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Who is the best Winx Club girl out of the Winx Club? Read to find out!

The Top Ten Best Winx Girl

1 Flora

She is so gorgeous. The creators should give her some more spotlight
And Bloom is a horrible person she always takes the credit of everything and become the hero I dislike bloom a lot

I love flora she is always nice bloom is a big fat poop and I hate her flora and musa are the best sorry bloom your just not good enough to be in wind club! In other words your a big fat liar and a pooping hippopotamus also the queen of drama so get lost and die!

She is super pretty, kind, wise, friendly and an amazing fairy! She has incredible powers which need more attention and an incredible personality which also needs more attention! Overall she is an amazing character and the best winx club girl!

Flora is the best Winx girl because she is sweet, nice, caring, kind, loyal, powerful, and especially not a spotlight hogger like Bloom. She has the qualities of a real leader.

2 Musa

I think Musa's my favorite. She's smart and pretty tough. Her family background is realistic enough (even if we never see it again) and she has real arguments with her friends and her dad. She got a bit annoying, as most of her screen time is about her and Riven snubbing each other, but other than that, she's pretty cool. In the most recent Musa-centric (Season 6, Episode...22? ) she keeps going despite the loss of the source of her power, the main means of communication, and (part of) her favorite aspect of life. She finally realizes that what she has with Riven isn't healthy and they both decide to break up and stay friends indefinitely. Maybe they'll get it together and get back together. Maybe they'll stay friends. But now they know that it just isn't working right now so they both know when to back off.

She is the Best! I love all her songs! Even when she loses her voice, she isn't dramatic like Bloom and Stella. She still continues! She got guts! I REALLY LIKE HER!

Musa might not have a good hair design in season 1 but Musa becomes more beautifuler every season and should be on first place. And I agree Bloom is such a show of and Stella is pretty but childish.

Musa gets on my nerves. I used to love her, but now I don't even want to like at her. She complains about Riven too much and when he acts likes a gentleman she acts stuck up. Poor Riven... He is stuck with this!

3 Stella

Stella is a bit childish but she always do interesting things. She is also the personal designer of the winx as you can see her design are so pretty . She is beautiful not only from outside but from inside too . She is sensitive , caring, cute and fun . Of she hadn't found bloom winx club would not exist

I have no idea why people are dragging Stella down in the comments. I think it's a shame that most people don't see the good in her. Stella is a very loyal, caring, bubbly, cheerful and a honest person. Those are just some of the many reasons why Stella is my favorite character. Granted, she does sometimes act entitled and spoiled and offensively blunt, but I think all those bad qualities mostly stem from her insecurities, which most of the young audience don't exactly understand. She's a complex character and I believe there's more to her than what meets the eye. I think she has also grown a lot in the show and proved that she's not just a pretty face.

Stella gets on my nerves. I used to love her but now I hate her very much. She isn't funny, a jerk, rude, dishonest and selfish! How is she funny? She is awful! She is worse than Flora.

She is an excellent character. She is my favourite fairy after bloom. She should be the leader with bloom of the winx. She is funny and a pretty girl. One should never say that she doesn't love brandon.

4 Bloom

I like Bloom the best because she's a great leader. Some of the Winx I can't even imagine as leaders like Flora, I mean Flora is just sensitive and is a goody two shoes but I still think she's good and makes the show interesting with her encouraging words and positive attitude. Bloom also has stuff in common with everyone, so she can relate to all the Winx girls because she likes fashion like Stella, music like Musa, appreciates Techna's brains, shows effort in Aisha's training courses, and loves nature like Flora. Bloom is also very close the Winx girls and keeps the group together. Her and her boyfriend Sky, are kind and care about the group making them the leaders. Bloom also has extremely strong powers which she uses for the good of everyone. But even Bloom has her flaws, like sometimes misunderstanding peole like in season 4 when the specialists come to Gardenia. Or leading them into some trap which she did quite a lot in seasons 1-3. But all of those flaws just makes her a ...more

Bloom is the worst of all! I completely hate her! She gets all the attention and takes all the credit! In Season 4 Bloom is the lead singer of the Winx Band! Why shouldn't Musa be?!?! She is the Fairy of Music! It's her thing, but no Bloom just wanted to be the lead singer. She is a spotlight hogger and so is her girl-loking boyfriend Sky

Before you start hating on bloom please just let you know its supposed to be all blooms show and the show was supposed to call it like something else but you know what they added other winx girls so...yeah...please don't be hating on bloom I'm just saying the truth here...I love all of them but why so much hate in bloom I know she gets the spotlight a lot but you gotta remember that its supposed to be her show but they added other girls like I said...I love bloom I don't see the problem..

