost Host,It’s This

22 Wheel of Fortune Decimates the Entire Planet (Fortune Cookie) - Rocko's Modern Life
23 Anais Fooled Everyone (The Remote) - The Amazing World of Gumball

The ending of The Usual Suspects has nothing on this. - phillysports

This was actually a really clever episode. The ending came out of nowhere. - Rocko

24 Blossom Gets Arrested (A Very Special Blossom - The Powerpuff Girls)
25 Gordon The Talking Foot - Rinse And Spit (Rocko's Modern Life)
26 "Hey kids, I'm Gordon The Talking Foot" (Rinse And Spit) - Rocko's Modern Life
27 The Submarine is in Squidward’s Body (Squidtastic Voyage) - SpongeBob

Patrick Preeses The Grow Button While Still In Squidward’s Body,And Squidward Stomach Looks Like That

28 Yeow!!!!!!-(Cephalopod Lodge)-Spongebob

I agree, this was kind of weird, considering the way they kind of ended on a freeze-frame. - Rocko

So Spongebob And Patrick Take Off The Sock While Still In The Lodge.They Kick Squidward Out.Spongebob Lets Him Join His Club,But He Needs To Past The Initiation(Tounge Stung By A Jellyfish) Again.Just Before His Toung Is Stung,The Screen Goes Black.All We Could Here Was Squidward Saying “Yow! ”.

29 Sam is Revealed to Be a Girl (L is for Love) - The Loud House

To many it was a huge surprise that the person who Luna had a crush on Sam was actually a girl revealing Luna to be bisexual, though if you look back in the episode it really isn't that surprising. - egnomac

30 Scooter’s toy explodes and it’s piece are rearranged to make other toys (Muppets in Toyland) - Muppet Babies
31 Frame Up (The Frying Game) - The Simpsons

God, I really hate this episode so much, one of the worst Simpsons episodes ever made. - SailorSedna

32 Clarence Gets Nearly Killed by a Goose (Goose) - Clarence
33 Nelson Dies - Stanley's Cup - South Park
34 Phineas and Ferb in One Body (Candemery) - Phineas and Ferb

That was horrifying!

35 Everyone is Someone Else (Spy Buddies) SpongeBob SquarePants
36 SpongeBob and Patrick are Squidward’s Adopted Brothers (Scavenger Pants) - SpongeBob

The Second Worst Spongebob Ending In My Opinion,Only To Be Trumped By...

37 SpongeBob Gets Eaten by a Hand in a Present Box (Ghost Host) - SpongeBob SquarePants
38 Have You Learned Nothing About Sharing? (Yours Mine and Mine) - SpongeBob
39 Squidward Goes Insane (Squid's Visit) - SpongeBob
40 A Story Within Itself (The High-Five of Doom) - Rocko's Modern Life

Damn, this one was weird. - Rocko

41 Everyone Gets Stuck in the Gum (The Gift of Gum) - SpongeBob
42 Sacrifice the Most Miserable Person’s House (Sponge-Cano) - Spongebob SquarePants
43 Buhdeuce Keeps Exploding (Employee of the Month) - Breadwinners
44 Buhdeuce Keeps Exploding (Employee of the Month)-breadwinners

When SwaySway Reveals Buhdeuce As The Employee Of The Month,Buhdeuce Says “Oh My Bap! ” And Keeps On Exploding

45 Everyone Leaves (Sponge-Icus)-SpongeBob
46 Soccer Match (Time After Time Before Time) - Pocoyo

Personally, I'd say "Great Shot! " had the weirder ending, as it ended with Elly accidentally cracking the camera lens with a football, leading everyone to run off screaming. - Rocko

47 Malachite Locks Herself in the Ocean (Jailbreak) - Steven Universe
48 Everyone Dreams within Dreams (Dream Birthday) - Back at the Barnyard
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