Top Ten Wings of Fire Characters

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The Top Ten

Yas Queen Glory! Glory is so amazing. Ever since she was first introduced in the first book, I have loved her SO much! Everyone thinks that she's a mistake, and she's lazy and stupid, but she proves everyone wrong! She continues to do that as she becomes the queen of her tribe, and then the NightWing tribe as well! She is not afraid to tell people what she thinks, and she is so brave and generous that she risked her own life to save all the captured RainWings! She is hands-down one of the best queens in Pyrrhia history.

Glory is super awesome! I love how she rules two tribes as once! That is a lot of responsibility, but Glory's got it under control!
I find it sad that she's always so prickly though. She's always saying and thinking mean things about other dragons. (Although I get into fights with my family sometimes too...) Alright, back to how awesome she is! I love her relationship with Deathbringer! It is so cute! Glorybringer is my favourite wof ship of all time!

Rainwing power! I love rainwings! And glory is one of them! Glory was so brave in many different times, she went with clay down a stream, faced Burn in the eyes. It was amazing! And to think that she has grow so big. Look at that photo! I've only read the first book already but seriously!?!?! I think glory is awesome and brave too. Glory is my number one favorite character! (Number two is tsunami) she is so cool! She can just disappear in plain sight like a ghost! She is so strong! The others thought she was lazy and weak but she proved both them and other dragons wrong! Like really? Have u seen a rainwing that strong in the series? I'm so sorry to the dragon that died carrying the egg that cracked but, if that never happened we have never seen glory! Glory is rlly my favorite! Girl power y'all! I'm glad she ruined scarlet's face! Like I say..." If your losing a battle and ya don't know what to do punch them in the face!". Even carmen Sandiego says "always protect the face". And ...more

There are many reasons why Glory is an amazing character with incredible character development. People hate her for killing Fjord, but she had to save Clay. And she couldn't have just spit it at Scarlet instead, that wouldn't have been enough of a distraction for Fjord and as a result, he would have killed Clay. Also, Glory saved a whole bunch of missing RainWings. That's the reason why she wanted to be queen. And why did Tsunami want to be queen? So she could be bossy. Yup. Also, Glory's relationship with Deathbringer is highly developed and awesome. Thank God Tsunami isn't higher than her! Me and my brother are proud haters of Tsunami. Anyway, back to Glory...
She went from a RainWing abused by her guardians into a queen that would die to protect her friends. And to all the people who say Glory doesn't have flaws, I'll give you many flaws:
-She killed Fjord.
-She killed Crocodile.
-She ruined Scarlet's face.
-She was abused because she was a RainWing.
If those ...more


When people says Glory didn't want to be queen then read book two again please, Glory was staring at the throne as if she wanted to jump on it herself, and Tsunami didn't want to be queen because she was bossy, she wanted to be queen to lead. And Tsunami isn't impulsive and violent, she trained hard to be a skilled fighter and without Tsunami's encouragement, they would have still have been stuck in a cave, plus saved clay from the white things. In book two Tsunami pushed glory out of the way when summer palace was attacked, seriously glory fans, without your hateful Tsunami, your precious leader would be dead.

Tsunami was always the best character. I have all the character traits because of her. Glory lovers and Tsunami lovers are great but it's just the thing how they say Tsunami is violent. In book 2, she harmed a SkyWing only because she wanted to protect Sunny and her friends. If her friends don't care about her protection then fine! Let Starflight lead them to death or Glory lead them to trouble (I still like Glory as my 3rd favorite). Tsunami deserves to take over the throne and have Riptide be her husband. Tsunami has amazing powers such as blinding other's with her scales and being bossy only to protect her friends. Tsunami rules! All she wants is the best for them. Tui's favorite tribe are the RainWings and that's why she favors Glory more. Tsunami for the win!

