Top 10 Worst Dexter's Laboratory Episodes from Season 1 and 2

The worst Dexter's Laboratory episodes from the first two seasons before Chris Savino took over in season three, and as always if you do like these episodes than that's fine its just opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Dexter vs Santa Claws

I'd just be beating a dead horse if I have to explain how horrible this episode is. - egnomac

I felt bad for Santa

2 Trapped with a Vengeance

In this episode a vengeful janitor who is constantly furious over the fact that Dexter stays late from school and leaving the place a mess and making him stay longer to clean it decides to trap Dexter in the school I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure in the real world if a person traps a kid in the school not only would they be fired but would probably go to jail as well, the janitor does everything to keep Dexter from leaving he even taunts him by showing him the exit while torturing him by throwing ketchup and forks at him before shutting the doors unfortunately Dexter gets the last laugh as by trying to keep Dexter in he's manged to make an even bigger miss that he now has to clean this leads to a brawl between the two before being broken up by his wife is not very happy with him. - egnomac

3 Ice Cream Scream

Dexter tries to get the Ice Cream truck to stop after it purposely refuses to stop for him, he finally does and the Ice cream driver tells him the reason he refused to stop for him was because a year ago Dexter bought an expensive ice cream bar and paid in a giant jar of pennies and after spending nearly 6 hours counting them he trips while putting them in the safe causing him to break one of his teeth and for reason that make no sense what so ever his girlfriend leaves, he's kicked out of his apartment, his car gets repossessed and is forced to live on the street, Dexter does apologize and finally gets his ice cream but pays with a 100 dollar bill causing the poor ice cream driver to scream in agony. - egnomac

4 Dad is Disturbed

The entire episode all dad wanted to do was watch his golf tournament while on his special chair and the family continues to prevent him from doing so with all their distractions between Dexter and Dee Dee fighting and Mom talking on the phone very loudly while in the living room where Dad is watching the game instead of going to the kitchen, he finally reaches his boiling point after coming back from the bathroom to find the family all sitting in his special chair watching the T.V. when Dad protests they completely ignore him and show no sympathy at all that they took over his chair and are now preventing him from watching the end of the game and Dad leaves screaming and crying. - egnomac

5 Dexter's Debt

Dexter ends up in debt by NASA for $200 million dollars and Dexter desperately tries to raise the money but fails Dee Dee wins the exact amount he needs and out of desperation he tries to steal the money from her. - egnomac

6 Figure Not Included
7 Dee Dee's Rival

This basically the same as Dexter's Rival with a few major changes it wasn't really that interesting of an episode. - egnomac

8 Coupon for Craziness

While at the supermarket Dexter and another kid accidentally end up with the other's family at first Dexter kind of likes being with the other kids parents who are super geniuses but aren't as caring as his own parents, the thing that bothers me about this is neither families realizing that their kids were swapped its understandable that Dexter's parents not being smart enough to realize that the other is not Dexter but the other kids parents are super geniuses and yet they don't realize that Dexter is not their kid. - egnomac

9 Catch of The Day

I just really did not like this episode, dad attempts to take Dexter fishing early in the morning but one thing after another happens at one point they do get to the fishing spot before sunrise but end up cancelling the fishing trip because some one was there first. - egnomac

10 911 911

What ruined it for me was the ending after Dexter's show Action Hank is interrupted just as its getting to the good part by an emergency broadcast system he desperately does everything he can to stop it by fixing all the emergencies in the city until he's show is back on in the end the Emergency broadcasts is finally over however the show ends leaving Dexter in complete despair. - egnomac

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