Top Ten Wings of Fire Characters

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The Top Ten

There are many reasons why Glory is an amazing character with incredible character development. People hate her for killing Fjord, but she had to save Clay. And she couldn't have just spit it at Scarlet instead, that wouldn't have been enough of a distraction for Fjord and as a result, he would have killed Clay. Also, Glory saved a whole bunch of missing RainWings. That's the reason why she wanted to be queen. And why did Tsunami want to be queen? So she could be bossy. Yup. Also, Glory's relationship with Deathbringer is highly developed and awesome. Thank God Tsunami isn't higher than her! Me and my brother are proud haters of Tsunami. Anyway, back to Glory...
She went from a RainWing abused by her guardians into a queen that would die to protect her friends. And to all the people who say Glory doesn't have flaws, I'll give you many flaws:
-She killed Fjord.
-She killed Crocodile.
-She ruined Scarlet's face.
-She was abused because she was a RainWing.
If those ...more

holy heck why are Tsunami and Glory fans battling each other? I mean, both of them are equally amazing! Seawings have been my favourite from the start, but I fell in love with the concept of RainWings once I got to the 3rd book. Both tribes are equally beautiful with their own unique traits, and both dragons (Glory and Tsunami) are great! They're both tied in first place for me. I love Glory's sarcasm and her friendship with Tsunami is adorable! Tsunami is reckless, sure, but her personality is so entertaining and fun to read about! And both have their own flaws, including Glory's impatience and stubbornness. So why fight over something minor like which one of the two is better when you can just appreciate both of them? Yes, it is strange that Glory got to be queen of two tribes at such a young age, but she earned it! And Tsunami, oh boy, I hope she becomes queen! She might be brash, but she has her own perfections! Both of them are beautiful and incredible in their own ways, so don't ...more

Glory is an amazing character that despite what many haters think, does have character development. Her being abused isn't a flaw, but it does build character. Webs was refusing to tell about the RainWIngs, and Glory was being cruel to him. Also, when she met the RainWings, she was upset and hurt that the RainWings didn't notice or care she was taken away, and it showed her progressing to forgive them. She became the queen of the RainWings to help save them. She became queen of the NightWings for the RainWings too. If she didn't become the NightWIng's queen, who knows what terrible things they would do to the rainforest? And for the people that say " Tsunami risked her life to go to Pantala while Glory was peacefully snoozing in the rainforest," Tsunami could breath underwater! Glory can't! Glory had to help the NightWings re-build their tribe after Battlewinner and Darkstalker. Also, this is a website where opinions are wanted and all should be accepted. I accept opinions on Tsunami ...more

Glory is a trustworthy, protective, and responsible queen. She is also a great Dragonet of Destiny and a wonderful friend. She has the cool MAGIC DEATH SPIT and the camouflaging, colourful scales. She is kind, awesome, caring, protective, sarcastic and humorous! Everyone likes Tsunami because she is good at fighting and is very brave. But, Glory is a queen and has earned respect and trust from other dragons! She went to look for the missing RainWings since their current queen won't do anything, and saved them. THAT'S being brave. Tsunami is bossy and is very violent. (She loves to fight!) But Glory controls her venom and only fights when she needs to. Glory is awesome, you know! So... please vote for...
GLORY OF THE RAINWINGS! Thanks if you did.


When people says Glory didn't want to be queen then read book two again please, Glory was staring at the throne as if she wanted to jump on it herself, and Tsunami didn't want to be queen because she was bossy, she wanted to be queen to lead. And Tsunami isn't impulsive and violent, she trained hard to be a skilled fighter and without Tsunami's encouragement, they would have still have been stuck in a cave, plus saved clay from the white things. In book two Tsunami pushed glory out of the way when summer palace was attacked, seriously glory fans, without your hateful Tsunami, your precious leader would be dead.