I don't get why people hate tsunami and love glory and people hate glory and love tsunami. I personally like tsunami but I don't hate glory. Both have flaws: Glory: kept dunking mastermind in quicksand like HE WAS JUST FOLLOWING THE QUEENS ORDERS and I highly believe that she would have killed him if he wasnt starflights father. Next, killed crocodile like SHE WAS JUST FOLLOWING HER TRIBES ORDERS. And tsunami being bossy and violent though she changed through out the books and so did glory (well, at least I hope she stoped punishing mastermind because its been almost a year since he experimented the rainwing)

I love Tsunami. The fierce female is the best. She cares so much for her friends and although she may be bossy it’s just her personality, like how you may be a happy, grumpy or whatever personality you have that is her. She speaks her mind and it pays off all the time. She is the best fighter out of all of the dragonets of destiny and even if she attacks someone she does it with the best intentions. Tsunami wanted to be queen so bad and part of the reason was to boss people around but another part was that ever since she read the book about the lost princess she wanted a family that cared for her, missed her and loved her. I can relate to Tsunami so that is also why I love her, she is fierce, outspoken and cares so much for her friends and I am the same.


MOON SUCKS. Ok, here are reasons of why she's such a sucker.
-Biggest Mary Sue ever.
-If Moon had told about her powers, dragons would have believed her about the cave incident, Tamarin wouldn't have been injured, and Carnelian wouldn't have died! You all think Carnelian's grumpy and terrible, But she's only a warrior who can't protect her queen, and she's upset about that!
-In love with Darkstalker.
-Couldn't fight a battle if an animus enchanted her to!
-To quick to trust random dragons.
-Disapointed and made HER OWN FRIENDS angry!

I love Moon! I hate it how people say she has no flaws! She doesn't deserve other people's critizim because she makes up for it whenever she can! she is kind, caring, passionate, and brave, and sticks up for herself and her friends! Moon deserves to be top and I'm sure Qibli would agree with me! MOON FOREVER!

I love Moon! She is kind, caring, smart, brave, and extremely passionate for her friends! I love her character development, and she gave that bucketload of evil (Darkstalker) a chance. She is pretty and brings her #girlpower AND power power to the table.
MoonFans Unite!

Moon's book was really really cool because although there wasn't too much action her perspective on everything made it so cool, mindreaders for the win!


Sunny is so sweet (don't tell her I said that or she'll get mad) and she has good ideas. She's always getting underestimated, not just by her siblings but by the WoF fandom as well. For years she's been the "cute innocent one" and everyone pretty much ignores her and pats her on the head. Everyone thinks Clay comes up with great ideas, but really he's just relaying Sunny's suggestions. This was so common that when Sunny finally suggested her idea on her own, she was worried everyone would turn her down. I think Sunny is the true mastermind behind the Dragonets of Destiny, and so she is my second favorite dragon in the series.

Sunny is easily my favorite. She deserves someone to love though. I think Sunny x Sky would be an awesome ship. They have the same personality's, and they keep showing up in the same place at the same time, but never noticing each other. I REALLY hope that Tui lets them see each other. It would be love at first sight.

sunny is awesome. she actually cares about other people's opinions, unlike other dragons. (cough, Winter, cough. I still kinda like him though) Sunny was the peace that ended the war and any one who hates her will have to face me. why would you hate her? and don't say she has faults. she brought Jade Mountain Academy together, and without her, moon, qibli, peril, turtle, kinkajou, winter, and foeslayer wouldn't of met to stop the icewing/nightwing war! so technically, sunny stopped both wars. also thorn is her mother! GO QUEEN THORN AND GO SUNNY!

I feel like Sunny sometimes; overlooked and ignored. It's great how she overcomes that and shows everyone that she is the best dragonet of destiny (in my opinion)


The thing I love most about Peril is her character development. At first is OBSESSED about Clay (this is quite understandable since at the time he was the only dragon who gave her a chance) but then she meets Turtle, and she starts thinking more about the others in the Jade Winglet instead of just herself and Clay.
She shouldn’t be blamed for her killing. Scarlet raised her to believe that she was a monster and that her life’s purpose was to kill. Peril has a unique perspective on life, so reading her book really gives us a chance to know what she is really feeling and thinking. And I know this is kind of irrelevant, but her powers are amazing!

