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1 Tsunami

One of my favourite characters, I love this book series so I practically have three favourite dragons for each tribe by the way. After the Lost Heir which she was slightly a stuck out brat she developed greatly. She is practically everything you want in a heroine, brave shown by the many times she attacked dragons for her friends, selfless due to her volunteering to fight in the arena for Starflight, fierce due to her all around fierce character and has her mind positioned in the right place. See, she could've chosen to not save her friends because they were all being pompous jerks to her but she did because she knew that they were important to Phyrria, she could've chosen not to protect Auklet's egg because some insignificant guard was going to die if the egg was damaged not Tsunami, she could've acted all agreeable to Blister when she visited but instead she chose to stand up for her mother when Blister wasn't respecting her as a queen. Tsunami is a saviour to Phyrria and my day ...more - PopularCraft

Tsunami is awesome and I liked her before even reading the first book of wings of fire. I don't know why but...well tsunami is awesome

My favourite character in the whole series. She is strong, independent and brave and will do anything for her friends. She protected Auklet's egg with her life and would never back down from a challenge. I love Tsunami and she is always number one to me.

She is my top favorite character along with sunny,glory,moonwatcher,winter,starlight,and sweet clay. Tsunami is very fierce,loyal,sarcastic,brave and funny like me also I love seawings and adore swimming and seafood Lol!

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2 Glory

I love the line, "You'd have to be crazy not to be- well, crazy or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing." I just find Glory so funny and sarcastic, but Tsunami will always be number one for me.

She has the same trait as me I love her at school me and my friends have a group it is the five of us and I have glory I love her we are not lazy she the best trust me her lines are funny and I am a little of tsunami to but I LOVE GLORY

Glory is awesome. Best line ever: "No, really, there's a tree in the forest? " I just love her sarcasm. - Warriorcatsfandom

She's the best

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3 Starflight

Guys, if you hate him, at least feel sorry for him. Think about this.

1) His scales near his eyes are burnt so he's blind for now.

2) Glory thought that he betrayed them once and Tsunami acts like he's too much of a wuss to do so.

3) He nearly got killed by the volcano and was near death.

4) His one love was missing for a very long time and he can't see her

a gain till his eyes heal (which is never at this point)

Starflight will always be #1 for me. First, he reminds me of Jayfeather from Warrior Cats: Blind, Smart, bossy. Also, he has hard life, going blind, his love is not exactly loving him the same way he loves her.

Starflight is the best. When Anemone offered to heal his eyes I was just like NO! It is a big part of who he is

He's a lot like me, but in the pat of the series I've read, he's an annoyance to me anyways. - MaxAurelius

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4 Sunny

Sunny is truly amazing shes funny caring and brave and I really like how she never gives up on the prophecy and always tries to cheer up her friends.

I love sunny not as much as peril and tsunami but shes so nice and loves her friends

Sunny stopped the war! She also survived Burns dungeons, and saved her mother, how brave is that? She is definitely my #1 Dragon.2nd is Glory, for her sarcasm, 3rd is Clay, for his personality's, 4th is Peril-just cause she's powerful, and has a strong heart on the inside.


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5 Clay

Honestly, I don't know why he isn't higher. He's loyal, funny, and always hungry. He has the attitude of a number 1 spot character! He'll risk his life for his friends, no matter what the cost. He's like a big brother to everybody. Clay is truly a legend. All praise clay, the legendary mudwing!

He is always loyal and hungry. He is the character to put funny stuff in the books

He needs #1 because he saved there butts many times


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6 Kinkajou

To be honest I hate Kinkajou - Sandzyboy

No offense or anything, but I really hate this character. They are too happy. Now, I know what you may say to that. "Cyri, Sunny was always happy too! " Well, to that I say this: Kinkajou is just a happy character who talks so much it's annoying. Sunny understands the meaning of "quiet". - Cyri

I despise her. The energy is too much. - Ashes

Kinkajou is so CUTE and FUNNY! HOW CAN ANYONE HATE HER?! - QueenThorn

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7 Peril

Peril is one of my favorite characters in the series, not just because of her complex personality and akwardness, but because she got some great character development. It's a shame that there are fans who hate her for "taking Carnelian's place" or for killing other dragons "for fun".

Um, Carnelian only showed up in ONE book before she was *SPOILERS* killed. Granted, she would have made a very interesting character, but we're talking about a book series where, unless it's a main character, anyone can die. And as for the later? Peril was raised to kill other dragons and even then she only did it because she felt it was the only thing she was good for. Not for fun. Now Scarlet and Burn on the other hand? THEY kill for fun. :P

I think Peril is the best character. It's nice to have the point of view of a character everybody seems to either want to use for their own evil deeds or don't understand because they aren't her. Peril was a dragon born in the wrong scales, her heart given entirely to the one dragon she can't hurt. I found her funny, but also well-written. She is my favorite character.