I don't get why people hate tsunami and love glory and people hate glory and love tsunami. I personally like tsunami but I don't hate glory. Both have flaws: Glory: kept dunking mastermind in quicksand like HE WAS JUST FOLLOWING THE QUEENS ORDERS and I highly believe that she would have killed him if he wasnt starflights father. Next, killed crocodile like SHE WAS JUST FOLLOWING HER TRIBES ORDERS. And tsunami being bossy and violent though she changed through out the books and so did glory (well, at least I hope she stoped punishing mastermind because its been almost a year since he experimented the rainwing)

I love Tsunami. The fierce female is the best. She cares so much for her friends and although she may be bossy it’s just her personality, like how you may be a happy, grumpy or whatever personality you have that is her. She speaks her mind and it pays off all the time. She is the best fighter out of all of the dragonets of destiny and even if she attacks someone she does it with the best intentions. Tsunami wanted to be queen so bad and part of the reason was to boss people around but another part was that ever since she read the book about the lost princess she wanted a family that cared for her, missed her and loved her. I can relate to Tsunami so that is also why I love her, she is fierce, outspoken and cares so much for her friends and I am the same.

Rainfrost, when you said if glory spat her venom while clay and fjord was fighting, fjord could still have killed clay. I disagree because if a tiny drop of venom can distract fjord, then surely queen scarlett getting her face burned will obviously distract him. And also, all glory did in the first book was rest in a tree and getting well fed while others was force to fight. And all glory did in the second book was arguing with Tsunami and getting stuck in a cave. Glory is obviously an overrated character, even you have to admit that. Tsunami rules!


I love Moon. She has the kindest heart for saving lives from the bomb in the history cave even if it meant she had to reveal her biggest secret. She was the first Nightwing to have the lost powers and used them for good. Even when Anemone tried to hurt Moon, she hasn’t showed she is annoyed at Anemone.

Moon is amazing, wings of fire has amazing characters no offense to warrior cats fans but I have a lot of problems with many warriors characters but all the wings of fire characters are very interesting to read!

She has good character development and is really smart. I love her relationship with Darkstalker, as well as her long-lost powers. Not my favourite but still in my top 10!

She is my favorite WoF character! I like her powers and her personality. For those of you who think she should have chosen Winter over Qibli, remember that Qibli was nicer to her. Also, to the haters who think she is cowardly, she is NOT.

Moon is kind, secretive and caring. She reads minds and see the future. I personally love Moon and Qibli relationship. She believes in everyone( even Darkstalker). Have visions help the world and she is a great Dragon


Sunny is so sweet (don't tell her I said that or she'll get mad) and she has good ideas. She's always getting underestimated, not just by her siblings but by the WoF fandom as well. For years she's been the "cute innocent one" and everyone pretty much ignores her and pats her on the head. Everyone thinks Clay comes up with great ideas, but really he's just relaying Sunny's suggestions. This was so common that when Sunny finally suggested her idea on her own, she was worried everyone would turn her down. I think Sunny is the true mastermind behind the Dragonets of Destiny, and so she is my second favorite dragon in the series.

Sunny is the best character ever! She's kind, sweet, cute and more! Sunny always tries her best to cheer others up and sometimes, she succeeds. Sunny is hopeful and warm. She should be #1, or at least #2! Plus, she is an IceWing-and-SandWing hybrid-- isn't that so COOL?! Also, she gives off warm heat, and that's very useful, like when she helped protect the SeaWing egg in The Lost Heir. Sunny is cheerful and pretty. I love her golden scales that are NOT dull. She deserves to be higher! At least #2-- she can beat Moon, Glory and Tsunami! come on, guys. Sunny is the BEST!
Please vote for her-- thanks if you did.

Before Sunny ended the war on the brightest night, she was constantly underestimated by everyone and her friends. She has a kind heart and a clean conscience and deserves so much more than she has

Sunny is honestly the character I most relate to in the series. They set her up for the first four books as just the stereotypical "boring optimistic one", who seems unfazed by anything and comes off as just stupid (though with hints that she thinks they are all underestimating her), but then when you get to her book you see how she is way more thoughtful and complicated than that. She does what seems like the logical thing when you are supposedly part of a prophecy - conclude that you're guaranteed to survive and succeed anyway because of it, but then it turns out that the prophecy wasn't even real - something that you would normally suspect because of all the holes in Morrowseer's logic, but you don't so much because prophecies are just usually always true in children's fantasy books. And in the end the meaning she had developed for her life based on her faith is destroyed, and she no longer has the insulation of smugly thinking she's important on the inside even if she's ...more


I feel really bad for Peril. It isn’t her fault that she was born with too much fire and that she killed everyone that Scarlet told her too. I know she could have rebelled but everyone wants to know that someone loves them and thinks they’re important. Her queen instructed her to kill dragons. Didn’t the guards also kill dragons with Scarlet ordering them. It is extremely cute how she is jealous over Clay and wants vengeance for whoever hurts them. When she acts shy or talks so much when she talks to Clay it is adorable.

