Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp

The trademark "I wish...", if somehow, were guaranteed reality.

The Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp

1 Unlimited Wishes

I wash that in my school mam should call me for dance practice

Would be nice but depends if the genie has a no unlimited wishes rule - Randomator

This would be incredible, and the only wish that really mattered. You could have everything you want. You could get rid of anything you don't want. You could be prettiest, smartest, with the love of your life, most popular, best singer, best athlete, and you wouldn't have any enemies.

If someone had unlimited rule free wishes would all their all wishes and wildest dreams come true literally Overnight instantly and extremely fast - Richiestriker17

I wouldn't say this because I feel like the genie will just annoy you...forever. - Luckys

2 Make someone fall madly in love with you

I mean...that would be amazing if it worked right? Fake,but still amazing!

Genuinely in love definitely. - 2storm

I wish to be a future with Finn wolfhard please...

No! Love sucks! -Ihatelove

3 For you and your friends and family to be immortal

To live forever with the people you love would be heaven to me!

I love my family and friends and I want to keep it that way.

I want to be immortal

That is amazing

4 For world peace

Would be nice - Randomator

Best wish ever

Must have wish

5 Identical twin sibling

Kill them and pretend to be dead, then see how people really talk about you.

I think having a twin sibling would be cool! Creative wish!

I would like to have a person who is sweet, kind, and nice like me

Could end up being a problem - Randomator

6 Perfect singing voice

Well I kind of have one but I can't hit really low ones or super high ones but besides that I think I'm good

Honestly I think I have one. Some people say I am good and others say I am bad. 😒😒

7 Live in a world of fiction

I totally wish for this except all the downsides to it because of villains or extraterrestrial beings that could destroy the world in seconds.

How amazing if there is a world where we are the heros and everyone else is in under our control. A world of fantasy where everything is artifficial an more amazing then the real one also the sky, sun etc. Maybe this is and amazing wish ever

Harry Potter, every Disney movie, maybe even the Hunger Games - just imagine how amazing the world would be if fandoms were real!

This would be awesome, just to live in a world where comic book heroes, anime's characters, cartoons was all real life stuff. Mythical creatures roaming the land with dinosaurs and aliens oh my!

8 Become the biggest celebrity ever


9 Become the most famous person on the internet


Obviously that's me (jp)

10 To meet the love of your life & live with them forever

If they loved you too.

Good - Patronus

The Newcomers

? A car

The Contenders

11 No more Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber hate.What a shocker. When will people learn to not beat a dead horse? - Randomator

This wish is just great!. No more Justin means No more Problems for boys. He just suck!

Wow, what an original choice

No more haters of Justin Bieber.

12 No pain or damage to your body ever

You could do anything though there are some downsides

Guess that means I can jump off a cliff now lol - Randomator

You will be immortal for your whole life


13 Become the prettiest person in the universe

I would love for this to happen but I would feel so selfish for not wishing for something more important

I will finally be beautiful for once! :D

14 To go back in time and change past mistakes

If only... I myself have done some downright stupid things and all I want is to just go back and fix what I did. Maybe I wouldn't be so guilty all the time then... - Antifi

I have done some extremely stupid things in the past that I REALLY wish I didn't. I would love to go back in time and make it so that it never even happened. Then I wouldn't have to live with it. It's a bitch that I can't.

15 Wish for eliminating the evil qualities which resides in every person on this planet

Oh wow! I'd so love to have this happen. But seriously, it wouldn't work. Imagine a world of debating where everyone agreed with each other and there were no differences of opinions... Nice idea but impractical. - Britgirl

If the evil qualities would be something objectively evil and truly the root to all evil.

If the whole world is filled with honest, caring and loving people, it would become a paradise. - Kiteretsunu

I would hate this one so much evil helps make others better and the world be boring and SO MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT!.!. ! Like I always say if everyone was good everyone would be unemployed. - happyhappyjoyjoy

16 To bring dead actors back to life

Please bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Price. They're both legends and they're awesome as hell!

Bring back that actor who plays Casey Jones

Bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Prince.

Yes :-( - Ananya

17 Become the most famous person in the universe

That would suck you would never have any down time and or time to yourself.

That would suck so much. Trust me guys you don't want to wish for this. Sure we all think we want people following us around and acting like we’re the greatest things ever, but honestly wouldn't that eventually get annoying?
Plus even if you are the most famous person in the world there’s always gonna be that one person who’s gonna dislike you so it’s not like you can escape from being disliked.
In conclusion I would hate this and I think anyone would be crazy to disagree bcs I can garantee you that you won't love the popularity for long even if your biggest goal is to be popular.
And this is coming from someone unpopular so ik how you feel

18 More wishes

That is the most awesome thing to wish for! That's exactly what I wanted to wish for!

I want this wish so much, like to have forever!

Unlimited is way better

Yes. I would wish for more wishes too.

19 To have superpowers

Because then you could be above everyone

definitely mind reading


20 Wishing that pollution never existed

I hate anyone and everyone who pollutes our planet, period.

Robots would eat your food and we would starve


We’re just ruining the planet by doing this - Randomator

21 Be the most popular at school

I already am so yeah

22 More genies

I want a genie to give me a lot of wishes and I wan,t the genie to be a girl

I wish there was a real genie

23 To help all the sick children in the world.

If we wanna make happiness lets start here

24 To turn you into a wizard

Then you could grant your own wishes.

