Why Fidget Spinners Suck

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1 Every kid in the world has at least one

Wait a minute fidget spinner trend is dead lmao

Bullies suck

Who Ever Made This List. You Are Great - Stevenpenguin

So what? I'm not interested on things that are trendy but why is this a good reason? - RoseCandyMusic

2 They are overrated

Although I like these spinners, I believe that they should not be popular enough to have a cartoon about them.

Overrated =/= Bad - RoseCandyMusic

3 They are overpriced just for a toy that spins around

But they have cool features. Like for example advanced clocks! - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I have one but I got it for free at a free event in my area as a giveaway.

Exactly. people can make one with trash, they'd have a lot less fun with it, and they wouldn't have to become popular

4 Kids throw temper tantrums over them

Kids have been throwing temper tantrums over toys for generations, and the fidget spinner age is no exception. However this isn't a valid reason as it's not a problem with fidget spinners themselves. - Entranced98

"Mommy I want one " no" " crying"

5 They are in every store (even not toy related)

I see them at michaels and Joann they have lots of shelves of them

I found some in my local hardware store, and I wasn't surprised at all. - SovietZephyr

They're in my barber's shop!

See them everywhere. - Lunala

6 Every toy channel has at least 1 video about these things
7 They are in popular roblox games (ex.: jailbreak, robloxian highschool, fashion frenzy)

The person who added this is like a roblox fan - TheRemixr

8 All of the "diy ___________ fidget spinner" videos

Next up: DIY Marijuana Fidget Spinner

DIY sucks - AlphaQ

9 You can hurt yourself if you are not careful

But you can also hurt yourself riding a skateboard or playing football if you're not careful. Remote control planes and even yo-yos have also caused injuries as a result of carelessness. So risk of injury doesn't make them bad for responsible people who know and understand how to use them safely. - Entranced98

I heard that in Texas, a girl choked on a fidget spinner part. - jameshoward

Remember Sky Dancers?

10 People make fun of you if you don't have one

That's their problem, not an issue with fidget spinners themselves. - Entranced98

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11 There is no scientific proof that they help people with autism or adhd

They do liar - RealUprising

12 They are just a stupid fad.
13 They are surprisingly very trendy
14 You can only spin them
15 Schools ban them

Mine doesn't - RealUprising

16 They're useless
17 They’re dangerous

Like Sky Dancers

18 Trolls make offensive jokes because of them
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