Peril is the BEST! She has a big personality, and wants to set things on fire when she's mad, just like me! She is just the BEST. She's funny when she doesn't even realize it, and became cheerful and kind in her own way. I don't know how to explain it, its just a very fiery cheerfulness. I don't blame her for having firescales. I just don't get how anyone could hate her! She is just the sweetest!

I love Peril and I feel SOOO bad for her! I just don't understand Peril haters her personality is awesome and, as someone else said SCARLET raised her to be an evil killer, she didn't choose that life, it was the only one she knew! And then she changed her character to a hilarious dragon(she was always hilarious actually, ) and she is so kind and caring and awkward! GO PERIL!

I feel bad for Peril. I also love Peril. There are two great times with Peril. Number one:In Escaping Peril, when Peril first meets Turtle, and she's like, most Seawings were a flame. Turtle was a fire less puddle.
Number two: In Darkness Of Dragons, Qibli is trying to make the magic bowl to work. She comes by and says "are you yelling at dishware?". Then Qibli's says "just one bowl. Because it's the stupidest bowl in Pyrrhia" Then Peril, (after a few words), "Can I join in? HEY, BOWL, YOUR SHAPE IS INANE! FOOD PROBABLY FALLS OUT OF YOU ALL THE TIME! I BET YOU DON'T EVEN STACK WELL IN CABINETS! YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'RE THE WORST! Ooh, this is great. Let's to it every day! I feel much better."
Peril means: awesomeness.


Come on, Come on, you have to admit that he was the best character in the First series. Literally, he has the brains, and he's quite adorable. He beats Tsunami, Glory, Clay, Sunny, and Peril COMBINED! In my opinion, Sunny should have been with him. But I think that Fatespeaker and Starflight are still so cute together and possibly the best couple! Come on guys, he deserves to be number one. What an awesome character.

Starflight is the "smart one" he s really insecure even though he shouldn't be. he loves his friends and does anything for them. when he tried to take the scrolls from the moutian everyone thought he was a nerd but really he thought he needed to know EVERYTHING so he could keep his friends safe and when escaping the volcano he pushed glory out of the way and blocked the way so nobody would get hurt

He is just a really adorable character, and when he pushed glory (I think it was her if not I'm sorry) in front of him so she could escape the lava, which resulted in him becoming blind, that was so sweet. And when he got rejected by Sunny I kinda got mad at her. "No sunny why would you?! How could you do this to him?!"

I don't like starflight because other then getting information from the nightwing kingdom she was a bit uslles. I know it was a pretty big thing but the others have done more importent things


Kinkajou honestly deserves number one I'm so sad she didn't get her own book (although Tui said books are for improving characters and that Kinkajou was already perfect) She's so bubbly, happy, excited, trusting, and forgiving of everyone. She literally got tortured by Nightwings and then became Moon's best friend. Also, like I said, incredibly loyal Icicles is like "I'm gonna kill Glory" and Kinkajou just goes oh no you don't.

Kinkajou should be one. Also, Kinkajou does not look like that *points at "picture of Kinkajou"*. Kinkajou should not have been flung into a tree by that...that banana brained Rainwing. I'm PRETTY sure my sister hates him. Chameleon is bad. Bad boy. Bad Rainwing. NO NO.

I love kinkajou she is hilarious and I voted for her because I want to prove that rainwings are awesome. I hate hearing about how rainwings are lazy and dumb. they are actually really smart, have you heard of any wars with rainwings involved? there to smart to get involved in conflict unless they have too. kinkajou was the first rainwing to learn how to read, she took down darkstalker, (I know those have nothing to do with eachother), and she tries so hard. she stood up to winter, and that takes bravery. she is determined, yet humble, she didn't even tell the tribes that she stopped darkstalker. imagine how hard it would be for her to have to listen to other dragons saying rainwings are lazy and dumb when she saved the world. she went back to the rainforest to save her queen from being killed by icicle who was also in the rainforest, so she was risking her life. it's so unfair and racist how people call rainwings lazy and dumb, and other adjectives I wont mention. STOP it! GO ...more

She is truly an amazing character. I love her optimism and enthusiasm, and her loyalty towards her friends and queen. Even though she doesn’t have much character development and the series generally involves dragons that have the most development (Peril, Snowfall, Qibli, Starflight) she deserves her own book!