Um am I the only one who is like obsessed with peril? I love book 8 where you hear more back story from her and don't forget to mention how sarcastic and funny she is."Hmm how would you feel if I burned off all your scales! "Peril is a roller coaster of fire and emotions but this character isn't complete without turtle! Peril deserves to be 3rd best wings if fire character ever. Fire scaled smug sarcastic brave miss understood quirky skywing you are destined to be with your teddy bear clay. Most of all I love how soft and caring she is for clay! Peril you are my number 1!

Peril has the funniest point of view. Two of my friends (who have never read the series, by the way) call themselves Peril. 1 of them because he accidentally quoted her, and the second one because she hurt her finger, and I said that I had a quote for that. (EVERYTHING HURTS AND I HATE THE WORLD)

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8 Moonwatcher

Reminds me of myself, in a way. Crowds bother me. The noise gets to my head. I cannot read minds or anything (Really, who on Earth can? Nobody.), but in, say, a school pep assembly, I feel like my head is going to burst. - Ashes

She is a really interesting character with different perspectives and interesting powers, definitely a great character!

MOON! I mean, what's not to love about this amazing character? She's smart, has cool powers, and loves her friends. She should be higher up than this!

Totally my #1 pick. She has a has a complicated romance, and is very mysterious.

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9 Turtle

Turtle in a nutshell: "Talk less, smile more." Also he's kinda cool and I can relate to him a little bit.

Turtle didn't really show his true self until "Talons of Power", but after reading it turtle is probably the most relatable character in the whole series. Don't get me wrong a few of them are good, but turtle was that type dragon that did not really show of his royal statues unlike most other characters like Glory, Tusnami, Winter, and Darkstalker who were all kind of bugging of me. Turtle just was guy who had something to live up to without all the royal stuff involved.

Take that quibli you don't even THINK FOR YOUR SELF!

I can relate almost anything to Hamilton. COME ON TURTLE RIISEE UPP! lol Hamilton. >:3

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10 Qibli

I think that Qibli is one of the most well-written and developed characters in the Wings of Fire series. His witty, sarcastic humor and remarks startle a laugh out of me each time I read the books. His insecurities and weaknesses are very well developed, and are wrapped up at the end of the tenth book- with his denial of Darkstalker's gift. Qibli is not tempted by visions of glory, power, or the possibility of greatness, as shown in Darkness of Dragons- which makes him an overall good dragon who has never faltered in his insistence to remain a virtuous and righteous dragon. I have never found Qibli annoying. In conclusion, his awesome sense of humor, morally good soul, and great development prove to be some of the best qualities of this amazing character.

Qibli is probably the best fighter in the series. Totally deserves number one on this list. He is also brave and loyal and will sacrifice anything to save his friends.

He's totally charming. Said himself. - QueenTerra


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The Contenders

11 Blob

Yes I was gonna vote for peril but then I saw this and YES! GO BLOB! BLOB FOR THE WIN!

How could you possibly make an octopus better than Blob?

I love voting for Blob on every computer I have access to.

He should be at least 10th.

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12 Winter

Though he may be grumpy and arrogant, in many places his true nature shines through. Case in point: In Moon Rising, even before his character development really starts, Qibli recognises that there is a kind, humorous dragon inside. In addition, his character plot arc is the best in the series (Peril and Tsunami are almost equal) - even if it gets forgotten in books 9 and 10.

He should be higher! My favorite character!

I don't understand why Winter is low! A funny and grumpy character, favorite character!

Winter is ' LIT! Winter character's role is really important to the story. I feel like Winter and Moonwatcher would have been a great couple, but NO Qibli and Moonwatcher got the couple and WINTER WAS SENT BY THEM TO THE THIRD WHEEL!

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13 Deathbringer

I love how Deathbringer is so selfless and flattering when it comes to Glory, especially when she tries not to turn pink! He's just a funny dragon who, I must say is kinda cocky, but he's my fave. I imagine him as a standup comedian / hopeless bachelor

Better than all characters above him. Best literary character of all time. He is hilarious awesome and epic. He is what saved the wings of fire series from being bad

Amazing and hilarious I read the books again just to get to the deathbringer parts

Deathbringer is totally awesome.

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14 Darkstalker

I like Darkstalker. He has powers, and is good with a side of evil. He isn't afraid to challenge anyone, and he isn't one of those 'I have powers? Use them wisely/for the good of dragon-kind/for my loved ones' animus/seer/mind-reader.

