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1 Glory

I love the line, "You'd have to be crazy not to be- well, crazy or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing." I just find Glory so funny and sarcastic, but Tsunami will always be number one for me.

Glory is awesome. Best line ever: "No, really, there's a tree in the forest? " I just love her sarcasm. - Warriorcatsfandom

Glory is epic, funny and smart. She probably is the best out of ALL the dragons! She's crazy like some dragons and cool

I like how she is sarcastic when around tsunami

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2 Tsunami

One of my favourite characters, I love this book series so I practically have three favourite dragons for each tribe by the way. After the Lost Heir which she was slightly a stuck out brat she developed greatly. She is practically everything you want in a heroine, brave shown by the many times she attacked dragons for her friends, selfless due to her volunteering to fight in the arena for Starflight, fierce due to her all around fierce character and has her mind positioned in the right place. See, she could've chosen to not save her friends because they were all being pompous jerks to her but she did because she knew that they were important to Phyrria, she could've chosen not to protect Auklet's egg because some insignificant guard was going to die if the egg was damaged not Tsunami, she could've acted all agreeable to Blister when she visited but instead she chose to stand up for her mother when Blister wasn't respecting her as a queen. Tsunami is a saviour to Phyrria and my day ...more - PopularCraft

My favourite character in the whole series. She is strong, independent and brave and will do anything for her friends. She protected Auklet's egg with her life and would never back down from a challenge. I love Tsunami and she is always number one to me.

Totally BADASS who will protect her friends! Even when they are jerks to her!

Ordered Shark away from her friends

Confronted the guards for Clay's Key

Found the truth about Blister who killed Kestrel

She might've killed her father, but why do you think her back was turned to it? SHE DIDN'T WANT TO KILL THE SEAWING! DID SHE HAVE A CHOICE?!

Ok scratch what I said about she is the-best acting dragon I could think of she isn't the absouloute best acting dragon but she is one of them and she's still awesome and the bravest on the dragonet team and would do anything for her friends

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3 Sunny

How are there no comments! sunny is top 3! #Starflight x sunny.

I can relate to Sunny. Sunny gets told "Why are you so small, don't you eat? " By Morrowseer. I'm also smaller than average in real life. This reminds me of a time a mean teacher at lunch asked me "no wonder you're so skinny, you don't eat" when I actually didn't eat because I wasn't hungry.
So yeah. - Lunala

4 Starflight

Guys, if you hate him, at least feel sorry for him. Think about this.

1) His scales near his eyes are burnt so he's blind for now.

2) Glory thought that he betrayed them once and Tsunami acts like he's too much of a wuss to do so.

3) He nearly got killed by the volcano and was near death.

4) His one love was missing for a very long time and he can't see her

a gain till his eyes heal (which is never at this point)

Starflight is the best. When Anemone offered to heal his eyes I was just like NO! It is a big part of who he is

Favorite character of all time. Can relate a lot to him.

MY FAVOURITE because he is relatable. - Lunala

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5 Clay

He is always loyal and hungry. He is the character to put funny stuff in the books

Clay is the big brother everybody loves.

Loyal and likeable - Lunala

he is cool

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6 Deathbringer

I love how Deathbringer is so selfless and flattering when it comes to Glory, especially when she tries not to turn pink! He's just a funny dragon who, I must say is kinda cocky, but he's my fave. I imagine him as a standup comedian / hopeless bachelor

Better than all characters above him. Best literary character of all time. He is hilarious awesome and epic. He is what saved the wings of fire series from being bad

WHY the hell is he so low he's better than 100% of the characters above him

Best character in fiction.

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7 Fatespeaker

I like Fatespeaker. She's really cool and funny, and I like how she tries to have visions- and I also like the mystery of if she actually has visions or not.

Fatespeaker is a really funny character who also might have weak seer powers, she isn't my favorite character, but she is in my top ten!

This character sucks

Funniest character ever.period.

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8 Peril

Peril is one of my favorite characters in the series, not just because of her complex personality and akwardness, but because she got some great character development. It's a shame that there are fans who hate her for "taking Carnelian's place" or for killing other dragons "for fun".