He is a very good character. He is my favorite still even though I just finished The Lost Continent. He's been my favorite character. He is sweet, kind, funny, and adorable. Clay rocks!

I would be Clay If I was in this book. Well, Clay or Turtle. I'm always hungry, I like reading, I have saved my little brother COUNTLESS TIMES and he still takes credit for everything, and I never spend more energy than I have to.

Clay is the best WoF character ever. He's super protective and always hungry in the best way possible. He also saved the dragonets quite a few times. Not to mention he's fireproof. I'm sure a whole lot of people and dragons would want to be fireproof.

Ok, this is too easy. Clay is adoringly funny, and what's going on between Clay and Peril is cute, but the one bad thing is that CLAY OWES PERIL HIS LIFE. Had peril not come in book 5, clay would be dead.


Clearsight is definitely one of the best! Even though she has an evil ex-boyfriend she did stop him in the first place, she outsmarted him and that lasted for 2000 years! Being able to see the future is one thing but all the possible futures is a completely different one. The futures when her and Darkstalker had kids were definitely unlikely and with someone else who see all the possible futures makes it extremely unlikely. Without Clearsight going to Pantala the dragons on Pantala wouldn’t know the language and would make it extremely difficult for them to be safe on Pyrrhia.

I love clearsight! Imagine how hard it would be to take down her love. she had to imprison darkstalker under a mountain, an never find out what happened to him after that, (though she would be horrified if she did) honestly, I think praying to her and worshipping her is a bit over the top, because it's just because she hatched with those powers. sure she used them for good but worshipping her is a little intense. but still I love her. she save so many lives in pantala and anyways, I don't mean with the Book of Clearsight, I mean when she first arrived in pantala. (read the prologue in the lost continent) Clearsight is brave and caring, and she put others before her own needs. do you think she WANTED to takek down darkstalker? No. They were in a relationship, yet she put the needs of the world over her own. fathom did too. I say GO CLEARSIGHT, and please vote for her. she's in like ninth place, but she deserves to be at least 4th. what do you think luna or cricket would say if they saw ...more

I love that in the third arc all of the hive wings like think she is some goddess and they all think the book is all fancy but it’s plain dark blue. I love her personality. She tries to see good in dragons, even darkstalker. She eventually gets over him though and becomes the mother of the hivewing tribe.

Clearsight is very intelligent, and sensible. she used her visions for good and made sure that she never did anything to hurt anyone, I don't agree with what she did to darkstalker but it was the best thing she could have done, according to her visions.


I am not ashamed to say this: "I have a crush on him". I am jealous of Moon. Just because I am jealous, that does not not mean I do not love him.

He's funny and smart like me. And queen thorn rocks lets go! But I ship him with winter-moon deserves to be alone shes too manipulative

This boy is incredeble, he's smart, funny, loyal, and AMAZING! I don't ship him with moon though. He also has his flaws so he isn't overrated.

Qibli is funny, smart, and brave, and I loved just reading the hilarious parts when he is annoying Winter! Qibli is a great dragon, and I think there was a lot more to him then his freinds knew.

The Contenders

He is an awesome character and it sucks when his magic goes away. Luckily he got it back. I love how he thought his family hated him but found out they didn't and thinks of which role in a story he is playing. I can relate. I am like what would Moonwatcher do or would Clay hug it out. TURTLE IS AWESOME

Turtlejou, that needs to happen. Turtle is awesome he cared so much for Kinkajou and then fricking Anenome goes and... (nevermind, I don't like her) He is nice to Peril when nobody else is, not ven Clay entirely.

Turtle is kind and easygoing, and is also SO protective of his friends! He flew across the continent to protect his sister. He befriends Peril, when a lot of the dragons even have trouble talking to her. He is awesome and his stick spell was clever, even if he didn't exactly make it out of cleverness

Oh Turtle. The character I’m most related to. Even though he is a dreamer and wants to be unnoticed, he is a very kind and responsible dragon. Turtle tried to prove himself but he thought he was stupid after he failed. He felt guilty for giving Anemone animus powers, thus making her have to use her magic for the war. He didn’t want that. All he thought was that he needed to hide. But Turtle found the courage to unveil himself and fight for what was right. He is my favourite character. I wish he is my brother!


