Worst Adventure Time Characters

Adventure Time is awesome, but some characters are not.

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21 Princess Cookie

Princess Cookie needs to be eaten by me

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22 Fiona

Fionna isn't all like Finn. She's supposed to have the exact same personality as Finn. But she just lets boys walk all over her- something Finn WILL NEVER do.

Fiona is supposed to be like Finn, but the opposite gender. Fiona is one of those people that just hates themselves and is all soft. Finn isn't like that at all. - SheepBuggy

Really, all the genderbent characters are my least favorite. That's just too much for one series. - Garythesnail

She is annoying.

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23 Breakfast Princess

In Princess Day, she was so annoying to the point of me being on LSP's side.

Breakfast princess is only starred in one episode and in that episode she was so rude to LSP

She is my favorite adventure time chracter

I know, she called LSP a pamplemousse.

24 King of Ooo

The King of Ooo was not a bad character. We were SUPPOSED to hate him. The writers made him the most unlikable jerk ever so his downfall would be all the more satisfying.

King of Ooo is a villain, and a jerk. We were supposed to hate him. - SheepBuggy

He not beautiful, he's earwax.

Personally I think this guy needs to replace Princess Bubblegum's title for worst character. PB isn't the bad guy as most people would think, HE is. The so-called King of Ooo plays dirty politics and for what? His own selfish desires? PB ruled to serve her people, not for her pleasures. I'm surprised he's not higher. - MillieTrina_Prower

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25 Ricardio

This guy is DISGUSTING. Look, I wouldn't judge a character because of how they were born as or how they look (I can't blame him for being made an organ), but the fact that he likes to be romantic to Princess Bubblegum in a way where he poisons Finn and Jake is just sick. Only twisted people like serial killers do such things. - MillieTrina_Prower

Worst antagonist in Adventure Time. - 05yusuf09

Ricardio is really creepy.

Entierlly agree

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26 Ash

This wizard is such an idiot! He made marceline suffer...she's like a daily cuddle to me so it hurts me so much to see her crying

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27 Jake Jr.

She/he doesn't even have a face

Face freaks me out man

They changed the series,for bad

28 Martin The Human

The princess bubblegum probably will be a bad character, but seriously
A guy that forgot his son only to escape?
And don't import that his son is good or not? Seriously Martin is the worst character in all adventure time

Martin is more idiotic than Finn. - 05yusuf09

He should be the number 1

Only 30? He abandoned his own son - 445956

29 Kim Kil Whan

Wait he did that stuff? Wow, I really need to catch up on AT. I have hardly watched any episodes past season 4. - SammySpore

He's damn mean, as he sued his father, got him and Finn in prison, and is really greedy. - Comi03

He want to exclude jake and finn of his house, JAKE IS HE FATHER, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?

30 Queen Bee

Or maybe he probably thought the female bee was buzzing around Finn's flower arm (he lost his right arm 3 episodes before Breezy) and she turn into some kind of queen. He coulda put Breezy's name instead of Queen Bee.

Are you dumb Queen Bee is a character from Super Mario Galaxy NOT adventure time

Correct, Queen Bee is a character from Super Mario Galaxy but there is also a queen bee in adventure time - SheepBuggy

Her name is breezy. Who's the noob that wrote this thing?

I never put that on there, some idiot did. - NerdyPweeps

31 Gunter Gunter

Gunter is super awesome. I don't know why he's on this list. It makes no sense

I will kill the person who put Gunter on this postition

I ❤️ Gunter! Just cause he is evil don't hate

32 Lady Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn

She speaks Korean, idiot. Learn basic stuff. You're racist, it's not crap. You're crap

That racist you idiot

This is racist. Rainicorn speaks Korean, not crap you idiot.

I actually like her but like most characters prefered them from earlier seasons the most

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33 Melissa
34 Starchy

Another creepy pervert that speaks in third person.

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35 A Fox
36 Jake

Not a bad character, but not on the list.

Who put Jake on the list? - 05yusuf09

Remember that episode where he spent all of their gold in one unnecessary useless scenario? Jon Dimagio sure has a talent for playing bad roles. Bender is easily my least favorite futurama character. He has about the same significance as Jake. Which is none.

37 Shelby

Shelby sucks because he's a worm
And worms are gross

38 Prismo

Why is he bad exactly? - SammySpore

This guy is so much fun! It sucked wnen he had died. I don't know why he is on this list!


Awsom charecter number 1. for me

39 Choose Goose

Noo he's one of my favourite characters! - SheepBuggy

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40 Prince Gumball Prince Gumball

He looks like a jerk. He sounds like a dork. His dinky crown is the size of an ant- and since when does princess bubble gum like Finn? ( it's ment to be an exact replica of the real adventure time storyline you know).

I thought he was a boy when Adventure Time just came out...

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