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1 Ryanair

Ryanair? This airline sucks the rotten intestines of a dead giraffe. It is a cheap airline that no one should fly with no matter what their prices are. Granted their prices are low, but you pretty much get what you paid for. A bunch of ignorant and short-tempered that staff members that treat you like slaves. No really they do treat their passengers like slides and it's no wonder that Ryanair has become the most hated airline in the world.

In 2007, A doctor and son were rejected from flight before takeoff because they were talking throughout the pre-flight safety briefing. They had to pay an extra £500 for tickets. This isn't called for. If they have experienced travel onboard many times, they do not always have to listen to the safety briefing and there's always the visual version of it in the safety instructions manual. The same year, a 14-year-old boy was forced to stand up on flight to Luton because the seats were almost full, despite the fact that he had a broken leg and ...more

Ryanair is the Justin Bieber of airlines.

They are cons of the airline world due to their advertisement

I would rather die than fly with this airline EVER AGAIN! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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2 Air India

Who are the idiots who have the audacity to say that Air India is amongst the worst airlines in the world. They need a kick on their back sides. Air India is one of the better airlines in the world with a very polite and Humble crew be it on land or in air. Their Pilots are amongst the best in the world. Am sure that some of those who hate the airline are either Chinese or Pakis or their sympathizers

Air India is definitely the worst in Asia if not the world. I being an Indian myself have never flown and never intend to either. YouTube videos and SKytrax reviews are enough proof of this airline's incompetence. Delays, poor safety record, horrible service, rude crew and what more do you need for a major disappointment? For all the wonderful folks in favour of the airline, please fly it first you're in for a treat (not)

Disgusting airlines. Crew is rude.. Planes stink and this is just not the typical Indian stench.. It's much worst.

It is worst

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3 Pakistan International Airlines

PIA is much better airline, as compared to some of above mentioned.

It was very well airline but in recent years it became bad. But now it is improving. It is now a better airline. In worst airlines it should be ranked No. 14. It is much better than Air india!

Worst airline I've ever flow, and I have flown a few on this list. Hostile flight attendants, seats that were falling apart, smoking everywhere, Pakistanis wandering around the craft during while I was told to stay seated. It was cheap, I'll give them that. But I vowed never to fly them again.


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4 Allegiant Air

Worst airline in the world only PIA is the best others are worst

Break down 4 times more often than other airlines. - computerfan0

Awful. Don't care about safety at all

5 Easy Jet

Ironic name don't ya think? Whats so easy about no given seating, poor staff, and it going bust?

You get what you paid for - cheap seats, very little leg room, no food or refreshments - Hypercube

no given seating? , what are you on? - squire

It is apsolutley foul!

6 United Airlines

A horrible horrible airline, when I took it they bumped me off of two of their flights that I had booked, lost my luggage and told me they had it, I got it 3 days later, I sincerely hope they go out of business

Yeah, I can imagine United will climb the list due to the incident where they dragged a paying customer off a flight because they needed room for the"employees.

An awful airline with a history of many unfair treatment to passengers. Never flew on this airline (since I've never been in america), but after hearing stories about their atrocious service, don't expect me flying with them anytime soon.

LOL that bunny was a bad rabbit anyway! Bugs Bunny is 1000000000 times better! Tom Demetrio sucks BIG TIME! I WOULD KILL HIM! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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7 Jetstar

Just terrible. What look like a customer care letter is actually a veiled insult. They really hate their customers and say just for giggles.

Don't even get me started.

Shockingly unreliable. Don't expect to fly on the flight you booked. Don't expect to get where you are going anytime close to scheduled time or even day, or even in the same week.
And don't complain. Because all you get is fake sympathy - no apologies, no explanation, no redress.

Best Airlines I have ever been in :D - Terranical

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8 Republic Airlines

This is by far the worst airline I've ever ridden on

PIA is the best thus is not you should keep PIA in the top 10 best airlines ok

9 Delta

The hostess were a little rude, especially the older one. It's time for her to retire.

Delta operates an outstanding airline and put considerable effort on it customers needs. I fly delta often, both US and international. Great service.

Bad airline. First class is just a mini sofa seat. They make you pay for your food and the free food is just snacks.

By far the best airline I have flown with. I have been on united, continental, spirit, JetBlue, and delta. I will be sticking with delta because of their outstanding service and comfortable and new cabins

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10 British Airways

So I was flying out of Greece for a holiday last year back to Dublin Airport. They had to delay the flight, which would have come in 6 hours, and so I had to sit on a cold, hard floor in Greece because a plastic bag was stuck in the plane? REALLY? So instead of sitting on a decent chair, waiting on the call for my plane for 6 hours (maybe checking out the shops) - I had to sit on a FLOOR for 3 hours extra! What a rip off - they didn't even apologise or anything! No discount, no nothing. So ridiculous, my CHILDREN and PARENTS were waiting for me in a busy airport in DUBLIN!

