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21 Timmy

Timmy is the brain of all of them.He is awesome and kind of a joker.

So interesting and very kind to Tecna and Riven, even when Riven was being mean to him. To be honest, I never saw a couple in Sky and Bloom, they take up too much screen time and they don't really seem to care for each other. However, Tecna x Timmy is one of the most well-fit couple out there.
Timmy is so funny and sweet to everyone. Anytime he comes on the screen then I just got to smile! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Timmy is smart but tecna deserves a brave boyfriend. Timmy is coward

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22 Nabu

Nabu is a real protector. He really cares about his girlfriend Aisha and they had amazing relationship. I love him and I didn't want him to die :(

Nabu was perfect, in my opinion, for Aisha. Or at least better than ROY. I hate Roy more than I should. I just hate Roy.

Nabu is no longer Aisha boyfriend and that's good

Holy crap I literally didn't know what to do with my winx club life when nabu died! He was my absolute favorite specialist and pretty much the perfect boyfriend! Everyone just have a word of silence for the most unforgettable of Aisha's boyfriends 😭😭

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23 Diaspro

She is cool and powerful fairy

I like diaspro beacase he loves sky

She is the worst fairy I ever seen maybe she is beautiful but she has a dark side.If I was a fairy I would killed her.I HATE HER VERY MUCH!

Who in the world added Diaspro.she is the ugliest. I like her costumes.but she is worst.why does she have to steal sky from bloom

24 Valtor

This list is not about a person kindness,its about top 10 main I think valtor should be on top of the villians as he was the most strong villian till now I.e season 7.OR maybe some other villian replace him in season 8,I don't know

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25 Faragonda

She is the sweet headmistress any school can have. She has helped the winx a lot.

She is like this lovable grandmother!

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26 Acheron

If it is about villians,then the best and tough villian was valtor or tritanus.Acheron is the worst and too much weak.I don't know whats wrong with this list.Acheron should be on last place.

27 Stem

Who is stem there is no stem guy in winx club

28 Tritanus

Tritanus is a real crazy person

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29 Chimera

She was mean to Stella and the winx but I think later on she will be nice

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30 Kylie

I don't know who she is

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33 Nex

I kinda think that nex is more for you know who then Roy

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35 Nebula
36 Miele

Miele is sweet, kind, and brave. She protects her friends, and flora.

37 Politea

OK so pretty much everyone is forgetting her like seriously just because shes a villain we can't forget how pretty she is with long auburn hair and jade green eyes

38 Altair

She's the most cutest and gorgeous fairy of delix club.I think she should be introduced in the show well she 's a fan made character till NOW.I wish season 8 focuses on delix and Specially Altair, she's pulchritudinous; her transformations are the best.

39 Brandon

I can't believe that he is in the last position cause he is the most handsome guy among the specialist, he deserves to be at number 1! I am very disappointed with the list!

Brandon is perfect for Stella! but he must not be the best friend of Sky

He is cutest in all the winx club.I wish that I could ever meet him.

I am very sad that he is in last position.He is most handsome,caring,loving and powerfulspecialists of all.he should be at first position. I love him a lot.I want a guy like him.

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