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1 Glory Glory

I love Glory. She is funny and smart too.

Even though Glory is my 2nd favorite character, I still love the fact that she is too sarcastic and funny and her rivalry with tsunami never gets old.

Its color changes are so cool!

I love her sarcasm lol.

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2 Tsunami Tsunami

I'd definitely say The Lost Heir had a great story and presentation for Tsunami, sure she can be grumpy or aggressive, but she sure shows a lot of heart. Tsunami had a very intriguing personality that could be good and bad in some cases. It was awesome how she stuck by with her friends and helped them out till the very end. I wouldn't say she's my favorite character, but she sure is a great dragonet! She shows great leadership to her friends, and makes a sensational princess!

Let's gooo, Tsunami! Her personality just fits with her name. She may be bossy and annoying and too aggressive and all that, but she will protect her friends and siblings until her very last breath. I think Tsunami would make a better queen than Coral or Anemone, because she's not as bloodthirsty as any of them. I love how sarcastic Tsunami is. She's a good fighter, too!

Please vote tsunami because she is loyal protective and awesome, she's my number 1 favorite character!

She is very brave and is a skilled fighter like me she can be sarcastic and a little mean when she is annoyed but she is a great royal dragon you should vote for her because of how amazing of a character she is in my opinion tsunami should be at 100 percent actually infinity percent for how amazing she is.

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3 Moonwatcher

She is my favorite dragon! She is cool, and she READS MINDS! If the book was in first person it would still seem like third!

My favorite. Reading from her perspective is like looking into a mirror of my own thoughts and experiences in crowds. - Cyri

Love her! She had a great character development!

Moon is mah third fave Wing of fire drag she's awesome nice and can READ MINDS - Duskstorm

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4 Peril Peril

She is so cute with clay

I just love Peril. My second favorite is Winter and Queen Glory is third

Peril is funny and misunderstood. I love her personality. VOTE FOR PERIL

Escaping Peril was my third favorite book. -Blobfish of the Seawings

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5 Starflight Starflight

He is so smart, nice, and he cares about other dragons

"She cares, she just doesn't whine about it." -Starflight

"Yowch" -Glory

"Say that to my face! " -Tsunami

"I did. Or was it your rear end? It's easy to get the two confused." -Starflight
*Hides behind Clay

This is also one of my favorite Nightwings as well - ArcticWolf

He's a lot like me, but in the pat of the series I've read, he's an annoyance to me anyways.

EDIT: I LOVE HIM NOW! - MaxAurelius

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6 Clay Clay

Clay has a big heart. Why is he the 6th one? He should be first! Kind people (or dragons) should be on the top of the list.

How he EATS in the Graphic Novel the Lost Heir, IS SO CUTE! - Sofiaaaaaa

Clay is such a wholesome boi

Such a kind and caring dragon

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7 Sunny Sunny

Sunny is the best! My favourite character and also basically me! GO SUNNY! You can do it! Everyone vote for Sunny!

I like her the best. However, It is sad that she is always shunned to one side and quite often overlooked.

She is amazing how isn't she in first she is the nicest dragon anyone has known please vote for sunny and make her become first place she deserves it from all the hard work she did

Sunny, yas.

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8 Kinkajou

I remember a line in I think it was talons of power where it said
"Oh dear turtle could imagine tiny kinkajou lobbing a pineapple at darkstalker"
Another one I remember
Overall kinkajou is a hilarious, fun character - Duskstorm

Kinkajou is Amazingly happy and very very determined wham pineapple to the snout

Kinkajou is awesome drag and I personally think she should be the first - Duskstorm

Shes hilarious and took down (SPOILER) darkstalker

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9 Qibli

I enjoy how smart he is and his personality, people don't give him enough credit! From book 6 I knew that Qibli and Moon HAD TO GET TOGETHER. A lot of people voted for Winter/Moon, I am so happy it came out differently. Qibli is smart and kind, even though his family was rude he never became like them. He's always thinking about others and Pyhrria and Pantala needs more dragons like him, vote Qibli!

Very complicated and interesting mind. Obviously the best character. He was always my favorite. Wish I could be as intelligent and brave as him. Vote Qibli! Why else do you think he has the biggest book? Because he is the best!

I love this dragon! At first I loved Tsunami cause she was basically me but he is my favorite cause he's so smart! He and moon are my second fave ship! Tsunami is still awesome though!

YAS! Qibli is so punny (get it? ) and he and Moon are an awesome ship! Shame he's number 10 on this list..

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10 Turtle

He's the most chill duude you can find plus he's super relatable

I agree he's chilll

He's my favorite character

I love Turtle!

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? Io
? Lady Jewel

The Contenders

11 Clearsight

Super awesome... WHY IS S

She is awesome



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12 Blob

Blob is the octopus fathom made for indigo right?
if so Blob is my favorite character - mintybreeze

Oh the Octopus! - ArcticWolf

Wait forgot who Blob was so fill me in - Duskstorm

He's Blob.

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13 Winter

I like how he decides on things.
I want Winter and Moonwatcher be together!

I feel like it would be way better if he got Moon!