Poor peril all she wants is friends but everyone hates her and is terrified of her I hate winter for saying to turtle that he could have used his power and is horrified when peril uses her. She is definitely trying to be good but no-one even gives he a chance except for turtle and clay

I can definitely see why Peril is #5 on this list. I love how she has flaws unlike some others. She’s smart and well developed, and I think she deserves more of a chance than everyone gave her. (Also, she has AWESOME FIRE SCALES)! I agree with the fact that everyone dislikes her for killing, but Scarlet raised her that way, so she can’t be blamed. Besides, her amazing ability to fight in a unique way just makes her even more developed! Go Peril!

Peril is just a blazing character to say the least. I LOVE Claril and she is my favorite character! She is brilliant and developed. And if Moonwatcher and Glory are so great, then why don't EITHER of them have flaws? To be honest I think those two are Mary-Sue's and braggy, self-rightous. Anyway, PERIL!


Come on, Come on, you have to admit that he was the best character in the First series. Literally, he has the brains, and he's quite adorable. He beats Tsunami, Glory, Clay, Sunny, and Peril COMBINED! In my opinion, Sunny should have been with him. But I think that Fatespeaker and Starflight are still so cute together and possibly the best couple! Come on guys, he deserves to be number one. What an awesome character.

Starflight is the "smart one" he s really insecure even though he shouldn't be. he loves his friends and does anything for them. when he tried to take the scrolls from the moutian everyone thought he was a nerd but really he thought he needed to know EVERYTHING so he could keep his friends safe and when escaping the volcano he pushed glory out of the way and blocked the way so nobody would get hurt

He is just a really adorable character, and when he pushed glory (I think it was her if not I'm sorry) in front of him so she could escape the lava, which resulted in him becoming blind, that was so sweet. And when he got rejected by Sunny I kinda got mad at her. "No sunny why would you?! How could you do this to him?!"

Starflight is my favorite Dragonet of the Prophecy. He's shy, smart, nervous and he likes SCROLLS! (I love books). I know some people say that he betrayed his friends but he didn't... or at least didn't want to. Starflight is a good friend, well I know he's not the best fighter in Phyrria but his intellect makes it! He doesn't need to like violence to be cool. He helped a lot in the prophecy and he's not annoying! Starflight doesn't deserve being blind, he deserves more!
~ Duskfall the Nightwing


She is very happy and always in a good attitude. She isn't weak or weird and she is annoying, but that's a good thing in my opinion. I love that she always smiles and reacts to everything with the most peacful solution

Kinkajou is energetic, enthusiastic, and impossible not to love. I was so angry when she didn't get a book. If not a book, you at LEAST have to give her a prologue or an epilogue, at the very LEAST, come ON! She is also way smarter than everyone gives her credit for (look how she defeated Darkstalker!)

I wish I had that much energy. And I understand why she is mad at Anemone and why she doesn't want Anemone to date Tamarin. (When I found out Anemone had a crush on Tamarin I was so SURPRISED! Who knew she was a lesbian? I honestly thought she was gonna have a crush on winter and then there would be a competition. I feel like that would be better and funnier.) THEY NEED TO MAKE A BOOK WHERE KINKAJOU IS THE MAIN CHARACTER!

Kinkajou always lights up the story with her excitement and happiness. She adds a lot of hilarious moments into the story and is just AWESOME!


I would be Clay If I was in this book. Well, Clay or Turtle. I'm always hungry, I like reading, I have saved my little brother COUNTLESS TIMES and he still takes credit for everything, and I never spend more energy than I have to.

