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Glory is a trustworthy, protective, and responsible queen. She is also a great Dragonet of Destiny and a wonderful friend. She has the cool MAGIC DEATH SPIT and the camouflaging, colourful scales. She is kind, awesome, caring, protective, sarcastic and humorous! Everyone likes Tsunami because she is good at fighting and is very brave. But, Glory is a queen and has earned respect and trust from other dragons! She went to look for the missing RainWings since their current queen won't do anything, and saved them. THAT'S being brave. Tsunami is bossy and is very violent. (She loves to fight!) But Glory controls her venom and only fights when she needs to. Glory is awesome, you know! So... please vote for...
GLORY OF THE RAINWINGS! Thanks if you did.

Glory has a personality I’ve never seen. She is hilarious and sarcastic, but strong, daring, brave, responsible and caring at the same time. Glory was not in the dragonet prophecy and she acted like she did not care, but she actually did and was willing to make peace along with the other four dragonets. Glory was not afraid to use herself as bait and she risked her life to save the other RainWings. Glory knows what she has to do for her tribe and the NightWings. She shows maturity at a young age. She is a wonderful queen. Long live Glory the Great, Queen of the RainWings and the NightWings!

I'm going to make this short, because I can go all day spitting out facts why Glory deserves first.
In the first arc, she was seen as the least needed character becaseu of her tribe. Technically, that's racist. All those remarks hurt her, actually. But instead of making her feel bad, or giving up, it shaped her. She studied harder than Starflight, and earned her place.
she proved to be a great, fair queen.

Glory is the BEST. She's sarcastic, kind, and protective. I love her! I think she deserves to remain #1. She's wonderful! A great queen! An awesome friend! The best dragonet of destiny! Plus, she cares about her tribe, unlike the other queens. I think she's amazing and friendly. She's also honest, and thoughtful. She never gives up and tries her best. Plus-- she has MAGIC DEATH SPIT! She also has camouflaging scales. Glory is also ambitious. She has a nice sense of humour! And, lastly, she is reasonable and wise. I think Glory is the best... so please vote for GLORY! Thanks if you did.


To everyone who likes Glory, if Glory was really the oh so wonderful queen, why did she kill Fjord? you may say 'she was trying to save Clay' but Glory could have spit her venom at Scarlet so the dragonet of destiny AND Fjord could be free, did she really have to kill him? Not very smart of Glory, Huh? Did she really had to just stand by while Tsunami was forced to kill Gill? Glory is a mary-sue who got to be queen of TWO tribes at a really young age. When Glory became queen of the Nightwings, she earned their trust by saying 'bow down to me or die' and the Nightwings had no choice but to bow down to her or else they would die. Admit it Glory fans, what is Glory's flaws? She doesn't have flaws! And that's what makes her a mary-sue! Glory lovers say that Tsunami is violent, at least Tsunami has flaws! And if Glory was the awesome queen, where was Glory when Tsunami and Turtle went to an unknown continent knowing that their lives could be at risk and helping strangers? Glory was ...more

For all Tsunami fans that say Glory doesn't have flaws, your wrong. Both Tsunami and Glory learned of their problems. Queen Glory thought that she could do everything by herself, and Tsunami didn't think before she did things. Both tried to fix their problems. So Tsunami is awesome, but so is Glory.

Tsunami is so decisive and brave in a way I only wish I could be. She stands up for herself and comes up with great insults (although Thorn's are better). She's one of my absolute favorites and I want to be her sometimes.

I love Tsunami because she has AMAZING character development and she still keeps some of her flaws unlike Moon. I feel like her ups and downs balance each other well. She'll fight for her friends fiercely, but not always in the right situation. She is definitely my favorite character.


Moon is smart, shy, and kind in the sixth book, but she became bolder when she befriended Kinkajou and told her winglet about her powers! She's a great dragon.

