Worst Animated Ripoff Movies

These are those movies you see at a very cheap price and that try to cash in on something popular at the time and most of the time all the films are awful and have terrible animation.

The Top Ten

1 A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

The worst animated movie, probably costed 25 cents to make

Awful ripoff of Cars - christangrant

It's not made by video brinquedo it's Sparkplug productions

Well played video brinquedo

2 Ratatoing

Ripoff of Ratatouille - christangrant

3 What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!

Terrible ripoff of UP - christangrant

But OFFENSIVE AND RACIST TO chinese people

4 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

Not bad than The Lego Movie (Which is a Ripoff of Midnight Express)

Ripoff of Charlotte's Web - Cartoonfan202

5 The Little Panda Fighter

Ripoff of Kung Fu Panda - christangrant

6 An Ant's Life

Ripoff of A Bugs Life - christangrant

Awful rip off of a bugs life and antz the animation is pure crap 💩 the story was terrible and the characters are stupid however it’s only 25 minutes thank god it’s only 25 minutes by the way because while obviously you’re getting scammed because it’s nowhere near the time you might expect it to be you only have to sit through 25 minutes of this garbage this should be number one.

7 Tappy Toes

Ripoff of Happy feet

8 Little Princess School

It's not a ripoff of a Movie but it rips off Disney princesses - christangrant

9 Little Bee

Judging by the facial expression of the bees, it seems like they went through a Nazi Holocaust - TwilightKitsune

Ripoff of the bee movie - christangrant

10 Kiara the Brave

Ripoff of Brave - christangrant

The Contenders

11 A Car's Life 2

Horrible ripoff of Cars 2 - christangrant

Cars 2 is terrible, this is utter 💩, but slightly better than the Original A Car's Life, and the animation is certianly good by worst cartoons of all time standards

12 My Friend Bernard

This is a South Korean rip off of ice age.

Rip off of happy feet and ice age.

What is this a ripoff of?

13 Chop Kick Panda

Actually, this was pretty good, the plot makes sense, the animation is good and the villain makes sense, it's even funny. If you wanna watch a movie ripoff, try hunting for Chop Kick Panda.

This is good, the only real complaint I have is the flash animation.

This probably is the best movie rip off on here.

14 Plan Bee

Ripoff of bee movie worst than little bee

15 Izzie's Way Home

No that movie is a rip off of finding Nemo and shark tale screw video brinquedo sparkplug entertainment phase 4 films dingo pictures grindstone entertainment splash entertainment and the asylum up there asses.

Horrible ripoff of finding dory

LOL Only 9% liked this movie.

16 The Little Cars in the Big Race

As I am writing this, a few minutes ago I was sorting through old films and found this dreck amongst the other films. When I was little I thought it was a Cars spinoff lol I'm laughing I found a stupid ripoff movie on my grandmas movie shelf - Lunala

The first ripoff of cars

17 A Fish Tale

Ripoff of shark tale a dreamworks ripoff

Really? A Dreamworks ripoff? LOOK AT THE DAMN COVER - Bertie11

18 Jay Jay the Jet Plane

This show is creepy and it is a ripoff of Thomas the tank engine those planes a scary

19 A Toy's Life
20 CarGo

Another crappy rip off of cars why are there so many crappy rip offs of cars

21 The Wild

Madagascar + The Lion King + Finding Nemo. I can't believe I used to like this movie. - thomwim

22 Wings (2012)

Crap ripoff of planes

23 Tiny Robots
24 The Reef
25 Sky Force (2013)

Ripoff of planes and its worst than wings

26 Delhi Safari

Stupid ripoff of the wild and madagascar

27 Train Tishka

This is a stupid chuggington ripoff

28 Frozen Land

This bitch copied frozen

29 A Mouse Tale

Still a ripoff of ratatolillue

30 Birds of Paradise

No that movie is a rip off rio and free birds screw sparkplug entertaiment video brinquedo grindstone entertaiment phase 4 films dingo pictures and the asylum up there asses

31 Boat Dock

Horrible ripoff of bubble bath bay

32 Frog Kingdom

Ripoff a the princess and the frog

33 Kikansha Yaemon

It is a japanese mockbuster of trains

34 Elias the Movie

Dumb ripoff of boats

35 Kiddo the Super Truck

Ripoff of trucks

36 Little & Big Monsters

Ripoff of monsters vs aliens

37 Sky Force 3D (2012)

Crap ripoff of planes

38 My Little Horse

A pathetic ripoff of my little pony

39 The Tiger Guard

Horrible rip off of the lion guard

40 A Monster's Life
41 Postman Pat: The Movie

A ripoff a top cat the movie

42 Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle
43 Legend of a Rabbit

Another kung fu panda rip off worst than the little panda fighter chop kick panda and panda warrior wich these kung fu panda rip offs were relesed in 2008

44 Gladiformers

A terrible rip off of transformers and worst than tramsmorphers

45 A Car's Life 4 Junkyard Blues

This is the last a car's life sequel and a rip off of cars cars 2 and cars 3

46 A Car's Life 3 the Royal Heist

A rip off of cars 3

47 Pirates of the Caribbean vs Pirates of the Treasure Island
48 Dinosaur Adventure Dinosaur Adventure

Absolutely pathetic. Well, at least it gave us the Yee meme. - Peeko

49 Toy Fable
50 Life's A Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted
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