I like Darkstalker. I really do think the whole 'Evil Darkstalker' thing was just a freak-out over nothing. Ok, so he sent a plague to the Icewings. The tribes were at a long war, so he was probably doing that because he had been taught to kill Icewings all his life. He killed Arctic, though! Well, he was also using his animus power to mind-control his sister into going to the Ice Kingdom, where surely she would have been killed or at least mind-controlled all her life. Wait, he took away Turtle's animus powers! Yes, well, he probably knew that nobody liked him, because of the rumors, and he still didn't trust Turtle because he looked like Fathom, so he wanted to make sure he stayed in power. If I were in the series, I would get animus power and revert him to Darkstalker. The NightWings needed a good, strong, loyal king like him.

He is charming and awesome he should be in first place people who don't like him has a problem he is the main reason I read these books


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15 Fatespeaker

I like Fatespeaker. She's really cool and funny, and I like how she tries to have visions- and I also like the mystery of if she actually has visions or not.

Fatespeaker is a really funny character who also might have weak seer powers, she isn't my favorite character, but she is in my top ten!

This character sucks


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16 Fathom

He is very fascinating

Fathom is a Seawing prince. He was an animus dragon and was Clearsight and Darstalker's friend. His mate was Indigo and his sister, Pearl was queen. He killed his psycho grandfather, Albatross, who was also an animus. Fathom went to an island with Indigo to avoid the Seawing and had dragonets

17 Whiteout

She was just so awesome. Beautiful too! She had a complicated mind and act strangely, which was cool and indescribable.

Whiteout is possibly the strangest character in the series yet, but I find her very interesting interesting

The best character in the series. When I searched her on the wings of fire wiki and saw what she looks like, my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. She was eerily beautiful, and she was so awesome and had weird sayings but I like them all! Whiteout was basically every dragon's beauty combined, and she is a rare combination: IceWings and NightWings! Two enemy tribes had a dragonet that cool! I love Whiteout, and Arctic used her to attract other's attention (which was weird and Arctic=maybe evil). She must have a really complicated brain, since she knows how to even say all these sentences without even wondering what half of it means. I love Darkstalker too and note: IceWings are my favorite tribe, making me like Whiteout double more but unfortunately NightWings are my hate-forever tribe which still doesn't matter to me because now this IceWing read minds and foretell the future. Her foretelling future ability was absolutely stronger than the others.

Pretty name

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18 Queen Scarlet

Queen Scarlet is a legendary super villain with amazing character. You should kind of feel bad for her. First, Glory sprayed venom all over her face. Then, she was locked up in her own allies prison. Next, her daughter took over the throne. Lastly, her daughter, Ruby, was turned back into Tourmaline and she killde Queen Scarlet. She is a great super villain! - superchubbell


Queen Scarlet, honestly is my favorite character/villain in the series of Wings of Fire. I think if Queen Scarlet, Blister and Queen Wasp got together it would be world domination in such a Bàdass way

19 Blister

It was her idea to get everyone into the war. She started the whole conflict and nearly won, if it weren't for the Eye of Onyx. - Ashes

She was known to be the smartest and the best at plotting.

20 Morrowseer

I have no idea how he is not no. 1, he's so interesting and the way he manipulates people is amazing

Honestly it's refreshing to see a NightWing act like he does: ruthless but undyingly loyal to the tribe and his queen. Think about where he lived: he WAS a jerk, but he did what he did for the greater good of his tribe.

The whole reason why the series happened is because of him.

Morrowseers stupid. Not because he;s evil, but the book makes you sick of him.

21 Riptide

He secretly loves tsunami

It's funny because whenever I read Percy Jackson I just imagine Percy literaly wielding Riptide the Seawing like a magic sword.

I can see why

22 Clearsight

Characters with future sight are difficult to write well. Sutherland did this perfectly. HOW IS CLEARSIGHT ONLY 24th?!

An amazingly talented seer who gave up her future for the whole dragon continent. She definitely deserves to be on the list.

Clearsight for the win!

How is Clearsight all the way back here?!
she should be in the top ten at least,with such a big role in Darkstalker and she is basically Pantalas goddess! She deserves to be higher!

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23 Anemone

When I was reading the Lost Heir, I LOVED Anemone! When I read Moon Rising - Talons of Power I was like, just just no. You are ugly and rude. I HATE YOU! When I read Darkness of Dragons I was like, I LOVE ANEMONE FOREVER! YAY! - superchubbell

Who added this? Anemone is an absolutely horrible brat who doesn't care about anything except power and even goes so far she physically and emotionally abused Moon. She also wants all of Darkstalker's attention and for some reason Hate Moon because Darkstalker likes Moon more. She turned from selfish brat to full blown abusive brat. - Ultron123

To all the Anemone haters- READ DOD!