Snudoo! Our favorite LeafWing! Sundew is awesome! She is so brave and tough, and she doesn't care what others think about her. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to stand up and stand out. I absolutely love her relationship with Willow, too! On the outside, Sundew is super fierce and scary, but on the inside, she is soft and caring and is in love. It's so interesting to hear more about her backstory, and how she met Willow and learned about the SapWings. And you can't forget her relationship with Bumblebee! Not even Snudoo can resist her cuteness! This really shows everyone that Sundew has a soft side, and she's not the angry, fierce dragon everyone thinks she is. Sundew is definitely one of my favorite characters.

Sundew is hardcore. Sundew is awesome. I can seriously relate to Sundew.
I feel like the other two main characters in the third arc - Blue and Cricket (up to book 14) are really soft and kind and believe in happiness and they believe in peace and all that.
You have to take into account that not everyone WANTS peace.
I personally think we are lacking the more bloody bits of war, because I personally want to have a real FIGHT.
In the second arc the Darkstalker thing with the IceWings was the closest thing in the entire series we had for WAR.
Sundew really brings it out and I think it is awesome.


Sundew is one of the most funniest character. From the way she picks on the others or how she yells at everyone. I could probably relate to her the most because I am easily aggravated and love to express my opinion. She is a fighting powerhouse and the ways she can make plants grow is INSANE.

I love the character Sundew. I love the fact that she is lesbian and her personality. I disagree with ANYONE who thinks she's a bad character. I personally think she should be top of the list, but everyone has their own opinion

Queen Thorn

Does this even need to be explained? Queen Thorn is a great Sandwing queen, and she can easily take care of the tribe. So she's not royalty, but WHO CARES? The Eye Of Onyx chose her, and you can't question the decision of the Eye Of Onyx, can you?

She is the best mom ever! She is so kind and funny and would do anything for Sunny! Plus, she has hilarious insults! I mean, frog-faced camel turds! XD

Queen Thorn is just and right. In the 10th book, Qibli notes that at festivals, she sits wing to wing with her subjects. She is also willing to do anything to get what she want most, which was Sunny.

Thorn is absolutely the best queen in the books. She’s tough and ruthless, but not evil or selfish like many of the other queens are. Thorn is also a good mother to Sunny and sort of an adopted mother to Quibli. She’s the one who teaches him to have confidence in himself. Really should be higher on the list


Wren is a smart, intellectual, and daring scavenger which is allied with a dragon by the name of Sky. Even though she has some small harsh feelings towards her home village that tried to feed her to the dragons, she still cares to wants to try and unify scavengers and dragons on her continent. She can easily become angry, but she still is brave enough to rescue Sky after he had gotten imprisoned with the help of her brother, and more friends that were caring and also that liked the idea of bringing dragons and scavengers together to be in complete peace. She’s also bold enough to kill for her friends, because she poisoned and killed General Sandstorm to get Sky out of his grasp. Even though she rejects Undauntable’s surprising proposal, she still is daring and brave enough to protect everyone she cares for. She also can speak some Dragon, which enables her to talk to dragons, including Sky.

Please Vote Wren If You Haven’t Already!

Wren is SO AWESOME. She is SO smart and is similar to Glory, in a way. She is really brave and protective, and snarky and sassy, totally her own mind.

Wren is unique, and she’s silly. She’s got a well-organized mind from the start. She’s loyal and brave. Sky deserves nothing less then Wren!
-Laurel the Sap/Night hybrid

Wren is just over all really cool she might not be a dragon but she deserves top 10.Like she lived almost her whole life with a skywing dragonet that she saved.


Winter may be hot-headed but he did lose everything just for Moon. He status plummeted, his royal rights plummeted, his family relationships plummeted and before the war between the Icewings and Nightwings everybody thought he was dead. Winter went from royal, loyal, cares about his tribe and nothing else and hates nightwings to cares about moon, thinks about moon, loves moon but no other nightwings, disloyal to his tribe and dead to the Icewing records. Him and Moon remind me of Foeslayer and Arctic. If Moon and Qibli don’t work out then I ship moon and arctic.

