Worst Things About the Nintendo Wii

The Top Ten
1 It slows down in bowling
2 The people
3 Glitches
4 You have to have the Wii remote in front of the sensor
5 It's for babies

It is not for babies


6 You have to hold it

what - GleamingShadow

7 No good games
8 Every Wii is different
9 Bad controls
10 Not much memory
The Contenders
11 It has bad graphics
12 No new music on Wii music
13 Online shut down in 2013

...because it wasn't popular anymore.

14 The music on Wii Miis
15 No good fps games
16 Too Much Mario

*earrape face-palming*
- Anonymous

17 Wii Shop Channel Shut Down
18 Shovelware
19 Childish video games
20 Certain games crash the console

I.E. The Sims 3 Wii (not a good game anyways) and Project M + other Brawl mods - llamakalamari

21 No F-Zero or Metal Gear
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