Um, Carnelian only showed up in ONE book before she was *SPOILERS* killed. Granted, she would have made a very interesting character, but we're talking about a book series where, unless it's a main character, anyone can die. And as for the later? Peril was raised to kill other dragons and even then she only did it because she felt it was the only thing she was good for. Not for fun. Now Scarlet and Burn on the other hand? THEY kill for fun. :P

I think Peril is the best character. It's nice to have the point of view of a character everybody seems to either want to use for their own evil deeds or don't understand because they aren't her. Peril was a dragon born in the wrong scales, her heart given entirely to the one dragon she can't hurt. I found her funny, but also well-written. She is my favorite character.

Um am I the only one who is like obsessed with peril? I love book 8 where you hear more back story from her and don't forget to mention how sarcastic and funny she is."Hmm how would you feel if I burned off all your scales! "Peril is a roller coaster of fire and emotions but this character isn't complete without turtle! Peril deserves to be 3rd best wings if fire character ever. Fire scaled smug sarcastic brave miss understood quirky skywing you are destined to be with your teddy bear clay. Most of all I love how soft and caring she is for clay! Peril you are my number 1!

She only killed dragons for fun because Queen Hitler- I mean, Queen Scarlet (who I HATE! ) forced her to. - Lunala

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9 Qibli

He's totally charming. Said himself. - QueenTerra

Yes! I love almost all the SandWings in this series SOMEONE PUT THORN PLEASE!

he's cool

Qibli is the best :DDD also I think Qibli x Moon would be awesome

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10 Winter

He should be higher! My favorite character!

A well developed character. Unlike the other characters, he was pretty unfriendly. However, as of book 7 he is a lot kinder. (After meeting Moonwatcher of course.) I love his character break when he was struggling of the fact of he should love Moonwatcher or not. But obviously, good wins evil.

What can I say? It's Winter, everybody's favorite, slightly racist, tsundere.

WinterWatcher is so adorabe

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11 Morrowseer

Honestly it's refreshing to see a NightWing act like he does: ruthless but undyingly loyal to the tribe and his queen. Think about where he lived: he WAS a jerk, but he did what he did for the greater good of his tribe.

The whole reason why the series happened is because of him.

Morrowseers stupid. Not because he;s evil, but the book makes you sick of him.

12 Darkstalker

I like Darkstalker. He has powers, and is good with a side of evil. He isn't afraid to challenge anyone, and he isn't one of those 'I have powers? Use them wisely/for the good of dragon-kind/for my loved ones' animus/seer/mind-reader.

My favorite character HE IS AWESOME haters go away

He's so well developed

Darkstalker be great m8

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13 Moonwatcher

She is a really interesting character with different perspectives and interesting powers, definitely a great character!

Moon should be at least at 5th place

Moon should be higher than this

Love her! Best Nightwing ever! I cannot believe she is down here. She is like me in real life, smart, but shy. #WinterXMoon

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14 Turtle

Turtle in a nutshell: "Talk less, smile more." Also he's kinda cool and I can relate to him a little bit.

I wasn't really sure what to think of him at first, and I was worried that he would just become another rival for Moon's affections, or even Peril's for that matter. But after book 8 I really enjoy his character and am excited for book 9 to come out.

Also, I'm hoping he and Kinkajou will get together.

15 Riptide

He secretly loves tsunami

It's funny because whenever I read Percy Jackson I just imagine Percy literaly wielding Riptide the Seawing like a magic sword.

I can see why

16 Fathom

Fathom is a Seawing prince. He was an animus dragon and was Clearsight and Darstalker's friend. His mate was Indigo and his sister, Pearl was queen. He killed his psycho grandfather, Albatross, who was also an animus. Fathom went to an island with Indigo to avoid the Seawing and had dragonets

17 Indigo

Indigo is an amazing character! She is funny, and becomes very deep at the end... Should definitely be in the top 10!

Indigo is by far my favorite character ever. Findigo (Fathom+Indigo) is also the best ship.

YES Indigo is of my favorite seawings becides Tsunami! SHE NEED TO BE ON THE LISSST!

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18 Whiteout

Whiteout is possibly the strangest character in the series yet, but I find her very interesting interesting

It is beyond rare to get a good non- nerotypical (autistic, schizophrenic, Asperger's) charecter that Whiteout is a good change of pace

19 Cliff

Remember queen Scarlett's grandson "I wanna see mommy kill grandma! "

Let's just say this is the BEST DRAGONET EVER

20 Jambu
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