Moonwatcher is the best. She deserves to be number 1, or at lease number 2! I love her powers and the fact that she's shy. I like Quibli too since he's Moon's boyfriend. I love Moon the most-- she's my favourite character! Please vote for Moon! Thanks if you already did.
-Wings of Warriors

Moonwatcher is so amazing. And she changed so much throughout the second arc! At first she was shy and quiet, but then after she made friends she became such a bold dragon!

Moon is just so kind and smart. She is torn between to guys and somehow, she handles it. And honestly she is just so beautiful with those silver scales. Book six is my all time favorite in the Wings Of Fire series. She should be number one!


Sunny is so sweet (don't tell her I said that or she'll get mad) and she has good ideas. She's always getting underestimated, not just by her siblings but by the WoF fandom as well. For years she's been the "cute innocent one" and everyone pretty much ignores her and pats her on the head. Everyone thinks Clay comes up with great ideas, but really he's just relaying Sunny's suggestions. This was so common that when Sunny finally suggested her idea on her own, she was worried everyone would turn her down. I think Sunny is the true mastermind behind the Dragonets of Destiny, and so she is my second favorite dragon in the series.

Sunny is the best character ever! She's kind, sweet, cute and more! Sunny always tries her best to cheer others up and sometimes, she succeeds. Sunny is hopeful and warm. She should be #1, or at least #2! Plus, she is an IceWing-and-SandWing hybrid-- isn't that so COOL?! Also, she gives off warm heat, and that's very useful, like when she helped protect the SeaWing egg in The Lost Heir. Sunny is cheerful and pretty. I love her golden scales that are NOT dull. She deserves to be higher! At least #2-- she can beat Moon, Glory and Tsunami! come on, guys. Sunny is the BEST!
Please vote for her-- thanks if you did.

Sunny is honestly the character I most relate to in the series. They set her up for the first four books as just the stereotypical "boring optimistic one", who seems unfazed by anything and comes off as just stupid (though with hints that she thinks they are all underestimating her), but then when you get to her book you see how she is way more thoughtful and complicated than that. She does what seems like the logical thing when you are supposedly part of a prophecy - conclude that you're guaranteed to survive and succeed anyway because of it, but then it turns out that the prophecy wasn't even real - something that you would normally suspect because of all the holes in Morrowseer's logic, but you don't so much because prophecies are just usually always true in children's fantasy books. And in the end the meaning she had developed for her life based on her faith is destroyed, and she no longer has the insulation of smugly thinking she's important on the inside even if she's ...more

Sunny is sweet and kind, but also way smarter than everyone gives her credit for. It's kind of sad how the DOD never give her credit for any of her good ideas, because they are GOOD ideas. She's smart, optimistic, and awesome.


Peril is just... amazing. I love her personality, how she stood up for Ruby and Cliff. She has the same personality as me, and in the end, she stopped killing dragons. She is my favorite, tied with Glory.

Peril... well, she's crazy. I won't deny it. But she's incredible and her story is heartbreaking. I love her character development and how everyone thinks she's a monster but really she's just an ordinary dragon, trapped in a dangerous condition that she tries to move past, to show people that her scales don't define who she is.

Well, Peril's story just makes me all teary on the inside. I just love her for reasons unknown.

Peril is my third favorite. I just love the way she learns more and becomes a great dragon through the series!


Kinkajou is energetic, enthusiastic, and impossible not to love. I was so angry when she didn't get a book. If not a book, you at LEAST have to give her a prologue or an epilogue, at the very LEAST, come ON! She is also way smarter than everyone gives her credit for (look how she defeated Darkstalker!)

I'm sorry if you like her but I don't technically she didn't take down darkstalker she just made him a whole new dragon whos oblivious also qibli helped take down darkstalker don't give her all the credit.

I love Kinkanjou! When I first saw her in the books, I thought she was chatty and annoying, but now my opinion has changed of her. She's awesome!

