Why Fidget Spinners Suck


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1 Every kid in the world has at least one

Who Ever Made This List. You Are Great - Stevenpenguin

So what? I'm not interested on things that are trendy but why is this a good reason? - RoseCandyMusic

Except me. And I'm proud of it. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Have 1, they're alright but not the most amazing thing ever. - Lunala

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2 They are overrated

Although I like these spinners, I believe that they should not be popular enough to have a cartoon about them.

Overrated =/= Bad - RoseCandyMusic

They are just like silly bandz. - NikoX

3 They are overpriced just for a toy that spins around

Exactly. people can make one with trash, they'd have a lot less fun with it, and they wouldn't have to become popular

4 Kids throw temper tantrums over them

Kids have been throwing temper tantrums over toys for generations, and the fidget spinner age is no exception. However this isn't a valid reason as it's not a problem with fidget spinners themselves. - Entranced98

"Mommy I want one " no" " crying"

5 They are in every store (even not toy related)

I found some in my local hardware store, and I wasn't surprised at all. - SovietZephyr

They're in my barber's shop!

See them everywhere. - Lunala

I see them at michaels and Joann they have lots of shelves of them

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6 Every toy channel has at least 1 video about these things
7 They are in popular roblox games (ex.: jailbreak, robloxian highschool, fashion frenzy)

The person who added this is like a roblox fan - TheRemixr

8 All of the "diy ___________ fidget spinner" videos

Next up: DIY Marijuana Fidget Spinner

DIY sucks - AlphaQ

9 You can hurt yourself if you are not careful

But you can also hurt yourself riding a skateboard or playing football if you're not careful. Remote control planes and even yo-yos have also caused injuries as a result of carelessness. So risk of injury doesn't make them bad for responsible people who know and understand how to use them safely. - Entranced98

I heard that in Texas, a girl choked on a fidget spinner part. - jameshoward

Remember Sky Dancers?

10 They are surprisingly very trendy

And that is bad? lol - NikoX

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11 There is no scientific proof that they help people with autism or adhd
12 People make fun of you if you don't have one

That's their problem, not an issue with fidget spinners themselves. - Entranced98

13 You can only spin them
14 Schools ban them
15 They’re dangerous
16 Trolls make offensive jokes because of them
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