Clay is the best WoF character ever. He's super protective and always hungry in the best way possible. He also saved the dragonets quite a few times. Not to mention he's fireproof. I'm sure a whole lot of people and dragons would want to be fireproof.

Ok, this is too easy. Clay is adoringly funny, and what's going on between Clay and Peril is cute, but the one bad thing is that CLAY OWES PERIL HIS LIFE. Had peril not come in book 5, clay would be dead.

Why is he this far down? He risked his life to save his friends and he didn't want to hurt any dragon! He always defends his friends and saves them and I love him!


Clearsight is definitely one of the best! Even though she has an evil ex-boyfriend she did stop him in the first place, she outsmarted him and that lasted for 2000 years! Being able to see the future is one thing but all the possible futures is a completely different one. The futures when her and Darkstalker had kids were definitely unlikely and with someone else who see all the possible futures makes it extremely unlikely. Without Clearsight going to Pantala the dragons on Pantala wouldn’t know the language and would make it extremely difficult for them to be safe on Pyrrhia.

Clearsight is very intelligent, and sensible. she used her visions for good and made sure that she never did anything to hurt anyone, I don't agree with what she did to darkstalker but it was the best thing she could have done, according to her visions.

Yeah... Clearsight is definitely up there on the list. Definitely. Probably my favorite character. Her actions are just so momentous and her personality is relatable. She really knew how to properly handle her mind-reading capabilities. She kept Pyrrhia safe for over two thousand years and even though Darkstalker eventually awoke, it wasn't really her fault, it was apparently a. comet so strong that it shook Darkstalker's ring off?! I don't know but that's what I gathered from Darkstalker post-epilogue

Clearsight loved Darksltalker so much and imagine having to do that, seeing the hurt and pain in his eyes and knowing that the darkness had nearly taken over all the light in darkstalker. It's like your thinking just as you put the braclet on him, just close your eyes you'll be alright that now no one can hurt you and we will both be safe and sound. I think the bond was just so strong a dispoint ment that it didn't work out


Qibli has the smartest brain and even Darkstalker said he was the only interesting dragon(besides Moon). He thinks of so many possibilities that you could never think of. He may be lacking the animus magic but he had the idea to stop the war.

Qibli is funny, smart, and brave, and I loved just reading the hilarious parts when he is annoying Winter! Qibli is a great dragon, and I think there was a lot more to him then his freinds knew.

OML this cringey dad of a dragon is me in a nut shell and he is my favorite character in all the books sundew fallowing at a close second and turtle at third.

He is so clever, funny, and a great friend! I don't ship him with Moon, but I do think they are great friends. And I love the Qinter bromance!

The Contenders

He is an awesome character and it sucks when his magic goes away. Luckily he got it back. I love how he thought his family hated him but found out they didn't and thinks of which role in a story he is playing. I can relate. I am like what would Moonwatcher do or would Clay hug it out. TURTLE IS AWESOME

Turtle is kind and easygoing, and is also SO protective of his friends! He flew across the continent to protect his sister. He befriends Peril, when a lot of the dragons even have trouble talking to her. He is awesome and his stick spell was clever, even if he didn't exactly make it out of cleverness

Oh Turtle. The character I’m most related to. Even though he is a dreamer and wants to be unnoticed, he is a very kind and responsible dragon. Turtle tried to prove himself but he thought he was stupid after he failed. He felt guilty for giving Anemone animus powers, thus making her have to use her magic for the war. He didn’t want that. All he thought was that he needed to hide. But Turtle found the courage to unveil himself and fight for what was right. He is my favourite character. I wish he is my brother!

I would be Turtle If I was in this book. Well, Turtle or Clay. I'm always hungry, I like reading, I have saved my little brother COUNTLESS TIMES and he still takes credit for everything, and I never spend more energy than I have to.


Sundew is one of the most funniest character. From the way she picks on the others or how she yells at everyone. I could probably relate to her the most because I am easily aggravated and love to express my opinion. She is a fighting powerhouse and the ways she can make plants grow is INSANE.