Popular craft read DOD
it explains why she was horrible
soul sadness fight things etc

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24 Indigo

Indigo is an amazing character! She is funny, and becomes very deep at the end... Should definitely be in the top 10!

Indigo is by far my favorite character ever. Findigo (Fathom+Indigo) is also the best ship.

Indigo was an amazing character. At first, she was pretty much the most annoying character in the whole Darkstalker Legends book because she constantly stops Fathom from befriending Darkstalker. My friend was reading the book before and she said she wanted to shoot Indigo with a gun and scream at her for being as annoying as Fatespeaker. But then, after she finishes the book, she said that she loved Indigo like me. I loved Indigo because she was so brave and loyal to her boyfriend, and was one of the only two famous ships to ACTUALLY have dragonets (And I mean their dragonets even appeared), the other being Arctic and Foeslayer. I SHIP FATHIGO! GO INDIGO!

Indigo, although can be occasionally irritating (more so towards the end of the book Darkstalker) is a strong and independent character.
It's not fair that she's known as a bad influence on Fathom, especially just because she's not royalty. It's not fair that she's forced to stay away from Fathom by Queen Pearl. But she sticks it out, and stays loyal to Fathom to the end.
She will always be a special character to me, however irritating she can get!

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25 Cliff

Remember queen Scarlett's grandson "I wanna see mommy kill grandma! "

Let's just say this is the BEST DRAGONET EVER

He is so adorable.

And that song he sang? and how brave he was? I just want to vote for him over and over!

26 Silver

Everyone says Glory is the best- but truly its Silver.

I love Silver Glory and Silver are the best pair ever!

Best Royal Sloth Ever!

What’s so good about it

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27 Tamarin

In my opinion tamarin should be able to see they have gr8t personality and they are super funny in the brightest situations I LOVE you TAMARIN!


28 Gill

This is the guy who tsunami fought in book one? she killed him and he wasnt even part of a full chapter. the fight was cool and the silence clay described was eerie, he was drained of water for months so he was like crazy and mind broken, though I still don't know why he would be on this list

Who is dis?

29 Queen Thorn

Thorn is so cool!

She is a badass queen but is not evil

The only sandwing queen that's not insane


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30 Six-Claws

Intelligent and thoughtful dragon

31 Sora

I like how she is quiet and shy but still is extremely loyal to her siblings

32 Auklet

We really have not seen much of auklet but she is a super cute little playful seawing.


33 Princess Blaze

Blaze is the Princess of the SandWings. Yet, she isn't evil or wicked, unlike her sisters and truly believes she is the right queen for the throne.

Starflight: The Night wings are trying to force us to choose Blister.

Blaze: That’s so mean! They haven’t even met me yet! I’m awesome!

34 Queen Ruby

Yes totally

35 Prince Cliff

he's cute

36 Vulture


37 Flame

Poor flame because of his face he should be treated better

38 Jambu

Jambu is a typical amazing RainWing! - superchubbell

39 Whirlpool

I don't know who he is

40 Princess Blister

Even though she was evil, she is sooo creepy and and smart, and I think she sHould have won the war if she wasn't so insane.

41 Thorn

Thorn is absolutely the best queen in the books. She’s tough and ruthless, but not evil or selfish like many of the other queens are. Thorn is also a good mother to Sunny and sort of an adopted mother to Quibli. She’s the one who teaches him to have confidence in himself. Really should be higher on the list

42 Queen Coral
43 Queen Burn

She is so cool she is the best villan cause she is crull strong and evil like a villan I have lots of favorite villans but burn is top five

44 Squid

Squid is funny and the best of the alternate dragonets!

Well, he's a bit...whiney...

45 Tourmaline

I have always 4hought tourmaline has been a tough brave strong loyal character where she wants to make the land a better place by killing queen scarlet and she lended vermillion a talon when everyb8dy else wason hawks side.

46 Cobra

Before she used to hate Qibli, but at the end it seemed like she cared about him.

47 Chamelion

Best fake animus EVER


48 Carnelian

Even though she got (spoilers) killed she was awesome. I loved her and I think she would have gotten nicer over time.

Lets go! Grumpy Skywings 4 life!

For some reason I really liked Carnelian. I was shocked when

she died, it was just like POOF she’s gone, and it was kind of sad. I’d like to know more about her backstory.

49 Smolder
50 Lynx

For some reason Lynx has always been my favorite Icewing even though she is only mentioned for a couple of sentences, However, in an interview Tui T Sutherland said she wanted to add more to Lynx's character, so maybe she will become a more well known character soon...

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