He is one of my most favorite characters in this series. If Hailstorm, Hvitur, and Arctic were on this list I'd vote for them too.

Winter is hands down the best character. Right in front of Peril and Cricket. He should have won the moon and is funny and awesome and cunning. Also, I do NOT like Qibli. He is so obnoxious.

He is my favorite. Winter is a very realistic character, he has things to change and good things. He is one of the few dragons who have anger feelings sometimes. Also, I feel sorry for him. He gave up EVERYTHING for Moon!


I'm gonna say it. I have a crush on Deathbringer. He is the most charming, funny guy there is! He has so many traits that make him so likeable. He's loyal, easy-going, friendly, adventurous, charming, funny (as I said before), and he's also very strong and skilled, so you don't want to make him angry. He is so loyal to Queen Glory, and their relationship is so cute! I would say that I'm jealous of Glory, but she's like my spirit animal, so I totally ship them! I hope that their daughter Firefly will be born sometime in the series. That would make me so happy!

Deathbringer is so charming, smart and funny (reminds me of another NightWing, really). His backstory as an assassin makes him a fascinating character to read about.
To be honest, I don’t really ship Glory X Deathbringer, but I still think they make a cute couple. I love his protection towards the dragons he cares about, and he deserves to to be higher up on the list.

Deathbringer is hilarious he has made me laugh out loud like 4 different occasions. Also read his winglet it is sad and cool at the same time.

Ok he is awesome and loyal but not to his tribe to Glory. First of all, he is an assassin and it is hilarious when he says “Hey! Who said anything is wrong with assassins?” Second of all, he cares about Glory so much he risked his tribe and queen hating him for all of eternity just to save Glory and not kill her or her friends. Third of all, he is just so cute when he is around Glory and he just likes it when she shoots him down. Deathbringer is awesome. Please vote for Deathbringer! GO DEATHBRINGER!

Queen Coral

Queen Coral is a good mother. She's very caring about her children, but she has her flaws. She is willing to lean to Blister and obey everything she says. Buuut, Coral is still awesome.

The other queen were unlike her. She cared about her daughter and even if clay was rivals with her she still cared about them, because they were tunamis freinds.

She’s probably one of my favorite queens. Sure, she’s a little overprotective, but with all she’s been through, I can totally see why. Queen Coral for the win!

No words. I love my wifeu as the tides love the ocean, endless circling back with nature’s still devotion. I know to love her as the three moons know to rise over the frothing water and splutter light amongst the darkness of midnight. I love both the sight of her blood-stained talons and the gentle cadences of her sweet smile. I love her scales. I love falling asleep in her wings each night.

- Cobalt Sapphy


I absolutely love Cricket! I feel like she's kind of underrated, or maybe I'm just not keeping up with everyone else's favorites ;P. I was on the Hive Queen for the longest time, and I was really annoyed that I couldn't pull myself together and read the other half of the book, but then the longer I stayed on Cricket's point of view, the more I began to like her. She is so curious and clever, but she's also super brave and loyal and generous. I first thought that I would hate HiveWings because of Queen Wasp, but they actually became one of my favorite tribes, and I think Cricket was the cause of that. I absolutely adore Cricket's personality. Like I said before, she's smart, brave, loyal, and caring, and she risked so much to save her tribe and to save Bumblebee. She continues to amaze me with her bravery and kindness, and I love her so much!

love HER WITH ALL MY HEART! So curious, loving, caring and smart. She is the girlfriend of Blue... she IS lovable. :P
Cricket is reliable and is immune to Queen Wasp's powers. I mean, WOW! She's also adventurous, and quiestion-asking. I love her so muuuch. She is the star of the Wings of Fire series-- she definitely should be at the top! please vote for her, people. She deserves more love. Not many people like her; everyone just LOOVES Glory and Moonwatcher so MUCH. But Cricket is a trustworthy friend, too, and is the best. (My opinion! But don't hate, peeps.) She is a kind dragonet with a wide heart. Vote for CRICKET!
-Wings of Warriors

Cricket is like one of my favorite characters. She's smart and I feel like she was a more well-written character than Qibli in terms of nerdiness. She is kind, smart, curious, and adventurous! And she should definitely be higher on this list. Like 10 places higher at least.