I love the character Sundew. I love the fact that she is lesbian and her personality. I disagree with ANYONE who thinks she's a bad character. I personally think she should be top of the list, but everyone has their own opinion

She is strong dragon. She has many problems wich made her so intresting. She has almost a shell around her inner soft side wich she only shows for very close dragons, like Willow. I also like that she is a lesbian. It brings a chance to the romantic life. I just find her very intresting and I like Sundew a lot just of who she is.

Sundew is fierce, yet kind, and she is the perfect amount of ferocity that the trio needs. Using the bullet ant on the mind control was GENIUS. It saved them from possibly dying and ending the series right there!


Winter may be hot-headed but he did lose everything just for Moon. He status plummeted, his royal rights plummeted, his family relationships plummeted and before the war between the Icewings and Nightwings everybody thought he was dead. Winter went from royal, loyal, cares about his tribe and nothing else and hates nightwings to cares about moon, thinks about moon, loves moon but no other nightwings, disloyal to his tribe and dead to the Icewing records. Him and Moon remind me of Foeslayer and Arctic. If Moon and Qibli don’t work out then I ship moon and arctic.

Winter is hands down the best character. Right in front of Peril and Cricket. He should have won the moon and is funny and awesome and cunning. Also, I do NOT like Qibli. He is so obnoxious.

He is my favorite. Winter is a very realistic character, he has things to change and good things. He is one of the few dragons who have anger feelings sometimes. Also, I feel sorry for him. He gave up EVERYTHING for Moon!

Prince Winter of the IceWings, I just love that title. He used to care only about his tribe and nothing else until he met Moonwatcher. First, he was like DON'T YOU DARE EAT MY SCAVENGER but then he saw her from another point of view and fell in love with her. An IceWing loves a NightWing, in the time that they hated each other's tribe.

Queen Thorn

Does this even need to be explained? Queen Thorn is a great Sandwing queen, and she can easily take care of the tribe. So she's not royalty, but WHO CARES? The Eye Of Onyx chose her, and you can't question the decision of the Eye Of Onyx, can you?

She is the best mom ever! She is so kind and funny and would do anything for Sunny! Plus, she has hilarious insults! I mean, frog-faced camel turds! XD

Queen Thorn is just and right. In the 10th book, Qibli notes that at festivals, she sits wing to wing with her subjects. She is also willing to do anything to get what she want most, which was Sunny.

Thorn is absolutely the best queen in the books. She’s tough and ruthless, but not evil or selfish like many of the other queens are. Thorn is also a good mother to Sunny and sort of an adopted mother to Quibli. She’s the one who teaches him to have confidence in himself. Really should be higher on the list


Wren is a smart, intellectual, and daring scavenger which is allied with a dragon by the name of Sky. Even though she has some small harsh feelings towards her home village that tried to feed her to the dragons, she still cares to wants to try and unify scavengers and dragons on her continent. She can easily become angry, but she still is brave enough to rescue Sky after he had gotten imprisoned with the help of her brother, and more friends that were caring and also that liked the idea of bringing dragons and scavengers together to be in complete peace. She’s also bold enough to kill for her friends, because she poisoned and killed General Sandstorm to get Sky out of his grasp. Even though she rejects Undauntable’s surprising proposal, she still is daring and brave enough to protect everyone she cares for. She also can speak some Dragon, which enables her to talk to dragons, including Sky.

Please Vote Wren If You Haven’t Already!

Wren is SO AWESOME. She is SO smart and is similar to Glory, in a way. She is really brave and protective, and snarky and sassy, totally her own mind.

Wren is just over all really cool she might not be a dragon but she deserves top 10.Like she lived almost her whole life with a skywing dragonet that she saved.

I agree that she is Peril's brother because the description matches up and he is scared of Kestrel and he has no fire so that my opinion.


Deathbringer is a charming, protective, and funny dragon that likes Glory (Glory x Deathbringer). He may be charming and an excellent protector, but he also used to be an assassin who was sent to kill Glory. He didn’t kill her of course, and he went after Blaze, but that plan still didn’t go well, either. He may be good and also bad at planning out things at the exact same time, but I think he does deserve Glory as his charming and daring self. Deathbringer is the definition of even if you have had a bad past, in his case of being an assassin, you can still change your ways of how you actually are in the world. He’s also part of the comedy in the Wings of Fire series, such as Glory and Tsunami as well with their sarcastic behaviors. Deathbringer may not have the best past, but he still is one of the best dragons within the series. He also saved Glory when she slightly failed at her first plan of saving the lost and captured RainWings.

