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1 The Griffins - Family Guy The Griffins - Family Guy

Peter is a terrible parent, and just a horrible person alone. He assaults his daughter constantly, he gave his infant drugs, he tried to cover up his infant's injury and even made Lois run him over with his car. Lois, on the other hand, told her daughter to attempt suicide, didn't take Stewie to the hospital when he was injured, smoked pot, took drugs, was a porn star, cheated on her husband, and even a thief.

Peter is such a jerk. He is rude, he treats people like crap and worst of all, he is a horrible dad to Meg. He seems to hate her, love harassing her like a bully and he even forget her own birthday and how old she was turning.

Lois is in the same matter, but she shoplifts, she did not get Stewie to the doctor when he was hurt.

There selfish and abusive

Don't forget that Lois and Peter used Stewie to win that competition or whatever.They even gave him drugs to keep him awake.Also,instead of using money for Stewie's school,they use it only for their needs. :(

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2 The Turners - The Fairlyodd Parents The Turners - The Fairlyodd Parents

They are so annoyingly dumb... those two are one of the reasons I hate the episode Vicky Gets Fired. In that episode, Vicky is torturing Timmy right in front of Timmy's parents' eyes. Wanna know what happens next? They do NOTHING! What happened to episodes like Channel Chasers where they actually love Timmy? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

These parents are morons lol! They are neglectful and abusive in some cases. They hardly even remember his name or birthday! In my opinion farm animals would make better parents.

Their always going out having fun while their only son is stuck at home with a homicide babysitter. - egnomac

A kidnapper will do a bette job

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3 The Pataki's - Hey Arnold The Pataki's - Hey Arnold

Both of them love Olga more then Helga they always give Olga all the attention and in one episode during a flash back both Bob & Miriam where praising Olga for her playing the piano and the complete ignore Helga and forced her to walk to school in the rain keep this in mind she was only in preschool at the time. - egnomac

They downright neglect Helga for crying out loud

I agree they're so mean to helga - Sayumi-So-chan

I can’t stand them! I definitely agree The Griffins are definitely the worst on this list but the Patakis deserve to at least be number two! I can’t atand the way they treat Helga and favor Olga. No wonder both of them have problems. Miriam needs to stop drinking and pull it together while Bob needs to stop being an ass!

4 The Platters - King of the Hill

Luanne's mother is an alcoholic who tried to stab her husband with a kitchen knife and her father is a two strike felon who Peggy, Hank and Lucky keep the truth from her. - egnomac

5 Mom & Dad - Cow and Chicken Mom & Dad - Cow and Chicken

When Cow and Chicken sold their yard, they threatened to throw them in a shredder. This is at least worse than the Turners, and I'm pretty sure almost as bad as the Griffins. Should be #2 IF not # 1. - RalphBob

All you see is their feet in one episode they drag Cow and Chicken to Organ to find head hunters and while Chicken is being chased by the headhunters they do nothing to help him. - egnomac

They're just legs! (shudder)

Amm guy guy have bad you kid KD are die mom & dad ���" yay 😟 there die mom & dad wer so happy���"
Right. 😛���"

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6 Beavis & Butthead's Parents - Beavis & Butthead

How are they the worst? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 James's Parents - Pokemon

They faked their own deaths just so James would come back and force him to marrying his fiancee, and the one line where James says as he's being chased around by his fiancee "If you two weren't such lousy parents you'd stop this made woman" goes to show how little they care about their won sons well being. - egnomac

Go see the ep sweet baby James they get worst

I felt so bad for James I almost cried. ;(

Come you guy Jessiebell is psycho bitch

8 Linda Flynn - Phineas and Ferb

She is your stereotypical teenage mother trapped in adulthood. She is never home, she is always at parties, friend reunions, playing at concerts, she does everything except being a good mother. She allows Phineas and Ferb do all kind of dangerous things because "she never sees them" when in actuality you have to be blind not to see the impossible structures her sons make. She does not believe her on daughter when she tries to warn her about what Phineas and Ferb do, heck she does not believe even when her own husband tells her... But the worst of all... She makes fun of Cadance behind her back, she writes entire journals of Cadance craziness to later share it with her friends so they can all laugh about it... She is no mother, she is a colossal bitch that never grew up... But what do you expect when her own mother keeps her twin sister inside a closet for years and only let's her out to prank people...