Kinkajou is so cute and funny I can't believe Kinkajou does not have a book she totally deserves one! (Kinkajou looks nothing like the picture they put up there.)


I think that Starflight needs someone to feel for him the way that he feels for Sunny, but I don't think that's ever going to happen, he tries the hardest to prove that he is special I don't think that it;s fair for him to go blind, I agree.

I felt so bad for him when he got rejected by sunny! I like that he is a nervous dragon in most of the books!

More people should like Starflight. People think he's annoying, but I strongly disagree. Starlight helped a lot in the prophecy. Why did he have to go blind?!?

Too bad he thought you didn't have powers when really no one does except moonwatcher. I mean he could have had so many. A brightest night hatching , come on Talons of peace


Clay is so sweet! Everyone says Sunny is the innocent, adorable one but I think it's Clay. He's so funny, too. I love him and he shouldn't be this far down on the list.

Clay is so sweet, so loyal, so funny. I am sure that he is the FAVORITE character of this series!

Clay is so sweet and kind! He is a great bigwigs and he should be much higher on the list!

For being the MVP of the dragonets, as well as being Sunny's megaphone. For the first protagonist he works quite well in bringing readers into the story, also seems like a cool guy to chill with.


A very kind dragon. Qibli cares a lot about others and always has clever ideas to help his friends. He is very cool, intelligent and funny. The thing I like most about him is how Qibli is an excellent observer.

Qibli is kind, caring, and clever. He's really friendly and super smart. His brain is really complex and he's a super cool dragon.

A very complex brain. His thoughts revolves more around other people than himself. I can kinda relate to him, I really do try to get people to like me. I would even purposely be obnoxious in a friendly way to get attention. Though I wish my brain was as knowledgeable and strategic as his. I would gladly be his and the entire jade winglets friends if I could. Moon may be a mind reader, but Qibli is an advanced intellectual. So, Qibli is my favorite character.

He's the most relatable, but it feels sort of weird that his whole flaw of insecurity/neediness for approval was the only thing that stopped Darkstalker's plans to rule the world.


I loved Clearsight! Before I read Darkstalker, I was worried that she would be the stereotypical type of character who's the villain's saintly love interest, who has no real personality or initiative besides being so so kind and a martyr to him - and then I actually read the book and Clearsight completely turned that cliche on its head. She deeply cares for other dragons, she cares for Darkstalker, but she wants to be a hero in her own right, and she's always being the logical one and thinking about how to best plan for the future and avoid the worst situations (even if she sometimes goes too far). And she is conflicted between these two desires - being the hero that logically plans for the future because the future really is that dire, even if it means acting coldly towards the dragons she loves and never having time to enjoy her own life, vs. living in the moment and caring for her friends and Darkstalker, even if it means giving into too much hope and making her vulnerable to being ...more

SHE DID HER BEST FOR THE WORLD. I mean, she didn't wanna have a crazy killer invincible immortal dragon roaming the continent!

Clearsight is one of the character I look up to. She has all the rights to be worried/scared of her crazy ex-boyfriend. ALL HAIL THE DUCHESS OF ANXIETY!

She was so sweet and only used her power for good, which I think is amazing

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? General Sandstorm
? Katydid

She did her best for cricket!

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Turtle is kind and easygoing, and is also SO protective of his friends! He flew across the continent to protect his sister. He befriends Peril, when a lot of the dragons even have trouble talking to her. He is awesome and his stick spell was clever, even if he didn't exactly make it out of cleverness

Oh Turtle. The character I’m most related to. Even though he is a dreamer and wants to be unnoticed, he is a very kind and responsible dragon. Turtle tried to prove himself but he thought he was stupid after he failed. He felt guilty for giving Anemone animus powers, thus making her have to use her magic for the war. He didn’t want that. All he thought was that he needed to hide. But Turtle found the courage to unveil himself and fight for what was right. He is my favourite character. I wish he is my brother!

