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21 Jambu
22 Queen Thorn

Thorn is so cool!

She is a badass queen but is not evil

The only sandwing queen that's not insane

23 Clearsight

An amazingly talented seer who gave up her future for the whole dragon continent. She definitely deserves to be on the list.

Clearsight for the win!

Because she is Darkstalkers love, so kind in his book, I found her amazingly well developed and quite elgant like a flower.

Clearsight is a smart brave charictor and I love her so much

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24 Lynx

For some reason Lynx has always been my favorite Icewing even though she is only mentioned for a couple of sentences, However, in an interview Tui T Sutherland said she wanted to add more to Lynx's character, so maybe she will become a more well known character soon...

25 Six-Claws
26 Flame
27 Anemone

Who added this? Anemone is an absolutely horrible brat who doesn't care about anything except power and even goes so far she physically and emotionally abused Moon. She also wants all of Darkstalker's attention and for some reason Hate Moon because Darkstalker likes Moon more. She turned from selfish brat to full blown abusive brat. - Ultron123

No no no no no! Anemone is a selfish brat who cares about nothing but her own wellbeing, just read Talons of Power, that is all I need to say, just read it. - PopularCraft

28 Carnelian
29 Auklet
30 Princess Blaze

Blaze is the Princess of the SandWings. Yet, she isn't evil or wicked, unlike her sisters and truly believes she is the right queen for the throne.

31 Queen Ruby V 1 Comment
32 Prince Cliff
33 Smolder
34 Tamarin
35 Whirlpool
36 Princess Blister
37 Blister

She was known to be the smartest and the best at plotting.

38 Thorn
39 Queen Coral
40 Gill
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