I fly all over the world with many, many airlines. 100% of my worst issues have been with BA. First, the amount of time it takes to connect to BA flights in Heathrow is hideous. They say 45 mins is the minimum connection time - but you need at least 90 mins. Second, their baggage handling is notoriously bad. I have had multiple bags lost for more than 5 days each. Third, their customer service agents try to help - but they have no power and improper training. Recently I was in the boarding area for a flight that was VERY delayed. The agents kept telling everyone that the plane would start boarding after the pilot completed security checks. However, anyone who looked out the window could see that one of the engines had been more or less taken a part and pieces of it were laying on the tarmac. 20 mins later the flight was cancelled Very bad. Finally, the inflight service is really the worst. Bad food. Bad seats. Dirty Planes. Very, very bad.

Yes, I have flown many times with many different airlines most of whom have been good. The only one who wasn't was British Airways. The flight attendant was rude, obnoxious and unhelpful, the same as my over all impression of British Airways. I would never fly with them again.

They once had an issue with bedbugs on an A380 flight. What the heck, British Airways, I thought your standards were better.

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11 Singapore Air

Why is it in the worst airlines list?!

WHAT? they are so good!

Whoever made this list is plain stupid

The best

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12 Vueling

Lost luggages, poor website, poor customer service, and many more "attractions" wait for you... - ArtZ

13 Viking Airlines

Do Vikings live in it or what?

That airlines is not that good

14 Air Berlin

Appalling airline. I went on a recent holiday and they lost my bags for 2 WEEKS, I eventually got them back one day before I left my destination country. Then if that wasn't bad enough, they forced me to buy another flight - and then promptly booked me on to the wrong (and very expensive flight).For the last two weeks I have been trying to get this situation fixed. They have asked me to fill out forms (which they have ignored) and have provided no guidelines for when they will contact me. To top it all off I politely asked to speak to the manager of the (rude) customer service person I last talked to, at which point she hung up on me! Incredibly rude, disgraceful customer service. I will NEVER book a flight with this airline again. I hope no one reading this does either. It's just not worth it.

An absolutely miserable airline, made worst by the dishonest public relations masking a ruthless cutthroat organization. Try telephoning them--it's next to impossible, and they rig their phones to put the caller on hold for 5-10 minutes and then cut out. An unethical business.

Worst Airline ever! They loose baggage all the time. Mission impossible to get any kind of compensation. Poor service and it takes forever to get someone to talk to you. They keep trying to get you fill out forms and send them in to be ignored.

Made me pay 115€ for a bag. They did not deliver it on time. I had to wait 5 days! And call the airport everyday. My bag was torn and my kitesurf board that was inside was broken!
After contactting them for 5 months still 0 reply, 0 reimbursement, 0 customer service.
I have never seen a WORST AIRLINE.
I would rather pay a more expensive air ticket than flying with them.

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15 Air Koryo

This should be number 1 because IT'S THE WORST AIRLINE EVER! Its safety record is only like 2 and a half stars and it's airline rating is 1! Kim Jong Un (The North Korean Government) owns it. Obviously, the worst thing about it is it's North Korea's national airline. The airplanes are so dirty inside and out (especially their latest addition, the TU-204) that the flight attendants have to clean the plane's insides during mid-flight.

This airline bathroom smells like 13 dogs just took a crap all at once and people were making jokes about bringing the plane down and banging on the cockpit door. I'd recommend nobody ever fly this airline

This airline should be number 1 in the worst list! The burger is so terrible!

Kim jong un

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16 Etihad

Etihad rocks! SHouldn't be on this list!

Maybe the person who put this takes economy but that dude has to try first class. I'm serious. If that dude who put this hates first class in Etihad, than he is a dumb stupid moron.

Etihad airlines is in the top 10 best airline list... Shouldn't be in this list

Best airline.. best food.. best service.. 5 star rating..

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17 Bhoja Air

It's first flight was very tragic!

18 US Airways

The flight attendants made me try and put two 60 lb, 2 ft wide suitcases in the storage space 4 ft above my head. They also put me at the very back of the plane with someone I didn't know, and my parents were at the front of the plane. This was when I was only 9 years old!

Absolutely the worst! During the flight from SEA to ATL our stewardess shared with us the plane we were flying was earlier mothballed and had been taken to the CA desert and offloaded. The plane was filthy some seats were broke and leather torn. It smelled of burnt pizza and vomit, rattled like and old washing machine.

Had no problems at all

They kicked out a family... Because they're musulmans?! This airline is totally racist and has anti religion

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19 Batavia Air V 1 Comment
20 EgyptAir

What kind of an airlines goes around just a small country.

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