I love this charecter

Oh yeah, I like him. - Firemist

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14 Queen Coral Queen Coral

I love Queen Coral - ArcticWolf

No words. I love my wifeu as the tides love the ocean, endless circling back with nature’s still devotion. I know to love her as the three moons know to rise over the frothing water and splutter light amongst the darkness of midnight. I love both the sight of her blood-stained talons and the gentle cadences of her sweet smile. I love her scales. I love falling asleep in her wings each night.

- Cobalt Sapphy

Queen acoral might be over protective, but it’s just because she loves her daughters and wants the best for them. ☺️🐾🌅

15 Deathbringer

He sounds pretty awesome I never even read this book

He's funny! He should be #1!

I think deathbringer is funny! "This isn't my smug face, it's my heroic one! "

His name is sorta unfitting, but I love his loyalty to Glory. - Firemist

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16 Queen Thorn

I love everything about Thorn and in my opinion she should automatically have a reserved spot in the top 3

Love queen thorn!

She's do fierce in the way she protects dragons she loves
I feel good that her outlaws are so loyal to her.
P.S.I don't have hash-keys... :(

YAY - QueenThorn

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17 Queen Glacier


18 Darkstalker

Definitely my favorite. I think he thought he was doing what was right. He did not see killing his father as a pure evil move, he saw it as an act of justice. He really loved Clearsight, and he thought he was doing what was best for her. Darkstalker is just, really sad on the inside. After all, his best friends betrayed him in the end. I feel he's just such a complex and compelling character. I hate Tui for getting rid of the way she did. Like, here's a super powered crazy animus, there could've been a much more.. Heroic way then feeding him a strawberry.
Darkstalker is the best.

He is just the best

He's dope but I guess that it assent that nice to slay almost the whole ice wing clan other than that he's the coolest and most powerful

He is my 2nd favorite. - QueenThorn

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19 Six-Claws

Intelligent and thoughtful dragon

20 Sora

Why is Sora in here?! All we see of Sora is her trying to MURDER Icicle because she killed Crane in battle!

awesome! - XxCoffeexX

Tsunami is the best! I can't believe how good tsunami is! Shes so beautiful I want to have kids with her and be married. I can't believe how much sora is so good! I wanna sleep with her and get under the covers and giggle with her a lot! She can touch me anytime. and what I mean by touch... :)

I also want to kiss her and put my hands onto her dick

Look imagine if your sib got killed in front of your face (I don’t know if you have a sibling) and had to sleep in the same room as the killer... we got to see how she thinks from moon(also I like her)

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21 Riptide

He's a great character! I like him.

Oh yeah, he's great. - Firemist

I secretly ship tsunami×riptide - Duskstorm

Ooh yay! - GlamCat

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22 Whiteout

Very interesting to see a character with associative synesthesia and probably autism as well in the series. She's also more relatable than you'd think once you learn what colors mean what to her. - Cyri

Whiteout is sooo cute!

Pretty name

She was just so awesome. Beautiful too! She had a complicated mind and act strangely, which was cool and indescribable.

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23 Fatespeaker

I am a lot like Fatespeaker!
That means I'm annoying.

Fatespeaker is annoying and should never existed
Sunny shoulda been with Starflight - Duskstorm

She's okay. - Firemist

I like Fatespeaker. She's really cool and funny, and I like how she tries to have visions- and I also like the mystery of if she actually has visions or not.

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24 Fathom

Honestly, I think Fathom should be top 5. I absolutely love his personality and how kind and respectful he is. Also, I love Indigo and Fathom together!

Fathom is simply the best. He is kind, even though he thinks he isn't, he's darkstalker's pal, which is super cool, he is very careful about his animus magic, and he got with indigo... Yay!

He is my 3rd favorite character. - QueenThorn

He is very fascinating

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25 Silver

Why would anyone try to kill Sliver? Sliver is soon cute!

I love her name. - Firemist

I love Silver Glory and Silver are the best pair ever!

Everyone says Glory is the best- but truly its Silver.

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26 Anemone Anemone

I love dis gal and her pretty colours - Sofiaaaaaa

Anemone was better in Book 2. I thought she gave up in using her powers! But I still like her. - Firemist

I personally like Anemone a lot because she realizes what's good and bad also she represents the LGBTG+ comunity

I couldn't say that tsunami was me because although I act EXACTLY like her, I don't have a secret crush on someone(riptide)
Anemone in the dragon school thing is basically me because she's like tsunami but she's a single prints forever and always. >:D SINGLE

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27 Tamarin

Anemone + Taramin - Sofiaaaaaa

She is so beautiful and amazing in my opinion she should be first she is best friends with glory and helps her a lot she should definitely be first

In my opinion tamarin should be able to see they have gr8t personality and they are super funny in the brightest situations I LOVE you TAMARIN!

Nod nod nod YES! - Firemist

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28 Blister

Idiot queen. Okay, so maybe she's not an idiot, but she's a psychopath. - Firemist

A smart psychopath. I'd probably choose her over Burn or Blaze, to be honest. - Ashes

It was her idea to get everyone into the war. She started the whole conflict and nearly won, if it weren't for the Eye of Onyx. - Ashes

She was known to be the smartest and the best at plotting.