Cricket is amazingly smart, curious, kind, and I love her with all my heart. she should totally be #1. I just don't understand why she isn't. I can totally relate to Cricket, that feeling of frustration when you don't know something, don't understand it, or someone won't tell you. She is a shining star.


Riptide has such an awesome personality! Did anyone notice how easily he befriended Tsunami in book two? Even after they fought? I have Riptide's personality- I find it easy to make friends with my friendly and humble mind! Although I sometimes keep secrets from my friends. Riptide is awesome!

Riptide does not deserve any of the harsh treatment that is given to him because of his father. He is smart and caring, and he only lied because he wanted Tsunami to trust him (yes, I ship RiptideXTsunami). He could have a really interesting backstory...something to think about in the future.

He’s brave and nervous and totally not deserved all the harsh treatment for what his father did. Nevertheless, he still fought in the war for his tribe and his queen.

Riptide may not always be truthful, but he cares about everyone. He deserves more of a chance than what he gets. Riptide is funny and charming, but really just one of the nicest dragons in the whole series.


SORRY PEOPLE! BUT HE IS EVIL! I know so many people say he was snot a bad guy, but NO! He tried to wipe out literally the entire Icewing tribe who are awesome dragons! He put a spell on the best character WInter! he lied and lied and lied. He is power-hungry and absolutely evil. I understand there are some sympathetic parts, but he is too evil to say I think he is good. He is EVIL as HECK! Die Darkstalker, DIE! HE also took away Turtle's power and twisted Moons Request to him. OH, it's not hurting them if I throw them in prison and take away their power. Not Evil I am good. SHUT UP AND DIE YOU SLUG! However, to give him the benefit of the doubt, he is not as bad as a peacemaker. DIE DARKSTALKER DIE !

Why does everyone hate him I mean ya sure he tried to wipe out the entire ice wing tribe but wouldn’t you if they took your mother. People think he is pure evil but he got his mom taken away his girlfriend locked him up in a mountain (not to mention that she married like three other people) and everything he knew and loved gone, mom gone girlfriend gone, best friend gone, sister gone. He made himself immortal and indestructible but that was just so he didn’t die before his happy life with clearsight. Sure he killed his dad but if he didn’t his dad would probably find a way to kill him and all the night wings, there is no way to lock up an animus (for the record Arctic controlled his daughter first) . He did cast a spell on everyone but that was just so they would like him (quibli was going to do that to). How would you feel if your girlfriend you new that you were going to marry locked you up and everyone you knew died. I hate how they turned him into a baby he forgot everyone. ...more

Everyone thinks Darkstalker is evil. A few reasons: His magic. He used to much of it. His friend, and love one betrayed him. He tried to wipe out the Icewing tribe because they took his awesome mother.
Kinkajou was right not to kill him, but to turn him into a dragonet with no powers, and with no memories of his past.

I don’t think it was fair that he got turned into Peacemaker. I liked him way better before he got turned into a RainWing hybrid. He was confident, charming, funny and smart to begin with, and some of those traits still shone through the evil nightmare dragon we all knew him to be. I agree with some of the others who voted for him, he is a very complicated character with a lot of different sides.

Queen Glacier

The queen of the IceWings! They sound so fierce, don't they? They withstand subzero temperatures, living in the coldest area of Pyrrhia. They could be silver or white (sorry if I'm wrong I haven't read it for such a long time) and they can breathe frostbreath and have sharp spikes on their tail. They are fierce and strict with their own dragons. When I think of IceWings, I think of ferocious, and then beautiful, dazzling scenes of places covered in a deep layer of snow, that has piled on the trees and slowly drifted down, sharp ice spikes with the light filtering through it, and blizzards where each snowflake is carried by the wind, back and forth, until they all eventually land on the ground.

