Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp

The trademark "I wish...", if somehow, were guaranteed reality.

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Unlimited Wishes

Yes! After this I would wish for:

-unlimited money
-the ability to order anything off any website for free
-telekinesis powers
-the ability to teleport anywhere
-free airline tickets for life
-unlimited school supplies
-unlimited food
-everything is free for me
-the ability to time travel
-inability to feel pain
-private jet
-mansion with hot tub, game room, and water/theme park in backyard
-personal chauffeur
-unlimited pets
-inability to get sick
-increased popularity
-eliminate my sun sensitivity
-unlimited ink in my printer
The ability to correct all mistakes


This would be incredible, and the only wish that really mattered. You could have everything you want. You could get rid of anything you don't want. You could be prettiest, smartest, with the love of your life, most popular, best singer, best athlete, and you wouldn't have any enemies.

If someone had unlimited rule free wishes would all their all wishes and wildest dreams come true literally Overnight instantly and extremely fast

Unlimited Wishes?! That would be awesome! wish to be rich, wish to be respected at school, wish for candy! So much wishes! But my favorite is I wish I had my OWN galaxy with its own laws of physics and more about that sometime.

I would love this because you could wish for everything on this site, and even more than that, For me it would be for me to have unlimited robux. (ROBLOX)

Make someone fall madly in love with you

I want to bring Freddie Mercury back to life and marry him.

Genuinely in love definitely.

I would definitely do that!

I mean...that would be amazing if it worked right? Fake,but still amazing!

For you and your friends and family to be immortal

but what if you made new friends you would have to witness there awful deaths and then when the universe ends you and all your friends and family would be floating around in space forever.


Even better is if only me and my aunt were immortal when she was younger and I was a 2 year old so she can give me baths and change my diapers forever! :D

To live forever with the people you love would be heaven to me!

I love my family and friends and I want to keep it that way.

For world peace

Best wish ever

Must have wish

Would be nice

Identical twin sibling

Kill them and pretend to be dead, then see how people really talk about you.

I would like to have a person who is sweet, kind, and nice like me

I think having a twin sibling would be cool! Creative wish!

Could end up being a problem

Perfect singing voice

Well I kind of have one but I can't hit really low ones or super high ones but besides that I think I'm good

Honestly I think I have one. Some people say I am good and others say I am bad. 😒😒

Live in a world of fiction

I would live in a world that has Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob and also has Rick and Morty and other fictional things as long as my friends and family are there!

I totally wish for this except all the downsides to it because of villains or extraterrestrial beings that could destroy the world in seconds.

How amazing if there is a world where we are the heros and everyone else is in under our control. A world of fantasy where everything is artifficial an more amazing then the real one also the sky, sun etc. Maybe this is and amazing wish ever

This would be awesome, just to live in a world where comic book heroes, anime's characters, cartoons was all real life stuff. Mythical creatures roaming the land with dinosaurs and aliens oh my!

Become the biggest celebrity ever

I actually can't stand the prospect of being famous.

To meet the love of your life & live with them forever

If they loved you too.

Become the most famous person on the internet

Obviously that's me (jp)

The Contenders

No pain or damage to your body ever

Imagine getting crushed by a boulder. You wouldn't feel any pain or be damaged at all, but no one would ever find you and you'd be doomed with almost eternal loneliness.

You could do anything though there are some downsides

Said genie would be about 15 years too late on that one.

Guess that means I can jump off a cliff now lol

Become the prettiest person in the universe

I will finally be beautiful for once! :D

I would love for this to happen but I would feel so selfish for not wishing for something more important

No more Justin Bieber

His "music" is trash and he's proven a million times over that he's a complete and total douchebag, even to his fans. I can't believe this guy even has a fans. Justin is a jackass!

This wish is just great!. No more Justin means No more Problems for boys. He just suck!

He is a human and he has the right of what he is doing what have u guys done in life.

"I Hate him so much! Even my friends hate him."

To go back in time and change past mistakes

If only... I myself have done some downright stupid things and all I want is to just go back and fix what I did. Maybe I wouldn't be so guilty all the time then...

Absolutely. (Don't ask for details, okay?)

I want to do that a lot

I can save Freddie Mercury from getting AIDS.

Wish for eliminating the evil qualities which resides in every person on this planet

Oh wow! I'd so love to have this happen. But seriously, it wouldn't work. Imagine a world of debating where everyone agreed with each other and there were no differences of opinions... Nice idea but impractical.

I would hate this one so much evil helps make others better and the world be boring and SO MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT!.!. ! Like I always say if everyone was good everyone would be unemployed.

If the whole world is filled with honest, caring and loving people, it would become a paradise.

If the evil qualities would be something objectively evil and truly the root to all evil.

To bring dead actors back to life

Please bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Price. They're both legends and they're awesome as hell!

Bring back that actor who plays Casey Jones

Bring Chuck Connors back to life, genie

Bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Prince.

Become the most famous person in the universe

That would suck so much. Trust me guys you don't want to wish for this. Sure we all think we want people following us around and acting like we’re the greatest things ever, but honestly wouldn't that eventually get annoying?
Plus even if you are the most famous person in the world there’s always gonna be that one person who’s gonna dislike you so it’s not like you can escape from being disliked.
In conclusion I would hate this and I think anyone would be crazy to disagree bcs I can garantee you that you won't love the popularity for long even if your biggest goal is to be popular.
And this is coming from someone unpopular so ik how you feel

That would suck you would never have any down time and or time to yourself.

To have superpowers

I find this idea as cool but terrifying at the same time. If I had superpowers the world would be a nightmare.

Because then you could be above everyone

definitely mind reading

Wishing that pollution never existed

I hate anyone and everyone who pollutes our planet, period.

Robots would eat your food and we would starve

We’re just ruining the planet by doing this

More wishes

That is the most awesome thing to wish for! That's exactly what I wanted to wish for!

I want this wish so much, like to have forever!

Yes. I would wish for more wishes too.

To get a small friendly pet dog

Be the most popular at school

I already am so yeah

More genies

I want a genie to give me a lot of wishes and I wan,t the genie to be a girl

I wish there was a real genie

To help all the sick children in the world.

If we wanna make happiness lets start here

To turn you into a wizard

Because you can put a spell the people you hate

Then you could grant your own wishes.

Your a wizard harry

I voted this

For your favorite fictional characters to become real

This is one thing I would definitely wish for. There are some fictional characters I love with a passion and I think would make great companions for me. I often wish I could have came up with them myself, but even if they're not my own creations, I wish they could come to life and be my companions. When I think about them, their stories are similar to the movie/T.V. show that they come from, with a few minor differences. I think it would be awesome if they existed in this world too.

It would also be nice if fictional characters that you created yourself could become real, so they existed in this world and not just inside your head.

Could be interesting.

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