29 Dune
30 Cliff

Aw, he's so cute! - Firemist

He is so adorable.

And that song he sang? and how brave he was? I just want to vote for him over and over!

Remember queen Scarlett's grandson "I wanna see mommy kill grandma! "

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31 Indigo

She is my favorite seawing. I just love her name! - QueenThorn

Indigo was an amazing character. At first, she was pretty much the most annoying character in the whole Darkstalker Legends book because she constantly stops Fathom from befriending Darkstalker. My friend was reading the book before and she said she wanted to shoot Indigo with a gun and scream at her for being as annoying as Fatespeaker. But then, after she finishes the book, she said that she loved Indigo like me. I loved Indigo because she was so brave and loyal to her boyfriend, and was one of the only two famous ships to ACTUALLY have dragonets (And I mean their dragonets even appeared), the other being Arctic and Foeslayer. I SHIP FATHIGO! GO INDIGO!

Indigo is an amazing character! She is funny, and becomes very deep at the end... Should definitely be in the top 10!

Indigo is by far my favorite character ever. Findigo (Fathom+Indigo) is also the best ship.

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32 Queen Ruby

Umm excuse me why is Queen Ruby not at the top of this list? Let me explain why she's a great and underrated character.
1. Unlike her mother, Ruby isn't cruel, she's actually very nice and benevolent. Instead of making her prisoners fight to the death in an arena for entertainment, she turned the arena into a hospital and released all the prisoners after the war was over.
2. Remember the stereotype about SkyWings being grumpy? That came from the dragons under Scarlet's rule, she was an awful queen (but an amazing villain) The soldiers under Ruby's rule are actually super loyal to her, and not just mindless zombies trying not to get executed.
3. Ruby is also a complex and deep character. She's generally seen as judgmental and cruel to Peril, but after witnessing what she did (with the Brightest Night eggs) who wouldn't be? Her mother was threatening her with the most dangerous dragon alive. In the end she comes around, which is good. She also suffers identity crisis, which ...more

Yes totally

33 Gill

This is the guy who tsunami fought in book one? she killed him and he wasnt even part of a full chapter. the fight was cool and the silence clay described was eerie, he was drained of water for months so he was like crazy and mind broken, though I still don't know why he would be on this list

Who is dis?

34 Flame

Poor flame because of his face he should be treated better


35 Jambu

Jambu is a typical amazing RainWing! - superchubbell

36 Auklet

I love auklet because of how cute she is and did you knows tui t. sutherland likes auklet the best that is one reason why I voted for auklet and she also really likes sand

Aw, cuteness overload! - Firemist

We really have not seen much of auklet but she is a super cute little playful seawing.


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37 Smolder

I love him! - Whisperclaw

38 Cricket

She reminds me of myself.

39 Princess Blaze

Blaze is the Princess of the SandWings. Yet, she isn't evil or wicked, unlike her sisters and truly believes she is the right queen for the throne.

Starflight: The Night wings are trying to force us to choose Blister.

Blaze: That’s so mean! They haven’t even met me yet! I’m awesome!

40 Prince Cliff

he's cute

41 Vulture


42 Whirlpool

I don't know who he is

I don’t like Whirlpool... - ArcticWolf

43 Princess Blister

Even though she was evil, she is sooo creepy and and smart, and I think she sHould have won the war if she wasn't so insane.

44 Thorn

Thorn is absolutely the best queen in the books. She’s tough and ruthless, but not evil or selfish like many of the other queens are. Thorn is also a good mother to Sunny and sort of an adopted mother to Quibli. She’s the one who teaches him to have confidence in himself. Really should be higher on the list

45 Queen Scarlet

My favorite Queen~ I feel like Pyrite saying this but... I'D DO ANYTHING FOR HER. Sometimes I think... Did Burn and Glory plot together to kill
Her? That would be a mega plot twist

I personally think she's a psychotic demon who's obsessed with death and the word "thrilling". - Firemist

Queen Scarlet is a legendary super villain with amazing character. You should kind of feel bad for her. First, Glory sprayed venom all over her face. Then, she was locked up in her own allies prison. Next, her daughter took over the throne. Lastly, her daughter, Ruby, was turned back into Tourmaline and she killde Queen Scarlet. She is a great super villain! - superchubbell

Queen Scarlet, honestly is my favorite character/villain in the series of Wings of Fire. I think if Queen Scarlet, Blister and Queen Wasp got together it would be world domination in such a Bàdass way

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46 Queen Burn

She is so cool she is the best villan cause she is crull strong and evil like a villan I have lots of favorite villans but burn is top five

47 Squid

Squid is funny and the best of the alternate dragonets!

Well, he's a bit...whiney...

48 Tourmaline

*Kills Scarlet* - GlamCat

I have always 4hought tourmaline has been a tough brave strong loyal character where she wants to make the land a better place by killing queen scarlet and she lended vermillion a talon when everyb8dy else wason hawks side.

49 Cobra

Before she used to hate Qibli, but at the end it seemed like she cared about him.

50 Queen Wasp

She is cool

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