Because you can put a spell the people you hate

Your a wizard harry

I voted this - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

25 Go into the past to alter an important milestone in history for making the future a better place

This wouldn't work because the future be all messed up. Like the paradoxes in Doctor Who

Maybe prevent Hitler from joining the Nazi party. - Turkeyasylum

Like stopping the first nuclear bomb test. - Kiteretsunu

26 For your favorite fictional characters to become real

This is one thing I would definitely wish for. There are some fictional characters I love with a passion and I think would make great companions for me. I often wish I could have came up with them myself, but even if they're not my own creations, I wish they could come to life and be my companions. When I think about them, their stories are similar to the movie/T.V. show that they come from, with a few minor differences. I think it would be awesome if they existed in this world too.

It would also be nice if fictional characters that you created yourself could become real, so they existed in this world and not just inside your head.

Could be interesting. - Randomator

27 To end animal abuse

I would love for this to happen. Animals don't deserve the abuse they get. They may not be humans, but they are still living, breathing creatures. They can still feel things, the same as a human, and they deserve just as much love and respect as a human. They don't deserve to be abused and neglected. People who say that animals have no souls or feelings are super stupid and people who abuse animals should be treated just as badly. Have a taste of what the poor animal is feeling.

I definitely agree!

28 One million dollars

I would wish for unlimited money instead

be rich

be rish

29 Wishing that we all have the ability to breathe underwater

Oh my gosh it would be so cool if we had this ability

Too bad I suck at swimming

That would be cool - Randomator

this would be amazing. you'd be able to swim for hours!

30 Be the most well known
31 Wishing for an increase in size of the earth's radius for accomodating the increasing population

Do that and Earth's gravity will get stronger and stronger until you get to the point you can't get out of bed. But keep it at a reasonable radius and all is well. - PositronWildhawk

We would also have to add matter which would add mass which would change the orbit of the earth as well potentially spiraling us into the sun or flinging us into space to freeze

I love earth. Wakanda Forever

Yay! My gardens and lawns are 20 m^2 big! - Kiteretsunu

32 To be immortal

First of all, no because one you would see all your friends and family die and two when to universe gets destroyed you would just be floating in space with no one to love and nothing to do.

I wish I want to be immortal

I wish I want immortal

33 To turn Chuck Norris into your bodyguard

I choose number 1



34 Become verified on Instagram

This is not cool

35 To meet your favorite music artist in person and become best friends with him

Yes, Freddie! (Or Paul McCartney! )
If I met Freddie and became best friends with him I'd take the opportunity to sing him You're My Best Friend! :-) - Misfire

Hello, John (Lennon). Let's play the new nintendo game together. - Kiteretsunu

Marilyn manson is so classy

Wow, it's my wish to meet my favourite artist! Thanks Kiteretsunu for making this wish. - rico

36 Shapeshifting

It would be an amazing ability :3 - Maplestrip

It's overpowered if you truly think about

It is important. Very important.

37 All the good videogames in the world

why not

That would just be awesome you can go up to your freands and say hey u got this game its sooo cool

38 For all the good movies in the world (already installed in your TV)
39 Economic prosperity for the whole world

Me: I wish for everything to be free.
Genie: Well, it doesn't work that way.
Me: I know, I know, socialism and all that, but what if we changed it so that in order to get the free things you have to work and you would get this credit card that already had an unlimited amount. If you didn't work you wouldn't be able to get things for free. And if you physically/mentally couldn't work you would have to approved of get a 'free credit card' by the government.
Genie: Okay whatever. Your wish is my command.

This would never work because if everyone’s rich then no one is poor. Just like no more evil in the world then what is good. Everyone is equally prosperous.

40 To end racism

Why should skin color make a difference? Honestly! I never understood racism and I never will.

This is an amazing wish but sadly and unfortunately there is to much prejudice in this world!

I wish racism never exist

This should be first to be honest

41 To have the power to grant wishes

This could actually be very dangerous, but it is a kind of a good wish to outsmart the genie - Antifi

You could basically wish away all the world's problems.

Depends if you could be able to grant your own wishes - Randomator

42 To meet your favourite TopTenners

This is my biggest dream of all time. It just needs to happen and I would be a very happy person. - Userguy44

43 To Undo Anything You're Embarrassed Of


44 A Lightsaber

Yasss queen

45 To have a painless death

Please end my suffering

46 Wishing that all scientists forget the procedure of making an atom bomb

How did we make those nuclear bombs? - Kiteretsunu

That's such a good one. We will never have a war again

Robots would starve to death and we would get too powerful

Really and are you forgetting that this knowlege is the basis of our understanding of elementary particles not to mention clean nuclear power. This would set mankinds progresses back about 100 years.

Everything has its pros and cons. But the fact that nuclear arms is a big threat still holds. - Kiteretsunu

47 To be wealthy enough to live on your own
48 Peace on earth

This would be the most sensible wish. Get over Justin Bieber people. Peace on our world is something great and very special. Don't do dumb wishes. - Userguy44

Equality and no more wars. That would be great

49 For three more wishes

Yea but what about Unlimited wishes, you could wish for anything plus what if the genie makes the rules that you can't have any more wishes?

You actually can't ask for three more wishes. Genies are forbidden to do that. That's why you have to think hard about what you really want most.

Only 3? Unlimited would be much better!

50 To have the name you want

If you don't like the name your parents gave you, just ask a genie to change the name on your birth certificate to the name you want. Then you'll have a name you're happy with.

I'm actually a girl, but I've always liked the name Rex. I don't care if it is a masculine name. It's an awesome name and I love it.

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