Best brother and friend ever! He flies across the continent to protect his sister. Great brother. He's one of the only dragons who give Peril a chance, then comes after her when he thinks she's in danger. Great friend. And to make things better, he likes Kinkajou and she likes him back, even without a spell on her.

Glory : turtle do you take kinkajou to be your wife ? Turtle : I do . Glory: kinkajou do you take turtle to be your husband ? Kinkajou: I do .Glory: then let the groom kiss the bride ! Coconut:*YAWN*. Did we have to do this during sun time ? Turtle is awesome and animus!


Prince Winter of the IceWings, I just love that title. He used to care only about his tribe and nothing else until he met Moonwatcher. First, he was like DON'T YOU DARE EAT MY SCAVENGER but then he saw her from another point of view and fell in love with her. An IceWing loves a NightWing, in the time that they hated each other's tribe.

Winter is a great guy. I mean he started of really terrible but then he got a lot better and didn't get Moon so I feel almost sorry for him. Plus he freed his brother and sacrificed his rank to bring hailstorm back to glory.

I feel kinda sorry for him because he gave a lot to moon but it’s also kinda his own fault that moon chose Qibli but overall I like him lots as a favorite character!a

He's my favorite Jade Mountain dragonet! I know he sometimes was mean for Moon... But Winter's underrated and I think he should end up with Moon, not Qibli.
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

Queen Thorn

Queen Thorn is just and right. In the 10th book, Qibli notes that at festivals, she sits wing to wing with her subjects. She is also willing to do anything to get what she want most, which was Sunny.

Really cool and brave, love how she saved Qibli (who is my number one favorite character) and I think she’s the best queen other than maybe glory

Thorn is absolutely the best queen in the books. She’s tough and ruthless, but not evil or selfish like many of the other queens are. Thorn is also a good mother to Sunny and sort of an adopted mother to Quibli. She’s the one who teaches him to have confidence in himself. Really should be higher on the list

Queen Thorn was just so kind and motherly to Sunny-So Like Her- In The Brightest Night.


Wren is a smart, intellectual, and daring scavenger which is allied with a dragon by the name of Sky. Even though she has some small harsh feelings towards her home village that tried to feed her to the dragons, she still cares to wants to try and unify scavengers and dragons on her continent. She can easily become angry, but she still is brave enough to rescue Sky after he had gotten imprisoned with the help of her brother, and more friends that were caring and also that liked the idea of bringing dragons and scavengers together to be in complete peace. She’s also bold enough to kill for her friends, because she poisoned and killed General Sandstorm to get Sky out of his grasp. Even though she rejects Undauntable’s surprising proposal, she still is daring and brave enough to protect everyone she cares for. She also can speak some Dragon, which enables her to talk to dragons, including Sky.

Please Vote Wren If You Haven’t Already!

Wren is SO AWESOME. She is SO smart and is similar to Glory, in a way. She is really brave and protective, and snarky and sassy, totally her own mind.

Wren is just over all really cool she might not be a dragon but she deserves top 10.Like she lived almost her whole life with a skywing dragonet that she saved.

I agree that she is Peril's brother because the description matches up and he is scared of Kestrel and he has no fire so that my opinion.


Deathbringer is a charming, protective, and funny dragon that likes Glory (Glory x Deathbringer). He may be charming and an excellent protector, but he also used to be an assassin who was sent to kill Glory. He didn’t kill her of course, and he went after Blaze, but that plan still didn’t go well, either. He may be good and also bad at planning out things at the exact same time, but I think he does deserve Glory as his charming and daring self. Deathbringer is the definition of even if you have had a bad past, in his case of being an assassin, you can still change your ways of how you actually are in the world. He’s also part of the comedy in the Wings of Fire series, such as Glory and Tsunami as well with their sarcastic behaviors. Deathbringer may not have the best past, but he still is one of the best dragons within the series. He also saved Glory when she slightly failed at her first plan of saving the lost and captured RainWings.

