Winx Club Characters You'd Love to See In Real Life


The Top Ten

1 Flora

Flora would make a perfect sister

I'd like to get along with her, but only problem: she's nice and talkative, I'm bad-tempered and mysterious´┐Ż´┐Ż"shes fashionable and outgoing, I like black stuff and a few friends.

But either way she'd make a good friend because hey, who wouldn't like to be friends with a girl next door?

2 Bloom

She 's really cute and nice

My favorite character EVER! How come she isn't number one?! That's just CRAZY!

I would love too meet her so damnit much! But Bloom for seasons 1-3 though

3 Daphne
4 Stella

Nah, not her. Shed try to alter my fashion style or boss me on what to do.

5 Tecna
6 Musa

Would be so fun and I'm super interested in music

Musa is the best unlike bloom who is the worst

7 Miele
8 Roxy
9 Aisha
10 Princess Diaspro

She might have a thing or two to say to men who are unfaithful to their girlfriends and can't keep it in their pants - TwilightKitsune

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