Queen Glacier is so cool. I mean, she is protective of her family and cares about them a lot and from what I can tell from book 7 she cares more about Winter than his parents do.

She's an amazing queen. As well as Darkstalker stealing icewing animus magic he also stole the best icewing queen- he had no excuse for hating every icewing when it should be the other way around, every icewing should hate him

I hate Darkstalker, I wish Queen Glacier could come back, why did they have to leave the icewings with Snowfall? Even Jerboa said so.


Read the Winglets. I feel so bad about him and Dune. And, Blaze was so rude to be like, "Six-claws? Yew! I can't believe you touched me with though's!" right after Six-claws saved her. And that is way I DO NOT like Blaze. Period.

Six claws is awesome because,

1. He is loyal to Thorn
2. He's smart and cautious
3. He's good at fighting
4. He's awesome so please vote for him.

He is very loyal and many people think he is weird because he has six claws. Burn should know better than to turn on him.

I like him in the Winglets stories. He is brave and cares about his friend and child.


In my opinion, she would make an excellent queen (I would want her to be queen next to Tsunami). The fact that Coral kept her attached to a harness gave her a naturally rebellious personality, and that’s one of the traits I love about her. When Anemone loses some of her soul, I was so interested to find out what she would be like afterwards. Her animus powers make her even more amazing, and I also like her relationships with Darkstalker and Moon. Overall she is still a nice dragon.

She is a complicated charector. she is good even if she did loose just a little of her soul. Some people think she is really spoiled but she isn't yes she is rich and gets everything she wants but she never asked for that. She has great leader ship and even though she dosnt have the best methodsshe does everything for her family

She’s like a well-crafted character, and she’s very powerful. She wants another animus to converse with, because she could only talk to royalty and royalty adjacent.
-Laurel the Sap/Night hybrid

Anemone is relay neat in the way that she's the only existing animus dragon who din't hatch with her power. But after she learns this from turtle she handles it well. Yes she did hurt moon but she was under Darkstakers spell.


I get why Sora tried to kill Icicle. I mean I'm not saying she should've done it, but I get it. And obviously the dragonflame cactus bomb wasn't really well thought-out. But I totally understand where Sora is coming from. Also for those of who you think Sora shouldn't be on this list because she killed Carnelian and Bigtail and tried to kill Icicle and injured Tamarin, a) I already explained why Sora's actions are understandable, b) Sora had to share a cave with Icicle, which influenced her decisions even further, c) Carnelian and Bigtail and Tamarin were complete accidents and she felt guilt for them afterward. Also, Icicle smiled a cruel smile at Sora when she killed Crane. She sees Sora's distraught at Crane being killed in front of her and she laughs. Read Moon Rising again when Moon looks into Sora's thoughts and you'll see what I mean. Plus Icicle is way more malicious. All killing aside, Sora is smart, loyal, and shy, and we really need to find out what happened to her and ...more

I love Sora, she's so sweet and I totally get why she did everything that she did. I mean, she's so loyal to her sibs it's just so sweet!

I get wanting to avenge your sister, but she could have told Clay or Tsunami, instead of blowing up the history cave, she is still a good sibling.

Everyone says she was staying loyal to her sibling but STILL. He was killed in a war. That war is over now. Seriously. -Nightstalker the NightWing


Blob oh sweet sweet blob!Blob is an animus-touched piece of carved driftwood in the shape of an octopus that was created by Fathom as a pet for Indigo. Fathom specifically enchanted Blob to have the sweetest, most loyal, and most agreeable personality of any pet in Pyrrhia.(Yet another reason I love Fathom x Indigo)

-Waterfall the Rain-Nightwing

One of the CUTEST characters in the series. He should TOTALLY be more included in the series (If he is somehow still magically alive)

Blob is so amazing he is so cute and fun to have around he had been made by animus magic with the best personality of any pet in Phyrria so obviously he is good. If you think he is bad then you are really bad (just kidding)

Animus octopus. Obviously he is going to be best character. He imediatly captured my heart so yeah best of all of them

Wait sleepless brain just asked if blob is still alive since he's made of wood

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