I hate her and Stella. Because they are awful best friends, they acting like a drama queen and they are terribly dramatic. Stella became rude and dishonest in season 4, and Bloom became a lead singer in season 4! Those two girls are terrible.

5 Tecna

Tecna is very unique and different she has a different personality, holds her friends very close to her, after becoming a robot (when she opened the wrong sirenix book) she felt awful and wanted to be a better technology fairy in which her friends can rely on she is a great example of perseverance, also she has short hair while the others don't, making her very different yet unique too bad she isn't recognized and always casted away from the spotlight I hope in the winx spin- off tecna as well as the other winx (except bloom its not just about her the title says it all "the winx club" meaning the whole club, she is not the only main character) could have their own episodes it might improve the show from where it is at now.

My favorite is Tecna!
Perfect Winx Club for me would be without Bloom, and Tecna as leader. 5 winx girls, not 6. Bloom out!

Who is smarter than Tecna! The technology fairy is an excellent character!

Tecna could have a great potential but the creators don't give her a good background or even a bit of details about her just like the other Winx who have more history she is constantly shunned by the creators and the show please make some changes

6 Layla/Aisha

Layla has Leadership qualities just like Bloom though she does not always steal the spotlight.

Layla is an okay character, but the Winx would have done fine without her.

She is much better than Bloom. She is a true leader who gives everyone a chance in the spotlight.

I think it's more exciting that a new fairy came and joined the winx

7 Roxy

I know Roxy was the official 7th Winx and all, but I still think her ticked off attitude is annoying

Roxy is a sweet girl. She is my favourite after Stella and Bloom.

Roxy is just an extra character and Inginio just wanted Bloom to have someone in common with. She wasn't needed. She's just a Winx wannabe! No a Bloom wannabe!

Roxy is so EXTRA! She is just another charachter who is as annoying as BLOOM!

8 Daphne

I agree that Daphne is way nicer and prettier than her sister, Bloom, and she is not prettier than Musa.

Daphne is smart and very wise but she is not better than Musa.

Daphne is better than most of the girls. (Bloom, Musa, Roxy.)

Daphne seems so nice and she is WAY prettier than her sister, Bloom.

9 Diaspro

Diaspro is horrible I said it horrible and she just wants sky that's why she is so against bloom but either if sky is with bloom or not she is still rude cruel and stuck up and did I mention selfish

I completely hate Diaspro! She is worse than Bloom because she is the best leader and I also completely hate Stella!

Uh, no. Diaspro isn't my favorite character, but she isn't horrible. From her perspective, Bloom attacked her out of nowhere, stole her fiancé/childhood friend/literally the person she was groomed for her entire life, and was essentially the "other woman". Sky was a lying, cheating douchebag, but he was her best friend and she probably still loved him. Whenever Bloom and Sky fly off to cuddle, she chases them down and gets them back to work- which is her JOB. Sky is a horrible king and Diaspro seems like the patriotic type. After getting over Sky, she wants what's best for her and her kingdom. To be honest, she's probably the character who deserves the most sympathy and respect, for going through what she did and coming out out of it as the most professional and loyal characters there are.

I never liked Diaspro she is worse than Bloom and Sky couples

10 Icy

She is my best


The Contenders

11 Darcy

She is the smartest of the trix and has the coolest powers. She should be the leader, not Icy.

She is by far the prettiest of the trix and has the coolest powers!

Don't like this witch

12 Krystal

Flora over reacted Krystal just wanted to catch up with an old friend.

Krystal is okay. Just someone to bring up drama.

Krystal is like Flora. She is just misunderstood. She was happy to see Helia but Flora accidentally thought Krystal was trying to steal her boyfriend.

It's good Krystal came to bring up the drama between flora and helia

13 Stormy

Can stormys hair be stright

14 Chimera
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