Yeah she is simply the worst... The only worst parents than her are the ...more

9 Captain Hero's Parents - Drawn Together

They tried to sent their son on a rocket to the sun how messed up is the because they were told he would be the lamest super hero. - egnomac

10 Christina and Morgan Ross - Jessie

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11 The Doofenshmirtz's - Phineas and Ferb

They are the reason Heinz is evil. They only loved Roger. They didn't care about Heinz at all. They made him plan his own birthday parties, they made him wear dresses, they forced him to act as a lawn gnome, the dad cared MORE about a lawn gnome than Heinz, they didn't even appear at his birth! (Impossible, but it was probably just for comedy). If Heinz was dying and Roger needed help reaching something, they would probably help Roger first. I could be here all day talking about how bad of parents they where. Also, poor Heinz!

They are pretty much like the Patakis. They give a lot of attention to the one with more talent (Roger) and completely ignoring the other one (Heinz) for a long time. I'm not surprised that Heinz was such a bad dad to Vanessa.

The Doofenshmirtzs are so stupid. Candace is so annoying and dumb.

12 The Reeds - Arthur

They never discipline DW when she's acting out leaving poor Arthur to either take the blame, or be scolded for the things she does. - BeanBag343

I've had to agree on this, especially when it comes to D.W.

They once punished D.W. in Go To Your Room D.W. and D.W.'s Baby


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13 Ozai - Avatar: The Last Airbender Ozai - Avatar: The Last Airbender Fire Lord Ozai is the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is the supreme antagonist of the series due to being in control of the Fire Nation and being the father of Zuko and Azula. He is also Aang's arch-nemesis.

For crying out loud, Ozai tried to make his only son fight him for disrespecting one of Ozai's generals, and when Zuko refused to do so (for rather clear, obvious reasons), Ozai heartlessly burns half of Zuko's face leaving his son scarred (physically and mentally) for life!

14 Mami and Papi - Dora The Explorer

Shut up it's a 7 year old girl, tomboy, it's a cartoon. Ever heard of a 10 year old boy who left home to go to catch and fight, he met a girl who wouldn't leave him because of her bike but they became friends then he met another friend who was in a gym.

They let their 4-year-old daughter to go on dangerous adventures all alone ( accompanied by a monkey) >:(

15 The Gross Sisters Parents - The Proud Family

Its no wonder the Gross Sisters turned out the way they did. - egnomac

16 Francine and Stan Smith - American Dad!

I don't think Francine's a bad parent. But Stan is the perfect example on how tough love doesn't work on everyone.

17 Bojack's Parents - Bojack Horseman
18 Stephen Stotch - South Park Stephen Stotch - South Park

He beats his son, locks him in the basement for days at a time, grounds him for everything, and screams at him constantly.

19 Gurkinn - Pokemon

Although he is a grandpa, he is Korrina's parent's dad. He treats his granddaughter terribly, he had his Blaziken shoot flame thrower at her, he could care less if she was cold, hot, sick, or injured, and he thinks she's perfect and yells at her for her mistakes, he also literally calls her weak, selfish, and immature (without saying it) for a mistake (she just used mega evolution). (I hope grandparents count)

20 Finn's Dad - Adventure Time

Um actually martin used to care about and love finn but then he got amnesia

He ripped off fins arm just to get rid of him. - TheGrammarPolice

He purposely abandoned his own son. - egnomac

What that is messed up

21 Clarance's Parents - Clarence

Clarence should be cancelled because it mocks Autism. Some weird people have Autism. Like Jim Parsons, for example.

They let their gay fat son run around and make fun of autism

I can't belive this is on the list! Clarence is a funny show. :(

22 Henry's Parents - Horrid Henry

Where to start?

If Peter wants to do something they let him, but when it comes to Henry's hobbies they don't because they don't like him.

Never disciplining that smug spoilt annoying basted Peter who needs to learn to stop being so smug. Has no-one noticed the evil look the little demon has whenever he bothers Henry or gets him in trouble or humiliated on purpose. I wish the pair never got busy and made that child from hell.

Often calling him horrid and other put down names which is classed as emotional abuse last time I checked.

Always taking hobbies and money from the boy and even refusing to give him decent gifts for Birthdays and Xmas, sometimes they don't get him anything at all.

He never gets a turn with the T.V. or other things

I can't help but feel sorry for the poor kid. Where's social services when you need them?

They love the gay one

Should be in the top 5

I hope they go to pision

23 Boris and Doris - Caillou

They never punish Caillou. They just treat him like a king whenever he wants his way!