Please Vote For DeathBringer If You ...more

Deathbringer is clever, graceful, and willing to put dragons he loves before his mission (read Winglets #2 and you'll see what I mean) which is likely why he didn't kill Glory. He is also so funny and is also brave.

My second favourite NightWing. Always so hilarious, clever and graceful. I get excited every time he makes an appearance. Deathbringer is an extremely interesting dragon who places his loved ones before his missions. I love that about him!

He is just SO AWESOME. So what he was an assassin to kill the dragonets of destiny he didn’t do it did he? So maybe he hurt Tsunami while trying to kill Blaze he was JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS

Queen Coral

Queen Coral is a good mother. She's very caring about her children, but she has her flaws. She is willing to lean to Blister and obey everything she says. Buuut, Coral is still awesome.

The other queen were unlike her. She cared about her daughter and even if clay was rivals with her she still cared about them, because they were tunamis freinds.

She’s probably one of my favorite queens. Sure, she’s a little overprotective, but with all she’s been through, I can totally see why. Queen Coral for the win!

No words. I love my wifeu as the tides love the ocean, endless circling back with nature’s still devotion. I know to love her as the three moons know to rise over the frothing water and splutter light amongst the darkness of midnight. I love both the sight of her blood-stained talons and the gentle cadences of her sweet smile. I love her scales. I love falling asleep in her wings each night.

- Cobalt Sapphy


Cricket is amazingly smart, curious, kind, and I love her with all my heart. she should totally be #1. I just don't understand why she isn't. I can totally relate to Cricket, that feeling of frustration when you don't know something, don't understand it, or someone won't tell you. She is a shining star.

Cricket is kind, smart, and the best charactor in Wings of Fire . She is relateable and trust- worthy. In my opinion she should definitely be in top 3. Why is she not? I will vote for her every day until she is. If you don't like her then you must be hit on the head or you are a hater. GO CRICKET!

Cricket is AMAZING. She's SO SMART and so adventurous, I love how she's not susceptible to Wasp's mind control because if there's one HiveWing who shouldn't be susceptible to the mind-control, it is definitely Cricket. She is so unique

Cricket is my #1 favorite character! She is so smart and funny and kind and thoughtful! Cricket was willing to help Blue when she barely knew him, and she has shown she is intelligent numerous times. I think Cricket should be in first!


Most of the time I just feel bad for Darkstalker. He is a very complex character. He cares a lot about those he love and thinks everything he does is for the greater good when in reality, he is doing some very evil things. I was actually kind of sad when he got turned into peacemaker, meaning we would never see this character again.

He's the absolute perfect "bad guy", the perfect combination of funny, charming, evil, smart, and is pretty misunderstood. He just wants to do what's best for his friends and his tribe.

Darkstalker is so awesome! He is just misunderstood and he is so funny and charming! If you think Darkstalker is evil, I will hunt you down and KILL YOU! I feel so bad for him. Darkstalker is easily my favorite character.

it wasnt fair. he wasnt evil don't try to argue. He is very sad and lonley and this is 3 scences that made me sad: 1 when he was trying to bring back clearsight and he was saying "NO! be clearsight I NEED her I NEED you to be clearsigh" and crying 2 when he checked the meter thing and it said he was evil and he said to foeslayer "mother remember that soul checker I made it says I evil like almost fully evil I'm not evil right? in not" also when he told them no to becoming peacebringer and they did anyway he said "moon were friends I'm not evil. I'm not" I don't like to think of peacbringer as a real dragon because he's not he is a mask desquising another real dragon I mean if someone offerd to let you start your life over- you would say no. He saw that he was evil and decided to accept that fate when they started telling him he would loose everything he loved and then they turned him into a baby dragonet


Riptide does not deserve any of the harsh treatment that is given to him because of his father. He is smart and caring, and he only lied because he wanted Tsunami to trust him (yes, I ship RiptideXTsunami). He could have a really interesting backstory...something to think about in the future.