Please Vote For DeathBringer If You ...more

Deathbringer is clever, graceful, and willing to put dragons he loves before his mission (read Winglets #2 and you'll see what I mean) which is likely why he didn't kill Glory. He is also so funny and is also brave.

My second favourite NightWing. Always so hilarious, clever and graceful. I get excited every time he makes an appearance. Deathbringer is an extremely interesting dragon who places his loved ones before his missions. I love that about him!

I love how Deathbringer is so selfless and flattering when it comes to Glory, especially when she tries not to turn pink! He's just a funny dragon who, I must say is kinda cocky, but he's my fave. I imagine him as a standup comedian / hopeless bachelor


Sundew is a fierce, brave, and daring dragon out of her friends that are trying to uncover the secrets in the Book of Clearsight, and that are trying to uncover the main secrets hidden in Pantala. Willow is also her main friend that the others discover later on, and Sundew also is the daughter of Hemlock and Belladonna, who are the The leaders of the PoisonWings. Even though Sundew has the boldest reputation of ending a tribe for good, she’s still a good and on point friend to have. She likes to get stuff done, and she acts like she doesn’t care if her friends die, but she actually does care for them deep down inside her heart. She also may have a slight soft spot for Bumblebee, and she may like and care a lot for Willow as well. She also has the power of leafspeak, which is the power to control plants. This allows her to be a strong and protective dragon with nature alongside her. Sundew isn’t the worst dragon after all.

Please Vote Sundew If You Haven’t Already!

Sundew shows her true colours with her amazing fighting skills, loyalty to her tribe even when her mother drives her up the wall, risking her life for others, and sticking to what she loves not caring about what others think!

I love Sundew. Typically, I love the tough and independent characters (And especially evil). She is so cool, and I love how war obsessed she is. Not that I'm not a peaceful person, I just for some reason like that in book/movie characters. like, if I watch a movie with a villain and superhero, I always get so mad when the hero wins for some reason. .-.


She's so interesting! Fierce-tempered, she hates HiveWings completely, although she has true feelings that she tends to hide a lot. She wants revenge badly on the tribe that has nearly destroyed her own tribe, and she won't stop until she gets it and is satisfied. She's my favorite character so far, but the only problem is how she loves Willow... you know.

Queen Coral

Queen Coral is a good mother. She's very caring about her children, but she has her flaws. She is willing to lean to Blister and obey everything she says. Buuut, Coral is still awesome.

should be number ten, at least she cared, just not the right way

Captured Tsunami when she welcomed her in the beginning of the story.

The other queen were unlike her. She cared about her daughter and even if clay was rivals with her she still cared about them, because they were tunamis freinds.


Darkstalker is so awesome! He is just misunderstood and he is so funny and charming! If you think Darkstalker is evil, I will hunt you down and KILL YOU! I feel so bad for him. Darkstalker is easily my favorite character.

Darkstalker is a really strange villain. He wants to make the dragon world a better place even though he doesn't understand how to do it and he wants power too much. I was switching between thinking he was bad or good.

When you think about it, Darkstalker was a good villain. Not like he was kind, but the way he was made. He was ambitious and he was blinded by his longing for power. Also, he forgives Clearsight, so it confuses some other dragons into thinking he was good. He had pure intentions but he had a way of sneaking around his promises.

I think darkstalker is a really good character to read about. I was going between thinking he was bad or good, and I am still not sure


Cricket is AMAZING. She's SO SMART and so adventurous, I love how she's not susceptible to Wasp's mind control because if there's one HiveWing who shouldn't be susceptible to the mind-control, it is definitely Cricket. She is so unique

Cricket is my #1 favorite character! She is so smart and funny and kind and thoughtful! Cricket was willing to help Blue when she barely knew him, and she has shown she is intelligent numerous times. I think Cricket should be in first!