24 Marlin - Finding Nemo Marlin - Finding Nemo
25 Meyer - Pokemon

He works 24/7. He thinks his son is this immature, dependent, unconfident diaper baby.

26 The Wolfes - Rocko's Modern Life
27 The Tests - Johnny Test
28 Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist Shou Tucker is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.
29 Corn and Billy's Dad - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Corn is what Billy called his mom in one episode. - RalphBob

Actually, It's Harold and Gladys.

30 The Puddingtons - Moral Orel
31 Vicky's Parents - The Fairly OddParents
32 Ed's Parents - Ed, Edd N' Eddy

Although they never show their faces in the show, they are spoken by the Eds many times and from what I've heard, they are probably the worst parents in any cartoon and here are the reasons why:

Ed's parents - they spoil the living hell out of Sarah and treat Ed like garbage. His mother is so restrictive that she even took down the stairs of his room because he was GROUNDED! That's so messed up. There's a reason why Ed is so afraid when Sarah says "I'm telling mom! ". Sarah is the princess and Ed is the neglect, plain and simple.

Double D's parents - they basically never interact with their son, only through sticky notes and they mostly consist on chores for him to do. Basically Double D has to go to school, does everything in the house and his parents just work and nothing else.

Eddy's parents - his brother constantly bullied him and treated him like a baby and his parents never did anything to stop that. It's a good thing his brother went to live by himself. ...more

33 Sheila Broflovski - South Park Sheila Broflovski - South Park
34 Lynn and Rita Loud - Loud House

These parents lock their own son Lincoln out because they thought he was bad luck, and they sold his furniture, They also take the sisters' sides all the time and in one episode they almost left Lincoln at the park.

They also seem to spoil and favor their daughters more than their son.

Lynn Sr. Needs to grow up and act his age. SPOILER ALERT- In (House of lies), Instead of being ok with the family not liking the dinner he made, guess what he did to it? He threw it out the window! Also, he and Rita didn't help out when there children were fighting, like (Brawl in the family) and (chore and peace). And WHY didn't they they ground Luan in the April fools day episodes!? I mean, they hide from her when she does an April fools prank. But at least they're not always jerks.

35 Pumbaa's Parents - The Lion King
36 Patty and Selma - The Simpsons

They are so mean to Ling. - RalphBob

They seem to treat Ling like a slave. Poor girl :(

Homer rules at being a parenting bitcher

37 The Harpers - Braceface
38 The Cuylers - Squidbillies
39 Ned McDodd - Horton Hears a Who!
40 Suga Mama Proud - The Proud Family
41 Margaret and Harold SquarePants - SpongeBob SquarePants
42 Toph Beifong - The Legend of Korra Toph Beifong - The Legend of Korra Toph Beifong is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.
43 Malory Archer - Archer

She valued her dog over her own son, she left him to Woodhouse for 5 years and came much later. She took his candy for Halloween, she chose flings over being a proper mother. She also took his bike as a child to learn a lesson, but didn't give it back to him, she did the same for his car. A lot more stuff happened, more messed up than this, Sterling Archer became what he is because of her. Let's not forget she is racist, egotistical and one of the worst bosses anyone will ever have.

I cannot stand her. Spoiled, Delusional, Insensitive, and has absolutely no humility.
This is a woman who sends her employees (including her own son) on dangerous missions just for money.

44 Grace - Pokemon XY & XYZ

I don't blame Serena being disrespectful around this meanie. Grace is a terrible parent. How? 1: she sent Serena to Pokemon camp in Kalos, even though she didn't want to go. 2: She forces her daughter to race Ryhorns. 3: She cares about her own happiness. 4: When she meets Ash, Clemont and Bonnie, she thinks Ash is a pretty great guy, but hates Clemont and Bonnie. Ash only cares about being a Pokemon MAster! 5: She forces Serena to go back to Hoeen because she wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer. Grace wanted Serena to follow her footsteps and not have her own dreams.
See what I mean? No wonder Serena screams at her mum.

45 Richard De Longpre - Allen Gregory
46 Lady Tremaine - Cinderella Lady Tremaine - Cinderella

She's not even Cinderella's real mom. She's her stepmom.

Absolute bitch

47 The Broflovski’s - South Park
48 Stoick the Vast - How to Train Your Dragon
49 The McCormicks (South Park)
50 The Ayasakis - Hayate the Combat Butler
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