He’s brave and nervous and totally not deserved all the harsh treatment for what his father did. Nevertheless, he still fought in the war for his tribe and his queen.

Riptide may not always be truthful, but he cares about everyone. He deserves more of a chance than what he gets. Riptide is funny and charming, but really just one of the nicest dragons in the whole series.

I was sad that Riptide was less of a main character in the graphic novel of book two.
He is a liar, but if I was I'm I would lie too...

Queen Glacier

The queen of the IceWings! They sound so fierce, don't they? They withstand subzero temperatures, living in the coldest area of Pyrrhia. They could be silver or white (sorry if I'm wrong I haven't read it for such a long time) and they can breathe frostbreath and have sharp spikes on their tail. They are fierce and strict with their own dragons. When I think of IceWings, I think of ferocious, and then beautiful, dazzling scenes of places covered in a deep layer of snow, that has piled on the trees and slowly drifted down, sharp ice spikes with the light filtering through it, and blizzards where each snowflake is carried by the wind, back and forth, until they all eventually land on the ground.

Queen Glacier is so cool. I mean, she is protective of her family and cares about them a lot and from what I can tell from book 7 she cares more about Winter than his parents do.

She's a WONDERFUL queen! Sure, she said she would kill the dragonets, but as a last resort option. Plus, it is a good idea to keep Blaze locked up so it would be really hard to kill her, ensuring the IceWings would win. What a smart and clever queen, with her own animus! I REALLY HATE DARKSTALKER why did he have to kill the IceWing queen?!?!?!?!?

She is a majestic and beautiful queen. She was willing to forge a peace treaty with Queen Glory. DARKSTALKER, WHYYY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HER AND LEAVE US WITH SNOWFALL?!?!


He is very loyal and many people think he is weird because he has six claws. Burn should know better than to turn on him.

I like him in the Winglets stories. He is brave and cares about his friend and child.

Six-Claws cares about everyone and does the right thing

He is nice to sunny and Qibli so obviously he is great


She is a complicated charector. she is good even if she did loose just a little of her soul. Some people think she is really spoiled but she isn't yes she is rich and gets everything she wants but she never asked for that. She has great leader ship and even though she dosnt have the best methodsshe does everything for her family

Anemone is relay neat in the way that she's the only existing animus dragon who din't hatch with her power. But after she learns this from turtle she handles it well. Yes she did hurt moon but she was under Darkstakers spell.

Anemone is very sweet. She was so young, and she killed Whirlpool. I can see how traumatizing it would've been for her.


I haven’t read that much of Wings of Fire yet, (hopefully I’ll be able to buy the fifth book soon) but from what I have read, Anemone is definitely one of my favourite characters from the second book. She’s rebellious, and intelligent, and I love her animus powers!


I get wanting to avenge your sister, but she could have told Clay or Tsunami, instead of blowing up the history cave, she is still a good sibling.

Everyone says she was staying loyal to her sibling but STILL. He was killed in a war. That war is over now. Seriously. -Nightstalker the NightWing

Look imagine if your sib got killed in front of your face (I don’t know if you have a sibling) and had to sleep in the same room as the killer... we got to see how she thinks from moon(also I like her)

Why is Sora in here?! All we see of Sora is her trying to MURDER Icicle because she killed Crane in battle!


Blob oh sweet sweet blob!Blob is an animus-touched piece of carved driftwood in the shape of an octopus that was created by Fathom as a pet for Indigo. Fathom specifically enchanted Blob to have the sweetest, most loyal, and most agreeable personality of any pet in Pyrrhia.(Yet another reason I love Fathom x Indigo)

-Waterfall the Rain-Nightwing

Blob is so amazing he is so cute and fun to have around he had been made by animus magic with the best personality of any pet in Phyrria so obviously he is good. If you think he is bad then you are really bad (just kidding)

YE like this boy an ocotopous wonderful! I don't care if you like him or not you make him like Fathom did! -Starflight my dudes

I forgot who Blob is...Don't blame me, I haven't read the books in a long time.

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