She is smart, kind, and has a bright heart. I enjoy her creativity, and if you haven't read The Hive Queen yet, stop reading; When she figures out who she really is, I couldn't stop reading. I mean, Katydid, her mom? It's so weird yet interesting. I think that queen jewel is one of my favorite queens in all the books for how she treats Cricket.


Nightwings started of as my least favorite tribe, then Hivewings. Then I meat Cricket. Fun.
Likes to learn.
Likes to read.
I love her. My favorite dragon of all times. (also like me)


Riptide may not always be truthful, but he cares about everyone. He deserves more of a chance than what he gets. Riptide is funny and charming, but really just one of the nicest dragons in the whole series.

Good guard and likes tsunami and should not have had to pay for what webs his father did

I was sad that Riptide was less of a main character in the graphic novel of book two.
He is a liar, but if I was I'm I would lie too...

Riptide is a liar but he has a secret crush on tsunami, RIPNAMI

Queen Glacier

The queen of the IceWings! They sound so fierce, don't they? They withstand subzero temperatures, living in the coldest area of Pyrrhia. They could be silver or white (sorry if I'm wrong I haven't read it for such a long time) and they can breathe frostbreath and have sharp spikes on their tail. They are fierce and strict with their own dragons. When I think of IceWings, I think of ferocious, and then beautiful, dazzling scenes of places covered in a deep layer of snow, that has piled on the trees and slowly drifted down, sharp ice spikes with the light filtering through it, and blizzards where each snowflake is carried by the wind, back and forth, until they all eventually land on the ground.

She is a majestic and beautiful queen. She was willing to forge a peace treaty with Queen Glory. DARKSTALKER, WHYYY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HER AND LEAVE US WITH SNOWFALL?!?!

She's a WONDERFUL queen! Sure, she said she would kill the dragonets, but as a last resort option. Plus, it is a good idea to keep Blaze locked up so it would be really hard to kill her, ensuring the IceWings would win. What a smart and clever queen, with her own animus! I REALLY HATE DARKSTALKER why did he have to kill the IceWing queen?!?!?!?!?

She is a strong queen and she really likes her family. She is also very smart.


He is very loyal and many people think he is weird because he has six claws. Burn should know better than to turn on him.

I like him in the Winglets stories. He is brave and cares about his friend and child.

Intelligent and thoughtful dragon

Six-Claws cares about everyone and does the right thing


Anemone is relay neat in the way that she's the only existing animus dragon who din't hatch with her power. But after she learns this from turtle she handles it well. Yes she did hurt moon but she was under Darkstakers spell.

Anemone is very sweet. She was so young, and she killed Whirlpool. I can see how traumatizing it would've been for her.


Anemone is a great character. I suspected she was an Animus from the moment we met her. I'm sad she bullied moon but the Darkstalker tricked her into doing that

Anemone is by far my favorite character! So what if she was... a little bratty in the second arc? Darkstalker tricked her into becoming that. People hate her for the wrong reason.


YE like this boy an ocotopous wonderful! I don't care if you like him or not you make him like Fathom did! -Starflight my dudes

Blob is the best octopus ever. Fathom carved him out of wood and made him come to life and I just have to say blobs number 1 to me followed by Fathom and Turtle 🐢.

I forgot who Blob is...Don't blame me, I haven't read the books in a long time.

Blob is the octopus fathom made for indigo right?
if so Blob is my favorite character


I get wanting to avenge your sister, but she could have told Clay or Tsunami, instead of blowing up the history cave, she is still a good sibling.

Everyone says she was staying loyal to her sibling but STILL. He was killed in a war. That war is over now. Seriously. -Nightstalker the NightWing

Why is Sora in here?! All we see of Sora is her trying to MURDER Icicle because she killed Crane in battle!

Y do people hate her? wouldn't you avenge your sibling if someone illed them? in front of you? with no excuse?

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